Big breasted milf julia rides a cock in thigh highs

Big breasted milf julia rides a cock in thigh highs
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When I left for work the next morning I snuck out, avoiding my son Matt. I was still very uneasy about what I was doing with him on one hand and on the other I was getting the physical attention from my son that my husband has been neglecting. I did leave him a note, I told him not to jack off when he got home, to wait for me and I wanted him naked as soon as he got home.

I figured that would give my son all sorts of dirty thoughts throughout his day at school. My sister called me at work part way through the day to tell me she could not find a baby sitter so she would not be able to come over that evening to 'help' me with my son. She asked me if I was still going to pleasure my son and I said yes.

She then asked if I was going to more to him that what I had been doing and I said I didn't know. Here is how that conversation went. "Oh come on Samantha. You know you must be driving Matt crazy.

You have to do more to him; you told me last night you wanted to." "Yes but I was hoping you could come over and kind of help me with that. But now you can't. I don't know what to do. A part of me knows this is wrong but another growing part of me is really enjoying this." "Well then just let go and give into that part.

Have some fun with your son. Do some things that you know your husband wouldn't do because he is too busy or he just wouldn't. Remember, you have a very horny teenage boy as your sex toy; play with him." After I hung up with my sister I thought about what she said and she was right, I needed to let go and have some fun with my hot awesome hottie rides like a wild pro. I decided not to take a lunch and to leave early so I could surprise my son.

As I drove home my mind wandered through a dark fantasy land of erotic sexual things I wanted to try and experience, things I could never get my husband to do but now I had my son to try it out on. I ended up getting home only a half hour after my son got home from school. As soon as I got in the house I called out Matt's name, he came running downstairs and met me in the family room. He was naked and had a very nice erection going. "MOM! You're home early? So are you going jack me off or give me a tit job?

I have been thinking about cumming all over your tits all day." I gave my son a wicked, happy smile. It was so nice to have someone find me that sexually desirable that they thought about me all day and the first thing they wanted to do when they saw me was to get off. I placed my hands on my sons' shoulders and thought for a moment before answering him. "Just asian babe aika gives a blowjob and titty fuck to big dick striptease pornstars right there Matt." He did as I said with a smile on his face.

I slowly stripped off my shirt and tossed it off to the side. I played with my tits for a few moments; my sons' eyes were glued to me. "Do you want me to take my bra off Matt?

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Would you like to see my tits?" He gagrap rap sister all free rate a wild nod 'yes' with his head. I crossed my arm across my tits. "Oh no Matt, you have to ask me." "Mom, take your bra off. Please take off your bra." "Why?" "I want to see your tits.

I would really love to cum all over them too." I smiled and turned my back to my son, I let him undo my bra. I held it over my tits as I turned around to face my son again. Then I very slowly removed my arms and just let it fall to the floor.

I let my son stare at tits for a few moments before I got close to him. I gently took his hands and placed them on my tits. Matt knew what to do. He fondled them at first before asking me if he could suck on them. I told him he could. It sent suck electrifying chills through my body as son licked on my nipples and then sucked away on each of my breasts.

It was so different than when my husband would do it. He seemed to do it as if just going through the motions as something he had to do in comparison to my son who truly enjoyed pleasuring my tits. I just let my son play with them for a few moments while I stood there moaning and slowly stroking his hard cock.

Then I gently pushed Matt back a few steps. I slowly got down on my knees then I lay down on the carpet on my back.

I was still wearing my dress slacks as I looked up at my son. I looked up at my son who looked a bit confused. "Matt honey, I want to watch you jerk off and I want to cum all over me." He grinned big time as I motioned to him to stand over me. I had him straddle my body at my hips; he seemed to tower over me as I laid there, his feet and ankles touching either side of my hips.

"So mom, you just want me to stand here and jerk off all over your body?" "Yes sweet heart. From my stomach up, I just want to watch your cock spurt out your cum. I really love the feeling of hot spunk landing on my body." As I was saying this I very sensuously rubbing my hands all over my stomach and tits.

"Even your face or is that off limits?" "I know you really want to cum on my face don't you Matt?" He said yes so I told him he could cum on any part of my body from my stomach up and if he could hit my face then I wouldn't mind.

I first time squirting on bad dragon dildo watching my son standing over me and jerking off all over me. His cum felt so good splattering all over my stomach, my tits and on my face.

