Greta the teen loves touching herself defloration softcore

Greta the teen loves touching herself defloration softcore
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I arrived in China as a guest of the government and taken to a compound with a beautiful garden. My host walked with me in garden explaining the purpose of the government invitation.

My host pointed out naughty jessie wylde knows a perfect place to fuck beautiful young woman walking in the garden, explaining the government knew my preference for a young virgin woman as my companion while in China. The host called the young woman over introducing her to me.

Hiriko, this is Mr. John Malone. I went to my room to rest after the long flight and meetings. The door opened Hiriko entered closing the door. Hiriko " Oh, you recognize me" she giggles, mouth flashing a cute grin with a devilish undertone. " I thought I might have to remind you," she continues, shrugging off the long robe she is wearing, and my cock surges anew - her body, is sexy, is accentuated with shapely, satin lingerie.

Her petite frame serves to highlight her breasts, small and full but not exaggerated, and her long, alabaster legs leading to a heart-shaped butt, the panties dipping slightly at the front to tantalize with the prospect of that soft, wet treasure within. Drinking in the sight, I'm speechless, my cock straining against my pants, She is so tiny I wrap my arm around her and picked her up, pulling her body tight against me. I kick the door shut and locked it behind me.

In seconds I had her pinned to the wall. She hung in my arms a few inches off the floor. High school gharl sar xxx tight little butt moving against my cock as it grows down my pants leg.

She stops struggling pushing her ass back as though she is encouraging my cock to grow harder. Reaching around her waist I rip her panties off stuffing them in her mouth. I rip her bra off next and I bound her hands together over her head. Now I had her. Pulling her by her hands I walked around the room, closing all the curtains.

Satisfied that I had things under control, I pulled her up close to me and asked, " Do you know what I want?" She nods 'yes' slowly. " Are you going to give me what I want? If I take these sweet-smelling panties out of your mouth are you going to scream?" She shook her head 'no'.

" Good. Maybe we can both enjoy this." I sat on the edge of the bed looking her over. She is so petite. With her long straight black hair, her porcelain skin, and slender build, she looked so innocent and delicate. I had her turn showing me her body from every angle. She looks delicious. She is the kind of woman who has the grace to handle herself in any situation. Even being told by her government to provide me with sex didn't seem to faze her.

She seems to accept the position she is in and is ready if not eager to make the most of it. I love the lines of her body. From her graceful neck to her child-like toes swingers play game that definetly gets them all fucked body shouts out its sensuality.

The gentle swells of her firm little breasts to the narrow strip of hair above her clean-shaven pussy lips give her a quality that's impossible to describe. I had Hiriko lay on the bed on her right side facing away from me.

I begin stroking and massaging her bare ass as she lay there luxuriating in my touch. As she writhed her body in response to the stimulation, my hand on her body, stroking, exploring.

I slip my hand over her legs, back and ass; lubricated by the sheen of sweat that the heat had brought to her body.

Hiriko eyes are closed, she sighs and rolls over, exposing her front to my hand. My hand went for her breasts. Carefully massaging and passing gently over her nipples.

This quiet massage lulls her further into relaxing indian bengali babe jazmin chaudhry gets double teamed she is experiencing all of her sensations. My right hand trails down over her abdomen to the place where her legs join her pelvis. My hand rubs her mound before slipping down encountering her damp lips then further to her exposed clit.

Her body gives an involuntary shudder as my thumb rubs her clit. Her breathing becomes heavier as a moan escapes. She is in a trance-like state as she writhes and moans beneath my fingers. Hiriko snaps out of her relaxing trance abruptly as I pinch her nipple. The pain is enough to wake her up enough to realize what is happening. Hiriko feels the bed sink beneath the weight of my body. She feels my knee to either side of her waist and my hands that had seconds before had her in a state of pleasure that she has never before experienced, are fumbling in the dark to find her hands.

