All legal age teenager holes are group fucked

All legal age teenager holes are group fucked
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Chapter 11. A new day dawning. It's now early Sunday morning in the beach front hotel honeymoon suit, where last night; Grace, Brad's stepmother joined in with him and her daughter Alyssa for a steamy, but unexpected threesome. Now Brad lays awake staring up at the ceiling with his arms folded under his head. Alyssa's laying beside him sound asleep.

He cant sleep, the idea of how and why his stepmother, just suddenly decided to forgive him for seducing her daughter. Then of all things, she joined him and Alyssa for a sexual threesome, before leaving them alone. Although he did enjoy every taboo second of having his fantasy fulfilled, with his attractive forty year old stepmother.

His mind is suddenly riddled with guilt, he thinks to himself. "My god, if dad finds out what we did. He'll fucking kill me, and her." He thinks to himself. "Grace and Alyssa are two hot blooded women, but how the hell can I face my father on a daily basis, after what we all did here last night." Thoughts of the events leading up to what happened last night, before Grace dressed then left them alone come to mind.

He remembers how as he fucked Grace, she begged him to cum inside her, horny chick with pink glasses touches herself masutrbate homemade which he gladly did.

But now, he thinks to himself. "Why did she want me to do that?" Suddenly his thoughts are interrupted. "What're you thinking about." It's Alyssa, he looks over seeing she's leaning her head on her hand, smiling contently. The light shining in between the hotel window curtains enhance her green eyes. "Oh&hellip.Nothing," he replied. Alyssa doesn't let up. "It doesn't look like your thinking about nothing." She leaned over giving him a peck on the cheek.

"You look worried. Man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie about what we did last night, isn't it." "Ok, yes I'm worried about my dad finding out, what happened last night," He took a deep calming fuck teaching xx story mom. "I cant believe Grace ended up joining us like she did," he chuckled nervously.

"I mean, before what happened. I always saw your mom as being a conservative lady. But now I think of what you said last night, about you two watching dads porn movies. Then you say she came up with this plan to share me with you." Brad sat up, then leaned back against the wall.

"Alyssa. It was only a month ago, when your mom caught us fucking in my bedroom. Shit she broke my nose. She told my dad, she wanted to call the police, and press rape charges on me.

Then all of a sudden, she comes to my grandparents house, saying; she wants to take me out for lunch, so we can talk." Brad shrugged his shoulders. "Shit the next thing I know, we're here at this hotel. Your jumping out, dressed in that sexy little black nightie, saying "Surprise!" "Then to top things off, your mom drops down and gives me head; and right beside you, I might add." Alyssa sat up and leaned against the wall beside him. His eyes roam over her firm bare breast.

They jiggled, he almost forgot what they were talking about. Alyssa leaned against him, her warm body feels so good against his skin. She spoke, bringing his mind back on track.

"Brad don't worry Jack won't find out." She thought of her mothers sudden personality change. "Although to tell you the truth, Mom surprised me when she came up with her plan to join us for our little threesome." She giggled with thoughts of having sex, right beside her mother. "I watched you last night, when you got it on with my mom&hellip.You really enjoyed yourself. And so did I…Now stop worrying and kiss me." She leaned over, placing her lips to his.

As they kiss, she sneaks her hand to his limp cock. Feeling her soft warm fingers fondling him, he moans. Feeling his penis growing hard, hearing his moans of approval.

She breaks from the kiss, then begins planting soft butterfly kisses down his bare almost hairless chest. She stops over one of his nipples, sucking it, licking her tongue around it. Brad chuckles, what she's doing tickles. She kisses her way lower, planting soft kisses over his belly, then around his bellybutton.

From his bellybutton, her mouth moves to his half erect cock. Seeing her suck it in between her soft full lips, he moans. "Oh baby. That feels sooo good." She licks and kisses her way down his shaft, all the way to his testicles.

Knowing he likes his nuts played with, she kisses, licks and sucks his sack. She sucks black hottie plays with a big dick nut into her warm mouth, then the other. Brad moans out his pleasure. "Ahhh, yes. I like that." She teases him for a good long time. Running her tongue up his shaft, then sucking his cock.

After about ten minutes she moves her body over his straddling his cock, she giggles. "Can I take your dick for a ride." He replies with a smile. "Why sure baby. By all means, take it for a ride." She closes her eyes and smiles, lowering down over his erection. Her body trembles, shoving it all the way in, she let out a pleasured gasp.

"Mmmm. It feeels sooo good inside me." She began humping his cock in a slow steady motion. Brad grasped her hips, helping her raise and lower red vap x vidoes com over his now, completely stiff prick.

He feels her juices dripping down his shaft. He reaches up, to play with her small firm pert breast. Alyssa loves the way he plays with her long erect nipples.

He gently, but firmly pinches each nipple between his fingertips. Warm electric impulses tingle from her nipples, turning into a small orgasms. She moans, her body tenses. She begins riding him faster. Her ass cheeks slap against his upper thighs. He begins feeling an orgasm rising deep pizza cum hot bang before dinner brunette big tits his groin.

She's riding him hard, her breast jiggle, her long chestnut brown hair flies recklessly in the air. Her green eyes are closed tightly, a pleasured smile roles over her full pink lips. Brad grasps her hips, feeling cum churning from his groin. He begins thrusting upward, driving every inch of his manhood deeper. His cock grinds against her G-spot. She cums hard, and so does he. Completely spent, she lays chest down over her teenage lover. Their young hearts beat together, they don't speak.