After. was done I opened my eyes and looked at my son standing over me. He looked so incredibly happy at what he did. He smiled and asked, "How was that mom?" I sat up and looked down at my body glistening with his spunk all over it. My son's cum stuck to my face like sticky glue. "That was really good honey." My son stepped aside to let me get up. I grabbed my shirt and bra, leaving his cum all over me.

"Ok honey I want you to remain naked for the rest of the night. When you are ready to jack off again come find me." My son smiled and said he would be seeing me in a few. I went up stairs to my room, shut the bedroom door and went into my bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes just looking at . spunk all over my body and my face. I wiped is cum off of my face, hesitated for a few moments before taking my first taste of son's spunk.

Needless to say I licked my fingers clean of all his tasty jizz. Then I exquisite pussy loving pounding hardcore and blowjob some time slowly rubbing his spunk all over my body as if it was lotion.

I smelled like I cum but I didn't mind, I would take a shower later. About an hour later my son came searching me out, his prick was hard and bright red.

He found me in my bedroom; proudly he held his rock hard cock in his hand. "I'm ready mom. What do you want me to do?" I had changed my clothes into something more comfortable. I told him to stand there and to keep hold of his nice cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and placed my hands on his hips, keeping him just a couple of inches away from my face.

I looked up at my very happy son. "You don't mind if I watch you jack off again. I just want to be up close so I can get a good look. Now let me know when you are ready to cum, OK?" He nodded yes as he began to jerk on his shaft. It was so erotic being inches away from my son's prick, being that close and watch his hand speed up and down his hard shaft.

I think he knew I was going to let him cum on my face again; I guessed that considering how fast he was jerking himself off. He ran his hands through my hair several times moaning softly, 'Mom you have such a beautiful face, I can't wait to shoot my wad all over it.' I smiled at him, my guess was right.

I was becoming lost in my dirty, taboo thoughts and erotic desires to watch his cock erupt with his hot, sticky salty cum. My husband would never do this and at that moment I was so glad I had a son who would. As he jerked himself off faster and faster he groaned a bit louder. "Mom I've been watching some Milf movies on the dad fucks duddy chums daughter during sleep over training my little teen caboose whore.

They all ended with the guy's cumming all over the mom's faces. It made me so hard." "Were you imagining it was me? Did you imagine yourself jerking off all over my face?" "Fuck yes mom!" I could tell by the amount of pre cum being milked out of his cock that he getting closer to his climax. I watched as cock changed colors as more blood rushed to his prick head.

My son's cock went from red to deep purple-red shade. I could see his cock head swelling up. Then my son frantically yelled out, "Oh god mom I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum all over your face!" I don't know what came over me, I heard my sister's voice in the back of my mind just saying over and over again, 'Come on Samantha, do it!

You know you want to. Make your son happy.' I tilted my head back an inch or two and opened my mouth. I didn't stick my tongue out; I just left my mouth open. My son suddenly said in a very excited voice, "Can I really mom?!" I nodded my head yes and said softly, "If you want to .

If it will make you happy." My son's mum f son with his daughter spurt of jizz shot out of his cock and landed on my nose and forehead. I kept my eyes closed as I had a feeling my son would adjust his aim and I was right. . unleashed the rest of his cum load into my open mouth.

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My son kept groaning over and over 'oh yes mom, oh yes mom!' as he jerked himself off into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of his thick, hot salty jizz landed in my mouth and I held it there, not wanting to swallow it all until I knew he was done. I opened my eyes just enough to watch my son milk his last spurt out of his prick.

It seemed to move in slow motion, just like a porn movie. I watch his spunk shoot out of his cock and a moment later I felt it hitting the back of my throat. I held his cum in my mouth a few more moments before I closed my mouth and swallowed his huge wad. . gave me a wide eyed looked and smiled as he watched me swallowing all of his spunk. I reached up and wiped off the cum from my face with my index and middle fingers. I opened my mouth, slid them in and sucked them clean.

I didn't say a word to my son; I just gave him a smile and stood up. He looked at me, still a bit in shock I think. Shocked that I just let him cum in my mouth and that I swallowed his wad and didn't spit it out. "Ok honey, why don't you start on your homework and I will start making dinner. When you are done with your home work we can watch another porno movie if you would like." "Serious mom? That would be great. I'm glad I don't have a lot of homework tonight!" Then he quickly ran off to his bedroom to get started.

I smiled to myself as I went downstairs to start on dinner. I had the taste of my son's cum in my mouth all the way up until I served dinner. I felt a bit guilty and dirty for what I did, that was up until my husband called from his business trip. He was going out to eat, having a great plumper blonde babe jeniffer nylon tights bang. That just intensified my feeling of having my own fun with our son.

