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Biig ass round ass perfect ass 075 tube porn
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Deep in the woods of the Carpathian mountains, there is a small cottage sitting in its perfection while the land and plant life around it is twisted, tainted and horrendous. The cottage stands as if built in just previous days but has stood for hundreds of years, and was built by the witch Zyphyra for her and her unborn daughter. Back when Zyphyra was around, the woods were bountiful with fruit and game, and she allowed all the villages nearby to gather what the needed and hunt for their families with no need of payment.

She simply told each who gained from her land that they must pledge their loyalty to her. This was no issue, as every human for miles and miles, expanding as far as close kingdoms, all loved Zyphyra.

She was kind and loving, would allow orphaned children to live in the woods, in a clearing she had blessed so no matter what may happen, the children would be safe from any event or creature. However, as years passed, problems began to arise, after the birth of Zyphyra daughter was born and grew. The girl was far different than any creature the humans had seen.

Essylt was a beautiful girl, and from her toddling years, she was the center of many individuals obsessions. She was blessed with porcelain skin, without any flaws, and soft was lamb skin leather. She had raven black hair with golden streaks, with bright light lavender eyes that sparkled like gems in any view. As she grew older, she became even more beautiful, with the figure of a goddess or an angel, and men would come from far away lands to visit the enchanted forest and the witch's ethereal beauty of a daughter.

At first it was not problematic, the nearby villages earned more money from the tourism and Zyphyra earned more as well as the men would buy charms and potions before leaving to tell the tales of the witch and her daughter to their comrades. However, then soldiers began coming, kingdoms sending get their most valuable soldiers and Knights to woo the beautiful Essylt and bring good her back with them.

Zyphyra felt it was time to put a stop to the visitors and used her majyk to transport their little cottage further into the mountain forest, and the land that was once bountiful with food and life began to warp. Without Zyphyra majyk to keep the land nourished with positive majyk, the dark thoughts of those who would come to the forest expecting to see a beautiful woman to be met with disappointment and anger seeped into the ground.

The negatively then brought far darker creatures than those of the realm of man. Demons were attracted to the once blessed land, and began to wander in hordes. Villages lost scores of their population to hungry or horns demons, men were killed and eaten, women raped mercilessly before being killed or forced to bare the demented spawn of the acosting demons.

Children were used as slaves until they reached maturity, then depending on gender would meet the same fate as their parents. For years, the blood of the innocent and foul fluids of demons in ecstacy, warped the wild life, tainted the ground and destroyed the villages to the point that the land was deserted and abandoned. The humans that were left were those who worshipped the demons in exchange for powers which they used to torment others of their nadia ali sexy xxx story, until they became as twisted and foul as the demons who used them.

Zyphyra knew of all of it, but she kept it secret from her daughter. Pull over i need my black cock in your pussy acid rain was naive to the world, and didn't realize her mother was wasting away using so much majyk, until finally, Zyphyra could keep up the majyk no longer, and her life forced slipped away.

Essylt found her days later, her mother reduced to dust and a cloak at the edge of the woods where the blessed and the twisted land met. Essylt was extremely skilled in majyk herself, being a half Ling, however, she didn't realize the reason she was so skilled, and why she had to be hidden, was because the man who had fathered her was Lucifer himself, and his demi delia has her huge tits jizzed called to creatures whose souls were demented and disgusting from the dark energy that consumed them.

Essylt tried her best, putting up her own barrier, but it was not nearly as strong g. It could keep out lesser demons, but those with a hold on their power could walk through it without injury. There were traps, charms and spells in place to prevent them from coming get further, but with each demon that was stopped, another stronger one would make it further into the blessed land.

Until eventually, Essylt could see them from the windows of her cottage. The cottage itself would be impenetrable, however eventually she would have to step out of the cottage for herbs or food, so it was only a matter of time until the inevitable happened.

Essylt had adorned herself in her mother's cloak, blessed by her ashes, and covered with runes, talismans and charms to act as a shield so she could collect food.

There was a fruiting apple tree only fifteen feet from the door, but only feet behind it, there was a powerful demon, watching and waiting for her. She took a deep breathes and chanted a spell as she opened the door and took a tentative step outside. Barely out the door and the miasma permeating from the demon made her vision blur, she felt bile biting at her throat, but she kept it down and continued chanting.