Chapter 12. Back home with Dad. It's now Monday morning at the Wilson home. Jack and Grace are making breakfast for Brad and Alyssa, before they head off to school. Brad sits at the table, watching his stepmother flirt with his father.

Grace is doing well at acting like nothing happened. Although yesterday she seemed nervous when she came to pick them up at the motel. It was the same day, she had to pick Jack up when he arrived at the airport from his business trip. Now Brad fights anxiety, as his father sits next to him with a plate of bacon eggs and toast. Jack made small talk with his son, before taking a bite of scrambled eggs. "How was your weekend son. Did you and Alyssa have fun at the hotel." Brad stuttered.

"Um…ahh. Oh yes. We had fun dad," he gained control of himself."I didn't know you knew, about the hotel stay with Alyssa." he did his best to act calm and not say anything about Grace. Jack swallowed his eggs, before answering. "Grace told me, last night," he added a warning. "Just make sure you have safe sex. Ok son," He joked. "I'm two young to be a alexis texas drilled extremely hard Grace sat beside Alyssa.

"The kids and I, talked about this over the weekend sweetie. Alyssa knows to take here birth control. And I told Brad. If she runs out, he's supposed to wear a condom." Jack looked over at Alyssa, telling her sternly. "During the week. You sleep alone in your room at night young lady," he turned to Brad.

"And you stay in your room too." Jack spoke in a serious tone of voice. "I have to say it Grace. I'm not too crazy for this idea. But I'm glad my sons back home." he looked at Alyssa.

"You're a beautiful girl Alyssa, you remind me of your mother," he looked into her eyes. "I know you've been pretty miserable since Brad left home. I hope this helps you pull yourself together." Alyssa found herself staring into the older mans warm brown eyes.

She cant help but elderly couple on webcam free amateur porn f Jack's resemblance to his son. His hairs thick and wavy, like Brad's. There's a trace of grey at his temples, and streaks of grey entwined throughout the forty-two year olds thick main of hair. His face is slightly weathered, the rugged looks of a working mans face.

Her mother nudged her. "Alyssa, Jack's talking to you. Wake up honey." "Oh um, yes," Alyssa glanced at Brad smiling. "I feel much better since he came home," she looked into Jacks eyes. "You know what Jack, you're almost as handsome as your son. I bet you looked just like him, when you were his age." Hearing this from his pretty teenage stepdaughter, stoked Jack's ego. Sexual arousal tingled through his groin. He fought it with sarcasm. "Almost as handsome!" he caressed Grace's hand.

"I'm better looking then Brad, right honey." He meant the question as a joke, it sounded as if what Alyssa said hurt his feelings. Grace's reply sounds more sexually provocative than reassuring. "Oh don't worry sweetie. I think you're both, hot looking guys." Chapter 13. High school friends, Kayla and Danny. Brad drove Alyssa to school, after parking she leaned over for a kiss. He pushed her away. "Hey babe please, not at school." She pulled away, asking.

"Why?" "Because, everyone at school knows us as stepbrother and stepsister. Our friends, and the faculty might not understand." She cracked a nervous smile. "I told my friend Kayla about us. Your friend Danny knows about us too." Brad leaned back in his seat, trying to grasp the concept of it being found out, his stepsister is now his girlfriend.

He's deeply in love with Alyssa, but he's not sure if others will accept them. "What did you tell Kayla and Danny?" Alyssa's full lips curled into a broad smile. "I told Kayla, we got caught having sex.

And that's why you haven't been at school for a month. You know Danny's her boyfriend right.". "Oh that's great," said Brad in a huff. "Now he's blabbed it to the entire track team, and the school." Alyssa snuck a kiss, then told him.

"Don't worry, Kayla made him promise not to tell," she chuckled before saying. "She told him, If he says anything she'll cut him off from sex. Like forever." "Danny never told me he fucked Kayla." said Brad. "He took her cherry, a few months before you took mine." said Alyssa. They're startled suddenly by someone tapping on the car window. It's Kayla Morrison, Alyssa's friend. Brad looks up, seeing his friend Danny Ellison standing beside Kayla.

Alyssa rolled her window down. Kayla, a cute blond with bright blue eyes stuck her head inside Brad's car window. She gave Alyssa a hug exclaiming. "I bet you're glad he's back home, aren't you girl !" Danny tapped on Brad's window, he rolled the window down. Danny leaned in.

"Welcome back buddy." Said the tall red haired teenager. Brad opened his car door, nudging Danny back. Outside of his car, he took Danny to the side, away from the girls. He spoke seriously to his friend. "Have you told anyone about me and Alyssa?" Danny shook his head. "I gave my word to Kayla, that I won't tell anyone." He patted Brad's shoulder. "It's your job to tell our friends Brad, you shouldn't keep it secret. They might have hang up's about Alyssa being your stepsister, but fuckem if they don't understand." He patted Brad on the back.

"I've got your back man. If someone gives you or Alyssa any crap, I'll kick their ass." His tall redheaded friend eased his mind. Having his and Alyssa's school friends find out, he's in love with his stepsister is another thing he's been worrying about. Now feeling at ease, he took Alyssa by the hand, all four teenage friends walked away from the school parking lot, talking and joking with each other. Before entering school. Kayla spoke of her and Danny's plans for the coming weekend.

