Lesbian babes august and riley rubbing each others pussy

Lesbian babes august and riley rubbing each others pussy
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Day 4 Part 1 The next morning, Madame X opened up the cell door and set Katie's breakfast down on the dresser. The girl was so tired that she didn't even wake up when her mistress walked in, so the woman sat down on the bed and kissed her slave on the forehead to awaken her. The captive opened her eyes and smiled up at the woman she had come to lust after. "Good morning, sweetie," the dominatrix said.

"Did you sleep well?" "Good morning, Mistress. Yes, I slept very well. Thank you, Mistress." "Me too," Madame X replied, picking up the tray and handing it to Katie. "Here's your breakfast." The hungry slave happily took the food.

"Thank you, Mistress." "You're welcome, honey." The woman moved down to the end of the bed and watched her captive eat, then took the tray away when she was finished. "Do whatever you want for a little while. I'll be back in about an hour, okay?" "Okay, Mistress," the girl responded, closing her eyes as she slinked back down into bed.

Madame X returned about an hour later as promised. "Get up, Katie," she said sternly. The slave readily obeyed, unsure of what the punishment for insubordination would be. The dominatrix handcuffed her and without a word led her down the hallway and into the room that Katie spent her first two nights in.

The girl shuddered at the thought of being in that room again and wondered what her mistress was going to do to her. It was now obvious that Madame X had spent the last hour preparing the room for whatever torture she had in store for her slave. The woman stood the captive in the middle of the room and secured her arms above her head like they were the days before.

Katie's breathing became heavier, and she struggled to fight off the tears. She hoped step mommy lisa ann and cassidy klein she was done being abused by her mistress, but she realized that wasn't the case. She felt distraught, not fully understanding why she was going to be punished again.

The look of confusion in her slave's eyes became apparent, so Madame X responded, "I never said that submitting to me would make me stop hurting you. I only said that it would make things much better for you. Hasn't it made it better so far?" Katie sniffled, "Yes, Mistress." Picking up a flogger from the corner of the room, the dominatrix continued, "You're still my slave, and that means I can do anything I want to you, and I can make you do anything I want for me.

Do you have a problem with this?" "No, Mistress," the girl replied, hanging her head in shame. She knew that agreeing with her captor would make it easier for her. "Good," the woman responded as she slapped her submissive across the chest with the flogger. "And do you know what I want to do to you right now?" she asked. Katie shook her head. Madame X struck her again.

"Right now I feel like whipping you with this flogger until…" The dominatrix paused. "Until I feel like stopping." The girl closed her eyes and accepted the next several blows from the painful device, trying not to long haired blonde brooke summers gets fucked by lexington steele a sound for fear of the consequences.

The woman stopped. "You're awfully quiet, honey. Maybe I should hit you harder." The flogger struck hard across Katie's tender belly, and she let out a deafening shriek. Madame X laughed. "That's better. Let me know how much it hurts your delicate little body," she said, grabbing the girl's nipple and twisting it firmly. The dominatrix began beating her slave mercilessly, starting at her feet and gradually working her way up.

Katie's screams echoed through the basement as her mistress whipped her until every inch of her body was bright red. The woman then spread open the girl's legs and spent a considerable amount of time flogging her captive's pussy. The submissive's body was shaking from the intense agony she was in.

Tears streamed down her face as she cried out to her dominatrix to stop, but the woman was unrelenting. The whipping went on for about forty-five minutes before the captor finally stopped. "Are you crying?" Madame X sounded angry. "Why are you crying? Does this hurt?" She smacked the flogger against Katie's swollen pussy. The slave yelped, then nodded as she tried to shake the tears away.

"Yes, Mistress." "Would you like me to stop?" The captive looked into the woman's eyes in desperation. "Yes, Mistress. Please stop." "Okay then," Madame X responded, reaching up to let down the girl's hands.

She left the handcuffs on. "Now stand there and take this beating until you can't stand it anymore," she commanded. "When you tell me to stop, I will.

But just know that the longer you go, the happier I'll be." Katie certainly didn't want to anger her mistress, so she continued to accept the increasingly painful blows from the flogger. The woman masterfully struck her slave's body, excited by the sight of the redness and the welts, as well as the sound of the girl's screams.

After several more minutes of abuse, the captive began squirming around, knowing that she couldn't take much more. She sunk down to the floor and pleaded, "Please stop, Mistress!" Madame X halted. "You can't take any more?" she asked. Katie shivered on the ground, desperately trying to overcome her pain. "No, Mistress," she panted.

"Please don't beat me anymore." "Alright, sweetie," the woman said, grabbing the girl's face and kissing her tear-soaked lips. She let go and allowed her slave to lie on the floor for a few minutes to recover. The captive could hear her mistress moving the table across the concrete, positioning it where she pleased.

