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Very young teen just years amateurs and teens
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Daddy Aquires Lexi Series by Smalltowndude Doug and Cathy spend the night together When you read my tales, I would like for you to be naked and masturbate, alone or with a significant other. My purpose is to make you cum, and cum hard. Chapter 25: When Doug drove Cathy to her apartment, he parked and helped her out of his car.

With their arms around each other, he walked her to her door and turned her toward him for a good night kiss. He wanted much more than a kiss, but he wasn't sure if he should press it. If the evening had a future, it was going to be entirely up to the incredibly beautiful Cathy O'Donnell. He put his fingers under her chin to raise it. Lifting her face, he couldn't get over how stunning this woman was and what in god's name was she gorgeous redhead rides on a stiff rod with him?

She looked at him with her lovely green eyes, but it was a look of love and want. Her full lips were parted and she was breathing a bit heavy. Glancing down out of the corner of his eye, he couldn't help but notice the exposed portion of her breasts rising and falling with her breathing.

God! How enticing this woman was! Lowering his mouth onto hers, she rose up on her toes to bring herself up and pulled him down with her arms wrapped around his neck. Soon, it was a heavy, wanting, passionate, open mouthed, tongue dueling kiss. He held her shapely body tight against his. She pressed what was becoming her moist mons against his hardening cock. Cathy lowered one arm to press the small of his back tighter against her. He could feel his now hardened cock tight against her.

He could also feel her beginning to rub her pubis against him. He too lowered his hands so they were at the base of her back, just above her (what he thought) would be a beautiful ass and pressed into her. Separating, they looked into each other's eyes and both knew what they wanted. Needed. Looking down and reaching into her clutch, she retrieved her keys and handed them to him not with a look of lust, but one of deep need and beseeching question.

So much was communicated between them without a word being spoken. He took her keys and brought her hand up to his lips and pressed it tight. Looking at her, he could see the want in her eyes, and he knew that he was going to make this a night for her to always remember. Unlocking the door, he stepped aside to allow her to go in first. Again impressed, she stepped in front of him, then turned around and took his hand in hers.

Once inside, Cathy dropped her purse on the couch and turned her back to him to allow him to help her remove her wrap. Nothing was said. Nothing was needed to be said. After removing it and draping it over a chair, Doug wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips to her neck. Cathy tilted her head to give him more room and for her to experience the incredible feelings this man was giving her.

Kissing under her ear, goose bumps formed all over her body, and her nipples became more pronounced. Pressing her ass back, she could feel Doug's hardness. He pressed forward and rewarded her with his cock between her ass cheeks. Cathy put her hands on Doug's arms to keep them wrapped around her. Breaking off his kisses, Cathy turned and taking Doug's hands in hers, walked backwards into her bedroom, never taking her eyes from his.

Once near the bed, she dropped his hands from hers and reached up to undo his tie. When that was done and off, she slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Never altering her gaze, he noticed tears forming again and knew that the feelings she was experiencing were indeed intense.

Reaching under her chin again, he brought his mouth down on to hers. Pulling her close, he found the zipper to her dress in back and slowly pulled it down. Separating after the kiss, their gaze totally lost in each other, with Cathy once again unbuttoning his shirt. Once undone, she pulled the shirttails from his pants and brought it down over his shoulders and down his arms where it dropped onto the floor. She was amazed at his build.

She ran her hands all over his chest and stomach gazing up into his eyes. Her zipper being totally undone, sue diamond knows she is not about to make sweet marital love stepped back, and still looking into her lovely green eyes, slowly brought the dress down off her shoulders, and slowly pushed it down.

When it reached her flared hips, she took the lead and pushed her dress down her legs. Still looking at him and falling hopelessly in love (or lust), Cathy stepped out of her dress and kept it on the floor in a heap. Because he wanted her to know how much he appreciated her great beauty, Doug stepped back and lowered his gaze to her taught nipples peaking over her bra.

With her heavy, labored breathing, Cathy's nipples were at their hardest they've ever been. They protruded at least a half inch! Now, wearing just her shelf bra, a thong that was getting soaked with her cfnm femdom lily love fucking for a deal secretions, a sexy, lacy black garter belt and stockings with black, laced up shoes with 3" 'fuck me' heels, Doug lowered his gaze even more taking note of the thong that barely covered anything, and how wet it was.

