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Brunette babe drilled by horny pawn dude
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It all started one hot, summer day in a dull looking two story house in urban Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a normal summer day: my dad was outside mowing the lawn, my mom was sitting in front of the computer with a cup of ice tea, my sixteen year old sister, Julia, was upstairs probably either working her mouth rapidly over a phone or sleeping, and I was also in my room going on Facebook on my iPhone as it pounded out some Eminem through my Beats.

I was fourteen and just the typical American teenager. I was still a little short at around 5 foot 4 but my growth spurt was just igniting it's engines to rocket up to 6 feet or taller.

I weighed about 125 pounds or something but any excess weight was mostly muscle as I did plenty of soccer in the summer and basketball in the winter.

I have deep mom sleeping and son saylent bed sehar sex eyes and matching brown hair that I have in kind of a Justin Bieber style. I can't get it that perfect but I think it still looks "cute" or whatever girls call something they find attractive.

I suppose it works as I often find myself getting flirting glances from girls at school. "Julia! Mike! Can you come downstairs for a minute?" my mom's voice came suddenly up the stairs and even through my noise blocking headphones since mom's voice was so loud and shrill.

I knew this was going to come sooner or later. Mom and dad were acting real strange and quiet that week and Julia and I were actually a little worried what had happened. As I headed downstairs, my heart pounded a little louder than usual and for some reason and I kept thinking that somebody had died. When I came into the kitchen where we usually had our "family discussions", I saw mom and dad sitting calmly at the kitchen table across from each other. Of course a stupid idea crossed my mind.

Although they did not look like someone had died, the way they were sitting there made it look like they were going to divorce. As usual I was fortunately wrong. When Julia came into the room, dad, being the straightforward one, went right to the point, saying, "Kids, we're going to Japan for a month." We blinked and stared at him but eventually smiles crept to our faces. "Oh sorry," he apologized. "Not you guys, just um … your mother and I." It's so strange how your spirits can go from super excited to devastated beyond repair in 0.3 seconds.

"Wait what?" Julia said, trying to get a confirmation of what he said. Dad started from the beginning, saying that it was for mom and his' job (they worked together in some kind of business). They were going to stay at one of their Japanese friend's house somewhere in Tokyo and commute a short distance to the office or whatever stupid place they were going and they were basically going to live there for a month. Meanwhile we were stuck here in America staying with Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul, sitting around playing checkers and drinking tea with no kids around since they were all grown up and in college or married.

Our first reaction was of course arguing masseuse is really hot with big boobs and butts them to let us go, pleading and begging to them eventually, but they just said that we didn't have the money to bring the whole family to Japan and also, although they still loved us, we were going to get in the way of the very important business trip.

We never did stop complaining but that was that and you could not change a parent's mind. They went on discussing to us all the details and stuff. They said we could go to amusement parks, movies, and whatever we wanted as long as our aunt and uncle approved and they even gave us one hundred dollars each for the month which I suppose calmed us down a little bit but the meeting ended with Julia and I sighing as we went back upstairs with our hundred dollar bills and mom and dad saying "Sorry" and "We still love you" over and over.

The two weeks until mom and dad's trip went by slowly and normally but since it was still early August it was still summer vacation and I had a whole month of it until school started. When it did start, I would be starting my first year of high school which kind of worried me a little as I had heard many things about it both good and bad. Another thing was since Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul lived like a five minute car ride from our house, I would be starting at my normal high school near our house without mom and dad to encourage me and say, "How was your day?" after I came home.

It wasn't that my aunt and uncle were rude and unkind, quite the opposite, they were very kind and friendly, but it was just better to have your parents help you through the tough life of high school. But that was that and so I was going to begin high school with my aunt and uncle whether I like it or not. Two weeks later I found myself waving frantically goodbye to mom and dad as they waved back with teary eyes, walking into the airport drop-off entrance.

When I couldn't see them anymore, I turned around and hot blonde sex slaves forced to fuck in Aunt Jennifer's sleek, black Mercedes along with her and Julia.

As we drove back towards northern Minneapolis and through downtown, Aunt Jennifer assured us that we would have a great time and we would absolutely NOT sit around playing checkers, drinking tea, taking naps, and have preschool stories read to us till we die of brain damage. No, she said she would make sure we died a more honorable death like pop, movie, and music overdose. I had to crack a quick smile at Aunt Jennifer's teenage mind. She was forty-six but her mind was stuck in the time of her teenage years.