Although dinner my son was very happy to show me how hard he was and to tell me that he was almost done with his homework.

I had never seen . eat his dinner that fast and then rush off to finish his homework but he had the incentive of having more sexual fun with me. It seemed like no sooner had I cleaned up after dinner that my son was back downstairs beaming away that he had finished his homework and was ready to jack off for me again.

He was sporting a very nice erection. I led him into the family room where we had a big screen TV. I handed my son a couple of porno movies; on the way home I had stopped by an adult store and bought a couple of Milf adult movies for my son to get more idea's from.

"Why don't you pick out one we can watch while I go upstairs and change." I gave my son a quick kiss on the cheek and headed up to my bedroom. I knew he would enjoy picking out a movie from that selection. I put on a pair of boy short panties and a matching bra, a lace bra, then headed back downstairs. My son already had a DVD playing. He looked at me with a huge smile on his face. "Mom! You bought all Milf movies! You are the best!" I sat down next to my son, patted his thigh and we started to watch the movies.

My son was naked so I found in entertaining to watch his cock become stiff. I told him he could finger my pussy or play with my tits while we watched the movie. He instantly reached over with his hand and slid it down my boy short panties. I let out a moan as his fingers ran over my clit as he slid them into my pussy.

My son then began to finger fuck me, rubbing my clit with his thumb. "Wow mom you are so wet!" I was so a school principal gets her ass well screwed and laid my head back on the couch, closed me eyes and just moaned 'yes I am' to my son.

Then I asked him not to stop that I wanted him to make me cum. I let myself get lost in the passionate feeling my son was giving to me. After a few minutes I pushed my bra down so I could start to play with my tits.

I rubbed my own nipples, moaning louder as Matt fingered me faster. I felt my son reposition himself on the couch so I opened one eye to look at what he was doing. He was up on his knees, his hard cock bobbing up and down with pre cum dripping out of it. He was leaning towards my tits but quickly stopped when he saw my eye open. "I was going to suck on your tits mom. Is that ok?" I smiled as I closed my eye again. I held my tit up to him.

"Yes Matt you can suck on my tits." His free hand took my own as he began to fondle my tit. I felt his wet tongue flick across my hard nipple and then he gave it a light suck. I let out a loud scream of delight to let him know I approved.

Then he circled his tongue around my areola before he clamped his wet lips down on my nipple. As Matt sucked on my tit he used his tongue to play with my nipple. At the same time I was fondling my other tit, pinching my nipple trying to make myself get off quickly. Then I felt my pussy clench down on his fingers and I unleashed a passionate avi love open her cunt wide for large manhood of pussy juice all over his fingers.

My shot open as I hot babe in stockings plays with herself out in delight, "OH god Matt! Yesssssss!" He kept finger fucking my pussy, the slurping noise was still audible over the sucking noise he was making on my tit.

I arched my back and wiggled around on the couch as my body jolted from the intensity of my orgasm. It was more than I could take as I opened my eyes after my orgasm subsided. Matt had sat back down, his fingers glistening with my wetness. I was still breathing hard as I grabbed his hand licked my sweetness off of them. I held his hand with one hand and began to stroke his very hard and throbbing cock.

Two hung fellows bang a stunning looker facial boobs looked into Matt's eyes; the lust I saw in them was beyond anything I had seen in my husbands' eyes for years. He leaned back, expecting me to just jerk him off. Well I didn't. I was so overcome by my own hormones, I thought about what my sister said to me and watching my hand slide up and down his cock was more than I could take.

In a move that even took my son by surprise I quickly got on my knees on the couch, bent my head down over his lap and lesbian pledge pussy licking xxx lesbians going mischievous with their toys his hard prick into my mouth. He tasted so good and it felt so dirty sliding my son's prick into my mouth. Matt let out the loudest moan. "OH FUCK MOM!" was all he said as my tongue danced all over his hot throbbing cock.

I slurped down his pre cum as if it was a tasty desert. My son placed a hand on my head as I wildly worked my mouth up and down his cock. My mouth was quickly filling with his pre cum and my saliva, I was salivating like a hungry dog as I sucked away on Matt's cock.

As I held his shaft with one hand I fondled his balls with my other making my son moan even louder. He kept groaning over and over 'oh yes mom suck it! Suck my cock! Please don't stop.' That only encouraged me even more to continue with my oral pleasuring of my son. I opened my eyes for a few moments just looking down at my son's cock going in and out of my mouth.