His cock was hard. Very hard. And the outline in his pants was noticed by Cathy. Still looking at him in his eyes, Cathy undid Doug's belt, then his pants.

Undoing the zipper, they were loose enough to drop to the floor. Lowering herself and kneeling, Cathy helped slip off Doug's shoes, then raised each foot to take his pants off the rest of the way. With her face right in front of the hard outline of his cock in his shorts, she was impressed with what she saw.

Doug looked at her to see her reaction to his hardness, and could see a look of lust and need. He wanted her to retrieve his cock out of his shorts, but not quite yet. Taking both of her hands in hers, he helped her stand and stood back to relish her amazing body and beauty.

She noticed him studying her and she became quite embarrassed. She folded her hands in front of her which enhanced her cleavage, and dropped her gaze to the floor. He noticed. Thinking back to the restaurant and how she kept lowering her gaze to the table, Doug came to the conclusion that she may have a submissive side.

Stepping up to her, he raised her chin and leaned in and kissed her again, pushing his tongue past her full lips to engage hers.

Cathy's arms went around his neck, and she pressed her mound against his incredibly hard cock. She was getting wet. Wet enough that Doug could smell her arousal. Breaking off the kiss much to her disappointment, he stepped back again to admire her beauty. Putting his theory to the test, "Put your hands behind your back, and do a 360 degree turn for me," he softly instructed. With a gasp, she looked up at him with a look of surprise.

Doing as he wanted, she put her hands behind her back. Her nipples became more pronounced. Her cuntal flow increased. Her thong was soaked. She was embarrassed that she was so wet, he could smell her. Her embarrassment got her more excited. She knew he could smell her. So much so, he knew she wanted him. He knew she wanted him to fuck her. Starting her slow turn, she realized that with her hands behind her back, she would be blocking his view of her incredibly perfect ass.

When she had her back to him, she raised her hands and put them into the small of her back so he could see.

He noticed. Who would not cum for those titties could see the thong run up between her flawless cheeks. Her blond black boots bitch fucking in the shadows increased. He could see that too. Slowly completing her turn, she turned to face him. Seeing him gaze at her taut, protruding nipples, Cathy arched her back and thrust her substantial breasts out offering them to him.

Looking at him. Dropping her gaze to his steel hard cock. He knew. This is what she wanted. No. This is what she needed. She needed this to become aroused. She needed this to be able to serve. The incomparable Cathy O'Donnell was a submissive who needed to be told what to do. Doug knew. He was going to give her what she needed in more ways than one. He will make her the happiest woman on the planet.

He thought that he should order her to take off each article of clothing, but thought better of it. For their first time, he was going to be the one who disrobed her. God, he wanted to fuck her! But, this is their first time, and he was going to make it as slow and enticing as possible for the both of them!

Doug approached her and with Cathy looking at him with a questioning look in her eyes, he drew her to him and enveloped her luscious body. Putting his mouth on hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck. She melted into his arms and his form while he undid the clasp of her bra. Stepping back, they let it fall to the floor. He stepped back a bit more to admire her gravity defying 36 D's with her needy nipples. Again, he told her, "Put your hands behind your back, turn around slowly, and display yourself to me." With a gasp, she did as she was told.

Turning slowly, she had to wonder, 'My god, how did he know?' Thinking back to her afternoon with Kimberly and Lexi Chase, and how she subjected herself to them, it was the most exciting time of her life! She was sure Kim didn't tell her father that she needed to be treated like a slut. That she would do anything, ANYTHING that she was ordered to do. Her thoughts only increased her secretions. Completing her turn, she kept her hands behind her back, with her gaze on his cock.

He knew she was expecting another order. "Turn your back to me, and keeping teenies pound boyfriends anal hole with big strap ons and splash jizm legs straight, take off your soaked thong," he softly ordered. He knew that she knew that he would see her soaked, glistening pussy. She was embarrassed that her secretions could be seen running down her lovely thighs. This heightened her arousal.

With a small moan, she turned so her back was to him.

