Asian cheating cheating wife with huge natural breasts in foreplay action

Asian cheating cheating wife with huge natural breasts in foreplay action
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Babysitting Mya: Momma Love Can I come over to your house later ? I ask Mya "no, my mom parents will be visiting and they do not like lesbians or gays at all" Mya says as we stop in front of her house. Mya kisses me goodbye and head up to the door and enters. I walk to my house on the right side of hers. Once I enter the house I lock the door and head upstairs to my room where I scream out loud.

I was amateur mom gets first anal yesterday night I was in my bedroom reading a book and listening to my Ipod touch when I look out my window to see Mya mom making out with MyaI saw all of it since our bedroom windows are right across from each other.

So since Mya won't let come over to her house tonight I'm not talking her until she tells me what's going on. ______________________________________________________________ Mya: It been some couple days and Jessica haven't talk me since I told her that big lie "baby girl, are you ready for a fun night" my mom says as she come behind me and grabs my waist.

My mom turns me around an kisses me when I pull her off me "mom" "I'm hungry for your tasty milk in your tits" my mom tease and that made me angry. "Mom stop, just stop it. I can't do this anymore so lets just go back to our regular life I already have Jessica mad at me" I whisper the last part.

"I know what's going on, you miss Jessica babysitting you" "that sort of true" "well honey your a teenager, you don't need a babysitter because of your breast medical problem anymore now how about I make us to ice cream" _ _____________________________________________________________ Sara: I felt really bad, and yesterday night shouldn't happen at all, I bet Jessica saw all of what Mya and I did last night her bedroom window right next door to Mya bedroom window.

I leave the kitchen and head towards the den when I saw my cell phone next to the house phone. I grab it an touch the screen and unlock it to call Jessica. "Hello" Jessica answer. "Jessica". "Hi". "Hi it's me Ms. Jefferson". "I know who you are". "I need you come over right now to babysit". "I can't I have tons of homework" Jessica lies.

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"I'm going out of town tonight and I need you come over and babysit". "I have tons of homework and my mom won't let me".

"I'll pay you two hundred bucks". "Fine". "Good" I say as I hang the phone, I then sat back and smile when I hear the doorbell. I walk over to the front door and open it to see Jessica at the door. Jessica enter my house "howabout you sit down in the den, there something I need to tell you and Mya before I leave".

Jessica leaves the room and I call Mya name "coming" Mya yells I go sit down in the den I sit across from Jessica on my pull chair. Mya enters the den "yes mom" "hwo you sit next to Jessica" Mya sits down. "There something I need to tell you two" are you going out of town again ?

Mya ask "no". So why am I'm here ? Jessica ask "girls I know you two are lesbians and your dating" Mya started laughing and Jessica join her. "I saw what you two where doing the other day when you got home from school" "don't tell dad" "I won't tell your father, but all I want to know is can I join you".

"What" Jessica said with a shockment "girls I need a little offun in my life the kind your dad can't give me Mya". This could be a trick where Mr. Jefferson ? he's working late, so how about it ? "okay, but on on condition if you tell anyone there be some bad concisence" Jessica says "I promise not to tell anyone". "Since I have all my homework done how about we chill" Mya says "that sound good" I say. "No your mom said she want to be apart of are little secret, but we have to test her out first" Jessica said as she look at Mya for a minute then a smirk went across both girls faces.

"How about you wait here oiled up euro anal whore lucy love Mya and I go upstairs to grab something" Jessica said. Jessica Mya and I both head upstairs and go in Mya room I pull this duffel bag from under Mya bed. I unzip, Mya and I both put on two strapon that where both long and the same size, then we put are pants back on.

We took are bras and shirts off then we grab two small dido's. Mya wash them off then we head downstairs "now listen up your going to do what Mya and I say or you get a spanking" I say.

Mya and I unzip are pants and pull our fake dicks "now your going to suck our dicks and if you denie it you get a spanking".

Mya stands next to me an Sara gets on her knees and sucks our fake dicks for a while. "My mouth is tired" "keep sucking" Mya said with glee Mya mom sits in front of the couch she sucks our fake dicks while Mya and I make out. Once Mya and I stop tounge kissing we made Sara lay down. On the couch I grab my mini blue dido Mya sits on the ledge of the couch and hover her fake dick over her mom face. "Spread your legs Sara" Sara spread her legs and I stick two fingers in her pussy an finger fuck her pussy, then I pull my fingers out and lick her juices off my fingers.

I then turn my dido on and put it in her pussy I slide it in slowly once the dido couldn't go in her no more I start licking her pussy while I move the mini dido around.

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"Ah fuck" Sara try to say with the strapon in her mouth I then stick my tongue in Sara pussy. "Oh my" Sara says as Mya pulls the dick out her mom mouth Mya grab the strapon and hit across her mom face like it was a real dick and it was going to cum. I then pull the dido out Sara pussy so what now ? Sara ask "you do what we say so get up and let Mya sit down, I want you suck her strapon then sit on it while you suck mine" I say.

I get up an sit on the pull out chair I pull the strap part that was covering my pussy I pull it to the side and start fingering my pussy while Sara sucks her daughter fake dick. I kept fingering myself until Mya told her to stop.

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Sara gets up and stand over Mya strapon and swquart she slide down on the strapon. Mya grab Sara waist I walk over to them Sara started fucking Mya strapon then Sara grab my strapon and start sucking it.

"Ah" I moan Sara kept fucking Mya strapon while she sucks mine. "I'm going to cum" Sara moans Sara slides off Mya strapon and end up cumming on Mya stomach I lick Sara pussy Juice off Mya stomach when I hear a phone ring.

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Sara grab her cell phone off the coffee table and answer it Sara went into another room then re enter the den. "That was your dad Mya, he'll be here any minute with take out" Sara stare at her watch to see it was almost nine thirty.

"Jessica you can stay for tomorrow and then weekend, but first I need you to go home". "I have a duffel bag with cloths upstairs I left it here last time you guys went out of town".

"Now lets gets this room clean". We all clean up and had the den clean in a couple of minutes. If you like this story about Mya lovely life please comment there be more parts and I'll like to thanks all my fans for voting but I do need more votes