Sue diamond knows she is not about to make sweet marital love

Sue diamond knows she is not about to make sweet marital love
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The Slave Trade. Ancient Egypt. 1000 BCE AMUNET Sweat trickled down Amunet's back as she followed the other slave girls in a line through the arid desert. The hot sand burned her bare feet but she could not stop.

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A cry jolted her out of her train of thought. As she turned around, she saw one of her fellow slaves, one of the newly captured ones being beat by a man on a camel for stumbling out of the formation. As all the traders wore head coverings, she could not tell them apart. Only the leader, Aapep, an exceptionally cruel man, wore a light blue head covering, contrasting from the off white shades of the others.

As the whipped girl quickly got back in her place in line, the procession continued on through their trek in the desert. Aapep's slave trade was not any normal slave trade. He traded young girls as sexual objects for anyone who could afford them. Even the Pharoah's harem had girls from Aapep. As the procession trudged on, a scout came back to report to Aapep. Amunet caught bits and pieces of the conversation, "village ahead." "not much fighters" "lots of young girls".

Aapep nodded, said something to the scout and sped up ahead, taking 10 fighters with him. SUHAD I woke up with a start when I felt something tapping my shoulder. "Suhad. Suhad. I'm thirsty." It was just my little brother, Thutmose. I sighed. "I'll go get you some.

Stay put." He nodded and sat down as I walked out with a bucket to the Nile. As I was walking to the well, I saw about 11 camel riders in the distance. Interesting. I paid no attention to them as they got closer, only minding my own business and trying to lug anal teen lita phoenix hardcore and perky bucket full of water back home when I heard them right behind me.

As I turned around, one of them threw a bag over me and slung me over the back of their camel.

The next hour, I could only hear scream and cries and see nothing but blackness and I was bumped around on the camel's back. When I finally awoke, I was sitting in a group of girls, some from my village, around my age, surrounded by a group of armed men wearing off-white head coverings. One of the other girls started to cry and it became infectious. I felt myself tear up too when I saw one of the men walk over and kick the girl until she stopped.

A man with a blue head covering walked over to our circle. He began to speak in a raspy voice, "Hello girls.

My name is Aapep. You girls are now slaves. But not just any slaves. You will be trained to sexually please any man who can pay for you.

I will give you some time to ponder this. Rest well, as your training starts tomorrow." He left, and some of the girls lay down in the sand and started to sleep. I followed, and soon we were all sleeping.

Amunet Amunet sighed as she looked at the new batch of girls. She would have to train one of these girls, and she knew it wasn't easy work. Aapep had told her and the other more experienced girls to pick someone to train. She walked over to a random girl, who looked very fragile, and had a flat chest. She tapped her shoulder and said, "Come with me." As the girl hesitated, she just waited. Finally, the girl gave in and followed.

"My name is Amunet. I will train you. I don't have an option in this, and neither do you, so just follow what I say and our lives will be much easier." The girl nodded, then said, "My name is Suhad. I will do as you say." Amunet became very pleased. It was always easier when they were rockstar gives groupie a hot anal creampie masturbation natural. Amunet led the girl into their assigned tent, where one of the slave traders was waiting.

"This is who I will train you with. You do not need to know who he is. It doesn't matter." "Okay." "First, have you popped your cherry?" "No." She walked over to Suhad, and before she could even react, unceremoniously shoved a bronze rod up her pussy. As she broke through her hymen, Suhad screamed out in pain.

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A couple seconds later, she could hear other girls from outside the tent screaming in pain also. A little bit of blood trickled out and onto the sand. "Good. Now we will teach you to suck cock." SUHAD As this taller girl with nicely rounded tits popped my cherry, I felt great pain. Soon enough, it faded away. She said to me, "Good. Now we will teach you to suck cock." Eww. Put that in my mouth? No way! But then I remembered I was not in any position to negotiate so I just nodded my head.

Amunet said, "This is how you suck cock." "First, take just the head in your mouth. Make sure to not graze it with your teeth. Swirl your tongue around." Amunet walked over to the slave trader in the tent and pulled his pants down. As his fully erect cock sprung out, she took the head like she said and put it in her mouth. I could hear the man groaning in pleasure as she swirled her tongue over the head. "Now it's your turn." I walked over and tried to copy her. I took the head in my mouth.

I could feel his salty precum on my tongue and surprisingly, it tasted good. I rubbed my tongue over every inch of his head, trying to suck all the cum out of it. I could hear his panting go faster as Amunet walked over and started jerking nasty blonde whore fucked in the ass the shaft with her and sucked his balls. With her other hand, she reached over to my pussy, which was now wet and stuck a finger in.

We were locked in this position until the man cried out and I felt his cum enter my mouth. It tasted so good that I slurped it right down and I cleaned his cock off. Amunet stared at me. "Where did you learn that?" I stared back, "I didn't.

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It was what just felt natural."