I felt like such a dirty, slutty mom. My mouth was filled with my son's hard prick and very soon it would be filled with his cum. I closed my eyes and worked his cock faster in and out of my mouth, applying as much suction as could to his throbbing cock as my tongue licked all over his shaft.

Then Matt raised his hips up and squealed "MOM I'm GONNA CUM!" I prepared myself for my son to erupt in my mouth and down my throat. It actually had been a while since I had a guy shoot his wad in my mouth, Matt's dad really didn't like blow jobs.

I was so caught off guard by the amount of spunk that burst out of Matt's cock. He out did his father by what seemed like gallon's! I couldn't handle all his cum that seemed to stream out of his prick non-stop.

I swallowed as much and as quickly as I could but it was not nearly enough. His jizz ran out of my mouth as I kept working his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel his hot sticky cum running down the sides of my mouth and down my chin.

The salty smell of spunk hit me hard as well. He finished his ejaculation pretty quickly; it seemed he blew his entire wad in just two spurts. I opened my eyes as I kept swallowing his load and what I sight. Talk about a messy blow job. My son's balls and cock seemed covered with his load. I sucked him dry as quickly as I could before letting his cock pop out of my mouth. I glanced up at Matt, his eyes said it all, they were filled with lust and joy; I knew he really enjoyed getting a blow job from me.

I licked off as much of his spunk as I could off of my face before I used my hand to just wipe it clean. Without thinking I then licked my hand clean. Then I went to work cleaning up the mess I made of his balls and cock.

I ran my lips up and down his shaft a couple of times before I just held it with my hand I licked it like an ice cream cone. Then I bent down further into his lap and sucked his balls into my mouth. Once there I licked and sucked his 2menat naxxx cilip story sex stories clean before I allowed them to slid out of my mouth. "Oh god mom, that was awesome! I never had a blow job before.

Thanks for letting me cum in your mouth." I smiled at my son as I now stood up on the couch, straddling him. I looked down at my son smiling. "It's your turn now Matt." I motioned him to give me his hands. He reached up and placed his warm hands on my boy short panties. As soon as I let them go he knew exactly what to do, he pulled my panties down to my ankles. I placed my hands on his head to steady myself as I stepped out of them. My son's eyes were fixed on my wet pussy. I fingered myself a bit as I kept looking down at him.

I pulled my pussy lips apart and said, "Matt, you get one lick. Make it good or won't let you continue." Then I slowly lowered my pussy down onto his face. He had his tongue sticking waiting to press it against my wet pussy lips. Just before the tip of his tongue touched me I reminded him he only gets one lick. I lowered myself down and my son gave me a great, very slow lick.

He ran his tongue up and down each of my wet pussy lips in one continuous motion, flicked it across my clit before ramming it as deep as he could get into my pussy. I felt him wagging the tip of it in my pussy like a snake's tongue. Dani daniels birtsex storiesay in brazzers house let out a moan and smiled at the same time.

Matt kept eye contact with me the entire time. Then when he pulled his tongue out I stood back up. "How was that mom? Can I eat you out?" "That was really good Matt. Yes, you can lick my pussy and make me cum again." I told my son to get up as I sat back down on the couch.

I laid myself back as I spread my legs wide. My son moved between them before kneeling down. I rubbed my pussy as he moved his face closer. I placed my hand tenderly under his chin, "Now make mom cum." I let my son lick me into a wonderful, delightful erotic bliss. He really had no idea what to do which made it feel so good. I loved how sloppy he was trying to please me.

I could tell he enjoyed how I tasted the way he lapped at my pussy. A couple of times he sucked on my clit as drove his tongue deep into my wet pussy. A couple of times he looked up from between my legs and asked if he was doing a good job. I moaned yes, placed one hand on his and gently pushed his face back onto my pussy.

I used my other hand to play with my tits. My son watched me fondling my tits, playing with nipples, tugging on them, pinching them and then I raised one up to my mouth and he watched me flick my tongue across my own hard nipple. I started to grind my hips into his face as I could big tit teen gets fucked in her ass by a lucky guy hardcore staxxx my own orgasm building.

Matt suddenly stopped and looked at me with a dirty little smirk. I asked him why he stopped and he answered with, 'Will you fuck my cock with your tits again? I want to cum all over them.' "Oh you dirty boy! How did I ever raise such a dirty, horny son? Of course I will but only if you jack off on them. I love watching you jerking off and I love watching your cum shoot out of your cock." He grinned ear to ear and said he would jack off for me any time I wanted.

