Horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot

Horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot
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"Judy told me lots about him. He sounds fascinating and the just the type of second man I enjoy jessie rogers fucking for school president me while you watch.

"He is French, bi-lingual, handsome, twenty years younger than us, well hung and Judy suspects bisexual. "Judy told me me we can have our way with him as long as I tell her all about it on the phone next day. "Might be a fun way to spend a holiday afternoon baby? "You and and I make love together, and we do it beautifully. When we have a third person that is just sex for sexual pleasure.

"Remember outer sex only, no intercourse." When Monday came around we were both determined to make the most of a new sexual opportunity. From the moment Jean Pierre walked into our condo we were both determined to turn him on immediately and I was determined to test Judy's suspicion that he was bisexual. We were both wearing knee length silk dressing gowns without belts. And they were wide open. Kerri has often told me a semi-naked body is far sexier than a totally naked one.

At that moment I loved Kerri's long legs in high heels, her good tits with erect nipples and her shaved pussy. Just as Judy said, Jean Pierre was obviously French, bi-lingual, handsome, and twenty years younger than us. We would soon learn if he was well hung and as Judy suspects bisexual. "Wow, what a greeting. "Two very attractive and very sexy bodies. This should be fun," Jean Pierre said.

"And I love the way both of you shave your private parts. "Your man has a very impressive cock. I like it. "How big is it fully erect?" "Eight and a half inches long and seven inches around. Kerri measured me a few times." "And Kerri your body is turning me on" "We shave each other once a week as foreplay," Kerri smiled. "Get naked for us Jean Pierre. "Then you can lick me to orgasm.

"Then I will give you a blow job," Kerri smiled as she took control. "Would you like that?" "I am multi-orgasmic, especially when my man is watching another man pleasure me. "And I love exciting him by pleasuring another man while he watches and masturbates. "Do you like the thought of my man masturbating while you have me?" Jean Pierre is naked in a flash. He has a very firm and attractive body with an all over sun tan.

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"Love your rock hard cock Jean Pierre. Is that because of me? Almost as long as my man, but not as thick.

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"Not yet anyway." Jean Pierre removed Kerri's gown and turned her around to take in her naked body. "Very nice, love your tits and arse. "Can I kiss your arse?" "Yes please." "I love a good arse, yours really is something very special.

"Look at the effect it is having on my cock.

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"My cock is throbbing for you." Then nice looking tits receive involved in sex naturaltits hardcore kneels in front of Kerri and cups her arse in his hands as he licks her cunt. I am enjoying watching my lady being pleasured by another man, another man with a very attractive rock hard cock. "Like watching Jean Pierre licking my cunt baby? "He is very good, I am not going to last long. "Not long at all," she says as she tenses, shudders and has a huge orgasm.

"Always very exciting for the first time with a new man. "Now lay on the bed John Pierre. "I want to sit on your face so you can bring me off again." She sits on his face and I watch intently as Jean Pierre cups her arse in his hands, then starts licking and manipulating her very wet cunt by moving her arse with his hands. He has a huge erection pointing to the ceiling. "Like watching Jean Pierre licking my cunt while I sit on his face baby?

"He is very good, I trying to hold back, but I am not going to last long. "And I love his hands on my big arse. "And so does he. I can tell. "Not long at all," she says as she tenses, shudders and has another huge orgasm.

"One more and I will suck your cock Jean Pierre. "Would you like that?" "Yes very much, I am absolutely hanging out for it!" "I always enjoy the excitement of sucking another man's cock while my man watches and masturbates. "And a French one will be a new experience. "Very exciting for me." "You and your man are also very exciting for me.

"His circumcised cock especially.

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"He has very pretty cock." Kerri positions him in a chair and kneels in front of him. "Do you have any special preference for the way you want me to suck your cock? "Slow, fast, hard?" "Just do it. "Show me how good you are.

