Babe with most perfect oiled ass ever

Babe with most perfect oiled ass ever
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CLARA She was the mother of the lady who married my uncle. I didn't know her well, but she was always friendly and affable whenever I encountered her. Her husband had died several years earlier and she had to manage by herself. One day, I went over to her house to do some work around the yard and garage. Some time around the middle of the day, she invited me into the house for a break and a cool drink. We sat in her kitchen, she on one part of the breakfast nook and I on the other part.

She was wearing a simple house dress with a zipper in the middle, keeping the dress closed. She was probably in her early fifties, with brown hair, a smooth unlined face, slim legs and very large breasts. I could tell from the outline of her breasts against her dress, that she had big nipples like erasers. She started talking about her nephew, what a nice young man he was and how he would share secrets with her.

I asked, "What kind of secrets." She replied, "Oh, about girls and what he does with them." I asked her to tell me what her nephew had said about his relationships with girls. She said, "Well, he likes to get them alone, then tell them how pretty they are; how much he enjoys their company and how he likes being with them. After a while, he tries to explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore them." She paused.

I said, "Go on, what does he do then?" She said, "He starts petting, you know, putting his hands on their arms, legs and some other places. I said, "What other places?" She paused again and said, "Well, I don't want you to think that I'm a nasty woman by talking dirty." By this time, I could feel a certain kind of excitement run through me and I could also feel my penis starting to get hard.

I said, "Oh, Clara, I know you are a decent woman and I would never think less of you for talking about these things. Besides, I would enjoy talking about things like this with such an attractive woman like you." With this, she brightened up and smiled. She said, "Well, alright, I find it kind of fascinating myself." Then she said, "My nephew likes to touch the girls up here," pointing to her own giant breasts.

Her nipples were now quite pronounced against the dress material. "He strokes them and concentrates on their nipples, while he's kissing them. After a while, he moves down the body and caresses their thighs. All the time, he's talking to them, telling them how pretty they are, how good they make him feel, and so on." By this time, I was really excited. My penis had become completely erect. It was so hard, it was tenting out my trousers to the right of the fly.

I could see Clara taking furtive glances at it. I tried to conceal it by changing position on the seat, but that only made it more obvious. I felt embarrassed and told Clara I was sorry about my "condition".

She smiled and said, "Oh, don't you fret, young men are always getting .boners or . hardons. and what with the subject we have been discussing, it would be perfectly natural. "My nephew says that sooner or later, while he is with a girl, he gets a big boner that makes his pants stick out just like your .thing is doing to your pants.

With my breath coming faster, I said, "What does he do then?" She said, "After a while, he tries to take off their blouse and play with their .boobs through their brassiere. If they don't mind, in a few minutes, he unfastens their brassieres and exposes their bare boobies. He says, he loves to caress them and kiss the nipples. Kissing the nipples makes them stand up nice and big." By this time, I was tremendously aroused.

My prick was as hard as a rock and I made no effort to conceal it. In fact, I sat so it was sticking out as far as I could make it. She was now looking at it directly and smiling broadly. She said, "My, you sure have a big one, don't you." I said, "Well, I'm not the only person with something big. You sure have big, beautiful. tits!, I hope you don't mind that word.

In fact, I have never seen a woman with such big luscious breasts." She arched her back and looked down at them rather coyly.

She said, "When I was young and they started to grow, I saw them as a problem, because boys were always kidding me about them, trying to feel them and grab them. When I started to date, boys would want to feel them, take them out of my blouse, kiss them and become very excited." Grinning rather sheepishly, she said, "When I was about 15, I was with one young man, who I let fondle them on the outside of my blouse.

I didn't notice, but he had gotten an enormous hardon. While he running his one hand over my boobs, he had undone his fly with the other hand and taken out his penis. I didn't notice anything until all of a sudden, he started breathing hard and to my surprise, his penis started squirting white creme all over my dress and blouse.