She stared strait ahead, directly at the creature, refusing to let her fear prevent her from doing what she must sexy teen playing her cunt on webcam. She reached the tree and continued chanting as she filled her small basket, never taking her eyes off the demon.

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However, in her distraction, she didn't notice a demonic familiar in the tree, waiting to strike. Suddenly, without warning, a violent burning sensation ripped through her hand. She let out an ear shattering scream, the familiar had bitten her, and the distraction was enough to allow the demon to make its move.

The demon shot out and grabbed Essylt by her wrists, leaving burn marks where his fingers gripped her. Essylt cried out in agonizing pain as the demon pinned her against the tree, her cloak forced open to reveal her perfect nude body, with runes and spells painted on with angel's breath paint.

The demon snarled and hissed, blowing thick blue smoke from its mouth and nostrils, enveloping Essylt, until she was fully surrounded by it, and unable to breathe in anything but the foul smoke. Essylt felt the pain fading and her mind grow fuzzy as the smoke took effect.

The demon smiled, showing its twisted sharp fangs. It released her wrists and Essylt fell to her knees. "Why? What done?" She gasped as her body began to feel hot and sensitive, her body acting on its own against her will.

She looked up to the creature with pleading get eyes "please.release me." she whimpered and gasped once again as the demons in front of her changed, his body transforming into the form of a godlike creature. His black skin turned tan as it changed into a rippled muscled body. His upper body looked to be chiseled from marble by a Greek artistic master, down to hips with his pelvic muscles pulsating as blood flowed to his nether regions.

He was fully nude, his large shafts rose to attention, thick long and veined. It was at least 4 inches thick and a foot long. As he finished shifting, he stood at a large and intimidating 7 feet, muscled and pouring get pheromones off in a sort of steam. There would be no hope now. Essylt looked up at the newly shifted assailant and could not hide the attraction she now felt for him.

The pheromones and smoke had taken effect and the demon knew this well. He smiled down at her and held out his hand to her, "Come with me, my princess, I have returned for you." She was unable to resist and placed her hand gently in his, sealing her fate. The i love my bbw sister smirked and roughly pulled her up to her feet and forced her into his arms as he greedily planted his lips against herself. Essylt could do nothing but give in to his demands.

She reached her other arm around him and kissed him back with similar passion, surrendering her body to him, not caring get what would happen afterwards. The demon took her into his arms, carrying her like a princess, and u folded his wings, which were left u touched by his transformation, twisted and gnarled, as if for show not for use.

He lifted his wings and shot off into the air, till they were hovering above the cottage. He leaned in and took her mouth once more with his, before pulling back and taking in the view of her beautiful form. "My dear princess, I have searched for you for so long. Daughter of Lucifer, you have been promised to me. I am Ulffriic, the Son of Death itself, heir to Hell and the Reaper family. You are to be my wife." Essylt heard his words, but it didn't quite click until he shot off further into the air.

Essylt clung to his broad ripped shoulders, trying to make sense of his statement. She attempted to speak so as to ask what he meant, but her voice was gone. She tried again and again, but to no avail. Ulffriic laughed and bore his scarlet eyes into hers, "You will be able to speak once the ritual is finished. Until then, I will make use of it for myself." He stopped his flight and flipped forward, until they were heading head first towards the ground.

Had Essylt been able to scream, she would have, although just as they were to make contact with the ground, Ulffriic planted his lips to hers and the ground opened up just beside the cottage, and Essylt's sight went dark.

When Essylt awoke, she was dressed in a white silk gown that clung to her body, it was tight to the point that movement was difficult. She wriggled around and realized she was bound by her wrists with golden shackles.

She looked around nervously, yet felt no real fear even in such a situation. At least, not until the door opened, and Ulffriic walked in his all legal age teenager holes are group fucked demonic form.

Essylt tried pleading but remembered that she had no voice. Ulffriic laughed and walked towards her, walking around the bed, trailing a long gnarled talon over her body. She whimpered and tears stung at her eyes. Ulffriic brought his hand to her face and stroked her gently. He no longer burned her by his touch, as they were now in Hell and he had better control in this realm. "Do not worry my princess, I am going to give you pleasure you have never imagined.

Give in and submit to me my wife, obey me, and I will move the Earth and Heaven above for you. Be my queen Essylt, my darling, and you will never know pain, fear or loneliness nina hartley lisa ann jada fire asslick He leaned down, shifting partially so his demonic face was more human by the time his lips met hers.

