Judy and the beast griffin drew

Judy and the beast griffin drew
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I woke up this morning in a frantic shock. I had slept through my alarm and was supposed to head over and meet up for a study session with one of my closest friends, Melanie.

I was supposed to be there at 10 in the morning. Luckily it was still 8:45. That gave me 30 minutes to work out and an 45 minutes to shower and get over to her apartment. I put on a sports bra and tank top and some yoga pants and went into the basement and got on the treadmill.

The house felt empty, David wasn't around, and Mom was a work. After about 30 minutes I got off and head upstairs, sweating and feeling overly hot. Tearing off my tank top grabbed my towel and ran into my bathroom. I slung my towel over the sink and took my bra and panties off. I grabbed my tooth brush and hopped into the tub and closed the curtain.

Not wasting any time for it to get warm plus wanting to cool down a bit, I turned on the shower expecting a blast of freezing cold water to hit my chest. And.Nothing… "Dammit Mom. I thought you were going to get this fixed." I turned the valve back off. I had totally forgotten that my shower wasn't working at all since yesterday.

Cursing a few more times at my shower I got out and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me. I left my bathroom, walked out of my bedroom, making my way to the bathroom down the hall.

When I got there and stood outside the door I heard the shower was already on. David was in the shower right now, I can only assume he had just got in because he was not in when I finished my run. I stood at the doorway for a second deciding what to do. I could skip the shower, head to Melanie's and hope she doesn't notice anything. I could wait for him to come out and be late.David tends to take hour long showers.

OR I could get in the shower with him and be on time, maybe a bit late. I decided on the latter, hoping David wouldn't care too much. Taking a deep breath, fully understanding the line I was about to cross, I opened the door and walked in. After closing the door behind me, I took my towel off and tossed it over the sink. Finally, after one more deep breath I slid back the curtain at the rear of the shower and stepped in behind my little brother.

"David, I need to shower right now, I am in a hurry. You can stay in or get out. I don't care either way." I said quickly as he turned around. "CJ! Get the hell." He stopped when he realized I was naked. Looking straight down at my pussy. "Wow.she's bare." He whispered even though I could hear him over the shower.

His eyes moved higher after a moment, focusing on my boobs. Just as he started to reach out I spoke up. "Well!?!" I said sternly, "Are you staying in or getting out? Decide quickly." This seemed to snap him out of titty land.

He turned sideways and backed against the wall opposite the curtain, pulling one of my shoulders forward so I could get in front of him where the water was spraying. As we switched positions I felt his hard-on catch on my hip for a brief moment, (I didn't look down at it, but I could assume what it was) and he turned more to get past me like it didn't happen. I even thought for a brief moment I saw him slide his hand down it while we switched. I wondered for a moment if he was hard before I got in or after.

"Fine you can shower with me, but you owe me big for this one." He said. "Yea, right, whatever." I replied, completely disregarding what he said and grabbed the shampoo and put it in my hair. As I was rinsing my hair, I felt a luffa slide up my side and jumped forward slightly. "David what are you doing?!?" I said without opening my eyes so I didn't get any shampoo in them. He pulled me back closer to him, "Chill am just trying to help; now stand still." For the time being I decided, sure, he can help a little, so I let him.

While I put conditioner in, David cherie deville and lucy tyler crazy way up my sides and back, specifically trying not going too low I think. For a moment it felt like he was trying to wash my own skin off. As I started rinsing my hair for the last time, babe moans loudly as she plays her pussy reached around me and started soaping up my belly.

Then without warning he went all the way up and started soaping up my boobs in circular motions, squeezing them together slightly from the sides. He was clearly not just washing them, he was playing with them. Once the luffa went over my nipples I felt a twang down in my clit. "Whoa David, that's enough. I think its about time to stop…" With that he stopped soaping up my boobs and dropped the luffa, taking both of my boobs in his hands and started massaging them between his fingers.

I reacted to this without even thinking, I leaned backwards into him and closed my eyes. Now only allowing him full access to my breasts, but enjoying the massage.

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"CJ, your titties are so perfect. They are so soft, firmand god so fucking beautiful." He pressed his whole body against me. I felt his hard dick travel its way between my legs, resting against the lips of my pussy. He reached down with one of his hands and started rubbing my clit. The moment his fingers slid across the hood of my clit I moaned loudly. He rubbed up and down on my clit, sliding his finger between the lips of my pussy.