It was the first time I had ever seen a boy have a climax and I was embarrassed to death." "At first, it bothered me, then as time went by, I began to see the positive naughty milf is priceless at fucking hardcore blowjob of having such big boobs and I started to enjoy the attention they brought me from men. I know I'm not a raving beauty, but having such big boobs helped bring me my share of dates and a husband." I said, "Well, they are certainly beautifully formed.

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Please don't be offended, but I have to tell you that your gorgeous tits are what's going to be in my mind the next time that I. beat off." She said, "What do you mean, "beat off?" I replied, "You know, jack off, play with myself. .masturbate. You have been married, have children, I'm sure you've seen a man masturbate." She smiled and said, "You know, I'm from the hill country, the Bible belt.

I was brought up in a very prudish setting. I was a virgin when I got married and we didn't screw until the lights were out. When my husband wanted sex, he just turned out the light, asked me to get on my back and then stuck his cock in me.

Then he moved back and forth until he finished, and then rolled over and went to sleep. I seldom saw his penis. "Or prick", I interjected, "Much less see him play with it or stroke it." At this point, I got an idea that was so daring, I hesitated to bring it up for fear she would just throw me out of the house, but my rigid, throbbing prick impelled me to go forward. I said, "You know, our talk has got me very sexually excited. I really want to masturbate! I was thinking that as soon as I left here, I was going to go some place where I could take out my cock and jack it busty hottie gets her hairy pussy rammed until I shot a load of jizz." "If you wouldn't think I was a terrible person and if you wouldn't tell a soul, I would do it right here, in front of you, so I could relieve the pressure in my prick and my balls, and.

you could see how a man jacks off. It would have to be our secret, however." She gave me kind of a funny look and sideways smile, but said, "You naughty boy, would you really do that for me and not tell a soul?" "Absolutely, I replied". She kind of giggled, hesitated, but finally said, "Well, O.K., but you're sworn to secrecy." I nodded my agreement. She said, "You can't do it here in the kitchen, because of all the windows.

Let's go in the bathroom." We got up and went into the bathroom, which was the next room. I felt funny walking behind her with an enormous erection tenting out my pants, but I was very excited, anticipating what was going happen next. We went into the bathroom. It was quite large in the style of the nineteen twenties and contained a washbasin, bathtub and toilet.

There was a stool in one corner next to the tub. I undid my belt and dropped my pants. I turned toward her as I tugged down my jockey shorts and out popped my prick, hard and red, with the head almost purple.

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She looked at it and said, "Oh what a big one, my husband's was not near that thick." She started to put out her hand to touch it and then jerked away, like it was a hot stove. I smiled and said, "Clara, it's okay, go ahead and touch it, in fact, I would like you to touch it." She put out her hand and very gently grasped the shaft of my phallus, moving her hand up and down, increasing and decreasing her strength of her grip.

"My", she said, "It's much harder than I thought it would be and so warm." She then reached down and cupped my balls and fondled them with care. She said, "You have a big, what is it called?" I said, "Scrotum, nut sac. ." Suddenly, she took her hand away and said, "Listen, young man, we came in here so you could relieve some pressure in your penis and your balls.

I didn't anticipate touching each other like this." I nodded in agreement and started to go over to the toilet. Toilets had been a favorite jacking off place for me many times in the past. Then I stopped and asked, "Do you have any Vaseline?

I usually lubricate my penis with it, when I jack off." She went to a drawer and pulled out a jar of Vaseline and handed it to me. I opened it, put a quantity of it on my right forefinger and lubricated my protruding phallus with it. I then sat down on the toilet, grasped my penis with my right hand and started stroking it vigorously. She took a seat on the stool about 4 or 5 feet away and watched intently as I masturbated. I sat with my legs spread wide apart, buttocks positioned on the front of the toilet, and leaning back, so she could have the best view of me stroking my hard prick.

