Mom caught me doing laundry lesbian love

Mom caught me doing laundry lesbian love
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"Hey Trey, wait up," I hear Miki call to me from somewhere behind me. I turn back toward school to see her long brown pony tail wagging behind her as she runs to catch up to me and I cannot help but get hard watching her big breasts bounce with her hair. "I got a project for you," she announces as she slows up next to me. I groan knowing trouble when I hear it. "What is it now…" Probably just more of her homework. She's a senior now while I'm only a sophomore, but she has me help her out with homework, which end up with me doing it for her more often than not.

I want to tell her to do it herself, but she's always been like a big sister to me, even if I had all the book smarts, so she always has been the boss of me. She's pretty much ruled my life even more than my own mother. When we were very young she'd always be an angel in front of my mom, and then take me to her room to play.

And once we were alone she'd force me into her old dresses for tea parties. Mom found us sometimes and said we were so cute, but when I tried to complain she just told me to be nice and behave myself. Once we were both in school my mom entrusted Miki to walk me there and home again and obey her. Eventually it was even babysitting when she was out, even though she's only two years older than me.

She always seemed confident and responsible, so she only krina kpur xxx xix vidyo away with making me her personal servant. Of course she just liked teaching me her school work so I could end up doing her homework for her. I was her pet slave, but I did get good grades and was always at the top of my class because of it, so Mom always praised Miki for her good work and I was stuck with it.

At least this year she was a senior so would graduate and probably go to college. I couldn't wait to be rid of her, and even though it was spring that half year until she was gone wasn't soon enough. Now I rolled my eyes and didn't bother to complain anymore.

I just accepted I was her minion and waited for her to tell me what to do. "Just some homework I need done, but don't worry, you'll like it because I'm going to do it with you." She smiled and was sweet as can be, as she always was in public, which is how she gets away with owning me.

She took my arm and walked me home. For a moment I was allowed to imagine she was my girlfriend, but really she just liked toying with my emotions to get what she wanted. "Hey Miki, how's your mother?" my mom said as we entered my house. Then the two of them got gossiping about the neighborhood and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I didn't really need to go, but the last thing I needed was to get caught between Miki and my mother. I think between the two of them they already had all of my life already planned out.

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When I came out my mom was alone and said to me, "Miki says you have some homework you need help with, so be sure to thank her for helping you keep up your grades." My mom was totally clueless, and there was no point in trying to change her mind anymore. With my history of failing at that I'm convinced if Miki killed someone and said it was me then my mother would believe her whole heartedly. I trudged up the stairs to my room and found Miki looking at a porno magazine. In fact it was one on MY porno magazines!

"HEY!" I yelled and moved to try and take it back. I hated how I was so short that even now she could still keep dangling something out of my reach. "You naughty little boy, do you want me to show this to your mum?" I backed off and she went back to browsing it.

"That's better, besides I thought it could help us with your project." "What do you mean?" I asked now confused. "Well," she explained, "I'm going to go all the way with my new boyfriend tonight, but before I do I want to make sure I'm prepared." She said it like it was an already forgone conclusion.

"So now you are going to take out your dick and jerk off for me." "In your sick dreams," I spat back at her. "Oh, you DO want me to go see your mother then…" she waved the illicit magazine around. I was underage and actually had stolen the book from a bookstore.

It was teen hardcore destroyed chop shop owner gets shut down of the thing I felt most guilty about. All the rest of my collection was just clothing magazines, but this was my pride and my shame.

I debated what to do, unable to decide so Miki decided to up the ante. "Ok, maybe this will help." Then she undid her blouse top and exposed her giant breast and undid her front clasping bra. "What are you doing?" I was getting really worried now. She was a beauty, and a bitch, but even she had never done anything like this. "Take it easy.

Or hard, as I should say," and she flashed me a wicked grin as she teased her nipples erect in front of me. "I know you need visual stimulation, and if you do anything I don't like I'll just scream rape. Your mother will be in to save me in mere moments." Then she bounced her boobs to make her point fully.

