Teacher hordly student sexx mobi

Teacher hordly student sexx mobi
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Jessica: Monday went by slowly, I was in chemistry class starring down at my book while our teacher talks about boring stuff when I hear the class door open.

I look up to see Mya "class meet Mya Jefferson she's a tenth grader, she'll be in our class for the rest of the school year I would like you sit at Jessica lab table" Ms. Carson says.

Mya walks over to me she sit at the stool next to me "hi" what are you doing here ? "my schedule was change" "Jessica and Mya" Ms. Carson says."Yes" we both reply "pay attention" Mya pushes her chair closer to me she put her hand on my right thigh.

Mya rubs my right thigh. After school I walk Mya home since I don't have a car yet. "So how about we go to my house, and relax" Mya says in a sexy voice.

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Once we get on our street we walk down to the fifth house. We both walk up to Mya front door Mya unlocks it with her house keys and we enter. Once we enter Mya kisses me an I kiss international superstar loves bbc karlee grey back we both touch each other body for a while, then we head upstairs.

"I have homework that I need to do first" "me to" once we get in Mya room I take my sneakers off and sit on her bed. I pull my chemistry text book out and a couple sheets of papers. _________________________________________ Mya Mom Sara: I'm in the den dusting away the dirt when I find a thong between the couch cushion.

Now I know that not mine I don't even wear thongs I think they ride up my ass and my husband and I haven't been having sex in awhile. I stick the thong in my pocket when I hear Mya and Jessica voice they must be home, but I never heard them come in.

Once I'm done dusting I head upstairs quietly I walk down the hall I pass my daughter bedroom when I hear some noise. I didn't want to be noisy, but I had to see what that noise was.

So I walk over to Mya door quietly I push Mya bedroom door open a little to see the girls doing homework so I walk away when I sucking an extremely huge penis hardcore and blowjob Mya say "I'm done with my homework Jessica how about we take our cloths off".

I walk back over to see the girls taking each other cloths off an they lay on the bed then start making out. My daughter is lesbian I was shock how I did I not know that. I check the hidden camera in my daughter bedroom all the time to see nothing, but my boring daughter life and some times I watch her undress or play with herself.

Mya have a cute body for a teenager she gets her looks from me, but she have no ass or boobs her tits are B cup while mine are D cup their big like Jessica except her are C.

I go in my walk in closet it was a small walk in closet. I slide a back door open and enter my secret office. I walk over to my desk and sit I check my secret camera in my daughter to room to see Mya turn all the cameras off in the house. Mya don't know I have a secret camera in her room, but she does know about the sercuity system her dad paid for.

I turn the secret camera in her bedroom on to see Mya sucking Jessica pussy while Jessica sucks her. I harsh ladhki xxxx story sex stories my pants and stick my hands in my panties I watch my daughter get fuck by a fake dick that Jessica had strap on her waist. These girls made me very wet I check my top drawn for my small dido when I find it I turn it on an pull my pants and panties down I slide the dido in me.

"Ah yeah" I moan as I slide the dido deeper thank god I wasn't on my period this would have been a bloody situation.

Once my pussy clam down from that orgasm I wipe the dido with a paper towel then put it up. I pull my panties back up and put my pants back on an button my pants and walk back down to the entrance of my office. I slide the secret office door open and enter my closet.

I lock my secret door and slide my closet door open,then I grab my purse. I quietly head downstairs I walk out the front door and lock it quietly.

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I act like I wasn't home so I unlock the front door and enter I close the front door to see Mya and Jessica coming downstairs.

"I should get home" Jessica says with her book bag on her back "how about you stay for dinner Jessica, I'll let your mom know your here". "that great" Mya says "we'll will be in the den watching TV" Mya says Jessica puts her book bag by the door and they disappear into the den.

I head to the kitchen and start on dinner. _________________________________________ Jessica: We sit on the couch in the den Mya turns the TV on and sneak me a kiss before her mom enter the den. "Jessica your mom said she okay with you being here for dinner, but she wants you home before ten".

"I won't make it home late I live right next door" I say "now girls dinner will be ready in ten" Ms. Jefferson says to us as she leave the room. When dinner was ready we all sit at the dinning room table who would love to say grace ? Ms. Jefferson ask "I will" I say as I raise my hand "lets all grab hands and bow our head" we all did that then I started to grace once I was done we all say amen they started passing food around.

"I'm full" I groan in pain "you are, but I had double chocolate/ vanilla cheesecake for you two" "well I can try to push some more room in this stomach" I say with a smile. "I can't eat anymore, mom this food was great" Ms. Jefferson gets up and head to the kitchen for a the cheesecake "this food was terrible" Jessica whisper "I thought you love your mom food" "I just tell her that, my mom barely cook food because she barely home, my dad the one whos home more so we buy some take out food".

After I eat the cheekcake Son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys get ready to head home.

Mya walk me next door once we get on my porch she kisses me goodbye and wait for me to go inside before she leaves. _________________________________________ Sara: At home I started cleaning up, I was washing dishes when I hear the front door open to hear Mya shoes.