While I was terrifically excited, I was not going to blow my nuts any sooner than I had to, because I wanted to make it last as long as possible. As I masturbated, I varied my strokes and sometimes the position of my hands, occasionally turning my right hand so my thumb was closest to my body; sometimes just holding the base of my penis with my left hand and pulling on the glans with the thumb and first three fingers of my right hand; sometimes just slapping my penis with my hand to show how hard and red it was, but always returning to the "journeyman" thumb out stroking position.

She seemed to have trouble seeing in enough detail, because she started bending her head forward and squinting. So I said, "Clara, bring your stool closer, so you can get a better view of me masturbating." I stopped beating my meat. She stood up, picked up her stool, came over and sat down in front of me with about six inches separating our knees.

I resumed stroking my prick. She peered intently at my right hand pistoning up and down my rigid, lubricated phallus. I had started stroking my hard slippery prick fairly slowly, making long strokes from my scrotum thru the purplish, engorged head of my penis, but now I was having so much pleasure, I was beating off as fast as I could make my hand fly up and down my hard greased prick. "Oh Clara," I groaned. "I am really enjoying masturbating in front of a sexy looking woman like you. When I come I know I'm going to shoot a big load of .jizz!

She said, "You mean you'll you shoot a lot of white .creme when you have a climax?" I replied, "Yes, and it's called jizz or jizm, but I'm not quite ready to come yet. I'm enjoying myself too much." She said, "I'm enjoying watching you.

Your penis is so hard, it's almost purple at the end. It obviously gives you great pleasure to jack off. It's also giving me feelings I've never had before. Look at how hard my nipples have gotten." She glanced down at her tits then. I could see the nipples father and dotter sex storys out her dress in both places and I got another idea.

I said, "Clara, while I'm masturbating, it would really enhance my pleasure, if you would, er ah, show me your.tits, or at least part of them." She rather coyly smiled and said, "Well, I guess it would be o.k. at this stage." She then slowly pulled down the zipper holding her dress together, for about six inches, revealing a white lace brassiere exposing a long cleavage and the large white expanse of her big mammary glands.

I gasped and said, "My God, they're huge!" She pulled the zipper down further and slowly exposed both breasts to me. She pulled her brassiere down in front under her tits. They were shaped like cannon shells with the nipples protruding like big pencil erasers.

The nipples must have been at least an inch long and a half inch wide. The areolas were a couple of inches in diameter and dark purple in color with a network of faint blue veins going toward the nipples. She took her hands and hefted them up to me. I reached out with my left hand and touched one. It was silky smooth and soft. She let me run my hand over the nipples and tweak them. It was thrilling.

My right hand was still pistoning up and down my hard cock all the while. She said, "Are you getting close to a climax?" "Yes, I am," I said in a dog dick in ass pussyfucking and fucking voice. "Will your. jizz shoot out from your penis any distance?" "Yes, it will," I said, in a breathy voice. "How far?" "Several feet." "Oh my, will it just be one stream, or more?" "It'll be several spurts, because I'm so sexually excited and I haven't ejaculated for several days." She said, "Let me get a towel for my lap.

I would love to have you shoot your . jizz on my boobs, but I don't want to get any on my dress." She then stood up, walked over to a towel rack, took one, came back and sat on the stool again.

She then put the towel over her lap to catch any jizm spurts. I loved the way her big bare tits jiggled when she walked. She had to hold her dress up with one hand, so it didn't fall down and expose the rest of her body to me. She watched me intently as I continued to vigorously masturbate. Her face was now flushed and there was a fine film of perspiration on her brunette molly jane gets fucked raw and fast and upper chest.

I said, "Clara, I'm curious about something. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but I'd like to know if your pussy is wet or a little moist." She blushed and replied,"Well, I will tell you that I am very juicy in between my legs.

It feels real good there and.

in my boobs. At first, I just hidden camera is womanc wc I wouldn't show you any more than my boobs and my nipples, but I have to confess that our talk and watching you has really gotten me, as they used to say, hot & bothered. I'm feeling so itchy and wet between my legs right now I really want to touch myself.". Well, Clara, I won't think you're a bad woman if you lift your dress and relieve yourself." She looked at me, smiled just a little and said, "If it's our secret and you wouldn't be embarrassed then I'll show you my.pussy." With that she lifted her bottom off the stool, spread her legs apart and pulled up her dress to her waist.

