Pretty teen babe marsha may gets fucked on teachers desk

Pretty teen babe marsha may gets fucked on teachers desk
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** DISCLAIMER ** This story contains underage sex and incest. If that is not your thing, then please don't read it. This story is 100% fiction. I do cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters advocate this type of behavior in real life in any way.

That being said, read on and comment to let me know if you like it. More chapters to come if I get a positive response. This is my first story so be gentle! CHAPTER 1 Okay well I suppose I should start with some background. My name is Jake and I am 16 years old. I am pretty average looking. Not overweight and not fit either. My sister's name is Tara. She is 14 years old and is just starting to develop. She has small perky B cups and long slender legs.

This is the story of how we ended up becoming closer than most brothers and sisters. For some reason I have always had trouble going to sleep. I just stare at my ceiling for hours. I always drift off eventually but, only after lots of tossing and turning. Tonight was no different, so I decided that I would get up and go watch some TV. Not that I thought there would be anything on, but it was better than just staring at my ceiling. Since my parents did not let me or my sister have TVs in our bedrooms I was forced to head downstairs.

As I turned the corner into the living room however I noticed that I was not the only one who was having trouble sleeping. I saw my younger sister Tara laying on the couch. At first I could not see what was going on but as I got closer my jaw dropped.

Tara was masturbating, and I mean she was really going at it. I knew that I should leave but I couldn't. The room was dark, so I moved quietly back around the corner so she would not be able to see me if she turned around.

I kept my eyes glued on her the entire time. She was using both hands. One hand rubbing her clit and the other hang pumping away at her pussy. It was so hot. Before I knew it I had my cock out in my hand and was pumping right along with her.

I could tell that she was getting close because she was starting to whimper. Her legs started to twitch and her cute little feet were curling and uncurling over and over. Then all of a sudden she rammed her fingers deep into her pussy and let out a low moan.

Her legs clamped together and she started to shake. I realized that I was watching my little sister cum. As she came back down the earth her breathing slowed and her toes uncurled. I knew that I needed to get out of there before she found hotshot fucks a young slut hard what I had done.

I mean I should not have been watching her masturbate. She was my sister after all but it was just so hot. I quietly turned around and headed back father reap daughter fuk story and locked myself in my room.

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I finished jerking off in record time and I came hard. Thinking about my sister fucking herself on the couch just turned me on.

I had never thought about her in a sexual way before but now, I was unsure if I could ever look at her in the same light again. As I finally drifted off to sleep, my aaron mark and thorben sisters fucking gay boys were of her sexy body and all the things I secretly wanted to do to her.

The next morning at breakfast Tara was wearing an old guy's button up and not much else. She was just dancing around the kitchen making her breakfast. As I rounded the corner and sat down she greeted me with a "Hi Jake!" "Hey Tara." I replied, still not able to get the thoughts and images of her last night out of my head. "Looks like Mom and Dad have to go out of town for business starting tonight so I was wondering if you could help me run some errands later.

Normally mom would drive me but obviously she can't." She said. "Sure, but don't take forever, I have things to do too you know." I replied. With that she just giggled and came over and kissed me on the cheek. As she backed up she looked at me oddly and bit her bottom lip. She was acting really strangely this morning. Perhaps she was just in a good mood after last night. We spent the afternoon trolling around the mall because Tara apparently had to buy new clothes from every shop she passed.

I think that Mom and I really need to have a discussion about her allowance. It was a little extreme. Other than that the afternoon passed without incident. That night as I was lying in bed I heard a knock at my door.

I was a little startled but managed to get the words "Come In" out without too much difficulty. It was Tara, and she stood in my doorway with tears streaking her face. "Hey, look I'm sorry about this but my boyfriend just broke up with me and I don't want to be alone right now. Would it be okay if I just sat in here for a while?" She said through fits of tears.

I didn't really know what to say so I just agreed and with that she proceeded to sit on my bed. She started to tell me about the guy she was seeing and he honestly sounded like a jerk.

She said that he had only wanted to have sex with her. It wasn't that she wasn't ready for sex, but she just wasn't sure if she babe gets fucked in both holes telsev him that way or not.

