Blonde slut tinslee reagan anal banged in her bedroom

Blonde slut tinslee reagan anal banged in her bedroom
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My name is Amy. I'm 18 and earning my way to school by babysitting. But it wasn't really the money I was going was hot, lesbian sex with mature women.these are my stories. Mrs. Carla Henderson called to ask if I could babysit and having nothing to do I said yes. When they had left and the kid asleep, I went about doing something I've been dying to do and went straight to Carla's walk in closet. It was lined with beautiful clothes and a few dressers full too.

Mrs. Henderson had really great taste, we were about the same size so I just had to try some on. I wriggled out of my jeans and tossed my t-shirt, leaving just my panties. I have a nice body and seeing myself in the dressing mirror was like seeing myself for the first time and I liked what I saw, It really turned me on. My full breasts with large nipples, my flat, tight tummy and slender waist that flowed down into firm round hips then tapered sunny leone real sex fucking shapely long legs and small feet.

I could feel the heat rise between my thighs as I traced my fingers from my nipples to my moist panties. I would have masturbated right then but something caught my eye on the floor. There was a plastic box tucked away in a shadow, I pulled it out and opened it. Inside the box were several vibrators and a large, thick rubber dildo.

My heart jumped and I could feel my pussy melting in my panties. I sat on the bed, my reflection seen from a full mirror, and spread out all my new friends next to me. I smelled my pussy as I peeled drenched panties off, threw them aside and licked the bit of juices from my mom shower and caught son peeping. I sat on the bed and took a long look at myself and wondered what was to come of this night. I knew for sure that I had to slow myself down.

I had plenty of time. I wore the most beautiful clothes, they felt so good and I felt so sexy too as I played dress-up dolly. My body shook as I slowly dressed, taking time to get the outfits on perfectly.

I was in rapture as the silk warmed to my skin. I felt hot and flushed, but not as hot as my burning pussy.

Dressed in a most alluring silk teddy with cut away bra, crotchless panties, a garter and seamed stockings, finished off with a pair of Fuck-Me strap pumps all in the color of pastel pink. I pinned back my hair and stood appraising myself in the mirror. I loved what I saw, stunned even, I just stared at myself for several minutes. Posing and playing in front of the mirror, I let myself jaye summers gets her virgin ass fucked by bfs huge dick pornstars fingering to have a little fun.

I caressed my hard nipples and ran my fingers through the sticky wetness of my crotch. My fingers slippery with juices found their way inside my pussy and I stretched like a cat in heat. A low, deep, moan tore loose from me as I frigged myself hard then shifted to my side and gently pushed a finger into my asshole, my pussy then squirted juices down my thighs and puddling on the bedspread under me and filling the room with musky smells.

I went for my friends and felt it too late for the vibes and grabbed the big dildo, holding it firmly It slowly into my dripping pussy. It was so wide it pulled hairs as it filled my hungry pussy and after getting it in deep, I went for it. I pulled the dildo all the way out and plunged it back into me in an enormous thrust, at the same time put a finger in my tight asshole. I screamed loudly and on the edge of crying as my pussy stretched wide open to fit the massive rod that threatened to split her in two.

As I was about to cum.I saw Mrs. Henderson in mirror. I sat up and yelped as the dildo went deep to the hilt. Carla looked around the room at all that was happening and smiled, then said that her husband had gone for a week and that she would need me to stay and help her. I jumped and ran for the phone to let my folks know and ran fast back to the bedroom. I took Carla in my and held her close and was light headed with the feeling.

Dreams of being seduced by a woman were going to come true and I almost couldn't control myself. My whole body buzzed with the very thought and my pussy flooded feeling her hard, sharp nipples poking into my tits.I began kissing her all over her face, she giggled like a school girl and melted into my arms and then gave me a most electric kiss, my right tit a hard squeeze and the left nipple a long pull.

We looked into each other's eyes and there was no mistake of what we both saw. She nodded consent and stood relaxed before me as if to say she was mine for what ever bidding I chose. I unzipped her dress and pulled it slightly rough from her body and Carla screamed in surprise when I ripped her panties in two off her wide hips.

I dropped to my knees in front of her and Mrs. Henderson Moaned and trembled then arched her back as I shoved two fingers into her and diddled her swollen clit. I attacked her attractive honey is showing off her opened narrowed cunt in closeup milky-white tits, sucking, pulling nipples.

She asked me to slap her tits around and smack her in the face with the huge mellons and then I made her suck on her own nipples.

Carla screamed for more abuse, for more fingers in her pussy, wanting some in her ass and at the same time impatiently trying to do so herself.

I licked my way down her body leaving a trial of saliva on her skin. Mrs. Henderson's bush was like soft down and I could taste the sweet juices that clung like dew to her matted pubes.

As I licked her thighs, I could feel the heat of her pussy inches from my lips. I couldn't wait any longer and buried my face between Carla's legs and shoved my tongue deep into her, she gasped and urged my face deeper into her snatch. I licked and sucked and chewed the tender nub of her clit, She was actually melting in my mouth.

Suddenly Mrs. Henderson pulled my face away and rolled me over onto my back. She reached over to the friends and took a double-dildo and stood before me and rubbed it against her pussy then, in one fluid motion, hottie angela white gets doggystyled and creamed disappeared up her pussy. Carla went over to the mirror, calling me over to her,worked her beautiful snatch with the rubber dick and was soon dancing for me, twirlling and twisting the dildo around in her hole, cum streaming down the inside of her thighs.

I of course couldn't keep my own fingers from my own hole and was giving Mrs. Henderson her own dance stuffing fingers from both hands into me. We ended up dancing with each other slowly around the room, she danced me over to the bed, layed me in the middle of it and started to explore my body.

Settling on my pussy, Carla ate with great skill and smeared my slippery juices all around. Carla pushed my knees to my tits, and with half of the double-dildo stuffed up inside her, stood above me and slowly lowered herself downward filling my pussy completely with the other end. She bucked up and down and I responded, picking up on her rythm.

The rubber cock that bound us together plunged deeper into our holes, both of us building to a shattering climax. Then a sensation screamed through my body, Mrs. Henderson had pushed a small viberator in my butt to the hilt and turned it on high and then gave me another inch of it.

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After a moment Carla had both toys drilling away at me. I was so excited!

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I was making it with the very lovely Mrs. Henderson and also getting fucked in both holes! Without warning, in one convulsive, mind blowing moment, Carla and I climaxed at the same time.

Both of us were screaming at the top of our lungs as the spasms exploded again and again, when the last spasm let our pussies unclinch, we lay quietly together drenched in cum, still bound together by the dildo. Mrs. Henderson, for that whole week, became my sexual mentor. She showed me many ways to masturbate, we fucked all over the house, even once outside in the backyard at 3 in the morning.

Carla and I became lovers for years to come and to this day even though she is in her 70's now, I go to her to get what only she could give me and I her THE END