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He heard. He was going to drive her up the wall tonight. She did as she was told. She knew she was displaying her soaked cunt to him. She was breathing so hard, she was gasping. She pressed her wet thighs together.

She was so close to cumming! Doug knew. "Don't cum until I tell you," he quietly told her. A quiet moan escaped her full, pliant lips. He heard. Keeping her hands behind her, she turned back around to face him. Arching her back, with her hard breathing, offering her full, firm rising and falling breasts and nipples to him, she handed him her drenched thong.

"I'm sorry," she whispered dropping her gaze to the floor, but dwelled on his hardened shaft with need. "Don't ever, ever apologize for who you are," Doug admonished.

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"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on, and I can tell that you're very intelligent. You are who you are, and knowing what I know, I wouldn't change a thing about you." This told Cathy that he knew. He knew what she needed. Her feelings of apprehension were taken over by feelings of trust, love, lust, and need. She stood waiting for her next order. In just her garter, stockings, and 'fuck me' heels. Doug took her soaked thong and told Cathy to open her mouth.

When she did, he sex gerls and old man the gusset in her mouth and told her to suck! "Get all of your pussy juices, Cathy. Taste what I'll be tasting shortly, only directly from the source," he softly informed her. Sucking her juices off of the thong, Cathy closed her eyes. With her hands still behind her back, and thrusting her breasts toward him, she was so close to cumming! Doug couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful this aroused, needy, and wanting this drop dead gorgeous woman was.

And she was going to be his tonight! He was going to give her a night that this won't be the last. He would give her what she needed! He was going to do what it would take to make her his! Surprising her, Doug approached and knelt. He undid the laces of both shoes, and took them off her dainty feet with the suckable toes. With her shoes off, Cathy was 3 inches shorter, and had to work a bit harder to reach him when they kissed. Interracial orgasms perfect fucking watch part on it was work she relished.

She enjoyed it. She needed it. Standing in front of him with her hands behind her back wearing just her garter and stockings, her pussy was producing the lubrication that would be needed very soon. Kneeling, Doug's face was in front of her seeping cunt, and her aroma was driving him further with lust.

He undid her stockings from her garter belt, and peeled them down. Raising her lovely feet, he took them completely off. He did the same with her garter belt. She was now completely naked, standing with her hands behind her back, with her full breasts and aching nipples thrust forward, and prodigious pussy responding to the needs of a woman who needed to be fucked. He stood up. In her arousal, she moaned.

He heard.

"Undress me, my love," Doug ordered softly. Cathy heard the 'my love,' endearment and gasped. Her heart sang. She looked up at him, and before she started to remove his clothes, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss. She pressed her naked body against him. She pressed her soaked mons against his hard cock. This was telling him that she approved and wanted to be his 'love.' God!

She wanted and needed this man! Dropping to her knees, she took the waist of his briefs, and looking up into his eyes, saw love, lust, and understanding. Pulling his underwear down, his cock sprang free and almost hit her in the chin. She giggled, and he smiled. Taking his underwear completely off, she removed his socks too. Now, they were both completely naked for each other. Looking up at him with a questioning look, he knew that she wanted his cock.

He shook his head 'no,' and reached down to help her up. She reluctantly rose, and he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. His cock was wedged between them. Her pillowy breasts pressed against his chest. Looking into her eyes, "You'll eventually be getting what you crave. But you'll have to tell me. You need me to fuck you, don't you?

Answer me." Rubbing her midriff against his hardness, she nodded. Knowing that he knew how she was, she answered. "Please, Doug. Don't deny me your beautiful cock. You know that I need it. I need to feel you inside me. Please fuck me! I'll do anything for you! Just fuck me now, and fuck me hard!" looking up at him, Cathy had tears of frustration and lust in her eyes. Trying to prolong her torture, he told her to "get on your knees and kiss my cock.

Show me that you care for me." Immediately, Cathy O'Donnell, the ravishing redhead everyone in town wanted to fuck but had no idea what she needed, dropped to her knees. Holding the turgid shaft with both hands, she looked up at him for his final approval. When he nodded, she started to stroke what she thought was the most beautiful cock she'd ever seen.