I grab them tightly to lift them and pin them above her head. It all happens so quick that she has no time to respond and before she can voice her response, her mouth is stopped by mine. My kiss is savage and lustful. Hiriko feels me on top of her wearing pants but no shirt and beneath the pants, she feels my hard monster cock. My kiss ended as I spat out " Don't you scream or struggle!" My voice is low but forceful. Hiriko is nodding in response but also found her face contorting with oncoming tears.

" Good." I replied amused, " You're porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn, aren't you?" Again she nods and sniffs. " Good." She feels my tongue trace her jaw line back to her ear as I then took it into my mouth to bite.

Hard but not so hard that it bleeds. after releasing the ear, I whisper. " All girls, they want to be fucked. They stare at me with lust and fear, I can see the want and fear in their eyes, but not you. Well after tonight you'll want me every night because even though they say they don't, every girl wants it rough.

They want to be possessed and taken by force." With the last statement, I shift her wrists to one hand and with the other hand I pull a cord out of my pocket. Hiriko feels the cord wrapping around each wrist and then binding them together. I reach far above her head around the mattress to tie the cord to the wrought iron bed stand beneath. I'm leaning my full weight over her torso and head. She turns her face to take shallow breathes. When I finished, I sat up and begin to run my hands and mouth over her flesh once more, but this time roughly.

Occasionally biting or pinching. By this time the tears squeezed from the corners of her eyes to disappear in her hair. " Please." Hiriko whispers softly. " You will not talk." I spat.

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Hiriko then feels a knee trying to wedge between her tightly clamped thighs. She is putting all of her strength into keeping her legs closed, but I slowly pried them apart slipping my hand to her cunt.

" You see? You can't pretend you don't want it. You're so fucking wet I know you want me." She nods. Her tears are gone now replaced by fear.

What would he do? Would he just fuck me and let me leave? " Say it! Say how much you want me to fuck you!" I growl. I'm fingering her pussy. She is very wet.

Hiriko realizes that she did want me to fuck her. She feels my wandering fingers from earlier. Most of the rest of it is arousing her. She will do exactly what I told her. Like she said. " Oh yes, you bastard, I want you to fuck me hard. Fuck me fast. Fuck me deep!

Oh God yes fuck me." The fingering suddenly stops as I slam my cock into her pussy. " Oh God, it is massive! Hiriko screams as my cock rips her maidenhead the pain is intense as I thrust mercilessly before her pussy walls have time to adjust to my size. I thrust deeper each time, every thrust is so hard that her body bounces with each. As my cock continues to slam into her, my mouth fiercely descends on her body.

I suck, nibble and lick every inch that I can reach and keep my cock deep within her. I settle on her tits. I'm fucking her like a wild and savage animal. Little cries begin to escape her and they grow in pitch and volume as she begins to feel a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her orgasm is weling up, her knees draw up convulsively and with one final thrust of my powerful cock, she is flung over the cliff of her release.

Her body violently convulses and thrashes as one last moan fills the room as her pussy spasms and constricts around my cock. I'm buried deep inside her as I groan and explode shooting thick ropes of hot, sticky cum filling her womb. I lean forward on one hand and with the other scooped up some of my cum from her pussy with two fingers and brought it to her lips, she turned her head away. I roughly grab her face with one hand forcing her mouth. Thrusting my two fingers deep into her mouth commanding her to suck them.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, when I returned I untied Hiriko's hands telling her to go get cleaned up. When Hiriko returned, she laid down on the bed spreading her legs. I shove my hand between her legs. Hiriko feels like crying as my fingers slide into her pussy again. " Oh!" I roar. " What have we got here? Your already getting wet for me again?" Hiriko's face is on fire with shame; she got wetter as my fingers stroke through her puffy lips, fingertips brushing her clit. " You dirty, dirty girl!" I exclaimed joyously.

" Your first session was only the beginning. Your pussy is so very tight and now your a woman." To emphasize the point, I thrust one finger up her pussy. Hirito cries out grabbing onto my shoulders, steadying herself.

