Stepsis goldie rush gets boned by big dick in the terrace

Stepsis goldie rush gets boned by big dick in the terrace
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You Have to Fuck My Mom First *A clever mom, (Morgan) gets what she wants by using her beautiful daughter, (Trisha), as bait. Morgan was a very sexy young looking mom. Let's find out how Morgan set this up. Trisha&hellip. ___It was Friday and my new boyfriend was coming over tonight. I never had to sneak around to have sex, I could go in my bedroom and fuck guys all I wanted.

There was only one little catch&hellip.I had to carefully explain to him that he would have to have sex with my mom first, before we could fuck all we wanted.

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So far, this was working real good. High school guys are always horny like my mom and I. For now mom and I were fucking 3 of the hottest guys in school. So far,&hellip. the guys keep quiet about the 'mom' part before fucking me. Guys love to brag about 'getting pussy'. Mom and I knew this and at school I had plenty of guys I could bring home. Mom and I were getting all the sex we wanted&hellip.until Jamie came along. Jamie came to our school from out of town.

He was sexy, good looking and I went after him in private.

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I invited him to come over Friday night. I introduced him to my mom. His eyes locked on her and he sat by her. Mom liked to dress real sexy. She wore a thin shirt, with no bra. You could see Jamie was hot for her. Mom was very impressed and horny acting as usual. She thought he would go for the 'fuck mom first' easy. Jamie was different in that I wanted him all to myself.

We went to my bedroom and I 'did not' tell him about fucking my mom first before we could have sex. Mom waited in her bed naked for Jamie to come in and have sex with her. Jamie had plans of his own. He was after my mom. Jamie and I lay on my bed kissing as we felt each other up.

His hand went under my shirt to feel my bare tits. Next down my shorts to finger my pussy. He 'hinted' how much he liked my mom. He said how sexy and beautiful my mom was and talked a little 'to much' about how he bet she black man japniese girls nurse xx be hot in bed.

I got an idea. Now I would 'hint' that he had to have sex with me, then&hellip.he could have sex with my mom. Now I was the bait for her. Fuck me first, then you can go fuck my mom.

I had to let mom know about the switch. I said: "Oooo yes, my mom is very sexy. I could set you up with her tonight, but I need to test you out first. I felt Jamie's cock get real hard instantly. He got all turned on with that arrangement. He said: "Your mom is so hot, will she do it? Let's go now and talk to her and set it up." He really had the hornies for my mom.

I think I liked this arrangement. I realized he would do anything to please me to get to my mom. I took advantage of the situation. I said: "We may have to go see her and get her all hot, before we suggest you having sex with her." The look on his face told me he wanted to do that real bad.

I wanted to keep him around and coming back. I wanted him to like me more than her. I would draw him in using her, and then give him the best fuck of his life, thus switching his attraction for her to me. Jamie's thoughts on all this&hellip. I was instantly attracted to Trisha&hellip.but when I saw and met her mom…oh my god. What a beautiful woman. I had the hots for a woman like her. I had an aunt who use to let me fuck her when I was young.

She had to move away and I've had the hots for a woman like her ever since. Trisha's mom, Morgan looked just like my aunt so much, I got boners just thinking about her. My aunt got all turned on by me. She babysat me as a young teen. One afternoon she took me in her bathroom and locked the door. She held me close and rubbed her pussy on my cock. She told me I was 'special' and she wanted to have some sex fun with me.

She sat on the toilet seat and had me stand in front of her. She had me feel her legs under her skirt. She had me take her panties off. She let me feel her warm pussy. I got a beauty blonde babe hot ass and pussy play boner of course. She took it out and began to suck on it. She held me tight into her mouth as I had to cum. She let me feel her bare tits. She would even lift her skirt and let me feel her pubic hair and finger her pussy in the dark bathroom.

She whispered to me to lick her pussy as she leaned against the wall. We did this every time she baby sat me during the day. The day came and she laid on the floor. She took her panties off and had me stick my cock in her wet pussy. She went kind of wild and as we fucked she pulled my butt cheeks hard and made me fuck her deep.

I started cuming and she began to moan in my ear&hellip."oh yes Jamie, fuck me good…and then she stiffen up and started shaking. I was in heaven and just enjoyed her and I fucking so good. Her fingernails hurt digging two teens have fun in the bathroom me, but I loved it. We fucked almost every day from then on. She let me fuck her anywhere in the house. Kitchen, living room or garage, just so no one saw us.

My parents never knew. She was a young teens dream girl, and I couldn't get enough of her&hellip. Those memories never left me. Erika sawajiri sex scenes from helter skelter was the first woman I ever fucked.

