Constricted pussy mother id like to fuck loves vibrators japanese hardcore

Constricted pussy mother id like to fuck loves vibrators japanese hardcore
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Melissa shared a fantasy that she wanted to explore my body totally! I was not sure what she had in mind, but if it was a fantasy of hers I would go along with it! We started this encounter by soaking in our hot tub for quite awhile.

Melissa made us drinks and then more and more drinks. I was pretty buzzed and she led me to our bedroom. Melissa sat on the edge of the bed and began to suck my cock, as she did she slowly massaged around my ass dragging her fingernail across my anus.

I have to admit, there are a lot of nerves there and when they are stimulated, it felt great.

Melissa laid me on the bed and began to kiss my nipples and rub my cock, as she moved down to suck my cock she straddled my face. Melissa knows how much I love to eat pussy and she positioned her tight pink pussy directly over my face.

I began to lick her wet pussy and she began to suck my big cock. I could tell she was fiddling with something, but she kept sucking my cock and I paid her no mind as I enjoyed her pussy.

I could feel her hand working down my shaft and then she played with my balls. As she did this she began to play around with my anus rubbing her fingers up and down as she continued to suck my cock. I then felt her insert a finger inside of me and begin to massage. I could tell she used the lube as her finger slide right in. She rubbed and massaged my ass as she sucked my cock and then I felt another finger slide in to my ass. Melissa continued to rub the outside and then would stick her fingers inside!

I have to say, it felt really good! Melissa was fucking my ass with her fingers as she slurped my big cock, it was almost more than I could take, but I held back! Melissa took her mouth off my cock and said, "I wanna put a dildo in you baby!" I hesitantly agreed, since I had never really thought anything about this type of thing. "Ok, baby if it turns you on!" I said nervously and hoping she wouldn't pick lucy rides cock and gets pissed on of her big boys!

As Melissa smiled, I could hear one of her vibrators turn on. She played around my ass for a little and it felt really good! After a few minutes of that she slowly began to insert it in to me! It felt weird, but the vibrations felt good as she slowly slide it in to my ass.

"This is sexy baby, do you like it?" She purred.

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"Ya, it feels kinda good!" I told her. Melissa moved so she could watch the vibrator enter me, I guess women are like men, we like to watch our cocks disappear in to a pussy and she was just as excited judging by her breathing! Melissa watched as she fucked my ass and stroked my amazing gal gives blow previous to sex, she turned the speed up and started slowly fucking my ass, I could tell she was hitting my prostate with the vibrator.

Melissa kept stroking my cock as she watched herself sticking the vibrator in my ass. "I am going to cum baby!" I moaned as she stroked my cock! I began to shoot my load in to the air, I think I shot my cum about 2 feet in the air and a huge load of cum it was! Melissa watched as I spurted like a fountain and as it slowed, she began to lick the cum off my stomach, but still kept probing my ass! "Know, you kinda know what it feels like to be me, when you stick that big cock in my holes!" Melissa said with an evil little grin.

After my cock came back to life, I fucked her ass with my big cock and this time, I blew my full load in her ass for her! Afterwards, she related that she would get really turned on watching me with another guy! "Um, I'm not gay!" I told her.

"Neither am I, but you like it when I eat another woman's pussy don't you?" Melissa came back. I have to admit, she was right!

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Damn! I told her, I would consider it under two circumstances only, either the other had to be a transsexual with boobs or a feminine guy! If she could agree to that, I would do whatever made her pussy wet! She smiled and said, "I knew you'd agree. I am so glad you'll fulfill my fantasies baby!" "You've fulfilled many of mine, so I am willing to experiment with you baby!" I told her, "If you found a clean transsexual, I would like to see her fuck your pussy too!" "Ok, let's find our next partner baby!" A week or two later, Melissa came home smiling from ear to ear!

"Baby, I found a girl named Liz that is just what we are looking for, I found her on the site we belong too!" We began chatting with Liz and we spoke on the diferentes posturas para practicarle a ella un cunnilingus several times, Liz was a pre-op transsexual that had been undergoing hormone therapy and had developed a very nice set of breasts.

Liz was 25 and had a small "clit" as she called it, about 6 inches. Liz had long curly hair down to the middle of her back and nice legs. Her hormone therapy was working well, her hips were slender and unless she showed her "clit" you would never have guessed she was at one time a guy!

We met for dinner and drinks and afterward, we went tour hotel suite.

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Liz was a pretty woman and as I said, her breasts were bigger than Melissa's. We wasted no time as Melissa was brimming with excitement. I have to admit, I was very nervous about this whole fantasy, but if it made Melissa hot, then I would go through with it! Liz peeled her dress off and exposed her perfectly shaped breasts, Melissa met the challenge and peeled hers of as well.

They say on both sides of me and both began to kiss me. Once I put it out of my mind that Liz was born a guy, It became easier. Liz kissed very well and before long Liz pulled her panties off. She was totally shaven and her "clit" looked tiny compared to my cock.

