Jessie rogers fucking for school president

Jessie rogers fucking for school president
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The Training of Lucy I had met Lucy several months ago at a family party. She was a friend of my sister in law.

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We were introduced, we exchanged pleasantries and then we went our separate ways to enjoy nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies party and I thought nothing more of it. She was attractive. About 5'5" with blonde hair that came to her shoulders cut with a straight fringe. Her figure was curvy.

She didn't have large breasts but on her small, slender frame they looked ample, she had a slim waist and a nice rounded ass and thighs.

As the night went on I would catch her out of the corner of my eye as she danced and she caught me looking a few times. It was hard not to watch when she was moving that lovely little body of hers in such a provocative way. As the night went on and people started to slowly slink away, most of them in a drunken haze, I got ready to leave.

I noticed Lucy putting her coat on and saying goodbye to my sister in law and the friends they shared then she did something very unexpected. On her way out she passed my table and with a wink and a smile she handed me her business card and, still smiling, looked over her shoulder at me on her way out the door.

Bewildered I looked at the card. It told me that she was Lucy Brett and that she was the head of human resources for a major high street retail chain. It had a mobile number and an e-mail address. As I did my best to absorb the information on the small piece of card in front of me whilst simultaneously playing that little smile and wink over and over in my mind my fingers found indentations on its back.

I turned it over and there in blue biro it said, 'call me? Text me? J xx' I couldn't believe it. She was beautiful and she had just given me her number.

I wanted to call her straight away but of course that would have been far too odd. I went home a very happy man. After a day of chasing my tail over whether or not I should call her, I called her and we decided horny tattooed babe loves to do anal meet for a drink.

When I first met her she came across as quite an intimidating person. Very direct in her views but never unpleasant. She, as her card had told me, was the head of human resources for one of the biggest retailers in the country and was used to being in a position of authority.

As petite as she was she wasn't the sort of person I'd want to mess with if she got angry. Most of her days were spent in an office in the city making sure the people under her control did as they were told but every now and again she would be awarded the rare luxury of working from home. We went out a couple more times and we got on so well. It was so nice to be in her company. She was strong willed and wouldn't do anything she didn't want to. The conversations we had were often very deep and our sense of humour was matched perfectly.

Being around her was addictive. Very soon we were texting and calling each other every chance we got and after a while the messages and phone calls started to get ruder and ruder. After a couple of weeks of this the anticipation got too much for us and we had to take each other to bed.

Her body was amazing. She spent her lunch breaks in the company gym when she could and it showed.

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Her breasts were high and firm. As I said, they weren't huge but her tiny body made them look big. Her belly was flat and sculpted and her hips were wide and womanly with a lovely fleshy ass and rounded thighs. Her pussy was shaved completely and was as rounded and fleshy as her ass with her tiny inner lips just visible in her slit and when she was aroused they would open out like a butterfly.

But the one thing that surprised me the most in the bedroom was how submissive she was. She would stand in front of me and slowly undress while keeping her eyes either on her own body or the floor. She would take off her clothes while trying to keep herself covered with her arms or hands, almost as if it were something she was being made to do rather than something she enjoyed.

As soon as things started to get heated between us and it was obvious that we were going to end up having sex it was as if someone flipped a switch and the assertive, confident forthright person that was Lucy became a shy, timid and submissive little girl.

I guess after you spend all your day trying to be the strongest person in the room (which can't be easy for a small blonde girl in her late 20's) it's good to give up that pretence and surrender your power to someone else. I didn't mind, I loved it. It turned me on so much and it lead to quite possibly one of the best sexual role-play games I have ever been a part of. Trying to explain it would take to long. Instead I'll tell you about the last time we played.

It would usually happen on one of the rare days that Lucy was working from home. On this occasion we had spent hours pleasuring each other the night before. Sex with Lucy was always amazing.

Knowing she was at home I sent her a message. I had told her before I left that she wasn't allowed to play till I got home and that she had to get on with her work. As soon as she got my message she would know the game I wanted to play. I typed it and pressed send. "has Daddy's little girl been good today?" It was a few minutes before I got a reply.

"I'm sorry Daddy" Her first reply was an apology, I knew this could mean only one thing. She had been naughty while she was supposed to be at home working, but just how naughty had she been?. "Have you been a bad girl? I think you had better tell Sex doctor sex stories xxx com what you've done" She took quite a while to reply.

Even though this was just a bit of fun she really got into it and I could tell she was a little nervous about telling me. "I'm so sorry Daddy but a couldn't help it. All I can think about is what you did to me with your big dick last night and it made my little pussy all wet" There wasn't much I could do to stop her thinking about it but if she had done anything else, which I suspected she had, she knew she'd be in trouble.

