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Sunny leone new 3xxx download
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN Chap. 7 DADDY'S BIRTHDAY It is Thanksgiving vacation, school's out and everybody is coming to the house tomorrow for the big feast.

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Me and Mommy grocery-shopped and we have everything ready for tomorrow morning in the kitchen, with a 16-pound turkey thawing in the fridge. But the most exciting thing isn't that all the family is coming, or the delicious meal and seeing everyone again, but that it will be Daddy's birthday! Mommy and I have big plans! BIG plans!! Cassy had come up with the idea to give HERSELF as a present to Daddy, and Mommy squealed with delight when Cassy told her. With school and work and extracurricular activities, there hadn't even been time for Cassy-School.

Janice said she'd buy a few things for Cassy so she'd be a wonderful present for this special occasion.

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Cassy said, "What could be better for Daddy for his birthday than for ME to be in my birthday suit for him?" They giggled and hugged. Janice said, "Honey, you are such a pretty girl especially when you're naked…and since this is a special occasion, we need to wrap the present." Mommy brought home an ice cream birthday cake after shopping at Baskins & Robbins, while Cassy spent the afternoon cutting up vegetables for a platter the next day and washing the special china they were going to use when the family arrived.

Daddy had been out for last-minute business. He arrived home like he said he would at 4:00 so they could go out for a birthday dinner. Cassy and Mommy wore dresses, and for the first time even Cassy wore nylons, and she had her lustrous hair down. Daddy kissed them both and remarked to each how pretty she was and how proud he was to dine with such lovely women. Cassy blushed. Mommy winked at her, they had secrets for later!

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Home by 9 p.m.Mommy said, "Cassy and I have a special surprise for you tonight, honey. Go upstairs and shower and wait for us in bed, okay?" Daddy quickly agreed.

Janice took Cassy into the girl's bedroom, where she had already put a number of shopping bags from stores she'd visited that afternoon. The two of them prepared for the night with Daddy, anxiously awaiting his 34th birthday present. At 10:20 precisely, Daddy sat up in bed as the door opened and Janice entered. She wore an old-fashionedlong-sleeved white poplin gown that came to her ankles, high at the neck, covering her completely.

Her hair was down and there were several golden ribbons in it. She walked over to the bed, leaned down and kissed her husband and said, "You are in for a treat tonight your special birthday present from me and Cassy. Are you ready for it?" He nodded. Janice returned to the door and opened it. In the doorway stood a vision that took Daddy's breath away. Cassy stood in the doorway, backed by the light from the hallway. Hair in ponytail. Red spandex Capri pants clinging tightly to her new, young curves.

A pink sleeveless top, buttoned down the front, untucked, but tied up under her boobs with her midriff bare. Barefoot. Eyes darkened and cheeks rouged, lips free xxx teen 18 pornsex stories red. And a big smile. Seeing this loveliness with his wife standing nearby for the presentation, Daddy could not contain himself. "Come closer," he breathed softly. Cassy walked slowly into the room, one foot in front of the other and swaying her hips like Mommy taught her.

"My god, you are so beautiful," he said, feeling himself hardening below. "You look just like Sally Fields in "Gidget, or maybe Lolita," and Cassy had no idea who he was talking about. Daddy looked at his wife, "and you are so pretty, too…" Cassy moved close to mother, near the bed, looking in Daddy's eyes, and she twirled around to show off her clothing for Daddy.

He was under the covers, showered and wearing white boxer shorts. He said, watching his 13-year-old daughter twirl in her sexy clothing while his wife stood beside her, "Ohgodhoney, you are so hot." Mommy said, "Do you want this Real Woman?" and Daddy said, "Absolutely, Janice," and Cassy said, "I am your birthday present tonight.

You can tell me what you want me to do, Daddy, and I will do it! It's been a long time since you fucked me." He remembered the last time, over two months ago.

He also remembered Janice telling him all roommates bf with huge dick bangs teen details of when she slept with Cassy while he was gone on a weekend business trip.

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God, I want to see them together like that! "You two are the most beautiful women in my life. But first, show me how much you love each other. Kiss and make love. I really want to watch you&hellip.and then it will be my turn." Janice took hold of her daughter's hand, brought her closer and hugged, hands clutching Cassy's compact butt, caressing the slick fabric.

Cassy's face squashed into mother's breasts and she turned her head to warm herself against Mother. Lifting her face, she met Mother's mouth, kissing lightly, sucking the top lip and now the bottom, and then their tongues sought each other and Daddy watched as their bodies melted together and mouths sought each other with little regard for tenderness.

He kicked off the covers watching this, his hand clutching his boxer shorts. "Make her naked, Janice. Show me what you and Cassy did that weekend." And Cassy said, "Yes, Mommy, make me naked for you." Mother held her daughter's face in her hands.

"Cassy, show Daddy how you treat Janice he'll love it." Cassy caught on to that game instantly "Kiss me, whore," and plastered her mouth again on mother, licking her mother's lips, sucking her upper lip and then her lower. She pressed Mommy's face to hers. Daddy gasped, "Cassy, you are so hot!" The kissing went on sensuously for several minutes, and then Daddy could stand it no more "Take her clothes off, Janice!" His wife untied the pink blouse to reveal a pink bra.

Mother moved behind Cassy and her hands unsnapped the bra. It fell forward revealing Cassy's A cup breasts. Mother lifted her nightgown to her chin, knelt and pressed her breasts against Cassy while she kissed her neck and cupped her breasts.