" Mmm, wet and so tight," I said. " That's good. You better hope it stays good and wet, or it's gonna be very painful for you. Intense long haired blonde brooke summers gets fucked by lexington steele like before when I tore your maidenhead taking your virginity. Hmm?" Hirito bit into her lower lip fighting the urge to ride my hand.

She didn't have to fight long, a second later my hand grabbed her ass.

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My fingers teasing her crack. Hirito's heart pounding. They are so slick from her juices that they slid right between the globes of her ass. I didn't try to penetrate her asshole, though; I circled it with my fingertip. I continue circling her tight entrance. I start to push, and Hirito gasps, clenching her hole against the intrusion, her fingers digging into my shoulders.

" I'll." She feels like she can't catch her breath. " I'll be a good girl. I promise. Just. please don't, not there." " You promised, to do what ever I wanted?" I said with a smirk. " All right. Time for another session." I lean back against the wall, getting comfortable on the bed. " You can start by sucking my cock." Hirito stares down at my hard monster cock. It is one thing for me to shove it in her mouth. It is another for me to expect her to get down and do all the work herself.

She can't do it. " What are waiting for?" I barked. " Get down on your knees, now!" Hirito scrambles to obey, scared by the sudden sharpness of my voice.

The carpet was worn and stained beneath her knees. " Keep those legs spread, shoulder-wide apart. I don't want you squeezing them together to try to get off. This is about satisfying me, not you." I growled once she is in ghar ki safai karne wali but hesitating. " Go on, take cock in your mouth and suck it with no biting." Her fingers shaking, Hirito grabs my cock her fingers don't go all the way around. She catches her breath.

So much for wishing I couldn't get it up again. She had never seen such a hard, angry-looking monster cock. " You like that Hirito?" I crowed. " You like my big long, fat cock?" In truth, it is exceptionally long, and like the rest of me, it is thick, and the bulbous head is already weeping with precum. Steeling herself, Hirito closes her eyes, taking a deep breath, and starts bobbing.

I grab her by the hair pulling her off off me at once. " What are you doing?" I frown. " You have never sucked cock before? I like an enthusiastic cocksucker. Let's try that again. First you gotta lick it like a lollipop." It is horrible, being given orders like that. Hirito didn't cutie hot chick katie wants it deep smalltits and pornstars to lick or suck or do anything to that big, nasty cock. She took it by the base and starts licking it like I had asked, knowing she has no choice and she had to please me.

"There ya go. Yeah, that's it, root to tip, all over, get it good and wet. Mmm, that's good, darlin'. Now you can put it in your mouth and bob up and down on it a little, real slow, just a few inches." He tangled his fingers in her ponytail.

"Oh yeah. Now keep bobbin', but suck on it." Rose followed his instructions sex is what horny ebon awesome cutie needs hardcore blowjob as she could. At least he wasn't pulling her hair or trying to choke her.

She closed her eyes and tried to pretend he was the guy she had the crush on in her Art Appreciation class. But every time she lowered her head, she could feel Reggie's big, hairy belly bumping against her forehead.

"Oooh, that's it, you hot little slut! Yeah, hollow those cheeks and work that suckhole. And look up here at me while you suck on it." She reluctantly opens her eyes. Despite the vision of this older man in front of her, her pussy starts getting really wet. My thick hard meat sliding in and out of her mouth, and her jaw starts to ache, but something about my words made her hot.

She has never been with a man, has never been told exactly what to do. " Fuck yes," I panted. I'm getting very horny, and that is turning her on, too, knowing she has done that. " Now lick it some more. Drool on it, there you go. Lick those balls, too." They are cool and hairy, as Hirito feels some of my gray pubic hair getting stuck in the back of her throat, she sputters and keeps going, afraid of what I may do if she stops.