"have you touched your little pussy? Tell Daddy the truth now girl" Her reply came quickly, she was desperate to explain and defend herself. "I have Daddy but it just made it even wetter. I'm sorry, please don't be upset with me" She knew she had done wrong, I had left specific instructions before I left the house. "you are a very bad girl. Kayden kross and sadie west hot lesbian acti told you before I left this morning that you weren't allowed to touch it until I got home didn't I?

Daddy is not happy" Again, she was quick to try and explain her actions. "I'm so sorry Daddy, please don't be upset.

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I tried to do my homework honestly I did but I could feel it getting all damp and slippery as I sat on it. I just had a little touch but it got really wet" It was hard to stay in character sometimes when she sent me messages like that.

She knew exactly what she was doing and the thought of her touching herself made me twitch in my boxer shorts. But staying in character was part of the fun.

"you are a very bad girl, you haven't done as Daddy told you and you have touched your little pussy and made it all wet. I think you had better show me how wet you have made yourself" The reply came after a while and when I opened it my cock started to swell and I felt my trousers getting tighter. It was a close up picture of her gorgeous pink pussy. Her swollen little inner lips had spread out from inside her and were wet and glistening.

Her little clit sat at the top of her slit, hard and poking out from under its hood and there was a tiny bead of her juice trickling from her tight little hole. The message simply read:- "sorry Daddy" My dick was raging. The sight of her pussy so wet made me want to go home and fuck her right there and then and she knew it. But here I was stuck at work.

It was time for a little payback. "sorry is not good teens bang men butthole with massive belt dicks and squirt ejaculate You didn't do as Daddy told you and now you're going to have to be punished" I wasn't quite sure how I was going to punish her while I was here and she was there but I took a few moments to think.

Then it struck me. The toy box. Before I met her Lucy had been single for a while and had built up a small collection of toys. We had started using them together and had been adding to the collection. "please Daddy no, don't punish me.

It was only a little touch and I promise I won't do it again" Her sweet and innocent routine was making my hard on worse. If I hadn't been stuck at my desk I would of taken it out right then and started wanking it. "you're a bad girl. Daddy told you not to touch at all and you didn't listen. Did you put your fingers in?" The few moments it took her to reply felt like a life time. My heart was beating in my chest and I held my phone, watching it, waiting for it too beep.

"yes Daddy L " The thought of that tipped me over the edge and I started to move my hips trying to get as much sensation as possible from rubbing the now swollen and sticky, wet end of my throbbing cock on the inside of my shorts. Time to turn up the pressure. "you will do exactly as I say. Do I make myself clear?" "yes Daddy" Suddenly something else popped into my mind. If she's doing everything I say I'll throw in a little extra for me. "I want you in the correct uniform for doing your homework do you understand?

Let me know when you are properly dressed" There was only one outfit in her wardrobe that I meant and she knew exactly which one it was.

It was one of my favourites. It took a while for her to reply, she would have been taking care to get the look just right. "I'm dressed Daddy" In my minds eye I could see exactly how she would look and it made me want to explode. Force sex girl 15 yr looked at the clock and it was only ten minutes to quitting time. Thank god for that!. Now for her punishment.

"go to your toy box and find your toy with the suction cup on the bottom. Let me know when you have it" Again, she knew exactly which one I meant.

It was a pink rubber cock complete with balls and a suction cup as a base. It had a wire leading from it to a small battery pack that, when turned on, made the tip vibrate. "I have it Daddy" I already had my reply half written.

"you will go to the coffee table and you will stick your toy to it. You will sit on it until it is all the way up inside you. You will not turn it on, you will not move at all, you will sit still and wait for me. I will be home in 20 minutes. Am I clear?" I was closing down my work station and packing my things when my phone beeped.

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"yes Daddy" "I will be inspecting you when I come home and if I suspect for a second that you have disobeyed me again cutie hot chick katie wants it deep smalltits and pornstars will be in serious trouble.

Is that understood?" "yes Daddy" "do as I have said and let me know when you have done it" At last I was on my way out the door. Thankfully my office was only ten minutes walk from Lucy's house but I walked a hell of a lot faster that day. My phone beeped again. "it's all the way in me Daddy.

It's so deep. I can feel the balls on my little clit. I want to bounce on it like I bounce on your cock. Can I Daddy? please?" God I could hardly walk. I typed as quickly as I could. "no you cute connie pleasures a fat meat pole not. You will sit still and you will not move until I get there, understood?" "yes Daddy" I didn't bother to reply, I could see her front door 100 yards away. I almost ran the last few steps.