He was created just for this, just for her, as she was made for him. Had Zyphyra never escaped with her unborn child, than Essylt would have been raised knowing what her role would be. Ulffriic smiled, and suddenly he slashed his talons over the white gown, tearing it down the middle, exposing her large voluptuous breast, slim waist and wide yet perfectly formed birthing hips.

Her hairless untouched maidenhead was exposed and glistening, showing that she was not fully against being taken by the large powerful demon. Ulffriic linked his lips and chuckled as he trailed his hand down over her creamy skin, and pulled her legs apart, exposing her even more for his greedy eyes to take in. Essylt blushed a deep red and whimpered in embarrassment. It wasn't so much her exposure, but the way the demon was looking at her, claiming her body with just his eyes.

His gaze was possessive and demanding, she could feel him staring get into her soul as he visually claimed her. Even in his mouth serous form, her body become aroused and hot, with ought claiming her physically, he had claimed her soul with his eyes. Ulffriic noticed her growing arousal and began to caress her untouched flower. With just the slightest touch, Essylt's body quivered and a soft moan came forth.

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Ulffriic wanted to hear her, and with a snap of his fingers, she could speak and scream. Essylt felt the difference and opened her mouth to beg him to stop, until he forced two thick rough scaly fingers deep into her virgin cunt, ripping a scream from Essylt's throat and forcing get her body to arch up to accommodate his large phallus sized fingers.

Ulffriic chuckled and began to thrust his fingers in and out of her now bleeding pussy, taking in her screams as if it was music. Essylt began crying as his thick fingers forcibly took her innocence. She had first felt agony, but as he works his fingers inside her, slowly it changes from pain to pleasure.

Her screams changed to moans of pleasure, while tears continued streaming down her face as she realized there was no way to escape her fate. Ulffriic continued to finger fuck Essylt until her body was writhing under him, her screams and moans pushing him further. He waited until she was just on the edge of orgasm, before stopping and pulling his hand back to lick her blood and pussy juices from his fingers. "Such a sweet taste, I could eat you up, and trust me, I plan to on a very constant basis." He chuckled and moved to nestle himself between her legs.

His large rock hard shafts rose to attention once more, but in his demon form, it was much larger. His cockhole was now thicker than Essylt's arm, and just as long. Essylt was moaning and whimpering as he positioned himself, unaware of how much larger he now was. She struggled against her binding get and licked her lips as she looked up into her demon's eyes. "Please.Ulffriic, undo my shackles, I want." she blushed and swallowed hard "I want to touch you back.please." She heard the shackles unclick and felt them fall away from her wrists.

She didn't hesitate to raise her hands to his chest and trailed her hands over his rippled chest and hard shoulders, until she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him. Ulffriic understood and growled in dominance as he lined the head of his massive monstrous cock with the opening of her lips, and with a long, slow, and gentle thrust, he pushed into her until his tip pressed against her cervix.

He groaned in pleasure as Essylt bit her lip to keep from crying out as he filled her, stretching her beyond her limits. She should have been in agonizing pain, but Ulffriic was preventing most of it from hurting her. He pulled out just as slowly until only my teacher never had this kind of side boobs penetration missionary tip was inside her, then thrusted back into her, this time a little rougher.

He did this over and over, giving Essylt, his queen, time to adjust to his inhumane size from ripping her vaginally walls. With each thrust, Essylt relaxed and her whimpers turned to moans as she began to enjoy his claiming of her body.

He began pumping into her, his mind fading as his carnal nature took over.

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He growled loudly and bit down on Essylt's neck, pinning her tightly against the bed as he pounded into her cunt. Essylt's moans and cries of pleasure rang throughout the demon's castle, the hordes of his minions cheered as they knew they now had a queen, and soon, the demon's prophecy would be fulfilled. Essylt moaned and screamed louder and louder as her body was mercilessly ravaged by her demonic partner. She clung to him for dear life and lifted her legs to wrap them loosely around his waist.

As Essylt and Ulffriic heard the cheers and praise of their underlings, something in Essylt snapped. It was hot, being cheered on changed her view on her claiming , and now she wanted more.

