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This is my first story, so bear with me. Anyway, I'm about to share with you a situation that occurred between my daughter and I, but first I need to lay out our relationship. I'm a good dad and I'm trying to raise a respectable daughter.

My daughter and I have always been close. She is what all dads want in a "daddy's girl". She's pretty and feminine, but not too girly that she doesn't like to go camping, fishing, and hiking. She's very athletic and loves football just like me. We do lots of things together and can talk about pretty much everything. She gets along with her mother and loves her too, but they don't have the type of bond that we do. Of course her mom gave her the talk about becoming a woman, but my wife is a little reserved when it comes to talking about sex with our daughter.

Her response to sex is "Don't do it!" or "Wait until you get married." Now, I don't fault my wife for this approach, because I too want to instill good values in her. However, I do believe in being honest with her and not leaving her sex education to her peers, so I have always maintained an open-door approach when it comes to those matters.

As I said earlier, we do a lot of things together, but we tend to have our best talks when we're out in nature together. My wife likes these activities too, but she doesn't always come with us, so when the two of us go out, we have our talks.

As a dad, I guess I'm like any dad protective of his little girl. I only want the best for my baby girl.

So I've told her about boys, and how boys are very creative in finding a way to get into a girl's pants. So I guess you can say I put her up on "the game". Let me stop for a minute and tell you about my angel.

She is 15 years old and becoming a lovely young woman. She has the facial features of her mother beautiful with long wavy hair and a nice caramel color. She has really blossomed up top and is thick like the women on my side of the saucy ebony bbw pleasures her juicy snatch masturbation and brunette. She's not fat, but she does have a few extra pounds, but put all that together with her being an athlete, and you have a very attractive young lady.

I know she has a few boys that are interested in her too. sopehe leone sex stories xxz story

I remember what it was like at that age. You always wanted to be with the girl who was attractive with a nice round ass and a nice rack. It's hard talking about my daughter in this way, as I have always seen her as my baby girl. But for you readers, she IS good looking. Now back to my story. My daughter and I went fishing about 5 months ago, and what happened on this bisex incest whoul british family has really changed our relationship.

We were having one or our father/daughter conversations when I excused my self to go take a pee. I walked over to a tree and started to take a leak. As I was relieving myself, I looked up to see my daughter looking at me. Surprised, I yelled, "Hey, what are you doing!" I guess my reaction was a bit harsh, because she ran off and started crying. I felt so bad that I had hurt my baby girl's feeling, so I went to console her.

She was sitting down with her head between her knees. I told her that I was sorry for yelling at her, but was surprised to see her standing there.

She apologized and told me that when she was at her sleep-over with the girls from her volleyball team, they were talking about boys, sex, and blow jobs.

(Now, if we didn't have such a close relationship, I don't think I would have ever had this conversation with her.) She said that she was asked if she had seen a real dick before. She told them she hadn't and they started teasing her about how late she was and so forth.

Then they started talking about oral sex and blow jobs came up. My baby girl confided to me that she was really curious to see a real penis, and that this was something she could NEVER talk to her mother about.

Trying to be the "good responsible" dad, I told her that in time, she would see one, but for now… and that's when she interrupted me. "But that's the thing, I've always been so good and did everything you and mom have asked, but I feel so left out when the girls are talking about this stuff, because I've never seen a real dick. And I don't want to have to ask a guy to show me his, because he's going to want more, mom shower and caught son peeping I want to save myself for someone special." Wow!

She got me there. We were in an area that was somewhat secluded. Afterall, this was "our" fishing spot. So I agreed to show her my dick, but I made her promise that she'd never tell her mom or anyone about this, because it's not right.

She agreed.

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I pulled out my dick for her. It was flaccid and not hard yet. Then she asked naively, why isn't it hard? (In my mind, I was trying to make this a non-sexual sex education.) I explained to her that it gets hard when it gets aroused. Then she said, "So if I touch it, will it get aroused?" I said I'm sure it will. Then she touched the head of it with her finger.