"Now get out that dick and show it to me," hot sexy arabic desert rose aka prostitute said now more as a threat than anything else. As arousing as seeing my first real tits was, the fact they were Miki's and I was being blackmailed kind of ruined any mood, so I was still mostly katie morgan gets popped in the bathroom. I unzipped my pants and pulled down my underwear, but only enough to expose myself to the cool air.

"Is that it?" she said with disgust. "Not really measuring up to the hype, are you?" she mocked while waving the magazine around. "Sorry, but I'm just not turned on by you," I said trying to make it an insult. "But I thought you loved me?" Miki uncrossed and recrossed her legs, making me look at those long sexy legs naked down from her short blue skirt.

"That's what you said when you were five. And that you wanted to marry me?" "And I also ate crayons. Things change," I said hoping to disappoint her and make her just go away. I didn't want to be her play-toy to practice on before she went to her lover's arms. I hoped that whoever he was would laugh at her inexperience and make her feel like this tonight. "Hmmm," Miki considered, "Let me see if I can't change your mind again." Then she leaned back on my bed, arched her back and ran her hands up her round hips, along her sides scrunching her white blouse up, then rounding over her upturned breasts before stretching out over her head.

Then she writhed a bit before doing almost the reverse before stopping at the hem line of her skirt, pulling it up a little and emerging from underneath with her feminine pink panties rolling down those long legs that she lifted straight up to flash me her tight pink fuzzy clam before tossing them at me.

I'm a young guy and a virgin to boot. There was no way to not get hard watching a display that sex and not get hard, no matter who it was or why she was doing it. By the time I caught her panties I was already at half-mast and only getting harder by the second.

Then she sat up and looked me in the eye, distracting me from the rest of her body. "Smell them," Miki ordered me. I was still unsure and wanted to pretty girl knows how to please a guy uncooperative, but still, when was I going to get this chance again? I lifted the pink czech home orgy party 8 to my nose and inhaled her musky sent.

I don't know why, but it really turned me on thinking that this was her secret sent, and my nose was now touching where her pussy had been just a moment before. "That's better," Miki said with a smile, and I hadn't even realized it but I'd grabbed my hard and exposed member that had now finished growing to its full size.

I was a little angry at how easily I'd given in to her wishes so just pulled my hands back and folded my arms. "Playing hard to get?" she teased and extended her naked foot out to touch my erection. Gently her toes teased my balls and then she gripped my shaft between her big toe and the rest and gently rubbed me up and don a few times. It felt good, so I wasn't prepared for when she stood up while painfully kicking me in the groin and pushing me to the floor.

I looked up with a little pain in my ass, but Miki just stood over me and kept her foot painfully, but erotically pressed up on my cock. "If you're not going to do it, then I will." Then she jacked my cock up and down with her foot. I couldn't help getting even more turned on, especially once I realized I could see right up her short skirt to her naked pussy.

I think she caught what I was looking at as she laughed, "Oh, is that what you want? A little tit for tat? Alright." So she stepped back and unbuttoned her skirt causing it to fall away to my floor, then she finished unbuttoning her blouse and that soon followed along with her open bra, now leaving her totally naked as she sat back down on the edge of my bed.

What happened next will be forever ingrained on my brain, for as seductive as Miki had been up until now, she blew me away now. She parted her long silky legs, revealing her neither region. It was a trimmed brown bush of curls with a slightly open gash underneath. She then placed two fingers in a 'V' and spread open her pussy lips to show her moist interior. My hand was on my cock without a second thought and I stimulated myself as she began rubbing her delicate folds with her fingers.

I was only feet away but could already smell the nimble cutie zoey rides a fat schlong sent emanating from her as I'd smelt on her panties. "What do you think of my pretty kitty?" she asked, but didn't stop speaking for me to answer. "I trimmed it for my boyfriend.

I hope he likes it, because I cannot wait to feel him push his fat cock into me." Then she dipped one finger into her gaping opening up to the second knuckle and moaned.

I shuddered and almost came right then, but wanted to see more so somehow just kept fapping my cock while we watched each other while she went back to her monologue.

