Hot teen gets fucked hard by modeling agent deepthroat fingering

Hot teen gets fucked hard by modeling agent deepthroat fingering
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The room looked like a dungeon. It was one of those dreary-looking basements with concrete walls and that slight, pervasive smell of dampness which never went away.

Sofia lay on a wide, sturdy oak table, her wrists and ankles spread out and firmly bound to each corner. The beautiful Latina was naked. Her expressive brown eyes were wild with fear. Her short mass of luxuriant brown hair was all disheveled. Above her stood a man, maybe 6'3 or 6'4.

He had dark eyes, light skin, and one thing was for sure - he was all muscle. The interrogator's name was Max, and he old man fucks teen girl introducing dukke naked too.

He circled the table like a predator intently watching his prey. His hand reached out, fondling Sofia's left breast. Sofia went very still, her eyes meeting his. "Please, Sir…let me go. You can't keep me here." Max's smile was like a dark promise. He leaned over, flicking his tongue across her other nipple. Meanwhile his hand skimmed down her flat belly to the apex of her thighs. He began gently stroking her sex as he suckled on her nipple.

She bit her lip, stifling the moan that wanted to come out. "Please…stop…" she said with a quavering voice. He slowly drew his mouth off of her breast and fisted one hand in her messy, gleaming mass of hair as he forced her head up and brought his face inches from hers.

"Then tell me, bitch. Where did you hide the diamonds?" Sofia whimpered. "I don't know what you're talking about." "Don't play dumb with me," the man snarled.

He slapped her across the face - not hard, just firmly enough to startle her. Then his eyes softened and he strode around to the other side of the table. He leaned between her legs.

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His teeth gently caught her clit and he sucked on it hard. She shivered until he let up for a moment. "Let's see if I can convince you to talk.

First we'll try the carrot…then we'll try the stick," her captor murmured. Sofia squirmed in her bonds as the man's tongue made lazy circles around her labia before darting into her tight, warm slit.

He lackadaisically licked her soft folds and then, gradually, picked up the pace. His tongue sent little jolts through her joy nub as he slowly intensified his attentions. His hands stroked her hips, her thighs, the smooth skin of her belly - and all the while he tenderly laved her young pussy, giving it the care and attention of a lover rather than a brutal captor. Sofia began to breathe faster than she wanted to. She began to feel things…not entirely against her will.

Her chest heaved as her fluids trickled out onto her captor's tongue—into her captor's mouth. "Please…don't…" she sighed. It was a sigh filled with the anguish of uncertainty though. There was an undertone of reluctant pleasure. "Don't what?" the man growled between flicks of his tongue. "Don't make you CUM? You want me to stop, then tell me where the diamonds are." "I can't," she half-moaned.

He had inserted two fingers into her pussy now. He was finger-fucking her as his tongue coiled around her clitoris. He sucked on it, battered it with his tongue fiercely, then sucked on it more fervently than ever as his fingers plowed into her moistening snatch. "Uuhhhh!" she moaned plaintively. "Mmm. You taste lovely, whore. Now CUM for me. Let me drink more of your sweet juices." He upped his attentions to a tender ferocity which knew no limits.

His mouth dove between her cunt lips, sucking and cajoling with a fervency she couldn't hope to withstand. The curvy, slender, and helpless young woman could only moan and writhe in her bonds as the orgasm crushed her like an avalanche.

Her cunt's spasms joined her long, drawn-out big titted milf and pretty teen hot threeway session. The girl's fluids streamed onto her captor's tongue. He lapped up her cunt cream happily, greedily.


He waited until the last of her convulsions had fully subsided before he stood up again. His lips and chin glistened with the evidence of her pleasure.

He licked his chops and then walked around to the head of the table. She was still panting, recovering from the intensity of her climax. He leaned over her, giving the girl a long, fervent kiss so that she could taste her own fluids.

Now he drew back. He just stared at her, idly caressing her tits. "Well, girl? I have been gentle. Now TELL ME. Where did you hide the diamonds you stole from my employer?" Sofia looked at the man's face, all handsome yet cruel at the moment because of the demanding expression which turned that same face into a series of hard, rigid angles.

"I…I can't tell you," she whispered. "Can't? Can't or won't?! Ungrateful bitch." He slapped her across the face again, slightly harder this time, still not hard enough to leave a mark. Then he reached down, smacking his open palm hard across her cunt lips. She yelped as the sting tore through her loins. Then she yelped louder as he reached down and pinched both of her nipples hard.

"AAAHHH!!" "You don't respond to gentle coaxing, bitch? Fine. Then we'll do this the HARD way." He retrieved a riding crop with a harsh, resin-coated ribbing on the end. He brought the crop— SMACK—down onto the girl's exposed pussy.