I got to the door and took a moment to calm myself. Staying in character over the phone was one thing, staying in character in front of her was something completely different. I gathered myself and turned my key in the lock. I slowly made my way down the hall hanging my coat and placing my bag as if it were just any other day, then made my way to the front room.

There she sat on the small, square, glass topped coffee table as I had told her. Her hair was gathered in two high pig tails. She had on a tight fitted white blouse which really showed off her thin waist and rounded breasts and around her neck was a short navy blue tie with an oversized knot.

Her blouse was tucked into a short, pleated, blue and green tartan skirt. She wore knee high white socks and baby doll shoes. She would have not looked out of place on the set of a school girl porn film and I was very suddenly aware of how swollen and wet the end of my cock felt against my belly as it was squashed by my trousers.

As I entered the room doing my best to maintain my air of authority she sat on the edge of the table. She didn't look up, her head was bowed and turned slightly away from me.

Her eyes were fixed firmly at the floor. Her knees and thighs were together and her feet apart. Her toes pointed in towards each other and her hands gripped the edge of the coffee table either side of her legs supporting her as her whole body trembled slightly. I stood in front of her, my hands clasped behind my back like some wicked headmaster taking in the sight of this gorgeous woman.

She didn't move. "is it still inside you?" Again, she didn't move or look up. She just slowly nodded and through stammering breath she shakily said, "yes Daddy" I could see she was having trouble, she was obviously doing exactly as I had ordered. But I still wanted to see it for myself.

"show me" Her hands went to the hem of her short skirt and slowly started to slide it up her trembling thighs. She never raised her eyes, instead her gaze remained fixed on the floor. She gave the feeling that she was ashamed of what she was revealing to me. As her skirt gradually slid further up I saw the tops of her thighs as they were clamped tight together and I saw the beautiful Y that her legs made as they joined her body.

She lifted her skirt to her tummy and started to open her legs. She was breathing very heavily and her legs were shaking as they moved. A couple of times she had to stop and catch her breath but as her legs opened I saw her smooth round little fanny and trapped between her and the glass of the coffee table were a little pink pair of rubber testicles. She really had done as she was told.

I could see that the full 5 inch's of the little rubber shaft must be all the way up inside her and here she was, sitting perfectly still as I had told her. It was starting to take its toll on her though.

She sat looking at the floor, her breathing was short and laboured, her hands held the hem of her skirt up to her belly and her legs were spread apart. Her knees were trembling and every horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot and then I could see them wanting to close again as the sensation of having her pussy filled almost took over her.

She looked positively terrified as I bent down to pick up the little battery pack that was attached to the thing inside her. "no Daddy! Please no!" "you will be quite! You have been a very bad girl today and you will not speak until spoken to. Do you understand?" "yes Daddy" she said as she looked nervously at the little box in my hand. My finger on the button. Her eyes didn't stay on the little box for long. I held it in my left hand and with my right hand I undid the zipper on my trousers.

I stepped closer to her as I reached inside and pulled out my cock. It was throbbing. I had been hard for almost two hours. My tip was swollen and purple. It was right in front of her face now as I pulled back my foreskin to reveal just how wet and sticky it was with pre-cum.

"is this what you have been thinking about today?" Her eyes were wide and fixed on my cock. She was devouring it with her eyes when eventually she nodded and breathlessly said. "yes Daddy" I let her look at it for a moment before I said, "but you've been a bad girl haven't you?" Just as the words "yes Daddy" were about to escape her mouth I pressed the button. The reaction was immediate. She almost looked as if she was having convulsions. Her eyes screwed tight shut as she nearly doubled over.

The tip of the toy buried deep inside her and vibrating made her legs want to close tight again but she knew I wouldn't let her do that and as her hands gripped her skirt she forced them to stay open.

"you did a bad thing today didn't you?" It took her several attempts to answer me properly, she could hardly catch her breath. " Daddy" "did you touch your little pussy till you came? Tell me the truth" "" "I think I had better see for myself" I hit the button again and it stopped vibrating. Her whole body relaxed and she breathed a sigh of relief in between her already heavy breaths.

"up you get, slowly now" As she stood the little rubber cock was slowly revealed inch by inch. It glistened and as the tip of it left her I saw a small string of her juice stretch between it and her soft puffy lips. "now up on the table on your hands and knees. I want to see police gangbang oil and blonde blue eyes milf xxx milf cops myself just how naughty you've been" The coffee table was small and square but it was just the right size for her to kneel on with a hand and knee in each corner.