" Mmm, yes, now back up to the shaft. Get it good and sloppy with your tongue." She is glad for the break from sucking, she stares up at me as she licks me, letting her spit drool down over my shaft. " You are a sweet little thing? I'm about to get you messy. Stick out your tongue." She did, as I grab my cock and start smacking her tongue with it, like I'm spanking it. " That's a dirty tongue, and a dirty little mouth." Hirito feels herself dripping between her legs.

She tries to close them for some friction, hoping I notice, but I did. " Mind those legs!" I barked. " Keep 'em spread, and stick your ass out. You having fun now, is that it? Well, if you like that cock so much, let's give you some more, then. Let's see how much of this knob you can swallow." With that, I grab the back of her head and start pushing her down on my cock.

Hirito tries to breathe through her nose and relax her throat, but the more I push, the more she starts to panic. " More," I demand, pushing her down another half-inch. " More." And another. She starts to gag and clutch at my legs, nails digging into my thighs, but I keep pushing.

" Little more,almost there, keep going." She has never had cock in her mouth. Her eyes start streaming tears. She squeals through her nose, slapping my thighs, I hold her there, making her take it. When she thought she might retch, I let go. Hirito falls backwards against the coffee table, coughing and sputtering, drool and spit streaming from her mouth in thick ropes.

"Oh!" I shouted, laughing. Hirito is choking, suffocating on my rod and on her own spit. My pants fall to my ankles, as she claws at my thighs, that made me thrust harder.

She shrieks around the invasion, willing it to end, willing me to cum, wondering how long I can keep it up before I did. "Oh fuck!" I bellow, just when she thought she can't take any more. I push her away. I grab her by the arm yanking her up off the floor. " We can't have that.

Get up. It's bedtime." Hirito stumbles, her knees weak from kneeling so long. She practically runs. She is shaking like a leaf, gasping for air now, still soaked between her legs. " Get on the bed, on your back, spread your legs wide." Hirito didn't want to look at me, but mom and teen getting facial in threesome is like she can't make herself look away. I'm naked now, the bed groaned under my weight as I crawled up on it and between her legs.

I kneel there a minute, fisting my cock. Hirito has never seen so much body hair. It looks like my legs and groin are covered with a layer of wiry gray fur. " Let's take a look at that little pussy," I said. I bend down spreading her lips apart with my thumbs until her slit is completely bare to me.

"Oh! Looks like somebody got a little hot and bothered chokin' on that cock." Hirito bits back a whimper, feeling her face flame. There is no denying it. She is slimy with arousal between her legs. " Aww, don't look so embarrassed," I said with a chuckle. " You're gonna be real thankful for that wettness once I go to work on that pussy again." I shove one finger inside her, making her yelp. " Hmph, feels very tight. No matter. I'll loosen it up before too long. again." I shove the same finger into her abused mouth.

" Taste how wet your pussy is." It is so humiliating, having to taste her own arousal. Hirito has never tasted herself before — or any other girl, for that matter — and she wrinkles her nose at the tang of it. I laugh at her reaction scooping up more of her courtney cameo minor part major star twistys, making her suck them off my fingers.

" Taste good?" I mock her. " I'd try it myself from the source if I wasn't so eager to fuck you again." I withdraw my fingers, " Spread 'em wider. There's a lot of me that's got to fit in between your legs." I could have been talking about either my body or my cock.

They both seem huge; she feels tiny and helpless in comparison. Tears running down her face as I run my cock over her slit, getting it wet with her juices. " Now, just so you know, this isn't my favorite position, but it'll do for starters." My face hovering over hers, my beard stubble brushing her chest. I push the head of my cock inside her then pull it back out with a smile, rubbing it on her clit.

" But I wanna see the look on that pretty face when I get balls deep in that tight little pussy again." Hirito stubbornly turns her head away, but I punish her for it by ramming my cock halfway into her pussy. She cries out at the intrusion and pain, as I laugh. I pull out then ram it in again and again, Slamming in hard then pulling all the way out until I finally slam home with a grunt.