Even the shower water couldn't wash away how wet I was, his fingers effortlessly glided through my pussy. I felt myself begin to warm up and pressure begin building up. That's when he started moving his hard cock, still between my legs, right against my lips. It was only then I noticed something so odd that I had to look down. Still breathing heavily my eyes widened completely distracting me made to jerk off during confession by sister taylor his rubbing me.

David's cock.was.HUGE. Way bigger than Nicks. Nick was about 6 inches give or take average thickness in my experience. David's cock, on the other hand, was extremely thick it looked huge as it poked in and out from between my thighs.

I couldn't see the full length of it because it between my legs but the fact the head of his cock stuck through and then some, told me a lot. Realizing what could happen with him in this position, I leaned my hips forward so he wouldn't end up inside me. He was still able to rub his cock against my thighs and lips while rubbing my clit. Just after I adjusted my hips, it must have given him a good spot to my clit because immediately like a shock his fingers edged me close to cumming.

I felt like I was about to burst and my legs weakened. Afraid I might lose my footing, I did the one thing I could think of that didn't involve being supported by his dick.

I pushed away and turned around. "CJ.wha." He was unable to finish his sentence and gave me a moan as I dropped to my knees and began stroking him slowly.

My hand couldn't even come close to fully wrapping around his cock, it was huge and super long. For the first time getting a good look at it, my little brothers cock dwarfed my older brother.

One other thing I noticed.it was really dark. This cock didn't even look like it belonged on his pale frame. I gave his cock a few licks right underneath the tip and felt him pulse both times.

The final thing I noticed was a dark pair of huge balls, each one easily the size of a golf ball, maybe slightly bigger. Taking my hand off his cock, I lifted his balls, and started rubbing them gently, amazed at how heavy they where. Giving his cock one more look over, I figured I had gone this far, I opened my mouth wide and took his manhood in, sliding over the head and a little bit past the first set of ridges past the head.

I couldn't go any deeper. I was barely over halfway. I can usually take Nick's cock completely with no problem. I figured I couldn't do anything about it so I kept going. After a couple more movements of me sucking his cock, my jaw started to feel tense. I couldn't keep this up for long, the sheer volume of his cock was too much and I had just started not even 10 second in. "CJ.CJ.IT FEELS SO GOOD." In the middle of me humming approval, he let out a groan and started cumming.

Luckily his cock was not all the way to the back of my throat but he was close. I pulled back taking his cock in my hand and started stroking it so he could finish cumming on my chest. The issue was little laundromat slut gets fucked on top of the machines pornstars and hardcore the time I had gotten my mouth off his cock, he had almost filled it completely with his cum. His cock continued to pulse in my hand his hot cum hitting my chest as if I did not have a mouthful already.

It was an odd feeling, his hot cum hitting my chest and the hot water on my back. I felt his cum begin to stream down my chest as he slowed down to an ooze on my hand.

I swallowed what cum was in my mouth and looked down at my boobs. Again my eyes widened. My chest and left boob were COMPLETELY covered and my right boob as almost covered. I had never seen so much in my life. I stood up quickly.

"DAVID!! WHAT THE FUCK!!" I shoved him back against the back wall of the shower. (I was not really mad but I felt like he could have warned me before turning me into a glazed donut.) "WHAT?!? I thought that is what you wanted me to do!" He replied as he held his now limp dick.which was still bigger than Nick's when it was hard. He began rubbing it again. "No, No! Now I have to clean all of this off me. You should have told me you cum so much.

FUCK! I don't even know what time it is." I said loudly. I had gotten so caught up in what was going on I forgot I was on a schedule. I turned into the water, picked up the luffa, and did my best to get his super thick cum off my chest. This whole time I could hear him jerking off behind me. Just as I had gotten all the cum off me and was in a good place again I felt him grab my hips, pull me back slightly and push me over.

"DAVID WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!! STOP!" "I need this CJ, I cant bear to watch anymore." Before I could move or say anything, everything started to move in slow motion. I felt him position his cock and slide it down my lips to open them, and push into me, my pussy opening for his massive head before my pussy stopped him.

He quickly pulled back and thrusted twice more and I felt my pussy stretch and fill up as I took in my little brother as far as he could go. "OH GOD.UGNH." I screamed. I reached for the wall in front of me to brace myself so that I didn't fall.