I still have dreams about her. Trisha&hellip. We got naked and under the covers. His mind was on my mom, I could tell. I said: "Have you ever had sex with an adult woman?" He just grinned.

That told me he had. Now I had to get his attention on me. Morgan…… What's taking so long. This Jamie is good looking and I'm very horny for him.

I hear noises. Someone's coming. The lights are all out but I know it has to be him coming. The bedroom door is opening. Here he comes&hellip.but with Trisha? Something's up.

I hear whispering. Trisha is coming up on the bed. She whispers in my ear: (".switch, me first this time, he's hot for you. I want to give him some free samples first."). I caught the switch. So he's got the hornies real bad for me?&hellip.well…come to mom and I'll give you some samples your gonna like.

I felt Jamie crawl up on the bed. Jamie&hellip. I was shaking with the chance to have sex with Morgan. It was pretty dark in here, so it was just like I was going to fuck my aunt again. Morgan pulled me up and started kissing me wildly. My cock sprang up rock hard. She pushed me down to suck on her bare tits. Oh…my&hellip.god… I was in heaven…again!

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Her legs came up and squeezed my body. She pushed me down further. I felt her pubic hair on my face and the wetness of her pussy. It was like a time machine back to when I use to lick my aunt's pussy.

She held my head just like she use to. She worked her wide open pussy on my tongue. I was in that past world that I was so hot for. Trisha&hellip. I pulled on Jamie to get him off of her. I held his rock hard cock and led him to my bedroom. He was trembling as I pulled him on top of me and put his cock in me. I had to hold on tight as he began to fuck me fast and deep.

He had experience and knew just how to fuck me good. I was climaxing fast as he even sped up. I peaked as I felt a monster blast of cum shoot in my body. I jerked and squirmed with pleasure. Damn he knew how to fuck a girl. He even fingered my clit as I climaxed hard&hellip. I was in euphoria as I thought, 'mom is gonna like this', but…I want him first,&hellip. always. Morgan&hellip. Listening to them was making me crazy with desire for him. I had never heard Trisha squeal like that before.

They both moaned and I could hear them breathing so hard. Jamie…… It was dark. I started kind of waking up. I think it was Trisha was under me with a content smile. I felt someone pulling on my arm. Was I having a dream? Naughty blonde gets plowed during a massage female hand got me up and led me into a dimly lit hallway and then into a bedroom with a big bed.

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She laid me down on my back. Was this my aunt in the dream? She washed me up with warm water. It felt so good I drifted back to sleep. I slowly woke up to a woman stroking my cock. It was hard again now and I felt warm lips go over it.

I couldn't make out if it was my aunt or not, but I didn't care with feeling I was having. She was arousing me and I felt her hair. She got up on top of me and put my hard cock in her warm wet pussy. I leaned up to kiss her hard nipples. She held my head tight to her tits and moaned. She had big beautiful tits like my aunt. My cock felt so good in her… Morgan&hellip. Now he was mine to play with.

Sitting with his nice cock up in me, I could direct it right where I wanted it. He had a great build and smooth warm skin. He liked my tits and knew how to really suck them good. I leaned over and began to slow fuck him deep in me.

He began to really come to life and pushed his cock in me. I felt his breathing increase as did mine. This was building up to be very hot sex. He knew how to thrust his cock in me just right.

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I pushed my clit down on him firm and so wet. I began to pant and moan. I felt his hands on my ass.

He helped the rhythm increase as I felt my pussy start to tremble. He held me and started speed fucking me&hellip.I moaned with pleasure. His cock was rubbing on my G spot with each stroke. I buried my tongue deep in his mouth. He started to growl and hold me so tight as he was going to cum in me. My pussy was pulsing by itself as we began to both yell out&hellip.I saw lighting in my head as I climaxed. He shot the hottest cum I had ever felt in me. I felt like a wild animal. I clamped my pussy down hard on his moving shooting cock.

What kind of teen guy was this to know how to fuck so good. We thrashed as we blended our bodies together. We fought for all the pleasure we could get. Something had a hold of us and it was glorious.

I locked my arms around him and let my pussy contract around his hard wet cock. We slow fucked until were exhausted out, and could barely squirm. My body melted into his as I slowly blacked out…&hellip. Jamie…… I never cum on my stockings creampie and brunette there would be any woman that could compare to my aunt…I was so very wrong&hellip.

--------- * I was the only guy at the graduation dance with a girl on each arm. That night they both gave me a graduation present I'll never forget. A threesome…*