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Cute teen ass lick riding the old wood
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My name is Jeff and today is my 14th birthday. I should be excited about today being my birthday, but since I have no friends and no special plans for today, I'm sure today is going to suck. Normally, my dad would take me to a Cubs game, or to Magic waters waterpark for my birthday.

But after my mom kicked him out 2 years ago for being a naughty lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals alcoholic, he's stopped seeing me altogether.

Since then, my mom has moved on and was remarried last summer. She married a black guy named Lewis. He's pretty cool, I guess. He doesn't give me any shit and he's always buying me stuff.

In fact, I bought me a brand new cell phone for my birthday. But his 17-year old daughter Kesha is the step-sister from hell. It's bad enough when the other kids at school tease me for being a nerd, but Kesha tends to take it even further.

Especially, when her hot friends are around. Like the time she and a few of her hot friends were in the backyard laying by the pool, while I sat on a lounge chair pretending to be playing on my phone. But I was secretly checking out their hot bodies, when Kesha blurted out "Look you guys, my perverted ass step-brother has a boner.

The sick fuck was probably checking me out" Causing all of them to laugh at me, as I ran up to my room. I wish I was older, so I could be strong enough to put her in her place. But with me being 5' 7", 120 lbs. Compared to her being 5' 4", 155 lbs, with huge 38-c cups and a huge backside, I would be no match for her.

But that wasn't the worst part. The reason why Lewis and my mom both gave me my birthday presents last night, is because they were headed to my uncle's cabin for the weekend. Leaving me home alone on my birthday weekend with the step-sister from hell. * I was playing Call of duty on my PS4 when I cracked my bedroom window to let some air in. Then about 5 minutes later I smelled something weird coming through the window.

When I went to the window to see what the smell was, I saw Kesha and her best friend Tanya smoking a joint. I knew that she had sworn to her father that she had stopped smoking, after getting suspended from school last month, for being caught with weed in her school locker.

I figured I could snap a few pics of her smoking again, which would give me all the leverage I needed to blackmail her, but more importantly, get her off my fucking back. So I took a few pics and a video of her hitting the joint before I headed downstairs to make my demands. I was really nervous, but after taking a few deep breathes, I stepped out onto the patio, full of confidence, knowing that I had her right where I wanted her.

Her best friend Tanya saw me first. She was nudging Kesha on the shoulder, while she was looking down at the joint she was rolling.

"Kesha, your step-brother can see you" Kesha didn't even bother to stop rolling her joint when she said: "What the fuck are you looking at, you fucking pervert?" I knew I had to stand my ground. So with my phone in hand, I walked towards Kesha and said "I'm sure your dad would just love to see my video of early morning anal with sophie lynx pussy licking and hardcore smoking pot again.

I was feeling quite confident that this would shake her to her core, knowing that I'd outsmarted her. But Kesha was unfazed by it all. Instead, she continued licking her joint and twisting the ends, before passing it to Tanya. Then she walked up to me and snatched my phone from my hand and throwing it up against the wall, causing it to break into pieces.

Then she grabbed me by the neck and said "Fuck you and your video" Right before she kneed me in the nuts. I dropped like a sack of potatoes. As I picked myself up from the ground, I slowly walked back inside the house. I was in a lot of pain, but I refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I sat in my bedroom for the next few hours, thinking back on my failed plan. "Why didn't I make a backup copy of the fucking video?" I said to myself, as I paced back and forth in my bedroom.

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* It was now dinner time and I could smell the aroma of Kesha's fried chicken. As bad as I wanted to go downstairs to eat, the mere thought of seeing my step-sister made me sick. I was playing my video game when I heard a knock at the door. It was Kesha telling me that dinner was ready. "Dinner is ready, birthday boy!

I made your favorite. Fried chicken wings, homemade mac n cheese, and corn on the cob. I even made you a strawberry cheesecake from scratch. I thought to myself "FUCK, that sounds delicious! But I still ain't budging" She continued to knock for several more minutes, before finally giving up. Then a few minutes later, I heard something scratching at my door. Then suddenly, my door flung open. Kesha had used her debit card to unlock my door.

Which frustrated the hell out of me. "Get the fuck out of my room, Kesha. I have nothing to say to you" I say as I fold my arms and shoot her the meanest look I could muster. But she just smiled and hopped on my bed right next to me, like we lesbian gets kissed and has her wet pussy licked hardcore amateur buddy-buddy and said: "Are you still mad about what took place earlier?" "Of course I'm still pissed at you.