It was fucking massive, bigger than anything I have EVER had inside me. I couldn't let this continue, not only did it hurt but I didn't want it. I pulled back the front of the curtain and leaned out forcing his cock to slide out of me.

I fell onto the floor going over the tub using my hands to brace myself. I completely soaked the floor getting water everywhere. "I swear to fucking god David. What is your fucking problem?!" I grabbed my towel, not caring that I was dripping water everywhere, and stormed out of the bathroom not even bothering to close the door. When I got to my room, I sat on my bed, still wet, and waited till I regained my composure.

Once I did, I grabbed my phone and called Melanie. (IFYOU WOULD LIKE TO SKIP THE CALL YOU CAN, I WILL PUT A SUMMARY OF IT AFTER FOR THOSE WHO DON'T WANT TO READ IT) (>Me, >>>Melanie) >>>CJ wtf where are you?

You were supposed to be here like 10 minutes ago. >I am really sorry Mel, but shit karlee grey and eliza jane love licking happened.

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You won't believe what David did. >>>Wait, are you okay? You sound kind of shaken up. >I'll be fine. David just tried to fuck me.

>>> HE DID WHAT!! YOU AREN'T SERIOUS! >After my workout this morning, I needed to shower and I forgot that the shower in my room is out. I wanted to get there on nasty nymphos ream the biggest strapons and spray load everywhere so I decided to use the other bathroom but David was in the shower.

So I got in with him, giving him the choice of getting out or staying in. >>>Wait, you showered with your brother? >Yea I know it was a stupid idea, but he said he would wash my back but then he started touching me.and I didn't stop him. >>>Touching you where? Your tits or your kitty? >Both Mel, I couldn't help myself, it felt really good.I couldn't stop him it was like my willpower was gone the moment he touched my boobs. >>>That's not your fault.

He is fucked up for even wanting to touch you in the first place. >That's not even all.He came on me. (Mel gasped) I am pretty sure he was jerking off behind me while I washed my hair and most likely while he was washing my back. But of all thins you won't believe this.

>>>I really can't believe any of this but what now? >Melanie. he is the biggest guy I have EVER seen. Really thick, long, with HUGE balls. He is really packing some weight. >>>So he just came on your back? Jesus… >No, I was facing him when he came, I was rinsing my hair. He COVERED my stomach. Melanie he came enough to cover even your chest.

(Melanie has huge breasts DDs) >>>Whoa, really??? >Why the hell would I be making this up, it's my little brother?!? >>>Is he available?

>You are kidding right? He is my brother, lay off. >>>Didn't stop you from showering with him. >Yea yea, lesson learned. Anyway, after that I turned around to clean myself off and he bent me over and shoved his dick into me. >>>Holy.… >I had to get out of there, I nearly broke something stumbling out of the tub to get his dick out of me.

I am still wet sitting on my bed.

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>>>Do you want me to come over? >No, I will be fine, but I won't be coming over though, I am a bit freaked out.

>>>Yea lets just meet up tomorrow or something. >Sounds good, I will talk to you later. >>>Cya (Basically I told her David tried to have sex with me and the whole experience, she seemed a bit more into him than I care to admit.) _______ The next day Nick called me around 2 pm.

He told me that Melissa was going to be out visiting her family until about 6 pm, and wanted to see if I wanted to come over. It had only been two days since we last saw each other, but I take every moment I can with him.

I decided some gray yoga pants, all my thongs were in the dirty clothes.so.no panties, threw on a bralette and an off shoulder t-shirt. I left my house and drove over. Once I got there I knocked but he didn't answer. Good thing I had a key, not that Melissa knew. I doubt she would be okay with it. So I let myself in and closed the door behind me. As I walked in I couldn't help but laugh a little bit at what I saw. He was babe rides my dick in the grass telsev on the couch with no pants on and a tee-shirt, with his headset on playing a game on the TV.

He couldn't even hear me come in. I guess he wasn't expecting me to get here so soon. He hadn't even realized I had walked in yet. I closed the door quietly and set my purse on the table. I slid my yoga pants off and hung them on the chair. I leaned back against the table and began to rub my clit gently looking at him from behind on the couch. It became very easy very quickly as I was already a bit wet knowing I was going to be able to sneak up on him.

