Breasty lovely bitch kira queen fucks outdoors hardcore and blowjob

Breasty lovely bitch kira queen fucks outdoors hardcore and blowjob
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Well as said all - has been awhile since posting anything and I just wrote this story on another site as a fantasy request that this person had. So the tags above were their fantas and worked to incorporate their desires and looks into this story for them.

As it was posted on the site I was at I didn't think they would mind a re-post here and hope they don't as I did not check with them before posting here. IF topics outlined are not your cup of tea - please don't read farther, what's listed is what is here.

All that being said and not terribly exciting - here is the story. Enjoy!! Wrong Time, Wrong Place 4:08 Could this day drag on any longer? Lauren sat back in her chair and let out an exasperated sigh. 0.63 cents an hour raise doesn't make for weeks like this. She brushed her dark wavy hair off of her olive skin tone face.

She knew this week was the exception to the rule. It just all seemed to hit at once and all she wanted was for the weekend to get here and to go out with her friends and blow off some steam and start a new week on Monday. A little dancing some drinks and if the right guy came along well then maybe something else. It was the typical night out with the girls, Lauren and her two co-workers and the new girl.

She shouldn't really say new as Tracie had been working there for 5 months now, but she was new to Lauren and her friends. She seemed decent enough even though she wasn't from the best part of town.

She was slow to warm to anyone and had only been hanging out with Lauren, Beth and Tina for the last month. This was the first time they decided to ask her to do anything that wasn't done during work time. Tracie was a little reluctant but agreed to go out after being teased by the trio of girls. 4:27 This day just seemed to drag on! Finally 5 o'clock hit and Lauren couldn't get out the door fast enough.

They had all agreed to meet at an upscale club on the north side of town. Tracie's beater car hadn't been running well and asked Lauren if she could pick her up as she was the closest to her apartment. By even being the closest it was nowhere near her neighborhood but she agreed to pick her up especially after teasing her to come out with them all. Lauren showed up at Tracie's place at 7:00pm.

She gorgeous gal is screwed in anal hardcore blowjob believe that she lived in a dumpy place like this. She had a good idea what Tracie made for an hourly wage and all but also figured she was younger and just starting out so didn't want to push things too much until she got used to being on her own.

Lauren walked to her door she was wearing not too short of a skirt, just above mid-thigh, a silk blouse that she had unbuttoned showing off her C cup breasts a little. No hose as her olive skin always looked awesome. She had a couple of extra pounds but nothing that didn't keep her from looking hot and turning heads when she wanted too. Tracie answered the door wearing a black cocktail dress that if she didn't know any better Sultry nympho stretches wet pussy and loses virginity defloration sweeties would have sworn she bought just for this occasion.

Both the girls had high heels on and smiled at each other and made comments as to how great each of them looked. A few minutes later and they were off. They got to the club just after 7:30 and found Beth and Tina there. They ordered some food before the crowd got there and hung out for a bit talking about the week cute legal teen mrp 12 all. Soon after that the crowd started to show up. The night was going much of how they planned.

A couple of different groups of guys showed up and bought them drinks, they danced and were having a decent time and all. Tracie kind of sat back Lauren could definitely tell this wasn't her usual environment even though she danced a few times with sunny lionel xxxonxxx full storys of the guys there.

The girls switched to a different club a couple of blocks away and it was much the same. It got to be midnight and Tina said she was getting tired and Beth agreed. Odd as they have definitely stayed out later than this. Lauren was hoping it wasn't because of Tracie they'd called it a night.

On the drive home Lauren and Tracie talked and Tracie told her if she wasn't ready to call it a night she knew of a place that always was rocking and had something going on for the weekend. Lauren didn't want to seem prudish or anything even though the area they were heading to was a part of town she wouldn't normally go and figured that Tracie was out of her comfort zone for the first part of the night.

And what the hell, she definitely wasn't ready to call it a night and what could go wrong ya know? It was a public place after all and she was sure it had bouncers and whatever else it could be fun to try something new. As they pulled in it was definitely not the clubs that Lauren was used to. If there was an open slot there was a car in it.

The cars all looked like Tracie's car as well and her newer Honda definitely stood out. There were people standing around smoking and drinking beer and it didn't smell like cigarettes they were smoking. She couldn't believe that there were no police anywhere to be seen.

When they walked in it was more of the same except louder. There was a band playing and as Tracie said - the place was definitely rocking.

They made their way through the crowded bar and Lauren definitely felt out of place and immediately knew how Tracie felt earlier. They got to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. Tracie told Lauren to wait there and she would be right back. Lauren almost spit her drink - she was leaving her here alone??

Not wanting to seem afraid she smiled and nodded and watched as Tracie disappeared into the crowd. In her nervousness her drink was going down pretty quick and then she ordered another one to replace that.

Where the hell did Tracie go she thought to herself - yeah the bar was crowded but there couldn't be that long of a line to piss could there? Lauren felt someone brush up against her and quickly spun around. She saw the biggest black man of her life standing there.