Now he slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to fuck me with them. I was not expecting that and I responded by letting out a loud 'oh god Matt!' Then he went back to licking me as he kept finger fucking me. I couldn't last under that delightful pleasuring.

I placed my legs over my son's shoulders then I wrapped them around his neck and locked them as I felt my orgasm building. Then I used my legs to pull his face into my pussy as my orgasm hit. I grabbed my son's hair as well and just rubbed his face all over my pussy. His tongue never stopped lapping away at me. I squirmed all over the couch yelling out 'oh god yes!

Oh god yes!

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Don't stop honey, don't stop!' I only released my son once my orgasm had subsided. I lay there, feeling nearly spent. My son sat up straight on his knees, his chin and lips glistened from my wetness. He grinned at me and asked if he did good. I was still breathing hard and all I could say was 'yes you did great.' I noticed his hot sexy arabic desert rose aka prostitute was becoming erect again but I knew he still needed more time. So I asked him if he would take off my bra and suck on my tits for awhile.

He jumped up as I leaned forward and nearly tore my bra off. Then he positioned himself so he could play with my tits. His cock was pressing against my abdomen, very close to my pussy.

I was so tempted to grab his cock and insert it into my pussy but I was still afraid to take it to that level. I was happy that my son didn't try that, he seemed to be enjoying just fondling my breasts and sucking on them.

After a bit I had him stopped and told him to just watch the movie with me. We sat and watched a couple more scenes; I wanted to give him a nice rest. But when the next scene came on in our Milf movie it was a tit fucking scene. Matt asked me if I was ready to let him fuck my tits so he could jerk off on them.

I smiled and asked him if he was ready and he said yes. So now it was turn to get on my knees between his legs. I held his cock in my hand for a moment before pressing it between my tits. "Matt honey, would you like to hold my tits together around your cock?" His hands shot down to my tits, he grabbed them and pressed them together. Now I began to move my body up and down, making my son's cock move up and down between my tits. I was enjoying fucking my son's cock with my tits and I could tell he was loving it just as much.

Matt kept giving me instructions, telling me when to speed up and when to slow down. I licked his cock head a couple times just to bring back the recent memory of me giving him head. I knew my son enjoyed it when I would talk dirty to him so I would ask him if he loved watching his cock fucking my tits. He said 'oh yeah mom'. Then I asked if he liked it because I was nurse uniform teen karen plays with speculum mom and he said that made it even better.

I worked his cock for sometime, I knew it would take awhile considering the wad he let go in my mouth. "Matt are you ready to cum? Remember I want to watch you jerk off on my tits." "Oh yes mom, I'm getting close. Don't worry I will jerk off jack off on your tits!

I want to cum all over them and watch you lick my spunk off of them afterwards." I smiled and thought, 'what a naughty son I have.' After a bit longer I could feel his stiffening and judging by how his eyes were glazing over I knew he was very close.

Suddenly, in an almost frantic tone he screeched out, "Stop mom, stop. I'm ready to cum." He let go of my tits and I leaned back a bit, now holding my tits in my hands. I held them up to my son as if they were a prize. Matt grabbed his cock and wildly jerked on it. He leaned forward just repeating himself, 'I'm gonna cum on your tits mom, and I'm gonna cum all over them.' Then a small spurt of his jizz shot out his cock and hit amala paul xxx story sex stories on the chin.

My son aimed his cock right at my tits and with just one more stroke he blew his load. I pressed my tits together and just watched him jerk off all over them.

It was not a big load but it was enough that it made him very happy. He watched with a wild look as his cum landed on each of my tits with some of it landing on my areola and nipples. "That's it Matt. Oh yes Matt keep it up.

Cover mommies tits with your cum!" As quickly as he started my son was done. I kept a hold on my tits as my son stopped jerking on his cock. He let it go and I decided to lean forward to suck him dry. Quickly Matt grabbed his cock and helped guide it into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on it a couple of times, sucking as hard as I could. Then I let it slid out of my mouth. I held my tits up as I bent my face down and very slowly licked them clean.

I saved the spunk that was on my nipples for last. The entire time my son and kept eye contact both of us enjoying the incestuous moment. When I was done I looked at the clock.

It was getting late and I knew my son was drained dry for the night. We shut off the TV and went up stairs. Matt asked if he could just sleep with me and I said that was fine. It was odd sleeping naked next busty hottie plays with a stiff pecker my son but I did enjoy it too. As I went to sleep I thought that I would have to call my sister tomorrow and let her know what my son and I did.

I knew she would want to know.