She was also quite pretty for an older woman. She had bright blonde hair that flowed down below her shoulders and a sturdy "mature" kind of look.

Being my mom's older sister, she had a very similar face to her that reminded me nicely of her. I didn't want to sound perverted but another thing about Aunt Jennifer was her attractive slim body, especially her very large chest that stuck out quite considerably and her nice round ass. With full knowledge of what sex was since I watched porn plus my raging hormones, I couldn't help but take special note of a lot of girl's bodies which unfortunately included my aunt, sometimes even my sister, and rarely my mom.

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I wasn't a sick pervert, I was just a teenager experiencing feelings that a lot of teenagers did, but as we pulled into Aunt Jennifer's long driveway and got out, I couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious about my crotch. Aunt Jennifer helped Julia and I carry our luggage inside, through the large house, and upstairs to our rooms. Having been here almost once every week since she lived very very close, we didn't have to be shown a tour of this mansion of a house.

We just dropped our stuff off and went right downstairs to the living room where she was setting down two cans of Sprite. When she saw us her eyes twinkled and she said teasingly, "I'm already starting sauna small anal porn amator turk liseli zorla anal poison you." referring to the Sprites. We laughed but just stood there awkwardly. "Is it that you don't like Sprite? Or do you have some grudge against me?" she said, laughing.

"Just take one and enjoy." We each quickly grabbed one and popped it open. As we sipped, Aunt Jennifer said, "Well, since you've been here a lot already, you know where everything is and how it works around here but a few things you should know about living here is stuff like meals, laundry, and other … random stuff." She went on to explain the essential living things to know.

The talk kind of drifted to other stuff like life and stuff. We talked while taking sips of pop and it eventually led to talk about our relationship status. Julia I knew had a boyfriend as he would come over to our house once in awhile and go up to Julia's room to probably make out or something, but just recently they broke up, leaving her "boy-less".

Aunt Jennifer comforted her and said she would find another better one. She turned to me and asked, "Hey Mark, how about you? You have a girlfriend?" That moment was extremely awkward.

Every time someone mentioned that kind of stuff it was, but having it asked by your aunt with your sister listening made it a little weirder to talk about.

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I managed to say, "Uh, no not really right now. I used to but…but we kind of…you know, like Julia, we broke up. But we're fine. Aunt Jennifer nodded but I saw Julia smirking and I felt a little annoyance. "What the heck is so funny?" I shot at her.

She widened her eyes in innocence and said, "What? I'm not laughing at anything!" I glared at her. "Liar, and what about you, didn't you just break up too? What's so funny about that?" "Nothing Mike," Aunt Jennifer said.

"It's perfectly normal to be in love and breakup, even at your age, and I know how you feel, but I'm sure by the end of this month you'll have another girl. With a handsome face like yours they'll be crawling all over you. I sat there with flushed cheeks as I thought about big tits nylon garter belt she meant by that. Maybe she was talking about when I went to school. I tried to ask her but she had changed the subject.

We talked and after about two cans of pop and a glass of water, I noticed something was missing and I realized I hadn't seen Uncle Paul all day so I asked, "Where's Uncle Paul?" Aunt Jennifer nodded and said, "Oh yes, I forgot to tell your parents but your Uncle Paul isn't going to be able to join us for a few weeks. Ironically, just like your parents he had to go to a long business trip. He won't be back until the last week of your stay." She noticed my frown and said, "Mike, I'm really sorry but I'll make sure to make it up to you guys and I'm sure Paul would like to too." I sighed but put on a smile and said, "I understand." I was pretty disappointed though because Uncle Paul was probably the best, funniest forty-nine year old uncle anyone could ever have.

He was a large, burly man with a short, fuzzy beard and was always laughing, telling the most outrageous and funny stories. He would let us play any music we wanted (yes, including Eminem and Lil' Wayne) on their humongous stereo system all day, let us drink Redbull at ten PM, and pretty much let us do anything we wanted as long as it didn't hurt anybody.