" No!" Hirito cries, trying to buck me off of her. It is no use. I weigh at least twice as much as she did. " No, please don't, it's too much." It feels like I'm ripping her open, and I didn't give her time to adjust.

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"Oh yes, you feel that, don't ya?" I crow, driving my hips forward hard enough to dislodge the pillow from behind her head. " That's it, take that cock. Take that cock like a good girl. Such a good girl, being forced to please me by your government." I lick her face as I thrust in and out of her.

" Such a good. hot.tight.tight little pussy," I panted in her ear. " Oh yes, I can fuck that little pussy all day long." She chokes on a sob at the thought of it. She can't take this all day, she can't.

She feels herself gradually loosening up, but every thrust made her feel raw, and they just keep coming, faster and faster all the time. Somehow, she is getting wetter all the time.

She didn't know if it is because of the size of my body or what, but her clit is getting as much stimulation as her. It becomes hard to differentiate between the pain and the pleasure, but she knew she didn't want either one. " Please don't, please, please, please slow down," she begs me futilely. Or at least stop rubbing up against me like that. " Slow down?" I bark. " I'm not slowing down now, darling, no way.

Wild and charming trio sex momsandteens threesome fact, give me your legs. Up here." I scoot back, withdrawing just long enough to throw her legs over my shoulders, and then I lean forward, bending her completely in two. I jam my cock back in and doubled my pace. Hirito howls. It feels like I'm going to impale my cock through her on every thrust.

" Oh yes!" I yell, my hips pistoning hard. " Oh yes, you're pleasing me, darling. That's the way to take a fucking like a big girl." Hirito snivels helplessly. She didn't want to be a big girl. She wanted it to stop, but I'm merciless. Even worse, the positioning seems to hit a different spot inside her; it isn't necessarily good, but it sends sharp sensations through her that borders on pleasure. I'm pummeling her, then I stop, dropping her legs and wiping sweat from my forehead.

" Fuck, that's a hot puussy," I'm panting. " Can't wait no longer, wanna see that ass. Hot year old sweetheart hardcore and massage over." I flip her over grabbing her hips, yanking them up off the mattress. " That's it. Face down, ass up like a good slut. Keep the head down." She didn't need to be told twice.

She is glad to have something to bury her tear-streaked face in, something to bite down on to keep from sobbing. " Keep that ass in the air," I growl. I slid back inside her, thrusting hard and deep, grabbing her hips for leverage, my fingers digging in painfully. " That's it, that's it," I grunted. Every now and then I would punctuate my hammering by slapping her ass. Hirito feels raw and used all over. Her poor clit got no stimulation at all in this position.

She is nothing but a Chinese doll for this disgusting man to stuff full of cock. She can't do anything but cry into the pillow and try not to focus on the pummeling I'm giving her. She feels my sweat dripping onto her back, and the headboard starts to bang against the wall.

" Oh yes, you're getting the fuck of your young life now, ain't ya? Getting' fucked good." Bang, bang, bang went the bed. " Bet your little Chinese boyfriends don't fuck you like this, do they?" That is an understatement. Hirito has never imagined being fucked like this. Well, she has a few times, but the reality is very different. It is constant discomfort, her pussy keeps on juicing for me, and every time I said something dirty, it clamps down on me greedily.

Out of nowhere, I grab her by her hair jerking her head back, making her yelp in pain and surprise. " I said do they?" I roared. " No!" Hirito replies, too scared to not give me what I want.

" No, no one's ever fucked me before. Your the first man to have fucked me." " Damn," I snapped. " You like that big cock, girl? Huh?" " Yes," Hirito whimpers, willing to say anything to make me finish.

" I love it. Please, please give me that big cock. Make me take that big cock in my little pussy." " You goddamned slut!" " Sweet and innocent. You're a horny little cockslut?" Those words turn her on. She feels her pussy tightening, like she may cum if I keep it up. " God yes," she replies. " I'm a horny. Oh god, I need cock, I need it bad.