"I bet you wish you could stick your cock in here, but my pussy is reserved for a man, not a naughty little boy like you.

You only get to jerk off to porn, so should consider yourself lucky to even let you this close to me, much less see me naked." I couldn't disagree with her and just gave up caring and started jerking my junk as fast and hard as I could.

I was in bliss when Miki moaned, "Oh! I think I'm going to cum!" It surprised me so much I froze and just watched her scrunch her eyes shut and twist her body as she shivered and I edged closer to actually watch her vagina convulse. She bit her lip with a groan as she collapsed back onto my bed and I jumped up to make sure she was okay and was on top of her.

"Miki?!?" She took a deep breath and opened her eyes with a smile to me, "You didn't finish exquisite idol is flashing her opened juicy slit in close up spreading fingering job yet. I think you just wanna cum inside me." That was the last straw and I grabbed my cock and in fact did thrust inside her soaking wet pussy, causing her to gasp, but I was too lust drunk to care about anything anymore and bucked all of three times into my first cunt before I began spraying sexy diamond kitty plays w her favorite toy spunk all over her uterine walls.

When the blood stooped pumping in my ears so hard I heard Miki playfully scolding me, "Now you really ARE a rapist. I told you that you couldn't do that, and you forced yourself on me.

You even took my virginity! Maybe I should get my boyfriend to beat you up? Or maybe I'll just run downstairs and show your mom?" I pulled back in terror, disengaging my shrinking cock from her sperm filled womb.

Then I saw my jizm leaking out of her and she reached down to feel it and rub it around her petals. "You came in me so much. What if I get pregnant? Are you going to take responsibility?" "I… but you…" I breathe out, almost hyperventilating, and still on shaky legs after having just cum. Mike stood, grabbed my arm, and threw me onto my bed. "I suppose it's my fault really," she says as she takes off my pants all the way like I was still a child.

"You are only a little kid and I probably shouldn't have tempted a virgin like you so." Now she got on the bed by my feet and spread my legs. "I mean you've never seen a real naked girl, so any girl that strips in front of you is going to turn you on." Then she flops down on her belly and grabs my wet shriveling cock.

"So I guess I should thank you for trying to do what I said," she says sarcastically before sticking my puremature busty mature ava addams interrupts phone call for fuck penis in her mouth. I was still super sensitive after having just cum, so she sent me over the moon sucking and tonguing my manhood. I didn't think I'd react so soon, but after only a minute or two I started getting hard again.

Soon she wasn't able to keep me all in her mouth and she started bobbing up and down over my hardening shaft with a delicious wet slurping sound. When she released me from her mouth she asked, "You'd get turned on like this for any girl, so I'm just a slutty whore to you aren't I?" Then she ran her tongue up and down my erect shaft.

"No!" I almost shouted. "I… I still love you," I whispered my confession. She laughed and released me, kneeling up to face me, "You do don't you?" Then she pushed her face only inches away from mine.

"It you love me, then kiss me. Show me…" but I didn't let her finish her sentence as I mashed my desperate lips to hers.

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I'd never kissed a girl other than her and my mom, but all those had always been chaste family-like kisses. I didn't know what to do, but I tried to show her now that I wasn't a kid and tried to force my tongue into her mouth. Amazingly she allowed it in and soon our tongues were dancing from her mouth to mine and back. After a delirious saliva exchange she pulled back for a moment and then pushed me flat on my back hard and crawled over me.

"Growing up quick amateur blonde likes to fuck and hot scissor squirt when we flipped up our lil black we? Well, since you already raped me, I guess the damage is done." She straddled my hips and grasped my flesh spear and said, "Show me now how much you love me," as she impaled herself onto me.

I cannot believe it and I just watch and soak in the feelings as she churns on me before rocking her body up and down over my cock. I wasn't inside her long enough the first time to really appreciate it, but now I could feel her tight vagina grip and mould around me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her too me, making her gasp in pleasure.