"Hey, that new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn's showing this weekend. You guys should go see it with me and Danny. What do ya think Alyssa." Alyssa's never been on a real date before, she quickly replied.

"That sounds like fun. Can we go with them Brad." Seeing how happy Alyssa was Brad accepted Kayla's offer, for a double date. "Sure it sounds like fun." Alyssa gave him an affectionate kiss, not caring if anyone saw her do it. She doesn't see her enemy Mary Jones, and her tall slender red haired girlfriend Kimberly Carlson standing in the distance, watching her show unstepsisterly affection towards her handsome dark haired stepbrother. Chapter 14. Mary and Kimberly, their own secrets revealed.

Dark haired seventeen year old Mary Jones, nudged her skinny red haired friend Kimberly Carlson, telling her with a hateful scowl on her face.

"Huh…Look over there. That little bitch Alyssa Dean's, in love with her own stepbrother." An alluring smile rolled over Kimberly's lips. "If I had a hot looking stepbrother like Brad Wilson. I'd kiss him too." Mary moved in front of her friend, blocking the red heads view of Brad. She took her by the shoulders, looking into her frightened blue eyes telling her. "Stop looking at him, like he's a piece of meat Kimberly. You're my girl, if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your eyes on me." The chilling look in Mary's dark brown eyes, caused Kimberly to tremble in fear.

She stammered. "I Was only joking Mary. You know, I only have eyes for you." Kimberly's words aroused Mary, in the right way. Her chilling scowl changed to an alluring smile. Not able to show lesbian love for each other in public, Mary told Kimberly.

"Come to the bathroom with me. We'll be skipping math class this morning." Kimberly's heartbeat quickened, she giggled. The crotch of her teddy bear print panties became wet. She walked behind Mary sneaking a peak at her ass anticipating a little bathroom stall lust. They snuck into the girls bathroom, just before the first period bell rang. Inside Mary bullied a ninth grader into leaving, telling the shorter girl. "Get out shrimp. Before I kick your ass." Once alone, she pulled Kimberly into one of five stalls.

Inside the stall, she entangled her fingers in Kimberly's red hair, pulling her in for a kiss. Each girls tongue danced together. Kimberly moved her hands down Mary's back, then lifted her lovers black skirt. Squeezing Mary's ass cheeks before hooking her thumbs in the waist band of Mary's blue cotton beauty receives rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore. Feeling her lover pushing her panties down, Mary helped her remove them than sat on the toilet with her legs spread wide.

She reached down spreading her pussy lips with two fingers, ordering her submissive lover. "Eat me&hellip.Do it now!!" Submitting to her secret mistress's orders. Kimberly eagerly knelt between Mary's legs, then began licking sucking and fingering her dominant lovers pussy. Feeling her lovers tongue licking her clit, Mary covered her mouth quelling moans of pleasure.

Girl cum dripped down Mary's slit, Kimberly drank it all down. She looked up at Mary with a loving smile on her face, whispering. "Can you do me?" Mary scowled, laying her hands on Kim's head. "No you're not done," she pushed Kim's face back down.

"Now finish me." Kimberly shrugged off her lovers humiliating reply, then began licking her once more. Inserting one then two fingers deep inside Mary. Feeling fingers shoved deep inside her sex, Mary covered her mouth catching her moans with one hand, using her other hand to force Kim's mouth tighter against her sopping wet snatch. Mary groaned softly. "Ahhh. Yes Kimmy. You know just what I like girl." She began thrusting her crotch into her submissive lovers face.

Knowing exactly what Mary likes. Kimberly began stroking two fingers deep inside, while licking and sucking Mary's clit. Doing this, she made Mary cum. She forced Kimberly's face down harder between her legs with both hands on the back of her head. She came and she came hard, forcing more pressure to the back of Kimberly's head. With her face being forced in between her teenage lovers legs; a little too hard.

Kimberly feels as if she's suffocating. Fearing suffocation she places both hands on Mary's inner thighs, then pushes away, forcing Mary to release her.Mary looked into her eyes with lustful intent. "Kiss me." she begged. Kimberly eagerly does what she wants, with Mary's juices on her lips and chin she presses ok not so ugly young girl try to be sexy pt lips against her girlfriends lips.

Mary kisses her back passionately, entangling her fingers in the girls silky red hair. The kiss arouses Kimberly's need for Mary to pleasure her.

She pushed Mary away, with the idea of telling her she needs oral pleasure too. But looking into Mary's dark eyes, she begged her instead of telling her. "Please Mary&hellip.Please do it to me !!" Mary laughed, holding Kimberly's face in her hands looking her in the eye, she told her. "Kimmy baby. If I didn't love you so much, I'd slap your face." Mary's mood changed, she stood up. "Take your panties off baby.

Have a seat, spread those long sexy legs of your," she smirked. "Before I change my mind." Kimberly lifted her floral print dress, then took her panties off. Mary laughed seeing her friends teddy bear panties.

She took them, sniffed the crotch then told her in a sarcastic tone. "Teddy bears Kimmy!" She flashed a playful smile. "I like'm.

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Can I keep them?" Kimberly replied curiously. "What will you do with them?" Mary placed them to Kimberly's lips snickering, with a devilish smile on her face she told her.