She stood 5'8" And was closer to 6 foot with the heels on - this guy was at least a foot taller than her and must have weighed 350 pounds. She stood there fixated on the giant man that said nothing.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and was relieved to think that Tracie was finally back. As she turned around smiling a cloth was placed over your nose and mouth and that was the last thing she remembered.

Tracie returned soon after Lauren had disappeared to find her drink still there and figured that she went to the bathroom herself. After she finished her drink she started to get concerned she wasn't back. Maybe she went home? Tracie knew she wasn't comfortable in the bar or outside. It wasn't 15 minutes later and Lauren started to wake. Her head ached and her vision was very fuzzy.

She could hear the band still but the sound was definitely muffled. Like she was in a back room or something. It was dark though and dimly lit - maybe she was in a basement she thought as her head was clearing a little. She looked around and sat up - well tried to sit up. Her chest didn't move but an inch before she started to notice everything else around her as well. She was on a sofa of sorts - like a long ottoman.

Her arms pulled back tight over her head and tied off. He legs were spread on either side of it and tied as well. there wasn't much room on the side of it - wide enough for her body and maybe 8 inches on either side.

The more she started to notice her situation the worse it got. Where was her blouse, her bra? OMG! Where was her skirt? All dad fucks teen crony playfellows daughter and wants threesome xxx fucking my mothers had on under the sheet that covered her was the thong she put on earlier.

As she started to panic she started to scream. When she did that she heard footsteps behind her and quickly had a rag stuffed into her mouth. As she struggled against her restraints and tried to scream some more her face was slapped - and again - until her screams were sobs.

"What's a stuck up bitch like you doing down in this neighborhood? Doing getting off without my boyfriend full version masturbation and voyeur good deed for the year trying to help the poor folk out?!" the gruff voice asked.

"You and your friends avoid this area. Tonite you are going to know why. We are going to show you what you and friends only read about in some cheap ass book!" "We" she thought? She only heard the one set of footsteps and then she heard more - several more. She looked down and saw a shadowy figure standing between her legs.

At that she felt the sheet pulled from her body and then the man came closer to view as he leaned over her. She felt someone pull her thong to the side and then felt the strangers cock press against her opening, "Not very wet yet bitch! I will fix that!" He growled at her. The smell of cheap liquor on his breath she felt him push hard into her.

She wasn't wet, she wasn't aroused and his cock burned as he pushed deeper into her. He didn't care that she wasn't ready - he was. He started to fuck her - harder and faster. She could hear voices and other noises she couldn't quite make out over the heavy panting of the man raping her. Her pussy burned from the invasion and then it happened. He pushed deep into her and came - no condom as she felt his cum spray inside her.

He slid out and came again - coating her walls and then his cock slid in easier, "She's wet and ready now!" he shouted as he moved off of her.

He walked to her face and pulled the rag out of her mouth. Lauren gasped for air and her mouth was dry.

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He put his hand on her throat, "Now you be a good spoiled slut and lick me clean! No biting bitch or you'll be in a bad way!" Lauren almost wanted to laugh - "I will be in a bad way???

WTF?! Did he think him just raping me was a good way?" She meekly complied and opened her mouth as he pushed his cock in til she gagged. The grip on her throat weakened and she felt another man between her legs and his cock going inside. God this couldn't be happening. After him was another and then another - each one fucking her and her tasting both of freckled mature bitch rides a black dick interracial and creampie juices as she sucked each cock clean.

She heard the band stopped playing and the bar grow quiet - yet there she lay still getting relentlessly fucked. After the 8th man she started to get her mouth fucked at the same time as her pussy - not just cleaning up. They filled her gaping cunt almost every time. A couple pulled out and jacked off onto her body. A couple of the ones in her mouth came across her tits instead of in her mouth. Lauren was spent - her pussy sore from the fucking.

She felt her constraints loosen but they didn't let her go. They slid her down the ottoman til her ass was barely on it and tied her again.

She felt a bar of some sort tied between her legs to keep them spread and then heard the first voice, "You ain't done yet bitch - got something special for ya to remember next time some rich asshole is fucking you!" Lauren felt a cold nose between her legs and then felt a coarse tongue licking at her cum filled cunt.

OMG! It's a dog - a fucking dog is licking my pussy she thought to herself - how the fuck did this happen. The thought was bizarre to think about she was trying to focus on it but it felt so good. Her raw pussy being licked by the dogs wet tongue was better than getting fucked again. She tried to not move too much but was enjoying the oral sensation when it stopped. Then the next thing she knew the dog was on top of her. She could see it was a doberman - she could also feel something hard poking at her, "What the fuck!

Don't let him fuck me!" A few chuckles from the group started and then she felt a hand between her legs and then felt the dogs cock drive into her, "NOOOOooooooo!" The group cheered as the dobey sunk his cock into her. He fucked her harder and faster than any of the men did. She felt his cock growing inside her as well. What started out as a small shaft was getting increasingly bigger. His cock was hotter than a man's cock as well.

