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Voyeur ass younger girls 2 tube porn
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Well this sucked. For far too long my wife was being a total bitch and now our teenage daughter Kelly was turning into a duplicate of her mother.

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With Barbara it didn't matter how much I tried, nothing could placate her, even if I did what she wanted it wasn't good enough or soon enough or any other excuse she could manage to make me feel like shit.

At the moment the only aggravation from her was the fact she was out with her girlfriend Kathy, which really meant she wouldn't be home until tomorrow afternoon. Kelly came out of her room dressed in and tight blouse and short skirt that left nothing to the imagination, her outfit gave her a whorish look. I wondered if she'd been in her mothers closet.

"Kelly, I think you could dress more appropriately for a young lady." "Like you care." Her voice sounded of acid. I was pissed. "That is no way to talk to your father Kelly." "Yeah well my father would be a man, I don't know what you are." Fuck this, I got up just in time to have her slam the door in my face.

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"Damn it" I thought, "I'm tired of this shit." I don't drink often but decided to have a beer and see if anything worthwhile was on tv, maybe I could find a movie where the main character was kicking ass on all the bad guys. No such luck. After a couple of hours of non-satisfaction I decided to go to bed. It was a little after 1 am when I heard the front door close hard, then I heard Kelly curse as she stumbled into a wall.

"Great, shes drunk." I heard her go into the bathroom and pee then make a difficult approach to her bedroom, a moment later there was a crashing sound from her bed. Maybe it was the power of suggestion or the beer I had hours ago was working it's way out but I had to pee as valentina nappi henessy club pink velvet the beginning. I went into the bathroom and found one of Kellys shoes laying sideways in the door, I just shook my head.

When I finished I picked up the shoe to toss into her room, I flicked on the hall light to see where I was going.

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Her door was wide open and I could see she must have fell straight to the bed and hadn't moved since. Her arms and legs were splayed out and it looked like she was doing the 'dead mans float' on her mattress.

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Her skirt had hiked up to expose her ass, not like it had far to go to get there. I could see her ass cheeks and crotch from where I stood.

Hot legal age teenager parker page hardcore and blowjob tossed the shoe in by her dresser and was about to turn away when I got the idea to swat her ass just to give her grief. She'd been enough of a pain lately, I decided to return the favor. I spanked her and she didn't even flinch so I whacked her harder and still got no result.

She was completely out of it. "Well that's that." I figured she'd have a hangover in the morning and I could find some way to make her life miserable then. I looked at her ass and the triangle of material covering her crotch, it occured to me that if she was going to act the whore then I was going to treat her like one. I slid my hand between her legs and played with her pussy a little. "No, this isn't good enough," I thought and I spread her ass cheeks to find the string of her thong and pull it aside.

I saw her trimmed pussy. I used one hand to keep her spread open then worked my middle finger into her. She was barely damp as I forced my finger deeper into her until I got it in as far as it could go.

I held it there a second then made several jabbing motions with it just to cause her pain. No reaction. I was frustrated with this, I decided to extend my plan. I grabbed the waistband of her thong and pulled it off her. I tossed her slut panties somewhere back over my shoulder. I decided to fuck her. I didn't like the idea of taking her from behind so I turned her over in the bed; she was as pliable as bread dough. I spread her legs far enough apart to get between them then I pulled her pussy open.

I wet a finger a few times and pushed it into her to get her a little wet for me. I got the head of my cock wet as well then moved up to push against her.

I was about to fuck my 18 year old daughter and it didn't bother me one bit. The head of my cock went in easy enough but then I met the resitance of her not being sexually excited. I took my time pushing into her, I didn't mind causing her some pain but I wasn't into ripping up my own dick; a couple of solid strokes and I was deep into her. I grabbed her face and turned it towards me, I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

"I'm fucking you." I took turns between pushing into her so she'd be sore and then letting myself feel good. I didn't like the feel of her blouse buttons against my chest so I started to undo them. I got two of them open and then just ripped the last three off, I heard one of the buttons bounce off the floor. I pulled her blouse open and saw she wasn't wearing a bra. "Nice tits," I thought, I twisted one of her nipples out of spite.

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I lay on her, fucking her, and got tired of her breath in my face. I pushed her head to the side. I kept pushing into her.

I didn't even care if Barb the Bitch came home right now, I was fucking my daughter and enjoying it. After a while I decided to let myself cum. Although her pussy wasn't wet she did still feel kind of good to me. Maybe because I felt I was getting revenge on her or maybe just because it was Kelly, I didn't know or care but when I did think of the fact it was my daughter my cock got a little harder.

As soon as I was ready to pop I pulled out of her and moved up to shoot my cum across her tits and neck, there was a lot there. I wan't suprised, Barb hadn't been available for sex much lately. I wiped the underside of my cock across the nipple I had twisted. I spotted a drop of cum oozing out and wiped it on her lips. When I was sure I had unloaded all of it I spread her pussy open just to see it, then I left her laying there and went to bed. I was up well before Kelly, when I walked past her room I looked in and saw she had turned onto her side with her knees drawn up.

I could see her pussy. I wondered if it was sore. A few hours later I heard her get up and go into the bathroom, I went to the door and listened, the water in the sink was running. I could hear her talking to herself and she sounded confused. "What the fuck.?" I could hear the water splashing, "On my neck.?" I quietly opened the door a crack and looked in at her, she was standing at the sink naked and cleaning herself up with a washcloth.

"What the hell happened/" By then I had the door open and I was stepping in, I grabbed her by the back of the neck and bent her over the sink, I forced her face against the mirror and held her there.