Melissa smiled and cooed as she looked at Liz totally nude! "You're hot Liz!" Melissa stammered. Liz began to suck my cock and she knew how to hit the right spots! As she sucked my cock, Melissa played with her "clit" until it was fully hard. It was definitely a small "clit" but that also made things easier. Melissa slowly moved my hand over to Liz's "clit" and as Liz sucked my cock, I began to stroke her "clit" for her! Melissa was rubbing her pussy and lubing Liz's ass and then she began to lube mine!

Liz told me to lay down on the couch and she straddled me, her "clit" was now staring me in oyeloca big tits blonde latina teresa carvajal fucked face and she began to slowly suck my cock. I figured what the hell, so I began to return the favor. It was not as bad as I had imagined and actually turned me on having her "clit" in my mouth! Liz was an expert cocksucker and I think she was getting in to it.

Melissa was lubing us both up as she played with her pussy and kissed Liz's ass cheeks! After awhile pleasuring each other, Melissa three coed girls have lesbian sexual intercourse, "I want to see you fuck my husband!" Liz smiled, "Sure Melissa!" "Take it easy, I've never done this!" I said to Liz! "Don't worry, I'll take it easy!" Liz said softly.

I turned around and I felt Liz grab my hips, at this point, I'm wondering if I am ready to do this or not! I could feel her "Clit" pressing against my ass and Melissa stroke my cock as Liz slowly began to enter me! It felt strange, but it was exciting knowing that Melissa was loving this! I felt the head of Liz's "clit" enter inside of me, again, It was slightly uncomfortable but not as bad as I had imagined.

I felt her stop and then after a few seconds begin to push farther in to me. Soon I knew Liz was all the way in and thank god her "clit" wasn't any bigger! Liz began to slowly fuck my ass as Melissa stroked my big cock and the tow feeling together were incredibly sexy. Liz picked up her pace and began to moan as I probably grunted some.

Liz fucked my ass faster and faster, until she squealed, "I'm going to cum!" with that Liz began to shoot hot cum in my ass! It felt great as I could feel the warmth and then the gooey feeling as she unloaded inside my ass!

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As Liz's cock jumped and spurted, my cock also began to shoot it's load and Melissa hand her hand there to catch each spurt! When Liz stopped quaking and my cock stopped draining Melissa took the hand full of cum I had shot and rubbed it in to Liz's ass! Liz withdrew her "clit" and I could feel her warm cum dribble out of me! "Wow, that felt great!" I announced. Liz said, "I thought you'd like it!" Melissa just muttered, "That was so fucking sexy!" We all showered and returned to the bed, "I want you to suck Liz's "clit" baby." Melissa begged.

"If that's what you'd like>" I answered.

We laid there and I kissed and sucked Liz's perfect tits as I stroked her "clit". She was soon fully ready and I worked my way down.

I got to her "clit" and stared at it for a few seconds and I took a deep breath and began to do something I would have never thought I would do! Liz's "clit" was soft and warm, yet hard! It wasn't so bad and I knew Melissa was about to explode watching this and playing with her pussy so I did the best I could. I sucked Liz's "clit" and fingered her ass and she moaned softly. It didn't take long and I could feel Liz's "clit" get a little harder and I knew she was going to cum!

I sucked her and she began to spurt her load in my mouth as I flinched from the spurts, but I continued to suck her "clit" as she erupted in my virgin mouth! Liz moaned loudly as she came, I could feel her "clit" spasm and jerk as each ounce of warm salty fluid shot in to my mouth! I hate to admit, but I kind of liked it, maybe it was from finally knowing what Melissa babe rides my dick in the grass telsev so many times before when I came in her mouth!

Soon Liz's "clit" stopped pulsating and it shrank quickly.

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Melissa pulled me over to her and French kiss me as if she was trying to also taste Liz's cum! We all relaxed and I said, "Everybody's had a cock in them except for Melissa, I think it's her turn now!" Melissa smiled and bent over the couch on all fours, "Go exclusive mommy teaches how to blow Liz, fuck me now!" Liz smiled, "Sure, I'll fuck you!" Liz slide right over and popped her "clit" quickly in to Melissa, Melissa came almost as soon as she stuck it in her!

Liz, fucked Melissa as hard as she could and I offered my cock to Melissa who greedily sucked it as Liz machine gun fucked her tight pussy! Melissa screamed as Liz jammed her "clit" in to her pussy! "Fuck me, fuck me with you cock Liz!" Liz fucked her as her tits bounced and my cock grew in her mouth and we all began to cum at about the same time! Liz filled Melissa with a huge load of spunk as did my cock. Melissa had cum dripping from both ends of her body and she loved it. I did eat Melissa's cummy pussy for her as well and she came a few more times!

It was a sexy night of experimentation, but well worth it for all of us!