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(Its strange how one little touch can spin the mind around, because all of a sudden, I wanted to be hard for my angel.) My nine inches grew rock hard. So I told her it was ok to wrap her fingers around it and really feel it. She was really getting into playing with it. Then she blew on it.

"So is this a blow job?

If I keep blowing on it, will you cum?" Wow, my daughter was naive. "Stop for a minute honey. Daddy really likes this and it ain't right, for a dad to be doing this with his daughter, so before we go on, I have to know if you're ready for this." She said, "I've learned so much from you Dad, already. Why can't you teach me about sex?" So I explained to her what a blow job really kittens bang bfs anal with massive belt dicks and burst sperm. The more I explained it, the harder I got.

So I instructed her on how to make love to the penis. How to kiss it, lick it, and get it all wet, while sucking it. She was a good student. She had my dick all wet and slobbered up and was pumping up and down on it with her hands, while maintaining contact with her mouth. Then I felt my cum start to well up on the inside, I knew I was about to blow my load. "Baby, Daddy's about to cum. If you really want to make me feel good, then you'll swallow all that I have." (Her mother rarely swallows it all.) She kept sucking and mumbled "Mmm hmm".

Then Perfect lesbian sex tape with anissa kate and a hot teen erupted like a volcano. She tried her best to swallow it all down. Then I told her she could lick up the rest. And she did.

She told me that she liked the taste, and that it wasn't bitter like her friend Rachael said it was. I asked her if she was aroused, and she told me that her pussy never felt so wet. I asked her if she wanted me to return the favor on her. She was surprised that I would, but hesitated, saying that she had peed earlier and didn't think she was clean.

I told her not to worry and pulled her close to me. I gave her a kiss and started caressing her body and rubbing her tits. I was surprised at how big her nipples were. They were much bigger than her mothers, and were protruding through her tank top and bra. As I started massaging her breasts and rubbing the crotch of her jeans, I could feel the dampness in the crotch of her jeans.

I undid the top button and slipped my hand down to her panties. Oh my god, the crotch was soaked. I didn't know a teenager could get this wet. At least none of the girls I fooled around with, as a teenager got this wet. I pulled her pants down and laid her on the grass. I rubbed her clit and she started to squirm. I lifted up her shirt, pushed her bra up and started sucking on those succulent nipples. I could tell she was really excited from her moaning and wetness, so I decided to introduce my tongue to her honey pot.

She started to moan as I licked her pussy and sucked up her juices. Then she grabbed my head and tried to pull me into her pussy as she came. She screamed and actually squirted into my mouth. She then started rapidly and repeatedly apologizing for peeing in my mouth. I told her to calm down and explained to her that sometimes when a woman gets really excited, she can ejaculate or cum like a man, and that it's not pee.

Then I let out the bag that her mother does the same thing. I was still super horny, but I didn't want to take my daughter's virginity at least not yet.

I told her that this was the dangerous part, because I was really hard again, and didn't want to fuck her, especially since I didn't have a condom and I didn't want to risk getting her pregnant. So she asked what she could do. I told her that I felt like I was going to explode again and that her mouth felt soooo good earlier.

Then she said, "Daddy, can I please suck your dick and drink all of your yummy cum again?" I was only too happy to oblige.

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Only this time, after I came, she swallowed it all and kept sucking me 'til I couldn't take it anymore. We laid next to each other for a few minutes until I heard a car in the distance. I told her to get dressed. She pointed to her crotch, so I told her to go sit in the Denali until the people in the car did their business. It was just a car passing by. I told her it was time to go, so that I could stop and buy her some sweats. We'd tell her mom that her clothes got really dirty and she needed a change.

On the way home, we talked. She was glad that her dad had showed her a dick and taught her how to give a blow job. Then I admonished her, not to be giving boys blow jobs, because they'd either use her for only that or to get some ass. Then she told me that she really enjoyed what we did, and would definitely want some more, stating that she loved the taste. She also wanted to know how she could satisfy her new found hobby if she couldn't please other boys.

Feeling that I had created a monster <wink> I told her that if she promised to be discreet, I'd try to help her out. On the ride home we talked about other things too. She wanted to know more about me and her mom's sex life, but I'll save that for another story or at least what happened as a result.