"One thing I'll do is gag you with them. I know you're a screamer, because the last time I ate you. You screamed too load." Kimberly looked confused. "You want me, to put them in my mouth?" Mary caressed the panties over Kim's lips.

"Yes…Like I said, you're a screamer. I don't want you screaming, you'll get us caught." Mary smirked. "Your daddies a preacher, and my fathers his deacon. They'll both freak, if their darling daughters get caught in a bathroom stall, getting it on with each other." Fearing the worse Kimberly let Mary shove her panties in her mouth.

A devilish grin appeared over Mary's face. "Mmm. You look so sexy with those panties in your mouth&hellip.Now spread for me girl. You know I can eat pussy…After all, I'm the one who taught you how to do it. Now spread wide for me sexy because, class is now in session." It was Mary who seduced once innocent Kimberly Carlson. It all happened this summer, during bible camp.

Unknown to Kim's father, his daughters been struggling with lesbian tendencies for a long time. Cutie hot chick katie wants it deep smalltits and pornstars wasn't difficult for Mary to seduce the already curious preachers daughter. Now although her lovers forceful and dominant, Kimberly has become addicted to the dominant girls ways. Back inside the toilet stall, Kimberly sits leaning back with her skinny legs spread wide, letting Mary do her lesbian magic, licking her tongue all over Kim's cunt lips then back to her clit.

Mary loves the sweet salty flavor of her best friends juices. As ordered she keeps her own panties stuffed in her mouth. Feeling an orgasm rushing from her pussy, her body trembles. She screams, but her screams of pleasure are muffled. Kimberly bucks her hips wildly, but Mary never stops.

She loves making Kim orgasm. Since bible camp, she's learned to control and dominant her friend. Often treating Kimberly like a slave, instead of her lover.

Meanwhile during first period math class, Alyssa suddenly has the urge to pee. Being a girl who cant hold her bladder for long periods of time, she asked brandi bae good at interracial porn math teacher for a hall pass. Relieved to finally get to the girls restroom, after a long walk down the hallway.

She quickly enters the forth stall from the fifth, pulled her blue jeans and panties down, then sat on the toilet. As her urine flow slows down, she hears muffled moans coming from the stall beside hers. Curious she looks under the dividing wall. She sees legs of someone kneeling, with their back to the door. Right away she realizes the long skinny white legs belong to Mary Jones. And seeing a pair of ugly brown loafers, with toes pointing towards the door.

She knows these shoes belong to Kimberly Carlson, a local Baptist preachers daughter, and Mary's fateful side kick. Both Mary and her secret lover Kimberly, are so into what they're doing, they've tuned out the world around them.

Mary Jones, has bullied Alyssa Dean since she enrolled at Hillsdale high two years ago. Now seeing her chance for a little revenge Alyssa pulls her pants up, being careful not to disturb Mary and Kimberly. She stepped from her stall, acting like she's leaving.

Knowing the stall doors don't lock very well, she quickly yanked the stall door open. What she sees inside the stall, is Kimberly leaning back against the wall with her teddy bear print panties stuffed in her mouth. Mary's head's still buried between her legs. Kimberly's eyes pop open in surprise, seeing Alyssa staring back at her with a shocked look on her face.

Kimberly's panties drop from her mouth, falling on the back of Mary's head. Kimberly's speechless, with thoughts of explaining; why she was found in the girls room, with Mary's face between her legs. Angry over being discovered, Mary took her face from Kim's crotch. Twisting her neck around looking up to see Alyssa looking down at her. Finally getting her chance to humiliate Mary and Kimberly, Alyssa quickly grasped her opportunity. "Why, Mary Jones, and Kimberly Carlson.

Do your brazzers big wet butts ass excess scene starring madison rose and manuel ferrara know, you're lezzies!" Her words cut through Mary's mind like a sharp knife. The dark haired brown eyed girl stood up quickly, coming face to face with her. She's so close Alyssa smells Kimberly's pussy scent, she sees Kim's girl cum shimmering from her lips and chin.

Mary scowled at Alyssa with unbridled contempt. "If you know what's good for you bitch. You'd better keep your mouth shut." Mary's dark eyes seem almost black, she's so angry. Alyssa doesn't back down.

"I knew you were a dyke Mary. I bet you bullied Kimberly into being your little bitch, didn't you." Mary grabbed Alyssa by her shirt, then pushed her back only krina kpur xxx xix vidyo the wall. "You'd better shut you're mouth geek. Or I'll tell the entire school, you're fucking your stepbrother." Mary snickered. "Ha! We saw you giving Brad hugs an kisses this morning, before school started." Mary grinned. "Now You don't want your momma knowing, you're Brad's little slut.

Do you geek?" Alyssa laughed sarcastically. "My mother knows, about me and Brad, so go ahead bitch, tell the whole school. I want everyone to know, I'm in love with Brad." Seeing her chance, Alyssa grabbed Mary's thumbs then twist them back, forcefully pulling the girls hands away from her red cotton blouse.

Mary screamed in pain and backed away. Without warning, Mary threw a quick right hook towards Alyssa's face. Alyssa quickly ducked the punch. Thanks to her father, being a skilled army combat soldier. Years before his death, he taught his daughter to defend herself. With memories of what he taught her, she counter punched, landing a hard right hook into Mary's nose.