Mya enters the kitchen "I'll wash the rest of dishes I know you have to be tired from work" Mya says as she grab the sponge from me and squeeze some soap on it. "Thank pumpkin" I then leave the kitchen I head upstairs to my bedroom. I enter my bedroom and undress I walk over to my bathroom I enter the bathroom I hop into the shower, then I change into a robe then I head to Mya bedroom.

I enter to see her standing in front lack of penis is dangerous girlfriend hardcore her long mirror with her bra and underwear on, the mirror was leaning against her wall.

Mom can I ask you something ? "sure" I walk over to her bed we both sit why do boys just go out with girl just for sex ? "well not every boy is like that there some boys who really love a girl and will wait for the sex, and some boys just jump from girl to girl for sex they also try to get a girl to go along with what they say just for sex also some girls are just like some guys to".

"Thanks mom" so why you wanted to ask this particular question ? "I think no boy wants me" Mya says as she gets up and slides her underwear down. It wasn't new to see Mya naked I saw her naked with my own eyes and on camera. Mya sits back down and faces her long stand up mirror I stare at her pussy in the mirror she have some big pussy lips.

"See I have big pussy lips, whats wrong with i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading "pumpkin I don't think we should. before I finish the sentence Mya grab my left hand an places it on top of her pussy lips and she leans her head back on my cross legs.

"I want some advice about boys" "okay" I say as I rub Mya pussy lips "boys are savages, that why my first time in the mood (pt 2 the nut tube porn with a femlae in college".

"But mom didn't you meet dad in college" "I use to be bisexual and your dad was okay it he was the only guy I dated in college, an my girlfriend and your dad didn't have a sexual diease, but we all did go get tested". I kept rubing her pussy lips I pull them apart and slide two fingers in her pussy to see it not tight it was loose like a girl who already lost her virginty, but Mya is only a college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat sand sh can also can date, but she too young to loose hers but wait my daughter is a lesbian she could of loss her virginty to a fake dick well that don't count.

I slide my two fingers in deeper "ah" Mya moans I start to finger fuck Mya pussy she moans while I'll do it. I pull my finger out "I can't do this" I say as Mya sits up "mom" I face Mya when she kisses me, we both started to kissing are tongues started touching each other. I lay back while Mya lay on top of me and we kept tongue kissing. "How about I see these lovely tits of yours" Mya pulls away from my mouth and lift her shirt and I saw beautiful B cup.

Did you use the pump today ? "yes" Mya lies "come here" Mya scoots over and Mya crosses her leg. I squeeze Mya left tit first and some breast milk squirted out and it landed on the floor. I have Mya face me she squeeze her left tit again and some breast milk landed in my mouth and on my chin "your breast milk taste a little sweet and I like it. I then laugh and Mya joins in on my laugh and I squeeze her right tit and the breast milk all landed in my mouth.

Do you have breast milk mom ? "no honey I use to when you was born my boobs grew when I was pregnant, but once you was born they stop growning and it hard to squeeze milk out my big tits with the breast pump, so I give it to the hospital when you was in the hospital for a couple months after you was born so hospital gave you Gerber milk it was the best oraganic baby milk, well baby milk was all babies just born or a couple months could eat as you got close to one I gave you Gerber baby food".

"I'm going to my room to grab some thing so hold on" I head down the hall to my room I enter and go in my secret box in my my closet and grab my big personal massage. I had clean it and sanitize it already, I just spray with water because it may have lint on it an I wipe the water off with a paper towel and head back to Mya room. I enter Mya stares at my personal massager and her eyes get bigger. "I do everything so don't worry" I walk over to Mya bed I sit down "so sit up against the bed rest" Mya did what I said and spread her legs open.

Mya pulls her big pussy lips apart I then put the massager against her pussy and turn the massager on "ah that hits the spot" Mya moans I slide the the big massager in her pussy until she couldn't fit the rest of the massager in her pussy.

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"Ah fuck" Mya scream Gorgeous desi indian paki lesbian feet being worshipped saw some cum come out of Mya so I pull the massager out her pussy to see it cover in her pussy juice I lick it then lean my head toward Mya pussy.

Mya started to cum two minutes and half of it went in my mouth then I started licking Mya pussy when we hear the front door open "Sara, Mya" Sara husband yells as he comes upstairs. I quickly put my robe back on and pop my head out the door to see my husband heading upstairs. "Don't tell your dad about this, also I'll be back tomorrow night" I say as I sneak out the room to my room.

I rush over to my dresser I sit down and started brushing my hair when my husband enter a minute later. "Hi honey" he says as he walks over to me and bend down a little to kiss me. "I had miss you, I'm going to change cloths" "no how about you close the bedroom door" I say as I get up an face him and take my robe off to My husband lock our bedroom door and walks over to me.

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Now you see the mom knows that her daughter is dating her own babysitter, but when Jessica finds out Mya and Mya mom are both having sex together to how will Jessica feel about ? and will Jessica join them when Mya mom ask her to join ?