As she talked on into the night I started to doze off and finally fell asleep just listening to Tara talk. I woke up in the middle of the night and found that Tara had climbed under the covers and had her cute little bit pressed right up to my cock. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't move. As I lay there my cock started to get hard. I was sure that she was going to notice. I was sure that she was going to wake up and tell me what a pervert I was. But so far I was okay. I tried to just roll over but when I did she just readjusted herself so that her arm was around me and the tips of her slender fingers were resting on my cock.

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I couldn't resist, I took my cock out and placed her fingers around it. I knew it was wrong but the feel of my sister's soft hands on my dick was amazing. I started to glide her hand up and down faster and faster. And then just before I came I stopped. I thought entered my head. I wanted to touch her.

She was only wearing a nightshirt and white cotton panties so it would be easy to do without waking her. I rolled over so that my cock was digging into her ass and placed my arm around her waist.

Once she was settled I moved my fingers down to her crotch. I could feel the warm moisture leaking from her little cunt. I slowly started to rub my fingers over her clit, or at least where I figured her clit should be. It was hard to tell through the panties. But I figured if she woke up I could always just pretend to be asleep.

As I got bolder I started to apply more pressure and she started to move her hips in time with my finger. I could feel her cute little feet rubbing up against mine almost playfully. I couldn't take it any longer so I pushed her panties aside and started to run her soaking wet pussy with my fingers. She was so warm and soft. Her breath started to become ragged and I thought that she was getting close to orgasming so I took another risk.

I stuck one finger inside of her. As I fingered her I could feel her pussy clamp down around my finger and then she suddenly went ridged against me. I had made Tara cum. With that I quickly turned over and started to jerk full specter of enjoyment for shaved wet crack. I could feel my sisters cum smearing all over my cock and that made me cum even faster.

It was one of the best orgasms I had ever had. With that I was spent and fell back asleep quickly. Hey at least I seemed to have found a cure for my insomnia. When I woke up the next morning Tara was already up and out of bed so I stumbled downstairs to find her cooking breakfast in the kitchen. "Morning!" She said as she grinned at me. "I slept so well last night. I feel so refreshed." I really just grinned back at her and sat down at the table.

"So what is for breakfast?" I asked "What makes you think I am making you anything?" She asked teasingly. And set a plate down in front of me. She placed two eggs and some bacon onto my plate and then did the same for herself as she sat down across from me. It was pretty unusual her Tara to cook me breakfast so I was pleasantly surprised.

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Perhaps she was just trying to say thanks for listening last night. Then I felt her place her feet in my lap under the table. I stared at her and she just kept eating her eggs like nothing happened. She was using her toes to rub my cock. There gorgeous redhead rides on a stiff rod no doubt about it.

My baby sister was giving me a foot job under the table and I was loving it. I was so hard that it hurt, and I could feel Tara's toes trying to work my zipper and failing. So I figured that I would help her out. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock which at this point was rock hard. She started to jerk me off furiously and was now starting at me.

She had a crooked grin on her face. "I was awake last night you know." I would have been shocked but her feet rubbing my cock were distracting me. I saw that she must have gotten up extra early and planned this because she had painted her toenails a light pink color.

I loved watching her slender toes and soft soles rubbing up and down. I was starting to get close. "Tara, I'm gunna cum." I stammered. And with that she stopped. "Not yet you're not. We have lots more fun planned." She said with a grin.

With that she continued eating her breakfast like nothing had happened and got up to do the dishes. When she had her back turned I decided it was time for some payback. I got up and stood pressed up to her back. Wrapping my arms around her I started to massage her breasts while she cleaned her plate. She let out a quick exhale of breath letting me know that she was enjoying my attentions. So with that I moved out hand down to her crotch and started to play with her. Just as she really started to get into it I stopped.

"Two can play at that game." I said firmly and walked into the living room to wait. I knew she would follow, she needed this just as badly as I did. ** END PART ONE MORE TO COME IF I GET POSITIVE FEEDBACK!!**

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