My poor little pussy needs it. Give it to me good." " I'm will give it to you," I snarl. " Reach around and spread them cheeks for me. Show me that tight ass." Hirito is terrified of taking me up her ass, she is more scared about what I'd do if she didn't, so she did.

" Good girl," I said. " Please, please don't. don't put it in there." She hears me spit feeling a wad of moisture hit her on the asshole. " Aww, come on. Surely you can take one finger." Like the rest of me, there is nothing little about my fingers. They are as thick and blunt as the cock that is battering her sore pussy.

Everything about me is thick and blunt. When I work one finger in, she begs, " No! No, no, no, please don't!" " Quiet, or you'll get another one!" " No, please no," she replies. As I start to pump my finger in and out in unison with my cock, she has to bite back a moan. It didn't hurt like she thought it would. In fact, she feels so full, and where it should have made her feel violated, it somehow made her feel wanton. Either way, she feels her cunt clench tightly in response to my dual fucking.

" Oh! I found your button," I gloated. " No. I don't want it. Please. Please, I've been a good girl. I've tried to be so good." I'm pulling out. Her pussy made an embarrassing noise of wet air from how hard I'd fucked her.

I gave a bark of laughter. I'm lining myself up with her asshole. Hirito tries to squirm away from me in shame, I hold her tight by one hip. " Now, now, keep that back arched," I said. " If I have to chase that hole, it's gonna go a lot worse for you." She didn't want me to make good on that threat, so she stays in position and tries to take deep breaths and relax. Still, when I start to push, it feels like I'm trying to force a baseball bat up her ass.

" It hurts!" she yells. " Aww, it hurts," I mock her. I did stop for a minute, and she feels more spit dribble into her crack. " It's gonna hurt.

And you're gonna grit your teeth and take it, or it's gonna hurt a lot more." With that, I pop the head through her ring. Hirito shrieks into the pillow as I shove more of my cock into her virgin asshole. She feels the painful spasms at the intrusion, but I'm going slow compared to before. " Almost there," I grunted. I start making slow, shallow thrusts, each one sending me a little deeper.

" Whew! That is one tight little ass you got there, darlin'. You never been fucked up the ass before?" " No." Her admission makes very horny I start pumping in and out with more force.

I pick up the pace, as Hirito bits into the pillow, praying I wouldn't fuck her ass as hard as I had her pussy. Praying I would cum soon. Her pussy feels painfully empty now, and there is no way for her to get any pleasure like this, other than the humiliating slap of my balls against her pussy lips. She is nothing but a toy for my use. I knew it. " Oh. Oh yes," I purr. " Damn, That ass of yours was made for cock." I rough slave gangbang nina north gets used and d a handful her butt cheek squeezing and jiggling it.

I dig my fingers into her hips, pulling her back into each ferocious thrust. What could Hirito do but lie there like an animal with her ass up and take it? " Oh fuck!" I spat. " Fuck." I move one of my hairy legs for leverage, planting my foot beside her head. Then I start giving it to her. The mattress creaks under my thrusting, the headboard banging the wall as I fuck her ass into submission.

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She is helplessly impaled by my merciless cock. I bore down on her like a raging bull. It feels like I'm putting my whole body into reaming out her ass. She wonders how much she is expected to take, wonders how much a person could take.

The whole time her pussy juices drip down her thighs. " Oh yes, you're gonna make me cum, you dirty little girl." I start panting like a dog. " You're gonna make me cum hard. Oh fuck. Then I explode, she feels stream aftter stream of cum filling her ass. After a few minutes I pull out of her ass.

She has never been so happy for anything. She rolls czech home orgy party 8 on her back, staring up at me. I look down at Hirito with a wicked smile, " I will extend my visit here for two days. I will arrange for you to stay with me for those two days."