She was in control, but I was the one she needed right now. I was making her moan and pant, making her pussy wet and happy. I had planted my seed inside her once and she wanted me to do it again. My penis grew inside her and I could feel it burrow deeper, trying to reach her uterus and force it open. It was like she wanted me to get her pregnant and somehow that I was making her mine really turned me on. I watched her amazing large boobs bounce in front of me and I couldn't resist them.

I hefted and squeezed them, then pinched and twisted her hard nipples and she gasped loudly when I did that. "You like that?" and I lightly teased my fingertips over her buds. She bucked hard on top of me again and gasped, "Yes." So I pinched both of them hard again and she started jerking and grinding onto my cock harder than ever. This was really getting me off so good, and her as well, that she started thrashing around so bad I had to release her breasts and just hung onto her hips as she started cuming, bringing me with her.

"OH MY GOD!" she yelled as her pussy contracted impossibly tight on me as I released another blitzkrieg of semen into her.

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We seemed to shudder in sync as we mated and the rest of the world ceased to matter. "Everything okay up there?" yelled my mother from the base of the stairs. Neither of us had any breath to respond. And then I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs. I was still in shock and my balls still pumping out swimmers into the woman mounting me, but whispered with urgency, "Miki, you have to get off me and dressed.

My mom is coming!" She didn't move and kept me pinned to my bed, letting her pussy drink up the least shallow squirts of my jizm. "That's fine.

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In a second your mom will know you belong to me now," she said with an evil grin. ********** I opened my eyes from the vivid dream. All that had been eight months ago, and even though I'd had sex with Miki since then, a lot, that day was still in my dreams as clear as yesterday. I closed my eyes once more to remember how that night finished.

Mom hadn't freaked out like I thought she would, but had apologized to Miki and I for interrupting. "Wake me sexy chick gets pleased with a dick when my boyfriend wants to make love to me again," Miki told me with a kiss, then Miki slept with me that night, and every night after that.

I did wake her up a few hours later and again in the morning, but now I wasn't fucking her, I truly made love to her. Long and slow and deep. Smelling bacon cooking I opened my eyes now and realized I was hentai shemales fucking and playing with toys in bed.

I used the bathroom and dressed before going down for breakfast. "Good morning," Miki said from the sink where she was washing dishes wearing a loose short nightgown. "Breakfast is ready." I came up behind her and kissed her neck and reached up under her gown to pinch her butt playfully. She gave a surprised "Oh" and giggled, but I did that almost every morning so she wasn't actually surprised. I wanted to eat, but after the dream I'd just had I wanted her more.

Instead of just leaving it playful I snaked my other arm around her and pulled her gown away, wrapping my hand around one of her pendulous breasts while my kiss on her neck became a love bite. "Ohhh… You know I love it when you bite my neck," she moaned and leaned her head back over my shoulder and dropped the cup she was washing back in the soapy water. "But you have to go to school soon." I didn't argue with her, but I didn't stop either. We were engaged now and will get married when I turn eighteen next year, but she is already my wife in practice, if not in name.

And over my time with her I've learned I just have to do what I want, or she will run our lives. Most of the time I let her, but I wanted her and while she might resist me, she wouldn't stop me. I undid my pants and pulled out my hard-on and bent her over to put her hands on the sink before I pushed into her wet void.

She was already wet for me as usually and moaned as I fucked her gently at first, but soon was slapping our asses together hard and fast. "Oh… Not… so… hard… or…you'll wake… the… baby…" I didn't stop until I surged and creamed her pussy all over again. I let glob after glorious glob squeeze into her in our mutual delight.

"You're going to be late for school…" she whispered. Only then did look at the clock and say, "Holy crap!" I grabbed some toast and bacon and almost ran out the door. I turned and gave my lovely tyrant a kiss and couldn't resist gazing at her as she turned to wave goodbye to me. Her long brown hair cascading down her back, her parted short robe, exposing her swelling breasts, her enormous round belly heavy with our child, and my white semen running down her legs.

I ran to school with that sexy woman of my dreams in my head and remembered laughing when she first told me she was pregnant only a month after we first slept together, and that I'd finally finished the homework project she had in mind.

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