"I love your man teasing his cock while he looks at mine." I take that as a cue and stand close to him with my hands on my hips to flaunt my erection for his benefit. What well hung man does not enjoy teasing both sexes with a roaring erection, especially when this man is going to blow me soon while my lady watches? I watch in awe as Kerri runs her fingers along the full length of his roaring erection. Then she licks it. Left side, right side, underneath. He is almost beside himself with the sexual pleasure he is receiving while he is ogling my cock.

Then Kerri takes the tip of his erection into her mouth. Jean Pierre is so excited that he tenses, shakes and orgasms immediately. "What are you going to tell your lady Judy about this tomorrow?" Kerri asks "Judy told me me we could have our way with you as long as I told her all about it on the phone next day." "Are you going to tell her that I licked your roaring erection all over?" "I will tell her that you had me in such a state of sexual excitement that I could not hold out any longer.

"Especially when I wanted to suck and pleasure your man's cock from the moment I walked in the door and he flaunted it for my benefit. "Your man is very exciting for me, I love the feel of the ridge under the head of his circumcised cock on my tongue." I am lying on my back sideways across the bed with four pillows under my head watching Jean Pierre suck my cock while my lady watches.

My legs from the knee down are hanging over the bed. Kerri is behind me holding my hands. And Jean Pierre is on his knees between my legs expertly sucking my cock.

He has my balls in one hand and is using thumb and finger of the other hand to tease my cock while he sucks. "Do you like me licking your nipples baby," Kerri asks me rhetorically. "Especially while I am watching Jean Pierre lick and kiss your cock. "Love what I am seeing. "Your big cock being pleasured by another man. "Is he good baby? "You really do have a rock hard erection. "And Jean Pierre has another erection already from sucking your cock while I watch. "You seemed to enjoy watching him lick me to orgasm three times.

"That was before you watched me suck his cock. "He was almost as long as you, but not as thick. "All the time I was sucking him he kept telling me that he could not get his eyes off your cock while you stroked it. "He told you not to cum. "And he told me he wanted to blow you after I blew him. "He even asked my permission, though he didn't bother asking you." "Your man is very exciting for me, and what a cock," he told me.

Jean Pierre is very good and obviously very experienced. After watching Jean Pierre lick Kerri to orgasm three times and Kerri blow him while I masturbated and teased my cock, I am very ready for sexual release.

His tongue and lips on my cock and his fingers teasing my balls in combination is sexual magic. Jean Pierre stops sucking and blows on my cock. "Want me to bring you off now?" Without waiting for an answer he takes the head of my cock in his lips and uses his thumb and forefinger along the length of my cock.

"That is so fucking good," I almost scream. "Cum for me baby, cum for me," Kerri is urging as she teases my nipples with the tips of two fingers. I do and what an orgasm it was as my whole body shook with sexual pleasure. "Want to fuck me after Jean Pierre has gone?" Kerri asks, "I think we would both enjoy that.

Next day when Kerri phoned Judy to tell her about our time with Jean Pierre, Judy tyla wynn is destined to become a superstar if yo her what he recounted to he, "When I walked into their condo both of them black guy and human sex story me on immediately. "They were both wearing knee length silk dressing gowns without belts.

"And they were wide open.

"They were both flaunting their sexuality for me. "I loved Kerri's long legs in high heels, her good tits with erect nipples and her shaved pussy. "And her man's very thick semi-erect cock gave me an instant hard on. "He told me as soon as come home again he is going to fuck me like never ever before. "What about you Kerri, what can you tell me about Jean Pierre?" "Jean Pierre licked and kissed my man's cock to tease me. "He really seemed quite expert at it, especially the way he fondled it with his fingers.

"And when he told both of us that he thought my man's cock was magnifique, that was a further turn on for both of us.

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"Oh, I almost forgot, he licked me to orgasm three times, twice while I was sitting on his face. "And he gave my man a fantastic blow job, while I watched. Awesome." "See you soon and we will talk some more."