"You want to know what happened? This did." She let out a shriek of suprise. I kicked her legs apart exclusive scene heather buxom filipino teen fucked in body stocking big boobs filipina moved up close behind bruno y maria follando virginia alberto y raquel vaya trio. I got my cock out and pressed it up between her legs, right then she began a serious struggle.

"No, no! Daddy, don't do. not that." Her arms were flailing behind her, she couldn't reach me; being bent over and forced down stopped her from turning or getting away. I shoved my cock into her, she lifted herself some trying to get away but there was nowhere to go. "I'm fucking you." She started to cry softly as I slammed into her, her pussy still wasn't wet but I liked the feel of it anyhow. I reached around with my free hand and grabbed one of her tits in an eagle claw hold and pulled it down, it took both of her hands to pull me off.

I thought about pushing a finger into her mouth but I was afraid she'd bite me. I grabbed the nipple of her other tit and squeezed it pretty hard, when she yelped her stomach muscles tightened and so did her pussy at the same time.

I grabbed both of woman flashes her boobs and banged hard at the pawnshop shoulders and pushed her down against me hard as I came in her. "Who's the man now bitch?" I asked her. I pulled out of her then told her to clean herself up. I heard the bathroom door close and the shower come on.

I could hear Kelly crying softly in the shower. Fate of fates. Barbara came home. She was coming down the hall when she heard Kelly in the shower and stopped to ask what was wrong, "Kelly? What's going on?

What's that? I can't hear you." She opened the door and stepped into the bathroom. I heard Kelly say, "Mom, dad." Barbara called me from the bathroom, "Jerry? What's been going on here." I was halfway there already. I pushed the door open forcefully and knocked Barbara off her balance. I pushed the door closed behind me and grabbed Barbara by the arm and spun her around, in a fast fluid motion I had her bent over the sink, forced down the same was I had done Kelly. I yanked her skirt upand ripped her panties off.

My cock was still hard from fucking my daughter and now her bitch mother was about to benefit from my attitude.

"You want to know what's going on? Bitch number one just got fucked and now bitch number two is getting fucked too." I rammed into her pussy, I still had my own cum on my cock, it wasn't that hard to get into her.

Barb resisted in the same futile ways as Kelly. I had a thought. "Kelly, open that door and watch this." I heard the shower door slide partially open and saw Kelly watching me cookie licked and banged hardcore and blowjob her mother over the sink. "Get out here and sit there." I nodded my head towards the toilet, she did as I told her. I grabbed a handful of her wet hair and pulled out of my wife, I still had Barb in a vise grip on the back of her neck, she wasn't going anywhere.

I pushed my cock towards Kelly and told her, "Suck this." She wouldn't budge, I luscious teenie becomes lewd during sex hardcore massage her hair upwards and when she opened her mouth to say "Ow." I pushed my cock into her mouth, "Suck it bitch." I made sure to get all the way in her, I wanted her to gag and I wanted her to taste her mothers slut hole.

"Now get up." I guided Kelly up to the sink by her hair then pushed her back so she was leaning against the mirror next to her mother. Pushing my cock into her again was easy, it was wet from her mouth. I shifted my grip on Barbara so I had her by the hair as well, then I turned her head and told her watch me fuck Kelly, I yanked her back up to standing the forced her down to her knees. "Watch this bitch," I made sure she had a good view of my cock in our daughters pussy.

"it's your turn now." I got out of Kelly and put my cock against Barbs lips and told her to suck it, I started to pull up on her hair and she opened her mouth. Same treatment, different bitch, my cock hit the back of her throat. I made sure she got a good taste then got her up on her feet. When I had both of them leaning back over the sink counter I let them go then put a finger into each of them.

"Listen up bitches, this is the way it goes." There was no doubting the command in my voice, "I own both of these pussies threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore. Understand?" Barbara nodded her head and I heard Kelly say, "Yes." "Good, now both of you get your asses into the bedroom." I swung the door open and made sure they were headed the right direction, when we got in there I pushed Kelly onto the bed and forced Barb down on her knees again.

I told Kelly to turn over and spread her legs, she didn't hesitate much before getting into position. I pulled her down on the bed so her ass hung off a little, then turned towards Barbara. "Suck this and get it wet." Cock back in her mouth, this time she was actually sucking it, when it felt slick enough I took it out. "Now take me in your hand and put me into her pussy.

Do it." I turned with her then she guided me up to Kellys pussy, "Get me in her." I moved forward a little but made it so Barb got the head of my cock into our daughter.

"Good enough, now you watch this bitch." This was the fourth time I had my cock in Kelly, but this was the time it actually felt like a good fuck.

My cock was wet from my wife but it also felt like Kellys pussy was juicing up. Fucking her felt good, some because her pussy was tight on me and some because my cock was swollen from the excitement. I played with her tits just because I could, she let me do it without trying to stop me. I felt the pressue building in my balls and I was overdue to cum. I pulled out of Kelly and got her up then down on her knees next to her mother.

I took turns fucking them both in the mouth, Barb had to be first just because I'd been in Kelly. "All right, both of you, mouth open, tongues out." I pushed their heads together so their tongues were touching then I slid my cock over both of them at the same time, my cock was ready to burst so I let it spray on both of their faces and made sure I got some in each of their mouths.

"Now, on your feet." When both of them were up again I put a middle finger into each pussy. "Remember, these pussies are mine, both of them will be in this bed tonight." I didn't expect any resistance, both of their pussies were deeply wet. I finger fucked them at the same time and made sure they came when I told them to.