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Sex wapdem xxx storys full
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It was a warm summer day Kylie my oldest daughter was 17 with big tits and a great add and my youngest daughter Candice was 15 and had juicy tits with a bubble butt.

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My wife and I divorced ages ago Im notes 34 and this is how I got my daughters pregnant. It was a warm summer day Kylie was just coming in from exercising I could see her tits through her shirt I got rock hard when I saw her. She said daddy Im going to take a shower I responded okay baby. She was in the shower when I got up and noticed she left the door open I whipped out my dick and started jerking off my strokes were fast and hard.

I was climaxing when she saw me it was an awkward silence. She saw my dick hard white 81/2 inch cock. She said something that I'll always remember she said don't worry daddy I can help you she got on her knees and sucked my dick in the hallway. Her sloshing two luscious lassies have some lesbian fun made me so hard. She took my balls and sucked them. She put her tongue in between my balls and I let out a big groan.

She gets up and I turn her around and fuck her in the butt she was so tight in her butt she was screaming a lot it was a mix of pleasure and pain. She matched my thrust real hard. She screamed saying daddy I love it. I picked kylie up and took her to the couch I fucked her on the couch she was in my lap her pussy was so tight I couldn't take it I had one more big thrust in me I thrusted in her pussy and as soon as I came she yells and cums the same time I do.

As soon as we cum Candice came in from soccer practice and saw us and just stood there.

What the hell get up klyie as klyie got up she saw my dick and stammered saying wow it's big. Kylie said come on Candice just try it Candice got on her knees and started sucking my dick and started with my balls. She felt amazing her warm mouth felt good and her figures tickled my balls I couldn't take it and fell on the couch Kylie got on the couch and put her pussy to my face and I ate her out. She moaned while I moaned from my dick being pleasurd.

Candice I screamed god I want your tight pussy now. She yelled I want the cock so bad, then Kylie screamed just fuck already. Candice got up and plopped on my dick and I pushed in and she screamed louder than Kylie and Candice road me like a rabid dog. I yelled yeah god your pussy tight!!! One girl five man xxxx story yelled fuck me hook balls deep I did and she came right in my lap, and I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard and said for I want you.

She looked me in the eye and said make me your bitch. As soon as she said that I grabbed her butt and shoot cum in pussy so hard she started shaking. Kylie came on me and it tasted soo good. After that we fell asleep. I woke up and found a note on my chest it read daddy blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass night was great my pussy is so wet just thinking bout it from Candice and Kylie.

I smelled blood and rightfully so dried up blood was on my dick. I took a shower then went to eat. Kylie snuck under the table and started sucking my dick I jumped to see her, and she pleaded daddy one more time please please please one more time my pussy is so wet god daddy I don't care were fucking I found Candice with her legs wide open and she said come on dad eat up. I ate her out and she came in my mouth her sweat juice was tasty.

Kylie sucked me then stopped she turned around and said you know what to do. I fucked her and grabbed her tits they felt great. I turned her around and licked her tits the wetness of her tits got me hornier. I then pounded her butt balls deep she screamed oh yeah daddy yeah this is what I want now my pussy.

I got her lifestyle and Candice on her back I fucked Candice firts her tits plopping on Kylie back got me ready to cum I then switched to Kylie her pussy still tight begged for more. I pounded her pussy then blasted cum inside her pussy.

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Candice sucked me dry after that and we went into my room. I stuck my dick in Candice pussy and we fell asleep. I woke up at 1 Kylie was licking my dick saying we're ready. Candice kissed me and said daddy our pussys are wet again. Candice then said I have an idea Candice then lifted Kylies leg and and ate her out Kylie moaned yes yes yes I want it keep going baby sis grab my tittie.

Candice did and then moved to her tits and sucked one by one. Then they go 69 2 minutes in Kylie squirts all over Candice. Candice then came all over Kylie. They fell asleep on my legs and I threesome with samantha aka sunny jay and camilla krabbe off to.

I woke up and for a few days things went on as normal we didn't have sex for weeks. I was playing with myself when they walked in they smiled and said your still horny and giggled. I said what did you guys want, and they said uhh dad we have very bad news. I said what, then Kylie said dad in pregnant and Candice said so am.

I stammered saying what what.

Kylie said dad im having twins and Candice said me to. I was so shocked I said how.

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Candice said daddy you've pounded and cummed in our pussys so much it's obvious. We went to the doctor and he diagnosed us pregnant. Daddy im scared but I'm just so fucking horny daddy me to said Candice.

I gestured them over to me and they ran to me taking off their clothes. There tits got bigger and so did my dick. They sucked me off and Kylie went to get into position for me to fuck her. I said wait wait wait you guys are pregnant I can't. Guys we need to grasp this before I knew it I was banging klyie and grabbing her tits I went in her like never before. Then I came in her she screamed daddy yes uhh. Candice then said hey dad their all girls you know what that means.

We're gonna have a big orgy, and you'll be the center of it all. As we played down klyie and Candice put my hands on their stomach, so I could feel there stomachs. I felt Kylie s stomach move and she said aww he's kicking. Candice then said daddy I responded yes, she said does this mean we're your wifeand I said squeezing her tits it means anything you want it to be.

She then jerked me till I blew my load all over her stomach. Kylie then grabbed my balls and kissed me and said I love you and game me a good squeeze, and we went to sleep this time my cock was in Kylie s pussy. Please comment if your in Ny and a girl message me at [email protected]