Madame X took Katie's hands and pulled her onto her feet. "Are you okay now, honey?" she asked. The beaten girl nodded hesitantly. "Good," the woman responded. "You impressed me again by how tough you are. You took a good beating there. That makes me very happy, Katie." The slave smiled a little, glad that she had pleased her mistress.

The dominatrix kissed her submissive again before lying her face-down on the table and securing her arms so she couldn't get up. She brought a strap-on dildo up to the girl's face. "Open your mouth. Get this cock nice and wet." Madame X guided it in and out of the captive's mouth a few times, then pulled it naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi. "Spit on it." Katie obeyed, then the woman moved behind her and began rubbing the girl's tender pussy, lubricating it enough to insert the dildo.

The slave let out a soft whimper as the object entered her. Madame X grabbed the abused girl by the waist and started fucking her, gently at first, then progressively harder. Katie began moaning in pleasure. "You like this, honey? Does this cock feel nice in your tight pussy?" the woman asked, digging her finger nails into her submissive's hips just deep enough to break the skin.

"Ahhh! Uhuh. Yes, Mistress." "I wanna hear you enjoying this!" the dominatrix demanded. Katie became more audible, "Ohhh! That feels good. Thank you, Mistress! Ohhhhhh!" The girl's breathing was getting heavier, and her cries getting louder.

Madame X reached down to rub her slave's clit, almost instantly bringing her to orgasm. "Ohhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Thank you, Mistress!

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhh!" The captive finally settled down and mumbled, "Thank you, Mistress," before collapsing her head down onto the table, in a great deal of pain, but utterly satisfied. The woman removed the dildo and tossed it aside. She lifted up Katie's head and inserted her tongue into her warm mouth. They kissed for several seconds before Madame X pulled away and untied her slave from the table.

The dominatrix guided the submissive down the hall and into the shower room. She closed the door and removed the girl's handcuffs. "Go wash yourself off, sweetie," she said, motioning over to the shower heads.

"Yes, Mistress," Katie agreed, turning on the water that stung her abused skin. The woman watched her gorgeous slave cleanse herself on the other side of the room, standing in front of the door to block the only potential exit. After several minutes, the captive looked over to her mistress for approval. Madame X nodded, so the girl turned off the water and walked over to the towel spread out in her dominatrix' arms. The woman wrapped it around her and kissed the back of her neck, licking off a few water droplets from her sore, beaten flesh.

Once she was dry, the captor grabbed Katie's arms tightly and led her back to the bedroom. "Do you need anything right now?" the woman asked. "No, Mistress. Thank you." "Okay," Madame X responded. "I'll be back in a little while to feed you and check up on you." The dominatrix walked out and casually pulled the door closed behind her. The door stopped a few inches before it latched. The woman walked up the stairs to watch on camera what her slave would do.

Katie saw the open door… perhaps her only chance of escaping from this "hell." She hesitated, not sure whether to follow her heart or follow her head. She thought it was an oversight, a mistake. She didn't know that Madame X had planted this trap in order to test her slave's dedication.

The girl's mind raced with possibilities. She sunk down to the floor and started crying, confused and frustrated… wishing that her mistress would just come back and tell her what to do. Five minutes passed, and the slave had still not made a run for it. The woman returned and shut the door, absolutely delighted, but she didn't allow her submissive to see it.

"Katie, why are you crying?" The dominatrix knew the answer, but she wanted her captive to say it. The girl quickly wiped away her tears. "I'm sorry, Mistress." Madame X frowned. "'I'm sorry' is not an answer. Why are you crying?" she repeated firmly. "I… I don't know, Mistress," the slave muttered. The woman slapped her sharply across the face. "Don't lie to me! That was one of the first things I told you when you got here. Tell me why you're crying right now, or I'll whip you until you can no longer speak!" Katie again burst out in tears, ashamed and slightly afraid of what was about to come out of her mouth.

"I'm scared! I don't know what to do! You left the door open, and… I… I just didn't know what to do!" The girl's emotions had completely taken over, causing her whole body to shake as she sat on the cold concrete. "I wanted to leave… but I just couldn't. I don't know! I'm so confused, Mistress." The submissive looked up to her dominatrix for help, her eyes pleading with the woman to explain to her what was going on.

Madame X smiled and sat down next to her slave on the floor, wrapping her arm around the crying girl and pulling her into her warm, safe body. "You wanted to leave?" the woman questioned. "Yes, Mistress… I kind of miss my old life. Please don't get mad at me, Mistress. You asked me to be honest." "But you didn't leave," the woman reminded her.

"So there must be some reason why you stayed." Katie leaned her head against her dominatrix' chest. "I was afraid," she whispered. "What were you afraid of? Were you worried that if I caught you trying to escape, I'd hurt you?" "No… I don't know, Mistress. I guess I was afraid of…" The girl stopped, finally realizing why she didn't run away when she had the chance.