It was circumcised and had a very large head on it. It wasn't even the 7 1/2" length that impressed her the most. It was the thickness. Cathy knew that this was going to go places she never knew she had. It was dripping the precum she knew she wanted to taste. She needed this incredible specimen in her mouth. It seemed so natural.

And she knew that he knew she needed it. But before she kissed the head of his cock, she rubbed it all over her face, reveling in its soft hardness. She felt trails of precum left behind wherever she put its beautiful head.

Doug stood above her, watching. He couldn't believe that this, one of the most beautiful women, indeed, the most stunning redhead he's ever seen, was worshiping his cock. Licking the precum from the head, Cathy also licked around the head and the base. All of the nerve endings in Doug's cock exploded with feeling. Watching this woman's ministrations, he waited impatiently for her to engulf his length into her beautiful mouth. With the full, perfect lips that were made to suck cock.

He knew, and he would tell her. She had the perfect mouth that would be sucking his cock, and only his cock. She was placed on this earth to please him, and he would tell her. He would love, cherish and protect her with every ounce sexy teen playing her cunt on webcam his being.

He would make her feel wanted and needed. Wrapping her lips around it, she put her hands on his beautiful butt and pulled him into her. Almost all 7 1/2" disappeared. He could feel the back of her mouth. Opening her eyes and glancing up at him, she could see the look of ecstasy on his face looking down at her.

She knew she was doing what she was placed here to do, and she knew that she was doing it well. Feeling the head of her man's cock, her man's? She knew then and there that she would do anything for this man.

That she was going to do anything she could to make him hers. Or, in her thinking, that he would make her his. She wanted to belong to this man. And would do so very judy and the beast griffin drew. Lovingly sucking and licking his length, she wanted to play with her soaked pussy, but thought better of it.

She didn't have permission. In her lust, she knew that it wouldn't take much for her to cum, and when she did, it was going to be a strong one. Looking up at him with her brilliant green eyes and his cock deep in her mouth, Cathy was in heaven.

This is what she was born for! To please this incredible man! To receive his precious gift! Anywhere in her body! She wanted to be his more than anything! Bending down, Doug took hold of her arms and with his hurting cock popping out of Cathy's mouth, he brought her up and placed his mouth on hers. Wrapping her arms around his neck and standing on her tip toes, she lifted her mouth to his.

With both naked bodies pressed together, Doug pressed his shocking karlee rides lexs monster cock in cowgirl position cock into her midriff and heard her moan. Separating from her luscious body, he looked into her eyes and brought his hands around to cup her lovely mounds running his thumbs over her hard nipples. Breathing heavily, Cathy moaned and arched her back to give him more.

"Yesssss, they're yours, my darling. My body is yours." Softly ordering her, "Lay down on the bed on your back, and spread your legs for me.

Show me your pussy. I want to see how wet you are. Or should I say soaked?" He knew this would embarrass her. He also knew that it would be more arousing for her. She did as she was told. Laying down, Cathy spread her legs. My god, how embarrassing! She was soaked! And now lying on her back, her seepage would be flowing into her succulent asshole. But she would do this for him. She was so close to cumming, her pussy ached! Her breasts were heaving. Standing at the foot of the bed, he could see.

"Put your hands above your head.

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Show me how hard your nipples are," he instructed. "Oh fuck, Doug! Pleeeeassse!" Do something! Make me cum! I need to cum!" Cathy cried, writhing on the bed, pumping her hips for anything to fuck. "Your wish is my command, my love. This whole night is going to be for you. I want this night to be one you will always remember," he promised lowering himself onto his chest leaning on his elbows, placing his face before her wetness.

Her aroma was driving him crazy! He inhaled her fragrance and started to lick her thighs. Moaning, Cathy tried to spread her legs even more!

"Lick me, Doug! Give me what I need! Please!" Bringing his mouth ever closer to her lovely pussy, Cathy was pumping her hips with absolute abandon! Running his tongue up her slit, she let out a small scream!

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! AT LAST! THANK YOU MY LOVE, THANK YOU!" Oh god! His tongue felt sooooo good! He was going to give her a tongue asian beauties banged in group sex japanese amateur unlike she's ever had before! Pushing his face into her soaked labia, he wasn't going to be shy about getting his face soaked. He wanted to taste her cum! He needed to! He wanted to swallow all she could give him!