Not only did you destroy my brand new phone, but you're always picking on me for no reason at all. We're supposed to be brother and sister. But you treat me like an enemy. What did I ever do to you? Why do you hate me?" I expected for her to sass me like she normally does. But instead, she held my hand and said "I don't hate you, you fuckin weirdo! I only fuck with you because you're my little brother. And as your big sister, it's my job to make you tougher." I wasn't buying that bullshit.

"So, how does embarrassing me in front of your friends, supposed to make me tougher? I said as I jumped up off my bed. She stood up with me, then placed her hands on my blondes caroline and cj suck dong till empty and said "Okay, okay!

Sure, I may get a little carried away at times. But that doesn't mean that I don't care about you, you little shit" Before, playfully punching me in the shoulder. "So, can we finally stop all this bickering and go downstairs for your birthday dinner?" She said as she grabs my hand and pulls me out of my room.

"Okay, sis!" I say as I run towards the smell coming from the kitchen. * Kesha had really gone out of her way to whip up my favorite meal. Everything was delicious. Especially, the strawberry cheesecake. We were clearing the dinner table when Kesha asked me "What else are you going to do for your birthday?" Reminding me how much my life really sucked. "I don't have any plans for tonight.

Other than playing my video games." Kesha looked at me and shook her head, as she took the dishes from my hands, placed them on the table, then lead me out to the back patio. "You're not about to have a crappy birthday on my watch, lil brother," She said as she pushes me down on a lounge chair. Then she reaches in between her tits and pulls out a joint and a lighter and say's "I think it's time for you to unwind with me" She's say's as she sparks up the joint, puffs if a couple of times, then passes it to me.

"I'm not sure about this, Kesha," I say as I look at the lit joint in my hand. "Come on, Jeff, just hit it a couple of times" I knew that she wasn't going to stop, so I said "Fuck it" Then I took two long puffs from the joint. After coughing a little. I waited for my buzz to kick in. I wasn't sure if I did it right, but suddenly everything seemed to slow hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs masturbation and group sex and I had a serious case of the giggles.

I began to laugh as I passed the joint back to Kesha. "Ha ha ha it feels like I'm floating" Kesha tossed the joint roach in the garbage, as we made our way back into the living room. She asked if I wanted to go out and do something wild. I said no because I was entirely too high. Then she asked if I had any girls I could call. I explained to her that I've never had a girlfriend before. Then she asked me if I liked any of her friends. She said she knew of a few girls who would make out with me if I got them high.

When I said I wasn't interested in any of them, she wanted to know why. "I've seen you checking out my friends. So I know for a fact that you'd jump at the chance to fuck any of them if you had the opportunity. So what's up little bro?" I could sense the sincerity in her voice, showing me that she really cared for me, so I decided to come clean. "Well, I have this little problem," I said as I stood up from the couch.

"What kind of problem?" "Come on, Kesha! Do I really have to tell you?" She just looked up at me and said "Tell me what's wrong and I'll use my birthday money to buy you a new phone" I really wanted a new phone, so I decided to break my silence and tell her.

"Okay, okay! But you have to promise not to laugh at me.Promise?" "Yes, I promise!" "Well, my problem lies in my nether region," I say as I look down towards my cock.

"What's wrong with it? Is it too small?" She say's with a concerned tone in her voice. "No, it's not that. The thing is, it has an abnormal curve to it. I think it's hideous. Which is why I always hide it whenever I use the showers at school. Because the guys in my gym class can be real dicks." I was waiting for Kesha to make her usual sly remark, but she didn't.

Instead, she asked for me to show it to her. "Well, pull it out. I wanna see it!" She said as she glances down towards my crotch. "No, I she likes to fuck in the office. It's too embarrassing" But Kesha eased my mind when she said: "You should know little brother, that having a curved dick can be a good thing." I've never thought of it like that.

So I was curious to hear what she had to say. "Wha-what do you mean it could be a good thing?" My ears hung on to every word that Kesha spoke when she said "A man with a curved penis can stimulate spots inside a woman's vagina that most men just can't hit. Depending on where the curve is, he could even stimulate her g-spot, something that drives us, women, wild.So, now will you show it to me?" After hearing what Kesha said about having a curved dick, I suddenly grew more confident. Confident enough to drop trow, right there in the living room, in front of my step-sister.

As I dropped my pants and underwear, letting my semi-erect 7 1/2-inch cock out. I waited to unmerciful fuck for a horny mother id like to fuck what Kesha had to say.

But she didn't say a word. She just looked at it. I grew more nervous with every second of her silence. "I knew it. It's fucking hideous, isn't it?" Kesha started to mumble her words as she spoke "N-no. It's just.Um.A lot bigger than I expected." She said with her eyes still on my dick.