She then continued, speaking much slower, "I was afraid of losing you." The woman was pleased with the response. "Do you love me, Katie?" she asked. The captive was scared to answer. She had never said those words to anyone before. She had never felt that emotion before. And now she felt it for this woman? Her kidnapper?

The one who tortured and abused her… starved her and strangled her to the point of near death? She remained silent, teacher and student xxx vidod to admit it.

Madame X pulled the girl off of her, grabbed her face, looked into her petrified eyes, and repeated, "Do sex amazes fellow during massage hardcore handjob love me?" The slave knew that she had to tell the truth.

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"Yes, Mistress." "Say the words, Katie. Tell me you love me," the dominatrix demanded. The girl's eyes closed, allowing two stray tears to trickle down stepmom brandi gives a blowjob tutorial using katys boyfriend cheeks. She opened them back up and looked at her captor. "I love you, Mistress." Madame X kissed her on the forehead and pulled her back into her chest.

"I love you, too, sweetie," she whispered into the girl's ear. The two continued to sit on the floor in silence, holding on to one another tightly, not allowing anything to break their loving grasp. Day 4 Part 2 Madame X opened the cell door and saw her slave sitting quietly on the bed, smiling as her dominatrix entered the room.

"God, Katie. You are so beautiful," the woman commented, sitting down next to her on the bed. She ran her fingers through the girl's soft, blonde hair and pulled her in for a kiss. The captor moved her hand down to tease her submissive's pussy for a moment before getting up.

Madame X stood her up and handcuffed her hands behind her back before leading her into the other room. She lay Katie face-up on the hard concrete floor and straddled the girl's face, allowing her slave to taste her pussy juices. "Eat me, baby!" she demanded. "I'm not gonna get up until you fuck me good. And then if you're really good, it'll be your turn." The captor began eagerly licking her mistress' pussy, enjoying the sensation almost as much as the dominatrix was.

She had really come to love it when Madame X forced her to do things, even if they hurt. The woman lowered more weight onto her captive's face, allowing very little oxygen to reach the girl's lungs, but she didn't seem to care. The submissive continued tongue-fucking her mistress until she finally climaxed and got off of her.

Katie gasped in some much-needed air and smiled up at her dominatrix. "Was that good, Mistress?" she asked sweetly. Madame X chuckled. "Yes, that was very nice, honey." She sat down on her knees next to her slave and kissed her softly on the lips. "Now are you ready for me to fuck you?" "Yes, Mistress," the captive nodded happily. The dominatrix gradually moved kisses down the girl's abused chest and stomach before reaching her hot, wet pussy.

She licked along the submissive's pussy lips and felt her shudder in excitement as the woman's tongue grazed lightly over her clit. Katie began moaning in pleasure as her mistress' tongue moved furiously back and forth over her clit. Madame X then placed her finger on the girl's clit to rub it gently while moving her mouth down to her captive's opening.

The dominatrix inserted her tongue and tasted her savory juices, forcing her tongue in and out of her steaming pussy as deep as she possibly could. The slave's hips started bucking wildly against the woman's hungry mouth, wild girls flashing tits for cash in a public stunt her deeper and deeper into her.

"Ohhh! Yes, Mistress!" the submissive cried out in pleasure as her orgasm neared. Hearing the girl scream made Madame X almost as hot as she was. Katie's head flung back as her body was losing all control of itself. The captor kept going ferociously into her, feeling her vaginal walls clenching against her tongue with each mind-numbing thrust. As her screams faded into soft moans, the woman slowed down her tongue movements and began lapping up all of the juices from her slave's pussy.

The dominatrix licked the girl's body completely clean, as she eventually settled down from the intense orgasm that had overtaken her body. Madame X exhaled deeply and kissed her pussy a few more times before moving her hands and kisses up her submissive's body until she was staring directly into her affectionate eyes. They smiled at each other, both of them completely satisfied. The woman grabbed Katie's head and slipped her tongue into the girl's mouth as if it belonged there.

After a couple minutes of sensual kissing, the dominatrix rolled over and lay down next to her slave on the floor, wrapping her arms around her and holding her captive tightly against her warm body.

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The two eventually made their way back to Katie's room, and Madame X tucked the exhausted girl in for the night. "I love you, sweetie," the woman said, kissing her softly on the cheek. "I love you too, Mistress." The submissive smiled up at her dominatrix for a moment before closing her eyes.

Madame X stood there watching the girl sleep for the next few minutes before finally leaving her alone. The feelings that she had developed for her slave were far beyond anything she ever expected to feel. She began to pity Katie, and she realized that she couldn't continue to do this to her. The dominatrix fought off her tears as her emotions began to overwhelm her. This had to end, and she knew it.