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Busty milf cory chase and teen lily rader threesome sex oldvsyoung pornstar
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I don't know what's happening, what I do know is I am nearly out of fight, my fire is dying.

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The lies, the cheating, the blank face staring back at me, the cold dead eyes that once were alive. No love, No conversation, No affection, No Connection, Darkness is all that surrounds me. I'm not sure who you are anymore; I don't know the person I'm living with.

What am I fighting for, who am I fighting for, I can't fight any more, there is no fight left. How much longer do I wait for the end to come, when do I deliver the mortal blow? Not long now, maybe days, maybe hours, maybe minutes, as times races by.

The clock is ticking faster and faster and with it goes any chance we may have had.

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If things don't change right now, self-preservation will be my only friend. My survival instinct starts to kick in and you fade from my thoughts.

Soon it will be like you never existed like all those before. I have to save myself before it is too late. There can be no more chances, no more ultimatums, No more "just one more try." I stand at the gates of hell. I refuse to enter or be dragged in by you. My life for the last 10 months maybe longer has been one terrible lie. Why did you do this to alexis adams well toasted pussy, Why didn't I see what was obvious to all. It stops right here, Things change right now, this cannot go on.

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This is where I make my stand, it's time to fight, No more giving way. The end is nigh, I look back and all I see is darkness, but a small light shines ahead.

The exit is beckoning me towards its escape route.

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I can breathe again. You need to look in the mirror, be honest about what you see looking back at you. The only person who can save you or us now is the reflection staring coldly back.

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I don't need you, I never needed you, and I've never needed anyone. I stay with someone because I love them, because I want to be with them.

Your destiny is totally in your own hands, I've done all I can, I can do no more. You must change right now or perish on the rocks of your own foolishness and dishonesty No time left now, prove to me I'm wrong, show me that you are who I thought you were.

No more pain, no more tears, no more lies, it's time for the truth, it's time to decide&hellip.