Evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum

Evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum
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I knew my dad liked his time alone. He often came home from work and went directly to the fridge for a cold one. A beer. It was the only thing that calmed him and it kept him from leering johny sins and cheat wife me, so many times I chose not to bother him. I was in my room on the phone with my friend Amelia. We were talking about a few boys at school and I must have been getting a little loud because my dad came storming into my room.

At first when he told me to get off the phone it scared me. The look in his eyes wasn't what it used to be.

No longer did I see any love or patience in my father's eyes. Now it seemed that every moment I hesitated got him angrier. He wasn't my dad anymore and I was terrified. I told Amelia I had to go and hung the phone up. "Do you realize which one of us pays for that phone you spend so much time gabbing away on? I come home from a stressful day at work and I hear you holed up in your room.

You don't even greet me anymore when I come through the door like you used to when your mother was alive." I was speechless. He ran his calloused hands through my hair and whispered as he kissed the top of my head, "You remind me so much of your mother, Stephanie." I felt him and watched as my blouse was opened button by button. "Daddy? You're drunk. You shouldn't be doing this, I'm your daughter!" I hoped that maybe I could talk some sense into him. I had no chance of overpowering him and he knew it.

"I might be drunk but I'm still your father. Now this can go one of two ways. Teen valentina bianco gives cab driver bj and rimjob can do exactly what I tell you to or you can refuse to obey me and I'll still get what I want." He pulled me to my feet and stared into my eyes.

"Are you going to do what daddy says?" His voice was slurred but his grip on me never loosened. "I'll do as you ask. Just don't hurt me, daddy!" He placed my hands on his belt buckle and instructed me. "Unlatch daddy's belt. Pull it through the loops and fold it beauty full necked xxx sex stories v in school, then place it on the floor beside you." I did as he asked. The scent of his cologne made my eyes tear.

I knew I'd never forget the smell of him either. He waited for me to unbutton and unzip his jeans, slowly enough to try and delay the inevitable. "Don't be afraid to touch my cock, Stephanie. Rub it up and down with your fist gripping it." He watched me jerk him off a little and I saw him grow larger between the fingers of my hand. "Now, baby? Daddy needs you to try something else.

Give my cock a kiss, right on the tip." I gazed up at him hesitantly and tried to tell him that I didn't want to. He stuck his thumbs in the insides of my cheeks, slipped his cock between them and pinched the corners of my mouth as I was forced to suck his sweaty prick.

I gagged on it, choked loudly and he wouldn't let up. When I threw up he grasped the back of my head and pushed the entire thing into my airway. His musty balls were flat against my chin. I took his abuse for a few minutes.

He pulled my hair and made me get on my knees in front of him. I was bent forward in front of him while he was kneeling behind me. Roughly I felt him grab my ass as his cock eased up my pussy. "Oh, baby! You're so fucking tight." He grunted aloud and spanked my cheeks, reprimanding me for trying to crawl further along the floor.

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"Keep your little ass right here, Stephanie or I might find something to go up that tiny hole. You don't want that, do brave young beauty screwed by old rod I shook my blond head and he continued to fuck me. The thick head of it bottomed out in me. He didn't care that it hurt me so badly, all that mattered was getting me pregnant. I struggled to get on top of the bed and felt his hands wrap around me.

"You aren't thinking of escaping, are you?" He held my breasts in his hands and fucked me angrily, his balls slapped my clit again and again until I was writhing. My body betrayed me. His thumb played with my asshole which was clenching emptily around its tip. I sobbed quietly to myself as I came. He slapped me across the face, held onto the sides of my head and yelled at me.

"Open your mouth for daddy!", he growled hastily. I shook my head out of confusion and I felt the sting of his hand whacking my cheek. He shoved his come covered prick inside, choking me as he fucked my throat until I threw up all over myself, collected some of it on the end of his cock and started to deposit it back in my mouth.

I was disgusted. More came up onto him. My stomach hurt so badly by that point. He punched me right where it hurt and picked me up in his arms.

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I was afraid of what was about to happen to me. The one person I was supposed to be able to count on for protection grabbed both of my wrists and wrapped some rope around the headboard of my bed. They were tied together directly above my head. He spit on my face and punched me hot teen displays her ass in red lingerie. I blacked out after that.

When I woke up, his hands were tangled in my hair. My asshole was being tongued and sucked before I realized his cock was resting at its opening. It burned as he slipped it inside, there was nothing I could do to stop him.

He raped my unused hole and put two fingers inside of me. I was lost in my own world. The need to come again overtook any sense of where I was. He knew damn well what he was doing to me and I hated him for it.

My asshole tightened around his cock, I gushed on his hand and he shot his oily load in my ass. I was left alone. Throughly abused and in discomfort. My arms ached from being hoisted at such an awkward angle for hours. As I laid on my bed still bound, completely helpless to whatever was about to happen he yelled to me from the doorway, "I'll be back to untie you. When, I don't know. Oh, by the way I invited a couple of my friends over to keep you company.

Let them do as they wish and I promise they'll be gone quickly.

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All they want to do is get off inside of you." He slammed the door and I heard his footsteps walking down the hall. I was helpless to stop what was about to happen to me, though I struggled against the ropes hoping that somehow I could get loose before his guests arrived.