Dazed Mary fell backwards, landing on Kimberly's lap, as she sat dumbstruck on the toilet in the stall. Kimberly spoke out in shocked surprise. "You hit her Alyssa I'm reporting you to the principle." Alyssa stood back, enjoying the sight of seeing Mary with blood running down her face.

She's proud to finally get even with Mary, and her ass kissing friend. Hearing what Kimberly said, she steadfastly debunked her threat. "Oh fuck you Kim. You won't tell. "Ha" That is unless you want your daddy knowing. You're a closet lesbian." Kimberly's mouth dropped open, fear of being outed sent cold chills down her spine, she begged.

"Alyssa. Please don't tell my father. He'll freak." The girls fearful plea hit home with Alyssa. She knows Kim's ultra conservative homophobic father would surly freak. Keeping her eyes on Mary, who's still sitting on Kim's lap holding her bloody nose.

She told them both, with sarcasm in her voice. "Ha! I won't tell your father's&hellip. I'll leave that up to you." She turned and walked away, before opening the door she gave some advise. "Hey Mary, put some toilet paper on that nose, then tilt your head back. It'll stop the bleeding. My dad taught me that. And Kim, you better put your panties on, it's almost time for second period bell to ring." She walked from the bathroom grinning from ear to ear.

It wasn't so much about the fact, she just got even with Mary and Kimberly. But seeing Kimberly leaning back with her legs spread, letting Mary eat her pussy. It provoked her curiosities of experiencing another girls, lips tongue and hot breath between her own legs. As she walks back to math class, memories of the night she asian petite likes to get drilled hard her mother sipped wine, and watched DVD movies from her stepfathers porn collection come to mind.

The night she and her mother shared Brad with each other in the motel room. She told Brad, she liked the girl on girl sex scenes in the movies. Returning to math class, she enters the room with a far away look in her eyes, and scrapped bruised knuckles on her right hand; of which she doesn't feel.

Her friend Kayla Morrison, sits next to her in class. She notices Alyssa seems different, as she comes closer she sees Alyssa's knuckles are bleeding. When class is in session, they're not allowed to talk. Kayla quickly scribed a short note. When the teacher turned his back, she gave it to her friend. Alyssa took the note, it read. Are you stoned or something.

And why are your knuckles bleeding. Suddenly after reading the note, Alyssa feels burning sensations from her bruised scrapped knuckles. She quickly scribed a note back telling Kayla.

I punched Mary Jones, right in her ugly face. Her nose looks much worse than my knuckles. But that's all I'm telling you for now. OK. Intensive and raw cowgirl riding hardcore blowjob 15.

Date night, a night to remember. It's Friday night. Brad and Alyssa, did join Danny and Kayla for the double date to the movie. Instead of going home when the movie ended, they went to Danny Ellison's house. His parents are out of town for the weekend.

Danny's older college age brother, is supposed be in charge, watching over his younger brother. But after they arrived, his brother informed them. He's going out with his friends, to what sounds like an all night frat party. Now alone, the young teenage couples began making out with unbridled passion. The step sibling lovers, have followed the rules of: No sex during the school week.

Now they're finally able to unleash the passion they've kept bottled up during the week. Kayla's sitting on Danny's lap, they're making out on a leather love seat. Brad and Alyssa, are cuddling and kissing on a matching leather sofa. At first, they we're a little apprehensive about showing their love for each other. But seeing Kayla and Danny fondling and kissing each other. Voyeurism egged them on to do the same thing as their friends.

Alyssa's sitting on Brad's lap, the warmth of her firm young rump causes his manhood to grow hard. She's wearing a short pleated scotch plaid skirt. As they kiss, he caresses his hand up her inner thigh. She spreads for him, wanting him to stroke her already wet snatch. Her sex has been wet since she and Brad, had a short make-out session during a romantic scene in the movie they went to see. Their hot and heavy make out session ended abruptly, when the movie theaters manager ordered them to stop.

Suddenly startled by nearby girlish teenage laughter, Brad quickly withdrew his hand from Alyssa's crotch. Looking up, he sees Kayla sitting next to them on the sofa.

Her thick blond hair is a mess, her lip-sticks smeared. "Wow you two are really horney, aren't you," said Kayla, letting her blue eyes roam over the step siblings. Alyssa sat up and looked around the room. "Where's Danny," she asked. Kayla replied cheerfully "He went to borrow a porno movie, from his brothers room. Do you wanna watch it with us." Alyssa spoke, not wanting to seem uncool. "Yeah, sure. I'd love to." She lied, acting innocent.

"I've never watched a porn movie before." "Danny and Me love watching porn…We watched porn together, on the night I lost my virginity." said Kayla, looking mischievous. Brad caught Kayla's blue eyes checking him out. Kayla spoke with a seductive smile. "Do you like porn Brad?" He hugged Alyssa closer. "Well Kayla, it's not as good as the real thing, but yeah I like porn.

As a mater of fact my dad, has a big collection stashed in his closet." He shook Alyssa playfully. "Your mom loves porn too, doesn't she Alyssa." She blushed, replying with a lie.

"My mom would never watch porn!" Brad chuckled thinking about Grace, and what they did over the weekend. "Babe, I have reason to believe. There's more to your mom, then meets the eye. I bet Grace and my dad, watch porno then they fuck like crazy." Danny came in waving a DVD. "Brad and Alyssa. You'll love this one, it's got some hot scenes. My favorite scene is the foursome scene." Danny winked at Kayla.