Licking for all he could, he scooped up as much of her secretions as possible. Realizing that he had to have her cum, he flicked her clitoris with his tongue.

Cathy jumped, and pumped even more! He was driving her up the wall, just as he wanted to! Beginning to concentrate on her clit, he sucked on the enlarged button, and shoved 2 fingers up her drenched pussy. He was going to put these same two fingers in her asshole, but she was pumping and undulating so much, he had to use this hand to keep her under control so he could maintain contact between his tongue and her soaked slit! "OH SHIT MY LOVE!


With her first orgasm, she squirted (gushed?) what felt like a quart, and he swallowed every drop! Her second cum, she squirted again, but instead of taking it in his mouth, he put his face in the stream, and wallowed in the cuntal shower! Giving her two incredible orgasms, he raised himself on his knees and placed himself between her wide spread legs!

Cathy lay limp with her eyes closed, gasping to get her breath back. With his face above hers, he was dripping her juices onto her, aiming for her mouth.

Resting his steel hard cock on Cathy's hardened clit, Doug started to rub up and down! Cathy gasped, not expecting this on her sensitive clit! "Oh god, Doug, what are you doing? I don't know if I can cum again! Oh shit! Oh fuck, that feels so good! Don't stop!" Doug kept the contact to give her what she needed! "OH MY GOD! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!" Doug could feel it! When she came, she squirted! His balls were soaked! "Doug, please! Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Cathy was beside herself with need undulating and pumping her hips. "Please! Give me your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!" "Take my cock love, and place it at the entrance of your pussy," Doug instructed with gritted teeth.

He needed to feel his cock inside her! "Oh god, yesssss," Cathy moaned taking hold of his shaft and placing it in front of her hole. "Do it, Doug! Fuck me! Pleeeeease!" Doug had never seen a woman so wanton and uninhibited his entire life! Slowly, his throbbing phallus disappeared into her saturated slit!

Feeling the overwhelming pleasure of being penetrated by his magnificient cock, "OH MY FUCKING GOD, YESSSS!" Cathy moaned loudly thrusting her hips to meet him, engulfing the entire length!

"THIS IS HEAVEN! I NEED THIS! FUCK ME, MY LOVE! FUCK ME!" Trying to take it slow, Doug began fucking the beautiful redhead with slow determination, not wanting it to end too soon. But, it wasn't working. Her pussy felt too good! She was so tight, so wet, so hot! He knew that he wasn't going to let her go! Ever! Increasing his pace, he knew that he could get one more cum from her! "My god, what are you doing? I'm going to cum again! How can you do this?

OH SHIT, DON'T STOP! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" Feeling her squirt on his balls, Doug couldn't hold back either! "I'm going to cum too, my love! I can't hold it anymore!" Pumping as fast as he could, Doug knew that this was going to be big one! She was looking at him with her beautiful, lust filled, bright green eyes. Meeting every thrust, Cathy encouraged him, "Give it to me Doug!

Give me your cum! Fuck me and give it to me! I need to feel it!" "Here it comes, my love! AAAAARRRRRNNNNNN! Take it all!" He had so much built up, he unleashed rope after rope after rope into her tight, gripping sleeve. So much so that it seeped out the sides of his embedded cock onto the bedspread! With his cock still inside her, Doug collapsed onto his elbows resting on her magnificent breasts and hardened nipples.

Finally rolling off her onto his back, he collapsed in blissful satisfaction. Cathy was beside him gasping for breath, running her fingers up and down her slit to retrieve his gift. When she had some collected, she brought it to her mouth and making a small production of it for his benefit, licked it off with relish. Whispering, "You taste delicious, my love. Thank you." Leaning on her elbow, she brought her long red locks behind her ears to keep it out of her eyes.

Looking at her new found love through tear filled eyes, she brought her full lips down onto his for a deep, meaningful kiss. Looking at him with love and trust, she lowered her head to his chest and began a quiet sob.

Wrapping his arms around her, tears came to his eyes and he knew. With his finger under her chin, he raised her eyes to meet his. Pulling her up a bit, he pressed his lips to hers.

With both shedding tears, they knew. The lust was there, sure. But so was the love. So was the trust. So was the devotion. "Cathy, I think there's something we should talk about," Doug quietly informed her.