She clung to her twisted lover and threw her head back in ecstacy as he pounded I to her, rocking get her body and threatening thrust past her cervix. She pulled back from his fangs so she could move his lips to hers, her blood on his teeth and she could taste it. His long cat like tongue penetrated her mouth and assaulted her tongue, inner cheeks and towards the back of her throat.

She gagged softly and he pulled back but she clung to him. "Ulffriic, take me, I want it all buried deep inside me." She moaned and the demon gave a twisted grin.

A flash of fear flashed in Essylt's eyes but it faded after a moment. Ulffriic moved to prop himself up on his forarms, preparing to thrust himself fully inside of her. "Prepare yourself my darling, this is going to hurt, but once I am fully inside you, it'll feel better. This will complete the ritual and you will be mine for all eternity." Essylt just gazed up at him and nodded, she couldn't bring herself to speak.

She was scared, but she wanted all of him. She loosened her arms and relaxed fully against the mattress, her fingers clenching against his shoulders. Ulffriic nodded and adjusted himself and gave her a few moments to prepare herself before he thrusted deep into her.

With one rough, violent and painful thrust, he forced every last inch of his cock deep into her body, bulging her belly obscenely. Essylt screamed as if she had cum on eugenie bouchard tribute 6 run through with a sword.

Tears flowed down her face in rivers as her body was impaled. After what felt like hours but was more like only a minute, he pulled back and thrusted again, going as deep as he could, this time a little less painfully as her body was stretched.

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Ulffriic growled loudly before letting out a monstrous roar, and began jack hammering into her ruined body. Essylt cried out as he claimed her body, but even in her cries there was the sound of ecstacy as her body was impaled over and over by his monstrous shaft. As the pain faded, her cries became carnal moans as her body was brought back to the edge of orgasm. Essylt dug her nails deep into Ulffriic's back and moaned louder, begging for more.

"Take me! Yes! Yes! YES!" she screamed out, which Ulffriic gladly indulged her wishes. He pounded harder and harder until one last thrust pushed them both over the edge.

Essylt screamed as Ulffriic roared once more as he emptied all of his seed inside her womb. Essylt screamed and moaned in ecstacy as the wave of pleasure rocked her body for what seemed like ages. When they finally recovered from their claiming ritual, Ulffriic had shifted into his human form, and he had his arms wrapped protectively around Essylt's small and beaten body. Essylt whimpered as the soreness assaulted her senses, however, being enveloped in his strong arms, she ignores the pain and nestles in against him.

She was barely awake and her hand trailed down to her belly, she had no proof, but she knew, she had no doubt he had impregnated her. She knew she should feel fear, but instead she was more than happy, as she was now going to be a mother. Ulffriic stirred and smiled at his gorgeous bride. "What shall we do next my darling." He moved his hand to stroke her hair, enjoying having her against him. He had waited so long to finally find her, and now the wheels of fate could turn in preparation.

Essylt looked up at his God like face and smiled "My darling." she raised a hand to his face and stroked her thumb against his cheek bone. "Shall we address your horde? Or perhaps." she bit her lip and gave a michevious smile "shall we give them more to cheer for?" She chuckled and leaned up to kiss his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck, ready to be claimed by this much more gentle form.

As they once again began to claim each other, and for the rest of the night, the hordes would cheer as their king claimed his queen over and over again. In the deep heart of the Carpathian mountains, a small cottage is hidden in the forest.

The land is twisted and warped, creatures wander through the forest, and within the cottage, the last hope for humanity resides within the walls of the abandoned structure. The Lord of Hell has claimed his bride and created an heir. Within a sturdy oak chest, hidden within the cottage, is the resting place of Zyphyra's wand, soaked in the blood from the birth of her daughter, and the only tool on earth that will prevent the end babe jiggles her big tits on camspicycom the human race as they know it.

The wand pulsates and calls to its hero, waiting for the individual that would make full use of it to prevent the extinction of the human race and all pure life within Earth's realm. However, until the hero appears, the twisted creatures of the forest will be it's ironic protectors, preventing the weak from claiming it's power.

. Ephraim sighed as she cut down yet another demon dog from her path. Long raven hair and violet eyes, goddess like ethereal beauty, beauty that called to every dark deprived soul within the cursed forest. She wiped her brow and smiled and looked up to the clearing sky "Soon.soon I will find the wand, and the Lord of Hell will pay for his crimes." *to be continued*