She assumed the position of a prime pedigree bitch being inspected at Crufts. Her head was bowed and her ass was stuck up in the air. I started to slowly walk around her, my cock still standing proud in front of me as it stuck out of my fly. Her short skirt only just covered the cheeks of her ass as she bent over like this. At the top of her gorgeous round thighs was the broad oval of her pussy divided by the little slit that started at her swollen little button clit and travelled up to where her flushed little lips spread out to frame her tight little hole.

It looked amazing as it tried horny brunette slut rubs her clit to orgasm vain to hide under the hem of her little skirt. I carried on walking round her, admiring the shape of her body as her ass stuck out and the wild blonde amateur on her knees sucking at glory hole of her back dipped towards the floor, her rounded breasts hanging underneath her, confined by her shirt and her beautiful, innocent face with her kinky little pig tails.

My cock was fit to burst as I took in this site. As I moved around in front of her I put my finger under her chin and lifted her head slightly. She was staring straight ahead at my cock. "open your mouth for me" She did as she was told. I aimed the swollen end of my cock at her mouth and slowly pushed it past her lips.

I felt her start to move her tongue and it felt amazing but I reached down and gripped one of her pigtails and said. "no! just open your mouth for me" She stopped moving and just kneeled there with her mouth open for me. I started to gently thrust into her as I held her pigtails one in each hand. "that's it, that's a good girl" The feeling of her warm, wet, soft mouth on my cock was amazing. I know if I had kept pumping I would of shot my cum straight down her throat. I knew I needed to stop but I couldn't help myself.

Just a couple more thrusts. God it felt good. I slowly took my cock out of her mouth and she closed it, gently licking her lips. "what do you say?" "thank you Daddy" I resumed my slow walk around her as she perched there on the table. I stood behind her. She was quite literally dripping wet. There was a clear bead of her juice dripping from her clit and as I looked I could see several other spots that had already landed between her legs.

I took hold of the hem of her skirt and gently lifted it over the cheeks of her ass. It was so beautiful, round and firm to the touch as I put my hands on her cheeks. I spread them apart a little and I could see her little brown ass hole twitching and the lips of her soaking pussy spread just a little more, I could see the tight ring of her little cunt just inside.

"Daddy's going to put his cock in you now but you're not to make a sound do you understand? I don't want to hear a peep out of you, is that clear?" She turned her head slightly and, over her shoulder, I just heard her say "yes Daddy" My cock was so hard it hurt.

It was longer than her toy by at least an inch and a half and quite a lot thicker. It was wet from her mouth and I knew that her pussy was so wet I could ram it all the way into her in one hard push no matter how tight she was. So that is exactly what I did. I moved my hands round to get a firm grip on her hips, I aimed the end of my cock at her tight little hole and thrust hard and fast. The power of my thrust made Lucy's whole body move.

The cheeks of her ass rippled from the impact of my hips, her head rose and fell making her hair fly and the material of her blouse shifted as her titties swung back and forth on her chest. But most noticeable of all was the noise she made. A loud, short, sharp exclamation of a mixture of pain and pleasure which she tried to silence as soon as it left her lips.

"AAHUK!" She knew what she had done. "what did I say?" Her pussy felt so good on my cock. It was warm soft and wet inside, it made my swollen glans tingle and the fact that she was so wet that I had been able to ram it all into her at once made me want to shoot into her right away. But I had a role to play and it was a good thing. If she hadn't of disobeyed me and shrieked like that I may of cum too soon. I took my cock out of her and slapped her ass hard, she yelped.

I watched as her cheek blushed and a white hand print started to appear. I walked round in front of her again and she had a pained expression on her face, I couldn't tell whether it was from the slap or the way I had rammed my dick up her. Lifting her chin I said, "open wide" She dutifully opened her mouth and I pushed my now soaking cock back into her mouth. "that's a good girl, now lick it all clean and we'll start again" Her tongue licked the length of me as I thrust into her mouth over and over.

It started to feel too good again and I had to take it out and save some for her pussy. Walking back around her again I stood behind her. My cock was busting to be in her again, I was so close I could feel the heat from her on the end of me. Taking hold of her hips again I said, "not a sound this time do you understand?" "yes Daddy" My cock head was at her entrance and once again I thrust into her hard, sinking all the way in.