Then again, Aunt Jennifer was pretty much the same so I guess it didn't make much difference. It was twelve o'clock so Aunt Jennifer began to make some lunch. She said it would be done in about ten minutes so she said we could do what we like until then. I decided to go check Facebook on the computer they had in the guest room.

Upstairs, I was going to the bathroom but when I opened the door, to my surprise, horror, and eventually pleasure, there was already someone in there in the shower. The bathroom was pretty spacious so I wasn't heard so I just stood there in shock as I watched a probably twenty something year old drop dead gorgeous Latina totally nude lathering herself up under the spray of the shower.

I was just standing there staring stupidly like the pervert I was, but for a good reason as my mind was spinning with the sight before me and many thoughts jumbling around in my head: "Who was this beautiful girl here and why the heck was she here taking a shower? I can't believe I'm seeing my very first naked body! I wonder what will happen if she sees me.

I am being weird? Is this a dream?" As I was thinking these things, I could feel a stirring in between my legs so with my heart pounding with horniness, I slowly shut the door, rushed to my room, stripped completely and started pumping my throbbing member.

I actually didn't usually jack off because I was afraid of what to do with all the cum that would spray out and also because my parents were there, but since I wasn't in my own house and I was so worked up with skinny blonde babe lexi lou needs a medicinal cock pornstars hardcore, I kept pumping until the white liquid shot up in a short arc then landed soundly on my stomach.

A few more spurts came out before my used dick softened up until it lay limp on my stomach. I lay there panting and thinking dreamily about the sexy Latina mysteriously showering in my aunt's house. "Lunch," Aunt Jennifer hollered, so I grabbed a tissue box, wiped up the mess, threw my clothes back on and headed downstairs to have lunch and ask about the Latina. I didn't have to though as she was already there, dressed attractively in a tight, thin T-shirt and loose shorts that came about halfway up her thigh.

Her hair was done up in a pony tail and was still damp from the shower I had witnessed. She turned around when I came in and smiled warmly, making me feel a little lightheaded. "Oh Mike," Aunt Jennifer said, "This is Maria. She's a college graduate from the University of Minnesota and is living here so she can be closer to her job.

Maria, this is my nephew Mike I was talking about and you already met Julia." Maria held out her hand and I took it. "Nice to meet you Mike," she said with the most melodic voice. I almost fainted but I managed to choke out, "You too, uh, Maria." She smiled again but looked at me in a strange way with a curious twinkle in her eye. Did she…? "Okay let's eat guys!" Julia chirped and we all sat around the table to some authentic looking sandwiches. As we ate, Aunt Jennifer brought something up.

"Oh yeah, Julia and Mike, I forgot to tell you guys but in two days there's going to be kind of an end of the summer kind of party I'm going to host and there's going to be lots of boys," she looked at Julia with a smile. "And girls." She turned to me and winked. "It's going to be from around two and three to maybe eight o'clock and there'll be all kinds of games, food, and…socializing.

Anyway, that's just something to look forward to." And she then abruptly changed the subject. Look forward I did and in two days I was finishing up my lunch and getting everything set for the party in a couple hours.

There were chairs and tables set all over and a really nice Weber grill for supper, which Maria, who happened to be an excellent chef, was going to make. Aunt Jennifer also put up badminton net and brought out a big boom box. We eventually were all set and waited for the first guests to come. The first people to come were a family of four with one seven year old boy and one eleven year old girl.

Next was an older couple then a small one child family. The people that came after had a sixteen year old boy named Justin and it was obvious that Julia instantly took a liking to him and so did he. She strode over and said hi and they began talking like best friends. They began to walk around talking and laughing and they already seemed like a couple already. I rolled my eyes and went to get a pop as more and more people came in.

Who came in next totally stopped me in my tracks. A Japanese family of one twelve year old girl and one fourteen year old girl walked in through the gate. The girl my age really got my attention as she was the cutest girl I had ever seen. Her face was so soft and innocent looking and her wavy silky hair hung down perfectly right below her shoulders. She was about the same height as me but maybe a little taller. I really couldn't flexible teen dildo these promiscuous teen chicks and their out of control partying is but notice the other parts of her body like her impressively protruding chest and slim figure beneath a tight Hollister shirt and shorts very similar to Maria's.

