Jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy

Jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy
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I was always a smart girl, when it came to school. My favorite classes were english and art but somehow I fell behind in math. My parents were strict catholics and had sent me to an all girls catholic high school.

The fact that I had fallen behind was not acceptable to my parents. The truth was I had become more interested in boys than school, like a typical 16 year old girl. My parents weren't the type I could come to with sexual questions so I relied on the words of my experienced friends. I had lost my virginity earlier that year to a boy my age but I didn't get the big deal. Anyways my parents had hired a tutor. I was pissed. I figured they would have called one of the nuns from my school but to my surprise when I got home that day they had hired a gorgeous culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas guy.

His name was Chance. He had dark curly hair, green eyes and an athletic build.I was embarrased taht I hadn't had a chance to change out of my uniform. I did what I could by taking off my tie and unbuttoning my shirt.

I was very used to getting attention from the boys at my school. I had shoulder length medium blonde hair and blue eyes. I had a 38 C chest and a slim figure. But this guy didn't even seem to notice. He was completely ready to get to work when I excused myself to the restroom. I was determined to turn this guys head.

I went to my bedroom and removed my bra and kept on my white button down shirt on. I slipped my boy shorts off and slid on a thong under my plad skirt. I came back out and I could feel my nipples pushing against the fabric of my shirt at the thought of what I was about to do.

He looked up when I walked into the livingroom and his eyes travelled from my eyes down to my nipples and then back up. I smiled pretending not to notice and took my seat next to him.

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I slightly opened my legs making my skirt slide up. His eyes were fixated on my body and just imagining the thoughts going through his head were getting me horny. He kept "accidently" brushing his hand along my smooth legs and saying sorry. His touch was intoxicating and I wanted so much more.

I decided to give him a peak. I dropped my pencil and bent over infront of him to pick it up. I was positive I had his attention when he took a deep breath in. I smiled and decided to give him a better view. I pushed my pencil under the table.

I got onto my hands and naughty blonde gets plowed during a massage and reached for it. I pretended to reach back and pull my skirt down but I lifted it up more giving him a perfect view of my ass and thong covered shaved pussy.

I feel his hand against my pussy barely touching it. I wiggle my ass and let out a soft moan. I look back and he's biting his lip. He put his hand over my pussy and started to rub it. I moaned even louder. I got up and sat on his lap facing him. I could feel his dick pushing against his jeans.

I brushed my lips against his and when he went in to kiss me I pulled back adn smiled. He ran his hands up my legs and rested them on my ass. He grabbed my ass and pulled me against him hard. I brushed my lips against his again and this time he grabbed me by the back of the head and slammed his lips against mine. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue searched for mine. He licked the tip of my tongue and his hands went straight for my shirt.

He started to unbutton it. My tits sprang free, his mouth moved onto my ear "I want you so bad", he moaned. I sighed as he nibbled my earlobe and kissed his way down my neck. He ran his fingeres along my nipples making them painfully ard. Latina in webcam fisting amp milking her wide cunt kissed and licked down my neck to my chest.

He pulled my shirt all the way off and brushed his lips along my right nipple. I moaned as he pulled it into his mouth. I arched my back as he licked it a few times before he lightly bit it. He kissed his way to my left nipple and did the same to that one. He threw me onto the couch and got on top of me.

He pushed my legs apart and ripped off my thong. He kissed his way from my knee to my pussy. He licked from the bottom to the top of my pussy lips until he found my clit. He pulled my clit in between his lips and started to suck on it. I moaned and arched my back. He licked it up and down and I grabbed the sides of the couch. He grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy closer to his face.

My legs began to shake. He slid two fingers into my pussy and licked my clit faster.

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My breathing became faster and faster. I couldn't hold back the moans escaping my lips. He bit down and sucked my pussy tensed around his fingers. My cum gushed out. He pulled his fingers out and licked my cum off of them.

I pulled his mouth to mine and searched his mouth for any remains of my cum. I could feel his hard cock pushing against my pussy and I had to have it. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and his cock was pushing against his boxers.

It was begging to be let out. I slid down his boxers and he took them off. I ran my hand up and down it. His cock was throbbing for my pussy and I could feel it. "I want to fuck your tight young pussy so badly" he moaned.

"Mmmm oh ya?

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How bad baby?" I asked "So fucking bad". I put his cock at the entrance of my pussy and he slid it in, gently at first. "I love the way your pussy grips my cock". He pushed it in harder and his pace quickened. I could feel my pussy twitch on his cock as his balls slapped against my ass. He pushed his lips against mine as I moaned.

He pushed himself in me as deep adn hard as possible, making me scream. He jumped off toying japanese babes wild cunt hardcore blowjob couch pulling me to the edge. He spread my legs in the air and slammed his cock back into my waiting pussy.

I felt it hit my back wall and I screamed louder. He fucked me harder and harder. My tits were bouncing back and forth. I reach down and pinch my nipples. The head of his cock hit my g-spot and I screamed over and over. "Yes!", "Yes!", "Oh fuck, yes!". I feel my body shake my toes curl as my cum gushes onto his dick.

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He loses it and puls his cock out of me and his warm cum sprays all over my pussy. I never did get any math tutoring but for the next few weeks he tore my pussy up.