Her ass shuddered, her legs trembled, her head lifted and fell and her blouse tightened with the movement of her breasts. Mason clutches her cheeks with both hands stood for a moment with my cock deep inside her. She felt amazing. Her head slowly fell and her breathing became deep and stammered but she didn't make a sound. "that's a good girl" I slid my cock half way out of her then rammed it back in hard making her shudder just as I had done the first time.

I looked down and I could see her puffy outer lips gathered around my shaft with her thin inner lips sucking me as I slid out then they would disappear as I rammed it back in.

I was fucking her hard and it looked and felt amazing. Her tight little hole was so soft I could feel it wanting to drain me. "is this what you've been thinking about all day?" She found it hard to speak I was pounding her so hard. I could tell she wanted to cry out every time I fucked my cock into her but she knew she wasn't allowed. "ye…ye…yes……Daddy&hellip.uh" She was down on her elbows sex amazes fellow during massage hardcore handjob gripping the edge of the coffee table so hard her knuckles were going white.

I could hear her tessa lane services a big dick in an elevator squelching and see the cheeks of her ass rippling every time I drove my dick home hard. "tell me what you were thinking" "I was&hellip.&hellip.thinking&hellip.of…you……uh!……fucking me hard…uh!………just like this……uh!" "how about if I fuck you like this?" I started to thrust faster, fucking her really hard, really fast and really deep, my hips slapping off her ass and almost pushing her off the table with every thrust.

"oh yes!……oh yes Daddy&hellip.fuck me like that&hellip.oh Daddy I love it&hellip.oh Daddy&hellip.oh Daddy&hellip.uh.uh.uh!" "are you going to do as you're told in future?" "yes Daddy……uh…uh&hellip.I promise&hellip.uh…I promise I'll be a good.uh.uh…good girl" Her pussy was so wet now I could feel her juices squirting out of her pussy over my shaft every time I slammed it back in.

"well if you promise to be a good little girl you can have a treat. I'll let you choose where I shoot my cum. Where do you want it?" "oh I want it……inside me Daddy&hellip.uh…uh&hellip.shoot it up&hellip.up inside me Daddy,…&hellip.I want…to feel you&hellip.cumming in me" "ok, you can have my cum in your pussy.

Now what do you say?" "thank&hellip.uh.thank you Daddy…uh.uh" I had been fucking her hard and fast for only a little while when I felt her pussy starting to flutter.

"oh Daddy&hellip.oh Daddy&hellip.I'm cumming Daddy&hellip.I'm cumming!" That was it, hearing her shout that was too much for me. "Daddy's…going to cum…too…are you ready?" "yes Daddy…&hellip.I'm ready" I felt her pussy fluttering on the end of my cock and it started the chain reaction in my hips.

I felt the pressure building between my legs and my balls tightened, I grabbed her hips, held them tight and rammed my cock deeper into her than ever before. "OW DADDY!!" As my cock twitched and squirted inside her I felt her pussy tighten and she started slamming her ass back at me.

"oh Daddy&hellip.oh Daddy……give me al your cum Daddy…&hellip.give me all your cum Daddy&hellip.…I love your cum Daddy…&hellip.I love it deep inside me…&hellip.ooh&hellip.oooh&hellip.oooOOOOHHHHHH!!"" With one final squeal she pushed back against me and I felt her pussy clamp down on me hard, her legs started to tense and want to kick out and I felt her pussy get very very very wet.

Looking down I saw her little ass hole contracting and her lips quivering as they were stretched tight around me. Her orgasm coursed through her.

I forced myself back in deep and she moaned as I felt a mixture of our juices squirt out of her and run down my balls I moved my cock back and forth as far as I could inside her as she started to calm down, her orgasm slowly subsiding. Every now and then she would shiver as I pushed it in. She was kneeling on the table panting for breath as I slid my slowly deflating cock out of her. I stood for a moment and looked at her freshly fucked pussy as my cum, mixed with her cum slowly dripped from her to land on the table I walked round her and, lifting her chin, I said.

"open wide, you need to clean Daddy up" She opened her mouth and sucked my cock in licking it all over as she did. Cleaning it of her cum and mine. The sensation of her tongue darting from side to side on my end felt intense and I could feel the last few drops oozing from the eye at the end of my dick.

"that's a good girl, now what do you say?" She reached up and held my cock as she took it out of her mouth, still sucking me as she did, and said, "thank you Daddy" "Now go and get yourself cleaned up" "ok Daddy" She stepped down off the coffee table and straightened her skirt.

She had a spring in her step as she almost skipped to the door and, just as she was about to leave she turned and said "I love you Daddy" "I love you too sweetie" And with a broad smile she turned and headed for the shower leaving me exhausted and thinking of the next game we could play.