I suddenly felt very awkward and although I pretended to not notice her, I kept glancing furtively at her and eventually she caught me and she looked right into my eyes and smiled. I nearly fainted right then but I held on and smiled back. She came over and said, "Hi, I'm Kazuna Yamamoto." I was going to hyperventilate and only stared idiotically at her with a dreamy smile while I was thinking, "She's hot in every way and damn I like her voice".

I finally said, "O-oh hi, I'm Mike…Sadler." "So are you like related to Mrs. Sadler or something?" She asked. I blinked before realizing she was talking about Aunt Jennifer, "Uh yeah, she's my aunt." "Oh cool…she's great huh?" I nodded and began to be more comfortable. "Yeah she's awesome." "By the way, where do you live?" she asked. "I actually live like a five minute car ride from here in like the south side of the neighborhood." Kazuna's eyes widened in delight and she said, "Seriously?

Sweet! What's your address?" I told her and she started jumping up and down. "I live one block down!" I was absolutely overjoyed but didn't show it too much just in case she thought it was weird.

We continued to talk about all kinds of random stuff and I really felt comfortable around her and I was having tons of fun laughing my guts out with her. We walked around eating, talking, and acting like teenagers, and although we talked a lot to other teens, making a lot of friends in the process, almost always stuck together.

Not holding hands or acting like a couple or anything, just walking around together and being friends, but on towards the later part of the party, I found my hand occasionally bumping unintentionally into hers and I took back the rolling of my eyes when Julia and Justin took off like a couple. I could definitely relate to her now. It was about five o'clock and it was just barely getting darker out. The party was in full swing as it had been for the last few hours.

Before there weren't as many people swimming in the pool but now there were maybe a dozen and a half people wading about as there was laughing and talking around them. I was thinking about jumping in but Kazuna blurted out, "Hey guys, wanna go in the pool?" before I could. I was the first one to say, "Sure!" So after quickly changing, I walked over to the pool and almost tripped when I saw Kazuna.

She was standing with one hand on her hips wearing a tight, striped bikini. The top was virtually a waterproof bra with a string to tie around the back and the bottom was similarly just like panties except for the fact that it was connected by small rings in the sides, giving it an adult look. I loved how it showed a considerable amount of tanned skin and her perfectly curved teen body. I was suddenly glad that I did a lot of sports and had a rock hard six-pack, muscles, and a slim figure so that she had something to look at too.

After recovering my senses, I smiled and waved, sprinted toward the pool, then did a cannonball in. After bobbing to the surface, I invited her in. She hesitated for a few seconds before jumping in, creating a small, feminine splash.

When she came up, we began playing around in the water with some of our other friends for almost an hour before finally getting out with wrinkled fingers. By then it was pretty dark but there were lamp posts set up all around and the bright patio light made things a lot brighter too. We dried ourselves off and deciding not to go swimming again, we went inside to change.

After going through the many people, inside three people went to the three bathrooms in the house. There were six of us so once they came back the rest of us went and changed. While I was changing, I noticed that I had a hard on and I knew instantly it was because of Kazuna. I couldn't help but reach down and stroke my six and a half inch member as I thought of her.

Did I like her? Was it that four letter word? Did she feel the same way? I snapped back to reality and stopped stroking my manhood which was really longing to squirt some semen but I quickly got changed and exited. As soon as I opened the door though, Kazuna walked straight into me and we both fell to the ground with me on my back and Kazuna on top of me, chest to chest.

We were both breathing hard and staring into each other's eyes but not saying a word. I finally managed to begin to stutter out, "O-oh, Kazuna, I'm really sor—" but she shocked me with a really bold move of planting her innocent lips on mine, silencing me. It was a little bit sloppy and inexperienced looking back but at that moment I was in heaven. I had only kissed once but that was just a quick touch of the lips.

This was an actual full blown kiss as she was smooching all over my lips and although she didn't start French kissing, I didn't care, I just responded and kissed back, locking my lips with hers and pushing passionately. The problem was, my dick was hard and beginning to poke Kazuna's stomach a little bit and I'm sure it was as weird for her as it was for me, but I suppose we were too caught up awesome bitch sucks rod inside the car our making out.

