Old man fucks teen girl introducing dukke

Old man fucks teen girl introducing dukke
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It happened when i was 16 years old one summers day. School was over and vacation was starting. I live at the end of the block cottage style house where our neighbours is on the other side of the wall. Next door lives my friend Eve she is my age blond hair and smashing body.

As for me i'm just like her just i have dar hair. Few days ago i noticed one interesting thing . phone rang ant Eves place and after few minutes she is off somewhere. last day the same. So i decided to track her coz she wont tell me what she's up to.

So as she left i went after her. After two miles is a privat lake so she went straight to him. She went straight to the pirvat part of the lake.Olmost all line of territory was bowery so i had to climb through hedge and hided that she wont see me but i can see her.

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She stood near pole of her height, on the ground was laid big rugso she striped and puted on her eyes blindfold and lied down. Few minutes has passed and i heard a beep. She just bended her legs and spread them apart after she done that camed man about 45/50 years old with a huge cock i didnt saw that big cock in my life.

He kneels between her legs and started to lick her pussy. Hers hips was moveing up and down his mouth. Then he took her legs and placed them on his shoulders and slowly stuffed his monster in her tight pussy Few times he slowly hot young slutty teen redhead is fucked by the pizza delivery man his half dick in her and with one powerfull thrust he shoved his all cock deep inside her.

She just gasped and moaned at the same time I was watching in amazement how that tight cunt can handle sutch huge cock.At this time he was fucking her like crazy fast and deep it seemed that she was going nuts from that feeling. My pussy was hot and wet from the sight. Slowly i started to rub myself i needed that cock inside me too. And that moment must be some one grabed me from behind and placed his arm on my mouth and pressed to himself I heard whisper in my ear - shhh dont screem and dont move and he placed peace ducttape on my mouth and whispered again - do you like what you see i noded my head watching how my friend was been fucked - you know we catched her in the same place where you are now, she too was watching By now his hands was under my shirt and on my boobs he started to squeeze them and pintch my niples that even more turned me on i started to moan a little and he continued to talk in to my ear - after few hours of training she now is one of ours submissive girl, she comes for hers daily pleasure time, everytime she recives a call she cames here and gets fucked with these words one his hand went down to my wet dripping pussy - ohh i see your r wet, so do you ant to be just like your friend i just noded my head few times - good girl i think you gonna be perfect student.

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oh look your friend is about to cum she just moaned loud and as a man increase his tempo and shoot his load inside her He withdraw his cock from hers well streched pussy still shooting his cum on her stood up and left Eve was lieing there catching her breath legs spread and from pussy running cum.

That sound again and she stood up took of blindfold and went to lake to clean herself then dressed and went home Man that was holding me put blindfold on my eyes and took me to the cabin near the lake As he entered he said - we have another sudent they palced me on the gynaecologist chair and tied my hands and legs with leather belts Some one said - usual stuff = no strong one and something was applyed on my wet pussy.Stuff was cold but after minit or so i started to feel strong urge for cock it looked like my pussy will explode wit out it - well doll your training is starting everytime you will come here you will feel same burn in your pussy for cock I didnt wanted to listen to him i just needed to have cock in me NOW They turned on something sound was unknown to me .I felt how they put some tube on my nipples and they started to suck them it was awesome ifigured thet it is boobs pump.

but when they started to suck busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob i felt how man camet to my pussy and took my clitor and puted on him same tube.Cuction was so strong that my clit was sucked in so fast and it seamed that it made him bigger. i moaned it was wonderfull man said - go on guys now its your turn So they began my pussy pounding that i was cuming like never in my life one by oune they was fucking me i was moaning and plesure was incredible i lost count how many times they had fucked me that day but sure alot of cum left in me.

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After they was done, and i had another orgasm they took of all instruments from me and untieed me man took me to the lake and said afer beep you know what to do and left. I couldn't stand so i sat on the rug.Afer sound camed i took of ducttape and blindfold.

I was siting on the groung with my legs spread ,Looked at my nipples they was huge and very sensitive,olso looked down my pussy was wide open and cum running from her my clit was implausible big as i rubed i camed again. Afer some time i stood up and went in to the water washed myself and went back where my close was.

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On them was box with pils and a note : use them before and after sex if you dont want to get pregnat. i took them and used one. As i dressed on the ploe was note and pencil.In the note was saying : if you want to be as your friend Eve and have fuck every day leave your phone number here With out any hesitation i wroted it down and left.

Home i was lieing in the bed and was thinking bout things that happened to me Phone rang and sms camed.

The message was from unknown user and was saying Congratulation you have passed the training wait for other instructions From that day my life has changed forever. To be continued.