"If you don't mind, that is." "Is it good?" she asked gazing at him through tear filled eyes, hoping what she hoped it was. Quietly responding, "Well, I think it is. I can only hope that you think so too. If you get too uncomfortable where I'm going with this, please let me know." 'Even now, the gentleman,' she thought.

Running her fingers through his chest hair, "I'll be sure and tell you," she shemale fuck girl in forest with a hopeful smile.

"Ummmm, I hope I'm speaking for the both of us when I say that we've experienced something tonight that neither one of us expected," Doug started while trying to arrange his thoughts. "We both were hesitant to go out tonight, but what transpired took us completely by surprise.

I can only guess that we both have kissed a lot of frogs before we found the right prince and princess. And speaking for myself, I think I found my princess. I can only hope that you feel the same way." Her heart singing with joy, Cathy put her face in the crook of his arm and started to sob.

'My god! He feels the same way!' Looking up at the newly found love of her life, Cathy could only cry and nod. "I don't want to scare you, but I feel the same way!" she sobbed. "I know we've only known each other a short time, but I realize that you're the one I've been waiting for! I've fallen in love with you Doug. You're the first man I've ever been with who sensed what I needed!" Surprising him, "And you're even a gentleman!" Rising up on his elbow and looking into Cathy's beautiful eyes, he too proclaimed, "You said that you love me, Cathy?

Do you mean it?" With her sobbing and nodding, "Because I love you too. I've fallen for you hook, line, and sinker." Hearing that, Cathy rolled on top of Doug, big juicy ass jada stevens gets fucked pornstars hardcore kissed him with an brunette babe dava gets a creampie in bed she didn't know she had.

Feeling his semi hard cock underneath her, she put her clit on it and proceeded to rub. In no time at all, he got hard. She knew that this was a good opportunity, and not one to pass up. Throwing her leg over Doug's torso, she sat up and gripped his hardness. "Have I told you how beautiful I think your cock is?" "I don't think you have.

Are you sure?" Doug answered smiling. "There's no doubt in my mind. And what makes it even better, it's attached to the most wonderful man I've ever met," she admitted, rising and placing it at the entrance of her still drenched pussy. Slowly sinking on it, and putting the entire 7 1/2" length inside her, she sighed in delight and looked down at her man. 'My man. That sounds so good. He's my man, and I'm his woman. This is the most incredible night of my life." Holding her incredible breasts in his hands and caressing and lightly pinching her nipples, Cathy's lust grew.

'God, this is the best I've ever felt with a cock in me! It's magnificent!' Slowly rotating her hips, she felt his cock in places she never knew she had. God, how she loved his man! And xnxx mom son 1980 movie loved him even more when milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering brought a hand down to rub her enlarged clit to increase her pleasure!

With her lust building, Cathy started to pump and bounce up and down on his cock! "Oh fuck! This is incredible! I love this! I love your cock, and I love you!" she moaned. Her hands went to her hair to keep it from flying into her face, so she could look at Doug. Her substantial breasts swinging until Doug could bring them under further control. Doug could feel her juices running down, soaking his nuts.

She was getting more and more aroused, and she was fucking him with more and more enthusiasm. "Oh my god! I'm going to cum! This is too incredible! I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" "I'm going to cum too love," Doug moaned.

Get ready! I'm getting really close!" Surprising him, Cathy jumped off before he could cum and thrust his hard, pussy saturated cock into her mouth! Fucking his cock with her mouth, "I'm going to cum, my love. Here it comes! AAAARRRRRRNNNN!" But she surprised him by forcing his cock further into her mouth and down her throat and swallowing his substantial load! Lifting her mouth off him, "I told you I love the taste of your cum.

And I meant it." she said licking her lips. Leaning forward and laying her breasts on his chest, she closed her eyes and brought her mouth down on his.

"I love you with all my heart, Douglas Adams. I've never loved anyone like I do you." Cathy proclaimed. "And I want you to be mine, Cathy O'Donnell. Does that sound alright with you? Will you be my girl?" "I would be the happiest woman in the world if I was yours, Doug.

One thing though. What do you think Kimberly is going to say?"