That suddenly stopped though when we heard a voice breath, "Whoa," We both stopped instantly and looked up to victoria sin sucking the skin off that bratwurst Luke, one of our four other friends that was a tall, Hawaiian-Mexican (kind of reminded me of Bruno Mars) guy, looking down at us with awe.

Kazuna jumped off and we sat up, panting. "Look," I said, "It's not what it looks like, we were just—" "No, no, no, I'm uh…happy for you, more like amazed by you. I respect you majorly now and…"Luke went on saying I was awesome and stuff and we started to relax. "So Kazuna huh?" he continued as we slowly walked back downstairs.

"Never would of guessed, and so soon too." I glanced at Kazuna then back to Luke and shrugged. "Uh…I don't know…" I glanced over again. "Maybe," There was a smile in her eyes. Being Luke, he shifted to Kazuna and he said, "So Kazuna, what are you thinking?" I could tell she was a little irked by his question and she said, "Just forget about two teens have fun in the bathroom Luke?

You didn't see anything." He backed off and did forget about it even when we got back to our group and they asked us what had happened. He just said, "Nothing important." We hung around inside for a while just talking and sipping pop but eventually Stephanie, a really bubbly but beautiful girl with brown straight hair down to her shoulders, suggested we play truth or dare. Yes even at fourteen and fifteen we still played truth or dare.

Some of us agreed but some of us like me and Kazuna weren't entirely sure. They eventually convinced us and we went up to my room where there wouldn't be any people and sat around in a circle on the floor. Karl, a slightly tall quiet guy with a handsome face and wavy dark blonde hair almost to his eyes went first. Rachel (the last of our group of six) a hot blonde haired cheerleader type girl who Karl might like but I wasn't sure, sat to his left so he asked her, "Truth or dare?" Rachel thought for a moment then said, "Truth," I could tell something was going on between them but they were hiding it.

"Were you the one who put that…" he trailed off when Rachel blushed and nodded. They were both smiling now and I think we all knew what was going on. After Luke and I congratulated Karl, Rachel went next. She was sitting next to Stephanie who chose dare. Rachel dared her to put "I love Luke" as her Facebook status using her phone which she did.

Next was Stephanie and it was then I realized I was sitting next to her and I started to panic. "Truth or dare Mike?" She asked me. I thought long and hard and eventually came up with, "Dare," She smiled. "Okay, I dare you to go into the bathroom with Kazuna for five minutes." My heart pounded. "O-okay," I stammered.

"That's fine right Kazuna?" She looked just as nervous but she nodded. "Okay, go on," Stephanie said. "I'll be timing it." Kazuna and I got up slowly and made our way to the personal bathroom in my room. After locking ourselves in, we stood there silently. "So…"she broke the silence.

"What are we gonna do?" I shrugged. This was basically 7 minutes in heaven and I knew what Stephanie wanted us to do. I wanted to do it but I didn't know if Kazuna did. I looked at her and we locked our gaze. "Oh what the hell," She said and approached me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and smacked her lips soundly onto mine. I knew it would happen sooner or later so I wasn't surprised. I responded and pushed back deeply just like before.

I also gently took hold of the back of her head, running my hands through her silky Asian hair. We went about like this for the next four minutes and boy did it feel wonderful to actually kiss a girl. It ended though when there was a loud knock on the door and a voice saying, "Time's up." We reluctantly let go and gave each other a smile and a wink before exiting.

The group sat expectantly as we sat back down. Everyone stared at us and it was really awkward for us but we moved on. It was my turn now and to my left was Luke. He chose dare and I dared him to kiss Stephanie for his sake since I knew that he liked her.

Luke was absolutely red hot with embarrassment but he lightly kissed her on the lips and there was whistling all around and a lot of laughing. The thing was though, Luke was next and I knew he couldn't keep from spilling the beans. Kazuna was to his left and she chose truth. Even though everyone knew he knew what had happened, the question was, "What took you and Mike slim legal age teenager bounds on jock long?" Kazuna gave Luke an evil glare then opened her mouth slowly but stopped.

"W-we were uh…" she glaned at me for help and I gave her a small wink. She smiled, approached me and said, "This." For the third time our lips met sloppily but this time there was cheering around us and a strange wonderful feeling inside of me, kind of like when you find out you are loved. Or maybe it was my dick…