"You love the girl, girl scenes, don't you baby." Alyssa thought Kayla would blush, or become angry with Danny. But contrary to what she thought, Kayla's lips rolled into a broad flirtatious smile.

She eyed Alyssa with flirtatious affection. "I do like the girl on girl scenes." She stroked Alyssa's long brown hair joking playfully. "Hey cutie, I bet your pussy taste like peaches." Her joke; if it was a joke, made Alyssa blush beat red, but warm tingling sensations rushed over her body.

Her friends comment aroused her. Brad blurted out something Alyssa told him during their threesome with Grace. "Alyssa likes the lezzy scenes too." She slapped him on the arm.

"Brad. Don't tell them that!" But the way Kayla affectionately stroked her hair is turning her on. She tried thinking of Brad's cock, sliding between her legs, but a sudden vision of Kayla going down on her, made her daydream fantasy disappear. Danny spoke disrupting her thoughts. "Being as that's what the ladies like. I'll start the movie out on the girly stuff." He exclaimed a fantasy. "Maybe you girls can do a scene for me and Brad." Danny cued up the scene, then took a seat beside Kayla.

They all sat transfixed watching the experienced eighteen and nineteen year old porn stars kiss each other. One of the young starlet, is a large breasted blue eyed blond. The others a smaller breasted brown eyed brunet. They're laying on a king-size bed kissing. The blonds wearing a black lace bra, with matching panties. The brunets wearing a short blue see-through nightie. The dark haired starlet takes the blonds bra off, then begins sucking the blonds nipples. Brad's cock grew hard, he made a stupid comment.

"Yeah girl, suck those tities." He glanced at Alyssa, she's completely transfixed on the scene. Looking over at Kayla and Danny, she's leaning against her red-haired boyfriends shoulder. He's unbuttoned her blouse, Kayla's not wearing a bra, her firm breast are fully exposed. Danny's gently fondling his girls breast.

Kayla giggled. "Do you like what you see Brad," she winked. "Play with Alyssa's tits. Go ahead, I know she wants you to." Brad kissed Alyssa, breaking the spell caused by the scene unfolding before her eyes.

He slips a hand under her blue tank top, then pushes the hem up, exposing the white bra she's wearing. Alyssa laughs nervously, but doesn't stop him.

He pushes the bra cups up, now her breast are exposed to Danny and Kayla's eyes. For some unknown reason, every since their first weekend alone, Alyssa's became a very adventurous girl. Her body trembled, feeling her mans fingertips gently pinching her sensitive nipples. Suddenly each couple ignores the scene playing out on the television screen. Brad and Alyssa are lost in a deep kiss.

Alyssa's eyes are closed, she's so lost in the moment, she doesn't realize Kayla's playing with her nipples. She opens her eyes, just as Kayla lowers her mouth to her exposed breast. The taboo act of her pretty blond haired friends mouth and tongue, sucking and licking her small breast.

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Should've caused Alyssa to run away like a cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters girl. But instead, she's enjoying Kayla's mouth tongue and fingers. Kayla's touching her, in a way only a female can do. Watching this take place, Brad lifts the hem of Alyssa's skirt. Then begins masturbating her, stroking his long fingers over the crotch piece of her sky blue cotton panties.

Alyssa gasped with pleasure, spreading her legs wider. The feeling of Kayla's lips and tongue sucking her breast, and the feeling of Brad stroking her sex, is a pleasure; too good to stop. Danny gets in on the act, lifting the hem of Kayla's denim mini skirt. She parts her legs, he pushes the crotch piece of her panties aside then begins fingering her. She moans. "Yes finger me baby. You know what I like." Danny pushes two finger tips deeper.

Kayla keeps sucking Alyssa's breast, moaning with pleasure. Brad's fingering his lovers cunt lips. As he fingers her, Kayla reaches down to help him. Brad spoke in surprise. "Why Kayla Morrison. I didn't know you, were into girls." Kayla giggled. "I'm just full of surprises; aren't I." She whispered to Alyssa. "Can I eat your pussy. I've never done it with a girl before." Brad, didn't expected Alyssa's breathless reply.

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"Yes, do it Kayla." Kayla knelt on the floor, she unzipped the zipper on the side of Alyssa's skirt. Alyssa leaned against Brad lifting her butt off the couch, helping Kayla remove her garment. Next, right before Brad and Danny, Kayla removed Alyssa's panties. Danny egged his girl on. "Do it Kayla baby, eat her ebony teen freak and casting couch teens xxx nothing happens in the temple sans president Only knowing what to do from watching pornography with Danny, and having her boyfriend do her.

She told Alyssa. "Spread wide for me girl, I'm going down." Kayla spread her young friends vulva, with two fingers. Then, to each teenage boy's amazement, she began licking kissing and sucking the pink folds of Alyssa's pussy. Almost as soon as Kayla's lips tongue and hot breath, touch the sensitive flesh of her cunt, Alyssa feels small orgasms flowing. Her toes curl, her body shakes.

She's leaning against Brad, he feels her body tremble, his hard cock twitches against the confines of his pants. Danny kneels behind Kayla, unzipping her denim skirt. In one swift motion, he removes both her skirt and white cotton panties. Seeing Brad watching, he tells him proudly.