To my surprise, she was not wearing any panties or hose. She sat back down on the stool with her legs spread and her pussy completely exposed. Her pussy was surrounded with thick brown pubic hair down onto her legs and tapering up to her naval. Her outer labia were swollen and red. Her inner labia were a bright carmine.

There was a clear fluid seeping out of her cunt. She reached down with her right hand and started a light caressing action over the upper part of her pussy, then rubbing up and down her outer labia. She moaned softly and said, "Oh, it feels so good!"Then with her left hand she started fondling her big, beautiful breasts and every now and then tweaking her hard nipples.

She moaned softly as she lightly rubbed up and down on her vulva and said, "Oh, I haven't been this sexually exited in years." I said, "You mean when you were married?" She replied, "No, before that.

My husband was a good man, but he didn't know much about sex. When he got a hardon, he just wanted to stick it in me and work it as fast as he could until he shot his jizm.

Then he would pull out and go to sleep. I never came while he was fucking me. I had to go into the bathroom and rub myself until I came. It wasn't nearly as exciting as what you and I are doing right now! She spread her legs slightly more open and with her left hand pulled up on the area just above her vulva. I could see her clitoris clearly now. It was red and distended. With the middle finger of her right hand, she lightly teased it by stroking it from below; then with her fore finger and middle finger she slowly, gently stroked and squeezed it on both sides from below.

At first, she stared intently at what she was doing, then she looked up at me and grinned. "She said, "I'll bet you're going to have a big climax. I want to see you shoot your jizz all over my boobs and my nipples." I said, "Clara, I don't want to come before you do. I want you to have a strong orgasm." She replied, "Oh, I know I'm going to have a powerful orgasm, but what will set me off is seeing you shoot a nice big load of jizz.

That'll make me come." A few seconds after she said that, I could feel myself start to come. This was going to be a gusher. I groaned, "Oh Clara, I'm going to come!" With that, I lost control and started to shoot thick spurts of jizz. I held my squirting prick so the jizz shot all over her big tits and nipples.

It took several seconds for me to complete my ejaculation. She exclaimed, "Oh my God, I have never seen anything like that. You must have shot a half a cup of jizm. One spurt of jizz had covered her right tit and was dripping off the nipple. There were two or three bigtitted sub throats cock in maledom trio tracks of semen on her left tit and several on the towel. She now applied more pressure with her right hand and rapidly stroked her entire vulva with broad movements up and down, rubbing her labia, the entrance to her cunt and mom san porn six vedustore clitoris.

With her left hand, she was vigorously pinching both of her nipples.

Suddenly, she said, "Oh, I'm going to come.right now!' With that she closed her eyes, audibly exhaled and brought her legs together on her madelyn marie with tommy gunn sex story. She stayed that way for several seconds, then brought her head up, inhaled, smiled and said, "That was wonderful!

I haven't had an orgasm like that in years!" I replied, "Mine was as strong as I can remember." She then proceeded to wipe her vulva with tissues and cleaned her breasts off with the towel. She then pulled her brassiere back up over her breasts and zipped up her dress.

She stood up and adjusted her clothing. I cleaned my penis with toilet paper and pulled my pants up. We then went back into the kitchen and finished our cold drinks. The ice in our glasses had melted but we didn't care. Our conversation was quiet. We discussed the fact that neither of us had ever done anything like that before. I told her, however, that I had enjoyed it immensely. She smiled and said she had also, but it was time to part.

As I stood up to go, I said, "Just our secret, right?" She came over, kissed me sweetly with soft lips, and said, "I'll never tell a soul." Then she smiled coyly and said, "By the way, I 've got some more work around here for next week if you're interested." "Am I ever!" I said. "I'll be back at the same time." "Just give me a call before you come over," she replied.

I walked out of the door and said, "Bye. and thanks." She smiled and winked. THE END