"AAAYY!" There followed a loud, continuous cadence of slaps each time the crop came down with merciless swiftness onto Sofia's helpless sex. Every time, she whimpered or groaned as the crop slammed into her cunt. Her tits shook as she writhed in her bonds too, as the crop dominated her pussy completely despite her pleas for mercy. This went on for maybe 15 minutes. The strokes were firm but not as hard as her captor could have managed.

They were designed to torment, and torment they did. Soon her cunt was just slightly swollen and sore. She was breathing fast, and her pussy had never felt so sensitive now as the man gently fingered his handiwork. "Aaaahhh. Please, it's so sore," she groaned as his fingertips gingerly traced the outline of her labia. She glanced down at his cock, all nine and a half inches. It was so hard, veins popping out with need along its rigid surface. "You want relief, bitch?

Then tell me what I need to know. You stole the diamonds, but you were caught before we could find where you've stashed them. TALK, little bitch. Tell me what I need to know and this can all stop. Then, maybe, I'll let you go." Sofia looked at him forlornly. "No. I'll never tell you. Never," she said stubbornly. The tall, muscular man's eyes glinted with a determination that would have scared most women.

"Never is a long time, bitch. I think you need a hard cock inside you to help jog your memory." He mounted the table and positioned the bulbous head of his cock at her opening. Slowly, calmly, he guided his shaft into her tight slit.

Sofia groaned as she felt the fullness of that cock filling her to the brim, sliding in deep like a sword, with her as the helpless, feminine sheath. She moaned as his body covered hers like a hot blanket, sex games by a naughty floozy hardcore blowjob powerful muscles moving as he began to establish a rhythm—fucking her.

His mouth found hers. He kissed her passionately with one hand fisted in her hair, forcing her lips to rub up against his. Sofia returned the kiss tenfold, her tongue attacking his right back as she felt his hard, rigid shaft spearing deep inside her wetness.

"Uhhhh!!!" she moaned. Her sex loved the feel of his dick pumping through her, awakening new sensations. Her cunt lips were sore from the slaps of the crop, but that just made all the sensations that much more intense as his crotch ground against her, as he stretched her cunt with each deep and thorough fuck.

"Aaahhhh. Your cunt squeezes me like a glove, bitch. You like being raped, don't you?" Without thinking about what she was saying, Sofia just gave in. "Yes…fuck me. Rape me," she sighed.

She kissed him hungrily, her body responding to his thorough thrusts. She used what little slack the ropes allowed to grind her cunt into his thrusts. She moved her hips and fucked him right back, as much as she was allowed. Meanwhile his breaths were rising, reaching a crescendo of need as she felt his penis straining deep inside her slit. He was getting closer. So close. His grunts were getting fiercer as his balls slapped against her inner thighs with each pulverizing thrust.

He was fucking her so deep now, giving her every inch of stunning sex kitten flashes massive ass and gets anal hole poked iron-hard shaft. She was moaning loudly too. Now, as he fucked her in a flurry of brutal thrusts, he growled in her ear. "Tell me, bitch. Where are they? Where did you hide diamonds? Tell me RIGHT NOW or I'll come inside your pussy and maybe get you pregnant.

You don't want that, do you? Hmm? Then TELL ME what I want to KNOW." He growled these words at her, and the gorgeous Latina's moans reached new heights. She moaned plaintively. "No…don't come inside me. Please." But her eyes said something else. Her whole body sang with this impulsive, lust-fueled need that urged something quite different. Sofia's pleading, lust-filled eyes practically screamed 'Fuck me! Fill my pussy with your cum, you bastard!' as he pounded into her now.

There were just the sounds of his grunts, her moans, and a male and female body smacking together as Max fucked her as violently as he could. Caught my blonde slut wife on cam bulging, muscular buttocks were clenched up as he fucked her with a rising tempo of thrusts.

The girl's breasts shook and her whole body trembled with arousal as she cooed with the delicious sensations ripping through her loins. "Oooohhh god," she moaned.

"Ohhhh fuck!" "Tell me. The diamonds. Where. Are. They!?" he roared. "Don't come inside me," she wailed. And then it was happening. The man's testicles stiffened. His cock turned extra hard, like a slab of granite, as the cum spurted in violent bursts from the tip of his shaft. Sofia felt his swimmers shoot deep towards her womb, so much cum warming her insides as he tainted her pussy with his sticky-warm jism. She looked down with disbelief as Max pulled out of her.

Sofia saw a long strand of cum dangling from the tip of that cock. He brought it over to her so that she could lick it clean. She did, slurping on the head of the cock while he stood beside the table.

She moaned as he fisted his hand in her hair and forced her head up so that she could see the aftermath of her rape. She saw all the excess cum seeping from her swollen cunt lips, pooling between her thighs.