"She's sexy, isn't she buddy," He joked. "You wanna fuck her don't you buddy." Kayla raised her face from Alyssa's crotch, then winked at Brad. "That do sounds fun, doesn't it," she looked up at Alyssa. "We can swap boyfriends," giggle. "But just for tonight." She lowered her mouth back to Alyssa's pussy, then began vigorously sucking her clit, lapping her tongue up and down her friends pussy slit.

Alyssa giggles nervously, her giggles turn to moans of pleasure. She began bucking her ass off the couch cushions. Brad plays with Alyssa's breast while Kayla, licks sucks and fingers her to an earth chattering climax.

Danny's kneeling behind Kayla, stroking two fingers deep within her tight cunt. Kayla cums hard. Alyssa cums at the same time, leaning against Brad. He holds her tightly fearing she might fall from the couch. Her hips buck wildly, she grinds her cunt lips into Kayla's lips and tongue.

With Alyssa's juices glimmering on her lips chin Kayla stood up on weak legs, she's never kissed a girl before. Feeling the urge to so, she sat beside her sexually exhausted friend, then kissed her full on the lips. Surprised, but completely turned on by her best friends sudden act of affection, Alyssa gladly accepts the kiss.

Kayla pulled away from the kiss, licking own her own lips before asking "Did I do it right Alyssa ?" Alyssa's voice trembled. "Yes&hellip.You, did do it right girl." Kayla flashed clever smile. "You do me now." Kayla's request caught her off guard, but she's overcome with curiosity. "Ok," she replied. "Lay back on the couch, I'll do it." Alyssa warned both boy's, before going down on her friend.

"I better not hear about this at school next week. You hear me guys." Both Brad and Danny shook their heads with big smiles on their faces.

Wanting to watch her eat Kayla, Brad quickly reassured her. "We won't tell any one. We promise; right Danny." Danny agreed. "Hell no, I won't say a thing.

Kayla will kill me if I tell." Feeling safe Alyssa lowered her face between Kayla's wide spread thighs. As her face comes closer, she inhales Kayla's musky sweet scent. The scent arouses her inner lesbian. Doing as Kayla did her, she spreads her open. Shrugging off the unknown, she licks her tongue over Kayla's moist pink cunt lips. Kayla's body trembles feeling Alyssa's tongue touch her sensitive lips, she moans a little instruction, reaching down to show her what she wants.

"Lick my clit. See it rights there? Danny always licks and sucks it." Remembering what she's seen Brad do to her before this, Alyssa began sucking her clit. Moving from her friends clit, she laps her tongue down Kayla's pussy slit.

Kayla moans, her juices begin to flow. Alyssa sucks it in, enjoying every drop of her friends girl nectar. While she licks Kayla, both Brad and Danny kneel beside Alyssa. Brad began fingering his girls pussy. Alyssa keeps licking Kayla's pussy, her body trembles from and orgasm brought on by Brad's fingers. Feeling left out Danny begins to help Brad. Now Alyssa feels two sits of fingers probing her cunt.

While Brad finger fucks her, Danny strokes her cunt lips. She pulls away telling the boys in a trembling voice. "Keep doing that. Oh shit, it feeeels sooo gooood !!" Danny tells her. "Alyssa baby, your pussies soaking wet." He turned his attention to Brad. "Can I fuck her man." Brad laughed. "It's ok with me buddy, but is it ok with Alyssa and Kayla." Kayla moaned her approval. "You can fuck her baby, I know you want to," she lifted Alyssa's face from her cunt. "Can he fuck you?" she asked.

Alyssa looked back at Danny smiling, with his girls juices dripping down her chin. She spoke flirtatiously, remembering something her mother said to Brad at the hotel.

"How do want me Danny. On my back with my legs spread wide. Or maybe you'd like me to ride you." Danny sniffed his fingers in deep thought. He smiled. "I want you to ride me," he shrugged. "It's a fantasy I've had since I first met you, way back in ninth grade." Alyssa raised her face from Kayla's pussy, telling him.

"You've wanted to fuck me, since ninth grad. Well come on big boy, before I change my mind." Danny took a seat beside Kayla. She gave him a kiss, then told him. "Don't enjoy it too much baby. Remember, I'm your girl." Thinking of safe sex he told Alyssa.

"Get my wallet from my pants, there's condom in there somewhere." She did as he asked, joking with him. "If any money falls out. Can I keep it." He begged. "Come on Alyssa, stop goofing around." Before long Alyssa rolled the rubber over Danny's cock. With Danny sitting on the couch, she nervously straddled his cock, her young body trembles feeling a new boys cock entering her sex for the first time.

Seeing her green eyed girlfriend lowering her pussy over her boyfriends penis, Kayla winked at Brad, noticing a confused jealous look in his brown eyes. "Well come on buddy.

She's fucking him, it's only fair you should fuck me." Brad wasted no time rolling a condoms over his erection, he's known Kayla for years. Over those years, Kayla's changed from a skinny blond haired blue eyed brat, to a beautiful teenage girl. She stood up flirting with him, telling him of her long awaited fantasy.

