Mistakes boss playmates daughter for wife beach bait and switch

Mistakes boss playmates daughter for wife beach bait and switch
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The darkness had encased Korra in utter silence. The only thing she could hear was the faint pitter patter of her heart beat. Where was she, and why was she here she thought to herself. As time went on she had grown familar with her surrondings. As she moved across the floor hands sprawled infront of her.

She found what she believed was a desk and a chair. As she continued she had found a chest. As she attempted to open it, the handle snapped off. Sending a loud banging sound. Suddenly the door to her right swung open. A a tall shawdowy figure bolted out from it, before Korra knew what happened she was out like a light.

As she dreamed, of warm fields with roses springing as tall as trees, people in the distance stopping to wave to her. Serenity, it was peace she felt not having a care in the world.

She was flying high and low she could see the far mountains. She floated to a clearing on the mountain side. It had a little red ranch with scratched shingles. Once planted on the ground she took in a minute to breathe in the fresh air. Letting it fill her lungs till they could hold no more.

Exhaleing seemed like a fan as she let the air out the sunny 2 xxx full sex storiessunny leone full sex stories xxx seemed to blow gently. Soon the sun was setting, time seemed to work diffrently here. She layed in the grass letting everything fervent. Her eyelids became heavy and as the sun set she let them clasp shut.

She shot up coughing and next to her was a tall man. He had almond brown hair with shining hazle eyes. He began to speak but all Korra managed to hear was "SEX". She began to stand up suddenly tripping over herself lying face down she tried flopping over as best as she could, soon realizing that her feet had been bound.

The tall man let out a deep chuckle that sent shivers down her back. Korra felt a rush of anger surge through her and started to scream but the man must of had expected this cause as she opened her mouth he put a gag on her.

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Letting out a few coughs she realized that she was his captive and to escape she would have to play it his way. Letting this sink in, taking a big gulp she soon realized what she had to do. As soon as she had relaxed as much as she could her surrondings became more apparent she now noticed the desk and chair.

It had a old mark carved on the desk board. The chest however was a beautiful wooden antique, and she had broken it. " Don't worry you're not in to much trouble for breaking it, but of course you will need to be punished." Korra felt fear surge through her with a slight sense of excitment.

The man stood up quickly almost as if he were in a hurry to do someting. He walked over to the chest she had broken and grabbed the handle he had glued back on. With a turn of the handle it opened revealing a stash of sex toys. It all came together like the final missing puzzle piece, he was going to beat and rape her, than leave her dead lifeless body in a ditch. Suddenly she began to crawl almost in slim brunette amateur fucks in fake taxi awkward postion.

Feeling rough hands grab her shoulders and pull her up. She was soon upright on the floor as he sat by the desk in the chair holding something. As she examined it closer she noticed it was pink and "OMG ISHTHATSHADILDOHH?" She coughed and struggled to say this past her gag.

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"Why yes, its a dildo. Would you like to try it?" Korra wanted to.say no but before she realized it her body betrayed good old fashioned and swallow riding the old wood. Without hesitation he hopped up and strode next to her and pulled down her navy blue panties. She gasped before she had time to scream he began pushing it in. Letting out cries of pleasure she began to lean back and let this stranger take the lead.

As she closed her eyes she noticed something oddly familar about this man. It was Alex her ex-boyfriend, but how did he change so drastically in a few months? He held Korra in a cradled position it felt awkward at first but as he started to thrust himself in me I forgot all about it. He moved in such a graceful manner, not 10 minutes in and Korra was already panting and longing for more.

Alex seemed to notice this cause he increased his thrusts. Korra began to let out a moan but the gag caught her words and turned them into a deformed scream.

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1 hour later Korras perspective I woke up sprawled on the floor. I arched myself up only to find that I had a shackle on my left leg. I always knew Alex was a freak hence why I left him but really a shackle. I'm not some prisoner of his, he can't just kidnap me and lock me in some remote basement or wherever I was. It seemed like hours of just sitting before any sign of life came. The door opened with a creak only to see another man walk in.

I couldn't help but feel disappointed I was expecting Alex my captor to come and.well I don't know, do something. The man walked over to me with a caution that only managed to irritate me because I was the one chained up.

As he shortened the distance between us I started to recoginize him. Oh my god!!! It was Darik, Alex's little brother. Robber fuck my wife anal I guess not to much younger cause I could see the stubble on his face. "Why am I here?" I asked as I fought back the tears begining to well up in the corner of my eyes. He looked taken back as if the answer was so obvious. He started to grin making me only want to punch him in the throat.

He seemed to notice me clenching my fists cause he scooted back, just a little. As he opened his mouth to say something Alas walked in. It must be my mind playing tricks on me cause Alex seemed to be shining. As I stared in awe at Alex, Darik took my vulnerable state as an opening. He jumped at me like a cat on a mouse. I smacked down letting out a cry before my vision began to fade as Darik ripped my clothes off me.

I felt helpless as if I shouldn't fight. Finding the strength seemed almost impossible. I felt my energy fade as if Darik merely touching me was a vacum to my life. It was fading fast and I could feel it.

Panic filled me replaceing what once was my strength.

I couldn't hold it back my body seem to light up like a fire cracker on the 4th of July.