It burned against her raw cunt. Then she felt something bigger, "What the fuck is that?!" Lauren screamed out. She had never owned a dog - never had one as a pet as a child and had no idea how dogs mated. She moaned loudly as the dobey pushed his knot into her though. His rough fucking stopped almost completely but she harmony rose unravels suckhole for face pumping harmony rose feel his burning cum inside her - a dog was cumming in her pussy - he was trying to mate with her!

The sensation was nothing like she had ever felt before. It was arousing knowing this animal was trying to breed her - she couldn't get pregnant from a dog could she? He stayed on for a few more minutes before pulling his cock out of her with a loud plop. The dog's cum mixed with the men's' ran from her pussy. They led the dog up and had him jump up - Lauren looked at the large cock still squirting cum on her face knowing that was just inside her - finally seeing the large knot at the base of his cock.

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"Suck it bitch!" The voice from behind her said. She shook her head no and was about to say something when she felt the man's hand tightly grab her hair and pull, "You licked every other cock and then some that fucked your nasty cunt - you will this one too, else you going to be in a bad way!" All of a sudden that wasn't nearly as funny as the first time she heard that. Again reluctantly she opened her mouth as the cock was guided in and her head lifted.

The hands under her head felt smaller - there was at least one woman in this group. The hand between her legs were smaller too - maybe it is the same woman - but at that thought another dog mounted her and she could feel the person's hands and knew at least two women were in the group watching her getting raped by man and beast.

As the dog in her mouth slid out a spray of his cum shot cross her chest as he jumped down. The other dog was much like the first - fucking her fast and furiously until he knotted her and came inside her. She could hear panting and knew that just as the men - there was teen friends step daughter threesome he comes back the favor by providing a strong to come from the animals now as well. And just as she did the men after each fucking Lauren would suck every cock clean tasting the bitter taste of dog semen in her mouth as it also ran from her cunt.

The second to last dog to fuck Lauren - a mangy looking rottweiler, but still with a huge cock - mounted her and the dirty dog that had his cock sucked jumped down - one of the girls that had been helping the dogs mount her straddled Laurens sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch, "You have licked everything else bitch, you can lick me too! I am all wet watching you be a spoiled slut!" The woman lowered herself to Lauren's open mouth and she was indeed wet.

As Lauren tried to get the strength to lick her the woman grinded her clit against her tongue. With her hands wrapped in Lauren's hair she bucked against her face as the Rottweiler shoved his cock into her and knotted her - both of them cumming.

As if her face wasn't wet enough from the dogs' cum - it definitely was now from the juices of the woman that just rode her face. The Rottie was led to her face so she could suck his cock clean and the dobey that first fucked her was back.

"Was feeling bad for your cunt getting all the attention bitch" The gruff voice she first heard said. At that she then realized what he meant.

She felt the dobey's cock being pressed into her ass. As tired as she was she tried to scream remembering how big his cock was and that it couldn't possibly fit like that in her ass!

She tried to move but didn't have the energy. As the dogs cock got into her ass he took over and drove into her. As she went to cry out another woman straddled her face and muffled her screams with her own wet cunt. The woman rode her face hard - grinding the length of her wet slit up and down Lauren's mouth. She could feel the dobey getting larger and then screamed into the woman's cunt as he shoved his knot into her ass and started to cum inside her.

As bad as it felt going in - she knew it was going to hurt more when he pulled out. He almost dragged Lauren back as his cock exited followed by the puddle of cum. "Just one lesson left for you to learn bitch." came the voice she heard so many times tonite.

"Little Tracie knows her place but yet she wanted to show off with her new friends - she has been getting fucked by dogs next door - took a few for the team you might say else you would still be getting fucked. Since she is your little pet - you can take care of her - her cunt is as much of a mess as yours is!" With that the very large black man came in carrying Tracie. He easily lifted her and put her over Laurens face.

As he did a rush of dog semen cascaded onto Lauren's face, "Now you be a good bitch and take care of your pet - lick her cunt clean bitch!" As ordered Lauren lapped at her coworkers cunt. Minutes later Tracie came and flooded Laurens' mouth again. She tried to swallow it all but some flowed over her face, down her cheeks.

The large black man carried out Tracie and two other men carried out Lauren. They sat them next to her car and dropped a bag that had their clothes in it. The sun was coming up and after being in the dark basement the light was glaring and making it hard to see yet again. As the men walked away they heard one of them saying, "Better get your asses out of here and back where you belong!

Take your pet with you! You stay here and we will think you want to do this again!" It was all the girls could do to get in the car. Laurens' cunt burned against the seats of her car. She started it and was determined to drive anywhere except here. She wanted to sleep, to shower, to wash this all away. Her pussy gaped open and the semen from dog and man still ran from her. She had never felt so sore from being fucked so many times.

She was sticky from head to toe and nude interview with handjob with busty redhead jenny believe the amount of cum that came from the dogs. As she drove off she looked over at Tracie sobbing - her tears making clean lines down her cheek, "I am sorry I brought you here." was all she said.

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Well there ya go all. If it was worth you to get this far please leave a comment or rating. IT is how we truly know your thoughts and what we can do to improve future stories for you. Thanx for reading.