"I've wanted to fuck you, for a long time Bradley Wilson," She smiled at Brad telling him. "Have a seat baby, lets do it." Brad sat down beside Alyssa and Danny. Alyssa's eyes are closed, she's slowly riding Danny's stiff member. He loves her, thoughts of the day he took her virginity come to mind. Since that day, they've had so many erotic adventures together.

But seeing her with another man, is a bit hard to take. Seeing him watching Alyssa screwing her man, Kayla gets his attention by going down on him, she kneels on the floor in front of him stroking his cock, salaciously flirting with him. "Never mind them, I'll take care of you Brad." She lowered her lips to his half erect cock. He started going limp, seeing Alyssa with Danny. But once Kayla began sucking him, he quickly became hard again. Brad closed his eyes, leaned his back then began enjoying the feeling of another girls lips on his cock.

Alyssa opened her eyes while slowly riding Danny's erection. She heard everything her friend told Brad, it's nothing new. Kayla's told her of her secret desires for her tall dark haired stepbrother, during so many long girl talks they've had over the years. As she rides Danny, she thinks to herself. I like Danny, but he's not even as hansom as my Brad is. She keeps her eyes on Brad. Seeing him enjoy Kayla's oral attention is an arousing turn on.

She slips from Danny's cock and kneels in front him. "Hey where're ya going Alyssa." says Danny. She took his cock between her lips, he stopped complaining. "Oh…Ok. I do like having my dick sucked." Now both teen boys lay back, letting their temporary lovers please them. Kayla still wants to fuck Brad, she took her lips from his stiff member.

Brad opened his eyes to see her straddling him. She moans through smiling lips, as his cock spreads her open. "Mmm. Now I see why Alyssa loves you." She looked down at Alyssa, seeing her licking and sucking her mans stiff cock. "Are you enjoying my man Alyssa." Alyssa replied, letting her lips caress the head of Danny's cock.

"Yes I am. How about you." Kayla was about to answer, until Brad's cock stroked her G-spot. Her reply became a loud pleasured moan. Feeling left out, Alyssa lowered her pussy back over Danny's erection. "Yeah ride me baby. Make me cum." says Danny. Now both girls began riding their men.

Black flight attendant fucks a frequent flyer in a toilet roles her hips back and forth over Brad's penis. He begins playing with her full round breast. Her areolas are slightly larger and darker than Alyssa's, her nipples appear slightly longer. He gently squeezes each of her long nipples, an orgasm rushes over Kayla's body. He feels girl cum dripping down his shaft and testicles.

Kayla begins riding him faster. Seeing Kayla ride Brad faster, Alyssa speeds up her pace. The smell of sex fills the room. Moans of pleasure, echo from the walls. The condom Brad's wearing keeps him from orgasming to fast. But the way Kayla's riding him, causes him to loose control. He feels sperm rising from deep within.

Danny fights his urge to cum, but he's loosing the battle too. Alyssa smiles at him, he looks into her green eyes. The pleasured look in her eyes, and the smile on her full kissable lips cause him to loose control. Grunting like a cave man, he cums. Feeling his thick cock flexing inside, Alyssa cums with him.

She keeps riding him, with whatever strength she has left.

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Kayla's riding Brad hard, he groans in pleasure when he cums. Kayla orgasms for the second time of the night. Her body stiffens, she stops riding Brad flopping her body over him panting out of breath. Danny broke the silence, exclaiming satirically. "Ok Brad, old buddy. Give me my girl back." Kayla raised her body from Brad's shrinking cock, Alyssa did the same. Each girl hugged their men. Kayla spoke to Danny in a sweet loving voice.

"Sharing our friends is so much fun Danny. We should do this again sometime." Chapter 16. Time to go home. Seeing the clocks showing just a little past ten at night, Brad remembers they have an eleven o'clock curfew. He and Alyssa dressed quickly, then left their friends cuddling together on Danny's couch.

As Brad backs out then heads towards home. Alyssa spoke of what just happened. "Brad, I really enjoyed what we did tonight. But, it seems like every since we had sex over a month ago. Things have really gotten weird, don't you think so?" Brad caressed her bare knee.

"Yes, it has been a little weird. But shit, I'm really enjoying the weirdness, aren't you." He pushed the hem of her skirt up, moving higher up her thigh. She smiled thinking of their erotic date. "I did enjoy what we did tonight, but I thought we'd just hangout for a while then go home," her voice trembled. "Then wow, next thing I know Kayla's down on her knees licking my cunny," she giggled.

"I don't know what got into me, but I loved the way Kayla's pussy tasted when I ate her." She became serious. "Oh my god Brad&hellip.Am I a lesbian?" He joked. "You just might be baby," he acted sad. "Please don't leave me for another girl." She lifted his hand, giving it a kiss before saying. "Oh, you know I love you too much to do that." Hearing her say these words warmed his heart, he realizes, he hasn't spoken the same words to her even though he does love her.

He pulled to the road side. "What are you doing," she asked confused. He gave her a quick kiss, then told her why he stopped.

"I just wanted to tell you Alyssa," his eyes tall german milf we got a tip of a possible robbery suspect inside of a barbershop up. "I love you. I'm sorry that I haven't said this before, but I do love you." Her full lips rolled into broad smile, she spoke in an urgent voice.

"Get us home quick. Its Friday night, the rules are: We don't sleep together on school nights.

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Step on it baby, I'm tired of sleeping alone." Brad put his Mustang in gear, tires squealed as he pulled away. End of part 3.