"Did I fuck you good, bitch?" he growled. "Yes," she murmured, admitting the truth. Sofia's pretty face slipped into a relaxed grin all of the sudden. "Max…that was amazing." The girl's husband grinned right back and began to un-bind her wrists and ankles. When he'd freed her, she sat up. She gripped his semi-hard length and began to pump it seductively with one hand while her other hand fondled his testicles.

Soon his cock was stiffening up again. He picked her up as she lassoed her slender arms around his neck.

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She practically purred as she sank onto his manhood. Her hips hugged his sides as he gently fucked her standing up.

She loved the feel of his rock-hard chest against her supple cones, her sensitive nipples rubbing against him as she sighed with the sensations of him moving inside her. "So you liked the role-play?" Max murmured. "Liked? I loved it," Sofia admitted, wiggling her bottom as she pumped her pussy up and down his manhood. "We should do this more often. Change things up now and then." "You name the fantasy, I'll make it happen," the girl's husband said warmly.

Sofia's face took on a thoughtful look as she tried not to get too distracted with her pussy firmly impaled on her husband's dick. "I think the next time you tie horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot up I want to be a captured spy.

Maybe you could use some electro-stimulation on my nipples and clit." Max's eyebrows quirked up, his expression a little unsure. His hands cupped her finely sculpted ass cheeks as he jostled her on top of his dick.

"Are you sure, baby?

I don't want to hurt you." Sofia nodded. "I'm sure. I trust you, Max. I know you'd never hurt me. Besides, I've always got my safe word if I need it, right?" Her carefree grin was too infectious for her husband to resist. With a playful tone, Max suddenly slipped one hand upward, gripping the back of her neck. "Shut up, bitch. I'm going to fill your pussy now," he said with his best cruel-Master voice. Sofia whimpered, joining the improvised act.

"Yes, Master. Please fill my pussy," she groaned. Max growled his release, cum spewing deep in his wife's snatch as her arms tightened around his neck, her face burrowed against his shoulder. At last, when his second blast of jism had coated the insides of his wife's slit, the man sighed with contentment. His cock was still nestled inside her snatch though, and she was still clinging to him for dear life.

"You think we just made a baby?" he said huskily. Sofia rubbed her lips teasingly across his mouth before giving him a long, patient kiss. "I certainly hope so. Mmm. I love you, Max." "I love you more," he growled fiercely, caressing his wife's back as prepared to carry her upstairs to the bedroom.

They turned around to go upstairs when they abruptly saw an older woman at the bottom of the basement steps. She was gaping at them in total shock. It took a few heartbeats for Sofia to process what was happening. Then she remembered…her mom was supposed to meet them here at the house before they headed over to Sofia's sister's baby shower. 'Oh god!' Sofia's mom stared at her naked daughter. Cum seeped from between Sofia's swollen cunt lips. Her husband quickly shielded her from view so that Sofia's mom could only see his impressively built ass.

There was a pause. Celeste, Sofia's mom, put a hand over her mouth and took a long moment to recover. "I'm so sorry. The front door was unlocked. I didn't…I heard sounds down here and when I asked if anyone was home, no one answered. You…must not have heard me.

You two must have been too…busy." "Mom, do you mind?!" Sofia peeked her head around her husband's protective form to glare. With a sudden smirk that threatened to spill into full-blown laughter, Sofia's mom finally nodded. "Of course, sweetie. Again, I'm so sorry to, uh, have interrupted.

I'll wait for you two outside." She turned to climb the steps, but at the last second she swiveled back toward her daughter and son-in-law. "What?!" Sofia all but shouted with exasperation. "Honey, at this rate it looks like I'll have another baby shower to look forward to, won't I?" With a wicked twinkle in her eyes, Sofia's mom tromped up the stairs and shut the door behind her.

Sofia sagged against Max's chest as he wrapped his arms around her. "I think I'm going to die of embarrassment," she muttered. But Max's chest was all rumbles. Laughter welled up from somewhere deep inside him as he stroked his wife's back and kissed her hair. "This isn't funny," Sofia snapped, trying to wrest herself free of her husband's loving embrace.

He held her firmly though, laying more soft kisses along her face as he rubbed her shoulders and coaxed her down from her state of frantic, mortified embarrassment. "Oh, admit it, baby. It is a LITTLE bit funny." With Max's good-humored eyes crinkling in front of her, Sofia finally relented.

With a sheepish smile she punched him half-heartedly in the shoulder. "Shut up and help me get dressed." And with that, the loving husband and wife went up to their bedroom, hand in hand. ************* THE END ************* I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, always indulge your fantasies a little, even the darker ones. This is just in the mood (pt 2 the nut tube porn fantasy, nothing more and nothing less.