Shortly after I began I unhooked my bralette and slid it out from under my top and hung it on the chair as well. Leaning back against the chair again I started rubbing myself, sliding my fingers between my lips just enough to make my clit wet while I rubbed it. Reaching up under my top I teased myself while I rubbed my clit by making little circles around my nipple. By the time both my nipples were hard, I was getting really close to cumming.

I decided I was ready and stopped. Getting on my hands and knees, I starting crawling and making my way to the couch. I looked around the couch seeing he was still focused on the game so I crawled up closer to him and as I touched his leg he finally noticed me.

Looking down at me his jaw dropped. "CJ, umm what…? When did you get here? You look&hellip.god." he didnt complete his sentence. I tugged at his boxer briefs and he lifted up just enough for me to get them off his hips, revealing his semihard cock, which I took into my hand. "Looks like I don't have a problem sneaking up on my big brother anymore huh?" I said just before running my tongue from his balls all the way to the tip of his cock, taking in his scent.

I felt him shutter as he tried to focus on the tv again" "Awww, I don't want you messing up now." I licked his balls gently, almost instantly he got fully hard in my hand. "CJ.my balls.you know that's a spot for me." He was losing composure. I took one of his balls in my mouth, running my tongue extremely gently over it. Mm I felt him begin to throb so I took his other ball into my mouth too.

"Fuuuuuuuuck&hellip." He whispered, leaning back and dropping the controller. I knew I had him. I let his balls slide out of my mouth and sex xnxx kajal aggrawal actress com at his throbbing cock licking my lips. I climbed on his lap and straddled him and looked him in the eyes.

"Mmmm you are so hard, you want inside me baby?" I moaned softly as I rubbed my clit against his hardon. "Cee.sit please.you are so wet, fuck sit on me." "Nuh uh, not yet. Tell me you want me. Tell me you want in your baby sister. That Melissa is only my placeholder." I began grinding on his cock, not sure how much of this I could keep up.

But I wanted him to tell me I am his one. "I want inside you. My lil sis has the only pussy mia malkova rubs her self to orgasm by the christmas tree me. I need you" He barely breathed out. But that was more than enough for me I didn' want to wait anymore. I reached down and put him against me and sat down hard, feeling his entirety go inside me, forcing me to moan loudly.

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I began thrusting my hips against him as fast as I could. The more my clit rubbed against him the faster I would cum, which would be soon, I was already close. He grabbed me around my waist and held me down on him groaning, pushing his hips against with as I thrust my hips forward against him. He paused just long enough to slide my top off and slam me back down on his cock as he took my nipple into his mouth. I stopped moving letting him suck on me and thrust up into me. He didn't stop for a moment.

I couldn't hot babes blow boners in an orgy the pressure. He pulled on each nipple with his lips and I screamed loudly and dug my nails into his neck. Feeling myself spasm hard I clenched my thighs on his, only half aware of how hard my pussy was probably squeezing his cock. I lightened my grip slightly and that was enough for him.

Knowing full well how sensitive I was he lifted me up and laid me on the couch on my back. He lifted my leg and slid back into me and began fucking me again. It was far too much for me, it was sensory overload so much it was almost painful. I knew I was probably screaming at the top of lungs only pausing slightly in between thrusts of his cock. Finally, in what felt like an hour (which in hindsight was most likely 2 minutes) and me cumming twice more he thrust one last time very hard and I felt very little pulse of his cock as his came deep deep into me.

During this time he laid on top of me as we both caught our breath, slightly kissing my neck, sometimes kissing me on my lips. Holding me very close. After a few minutes were both less sensitive and he slide his now soft cock out of me and stood up. "Jesus Cee.where the fuck did you come from." "I left when you called, I got ready quickly. That was great&hellip.we don't have time for another before Melissa gets home do we?" "No, probably not.

She may leave early too, so not sure." "Okay, well at least we should shower. We can be quick if you minimize the booty rubbing haha." I grabbed my clothes and started walking to the bathroom, motioning him to follow me.

"I think I can do that." he responded not even bothering to grab his boxers. We finished off the night by showering together and after Melissa got home shortly after (about an hour after the shower. She ended up being late) we watched some Netflix.

I always loved sitting next to Melissa while we hung out. Especially with her boyfriends cum still in me. After a bit I finally drove home. I encourage any input anyone may have, I told this exactly as I remember it. Please comment what you think, if I get enough positive responses I will keep writing more. If you want to talk to me directly feel free to message me! I would like to think I am friendly enough <3.