Tattooed milf loves taking cock in all her holes

Tattooed milf loves taking cock in all her holes
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A.N. All the events are a first for me and this story is unfolding right now so if you like it, rate it up, and I will post more about what happens.

Just a heads up there isn't any sex in this one For a few months now, I have realized that I am more attracted towards guys than I thought possible.

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I have had occasional girlfriends in the past but it never really did much for me and maybe it was after the last one I truly began to notice other guys.she was kind of nuts, like I have noticed most girls are but that's beside the point. I had been raised in a religious family and, like most, had been told gays were about the most unholy "affliction" (I'm literally quoting a Sunday school teacher I had once) on the face of the planet. When I turned 14, like all teenagers do, I rebelled against everything my parents wanted me to do and behave and dress and.well, you get the picture.

But that's probably about the time I started looking outside the sheltered life my parents had thoughtfully designed and, among other things, realized that gays weren't bad people at all.

Some, in fact were really nice people and, in my young mind, the reasoning I came to was that some guys just preferred dick and some girls just preferred vagina and that their preferences had nothing to do with their character as people.

But anyway, back on topic, wow there are some amazingly good looking guys out there! Right around the holidays I began talking to a number of guys online who had come back for college break.

I was more than a little surprised when my inbox started flooding with messages because, I mean I'm handsome and all but some of them were way more attractive than I am. My name is Tyler or Ty, I am 19 almost 20, I have blue eyes, long dark brown hair, I'm about 6ft tall, I don't look muscular but I'm still strong, and I weigh 135lbs (which is shocking considering how often I eat and how much I eat). A few of them seemed to click but after talking to them more and meeting with the select one or two to test the waters, I never really met a guy I wanted to be with and could be with and just be me.

I have no problems with gays obviously since I am but I act like a straight guy in my mannerisms and stuff and I don't care for the effeminate types. I was extremely bored after work one day and flipping through my older bitch still fucks like a whore on my phone and one just caught my eye.

His picture was of his chest, toned but not ripped, slim body, and when I saw his face I was blown away. Like extremely handsome. Lighter brown hair than mine and shorter, darker eyes, firm jawline, He stood a little taller than me, and his name was Charlie. We hit it off chatting for a while and after a while we decided to meet for coffee one night. We talked until the place shut down for the night and then walked around for a bit. It didn't take long for me to feel like I was talking to someone I'd know for a long time.

But it was rather cold out so we didn't walk around too much longer and decided to head home. Before we left he leaned in to hug me and I nervously hugged back.

I slightly felt his muscles for the first time and wow, if this was any indication, he was very strong. It lasted what seemed like forever and I got comfortable and almost melted in his arms but I regained my composure before he noticed, I think.

I cannot put into words how incredible it felt to hug someone like that. I don't know how Charlie felt sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch I had the biggest smile on my face driving home. We kept texting each other for the next week or so and got together again after christmas and new year's. Randomly we chose a restaurant (it was actually really good), then I rode in his car to the mall where we got dessert.

After that we decided to go see a movie, which I hoped would lead to more than just watching a movie, but we had more time to kill than we thought so we walked around again ending up in a book store where Charlie played with my hair a little, pushing it out of my eyes. I sort of froze when he did that, no one had ever touched me affectionately like that before, aside from like my parents. Then he said, "come on Ty we gotta get back to the theater" "Oh yeah, lets go" I replied, being snapped out of it.

Thankfully Charlie wanted to sit at the top of the theater like me. I hate having to look up at angle to see a movie, leaning back is so much more comfortable plus I figured that if hands went exploring, the top would be a little more private. After about 20 minutes or so he placed his hand on my leg causing my heart to skip a beat.

I've never been even remotely physical with another person so the slight contact of his hand on my leg gave me a semi (which I'm not sure if he noticed or not), filled my chest with butterflies, but I loved it all the same. He had to get up and go to the bathroom but when he got back we moved the arm rest, Charlie held my hand in his, resting them both on my leg again, and I leaned against him for the rest of the movie.

As the movie ended I really did not want to get up, sitting there with him like that was so great. Back in his car, I must have looked like a goof with the big smile I had on my face but I was so happy I didn't care.

Like the first night, Charlie leaned in to hug me and I did actually melt that time but then when I was about to turn and get out and back into my car, he looked at me and pulled me back for a kiss.

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It was just a quick one but this was the first time I had ever been kissed, but after the hand holding and his hand on my leg I was on cloud nine. With the kiss I was on whatever level comes after that. Honestly if I hadn't had to work the next day, I would have stayed in his car and taken that kiss a lot farther.

We parted and as I looked into his eyes I knew I was falling for this guy. That's it for now. I know its a little short but still let me know what you think in the comments!