Seeing Kesha's reaction brought back my confidence. I thought that my 7 1/2 cock was just average. Sure, it had a well-pronounced curve to it. But it got pretty thick towards the base. And my balls are huge! I figured she'd seen enough, so I went to pull my pants up. But Kesha stopped me "No, don't put it away just yet. Come here, so I can take a closer look" As I approached Kesha, I could see her deep cleavage through her black lace bra.

Causing my cock to go from semi-hard, to rock hard. When I stopped in front of Kesha with my hard cock, her eyes got wide. Then she looked up at me and saw that I was staring at her cleavage and said: "Are you staring at my tits, little brother?" I froze stiff, not able to say a word.

I waited for her to call me a pervert. But instead, she said "Well, today is your birthday. And since you showed me yours, I feel it's only fair that I show you mine" Then she reached into her black lace bra and pulled out her chocolate 38 C's, one by one.

"Go ahead, you can touch 'em if you want" As I reached out to feel Kesha's chocolate tits, she was reaching for my cock. Soon we were both stroking and rubbing each other. I started pinching her nipples, while she stroked from the tip of my cock down to the base of my cock.

The fact that she couldn't fully wrap her hands around the thick base of my cock, made me even harder. That's when Kesha squeezed her tits together and told me to fuck her big tits. "Oh yeah, Jeff. Sit your fat cock right in here" Then she let a good amount of spit drip down on my cock, making my cock slide smoothly in between her tits.

The sensation was nothing like I've ever felt before. So after fucking my step-sisters tits for ten seconds. I blew my load right in between her tits.

Sending thick ropes of hot spunk on her tits and neck. "Oh god, I'm cumming." My cock was still spurting cum when Kesha took it into her mouth. Letting me see the last two thick ropes of jizz land on her tongue, right before she gulped it down.

"Aaaahhhhh that was tasty" Kesha say's as she then rubs her cum covered tits together, before scooping some up and licking her fingers clean. I was about to sit down for a sec when Kesha told me to meet her in her bedroom after I took a shower. My legs felt like jello, as I made my way upstairs to my bathroom. After taking a hot shower, I made my way down the hall to Kesha's bedroom. When I knocked, she said "Come in, birthday boy" When I opened her door, I saw Kesha laid out on her bed wearing some very revealing sexy red lingerie.

Complete with matching stockings and garter belts. "Wow Kesha, you look amazing!" I say as I lay down next to her.

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She smelled good too. So when I leaned in to catch a whiff of her scent, she moved over and kissed me. I felt her tongue licking circles around my tongue, causing my cock to spring out of my shorts. Soon, she was stroking my cock through my shorts. "Damn, your cock looks delicious," She say's as she slides down and takes my cock into her warm mouth. She gently stroked the base of my cock, as she licked and sucked on the head.

Applying the perfect amount of pressure with her lips. And about ten seconds later, I came in my step-sisters mouth, again. Only this time, she took the entire slimy load down her throat. "Holy shit, I'm cumming!" I thought she would be mad at me for blowing my wad so soon, again. So I began to apologize "I'm so sorry for cumming so fast.

It's just that it felt so damn good" But she wasn't mad at all. In fact, she pointed out something that I hadn't even noticed. "It's okay birthday boy. Because your big cock is still hard as a rock. Now I want for you to fuck me. Can you do that for me, little brother? Can you make me cum on your big cock?" She say's as she removes her panties, then assumes the doggy style position. Up until now, I've always been a breast man.

But standing here looking at Kesha's wide 42" chocolate hips. I may have to reconsider. I've never had sex before, so I reached down to find her cunt. And when I did, she was dripping wet. So I angled xnxx com sunny leone sex stories curved cock up with her slit, then eased it in.

"Oh yes Jeff, give me that big cock," Kesha said as she shifted back, trying to take more of my cock into her hot snatch. I was starting to build up a rhythm when Kesha really started to throw her ass back at me "Oh my fucking God, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum on your cock" Then with one more stroke, Kesha's cum started shooting out the sides of her pussy and around my cock.

Sending her warm fluids dripping down my nuts. And after about a minute and a half of fucking, I pulled out and shot my load all over my sister's chocolate ass. The first three long ropes went straight up her back, almost up to her neck. The slut spreads her legs and gets nailed landed on her perfectly shaped ass. I was looking at the spectacular load I'd shot on my sister ass, when she looks at me and say's "Does that thing ever go down?" I looked down and saw that my cock was still hard as a rock.

That's when Kesha made the suggestion of inviting her best friend Tanya over, to continue my birthday celebration.

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To be continued.