Cassy's head dropped back moaning, "OH MOMMY." Cassy turned, raised her Mother and began hidden camera is womanc wc mother's nipples, and then down to her stomach. Cassy spread her legs to further enflame Daddy as he watched. Mother moaned as Cassy kneeled and her lips wrapped Mommy's clit.

But Cassy stopped and said, "NO! Daddy, I'm your present tonight, so I get to decide what we do! Mommy said so!" And with a quick look over the young girl's shoulder and a wink to her husband, it was made so.

"I think you'd like to see Mommy fuck me while you watch. She did that while you were away and I loved it, and I want you to see. Then, Daddy, it'll be your turn! Now, take off your underwear so I can see your cock and watch you jack off while Mommy fucks me." He was startled at his Real Woman's commands, her dominance, and at his wife's acquiescence, but in no time the covers were kicked off and his shorts were gone and his hand was active.

Cassy smiled and licked her lips, "I love watching you get all erected, Daddy. After Mommy and I jack off with each other, then you can have us both, any way you want, okay, 'cause it's your birthday. " She dropped in front of mother to kiss her stomach, pressing her hands into mother's butt, and Janice made little noises.

Cassy looked up with wet lips and ordered, "Make my Daddy happy --fuck me now, Janice." Mother moaned, "Oh baby, very hot babe riding that hard powerhouse on the bed beside Daddy…" Cassy stood, said "Daddy, unwrap your birthday present." He shot off the bed and came to them, following his erection.

He noticed her spandex crotch was camel-toed and damp. Pulling his daughter to him and planting his lips solidly on her smaller mouth, tongueing her, his erection pressed tight against her stomach. Cassy moaned and said, "take my clothes off, Daddy, look at all of me. Help him, Janice." Again, Daddy was astounded at his young daughter not only speaking his wife's name directly to her, but ordering her.

I am so turned on! While his wife watched beside them, he knelt and licked anxiously at his daughter's small naked nubs. She pushed his head down to her wet crotch, pushing her hips out, fucking her father's face.

"Okay, no more of that now. Mommy gets me first! Strip me." Mother knelt beside Daddy, pulled the spandex down and off, and Cassy pulled Mommy's mouth to her. "Eat my cunt, Janice." And then a minute later, "Now your turn, Daddy." And he took his turn at the naked new Real Woman. Two minutes later, her mother moved over the top of her young daughter on the bed, kissing her face, her lips, her neck.

Cassy's hands went around Mommy's back. Mommy's face went lower -- "You smell so good, baby, I love to smell your pussy when you're all hot like this." Cassy was hot now " It's Daddy's birthday, so show him everything I've got, 'cause nasty beauteous hottie loves to enjoy sex gonna get it all later." Absolutely impressed with her daughter's dominance, mother slid up to Cassy's face to kiss her again, wanting approval.

As Daddy continued to lay beside them and watch his daughter order his wife, and as she complied, he marveled and secretly hoped the girl would order him like this, too. His wife and daughter were naked. He watched nipples harden as Janice pressed to Cassy and they kissed like lovers, wet lips and tongues molding.

He saw Cassy's small hands clutch his wife's butt, her fingers disappearing into the cleft and his wife pushing her hips into Cassy's.

"Fuck me, mama, fuck me," and Cassy's legs went around her mother's hips to clasp tightly to her back. Janice's hand snaked in between them, fingers driving into Cassy's pussy, a thumb on her clit, and in moments the young girl moaned and gasped for breath.

Janice slid down the girl's body and her mouth took control of Cassy's pussy, and then OH OH OH and Daddy knew she was orgasming thanks to her mother.

Daddy gave them a few minutes, but he couldn't hold back. Naked, he came behind his wife and kissed her delicious bare butt, sliding his tongue up the middle, and then over her back, and to her neck. He slid around the bed above his daughter, rubbed his hard dick over her forehead and she tried to breath normally again with Mommy's redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse still sucking softly on her clit.

His cock went over her cheeks, her nose, over her lips. Mommy moved up to kiss it, push it down between her lips and Cassy's and they both sucked his shaft. Cassy slid herself to the side.

"Daddy," she said, kneeling on the bed, "I love it when you're inside me with your big hard cock, but fuck Janice first, then come inside me, okay?" And then she ordered her mother to come over to sit on the quilt hot blonde busty sex doll blowjob anal deepthroat fantasies near the bed.

Her mother followed orders. Cassy sat on her lap, facing outwards, and said, "Okay, Daddy, fuck Janice and me, but let me have your come! It'll be your birthday present to me all your hot come inside my cunt." Mommy held her daughter on her lap, both of them facing Daddy approaching now, his penis distended, bouncing with every step.

Mother slouched down to give him better access, and he slid into her wet hole easily, kissing first Cassy, then his wife. "Oh Daddy, I love it when you kiss me while you're fucking Mommy!" And Cassy's hands pulled hard on her Daddy's butt to help him. He stroked inside his wife as Cassy licked his chest and nipples. "Fuck her now," said Janice, her hands on Cassy's young titties, squeezing the nipples while Cassy moaned in delight.

Mother moved her hands amateur brunette giving a hot pov blow Cassy's thighs, lifted and spread them.

Daddy took this opportunity to slide down to suck her clit while he fingered his wife's pussy, and groans of pleasure came from both women. "Put it in me, Daddy, put it in me!" moaned Cassy. He rose, positioned himself, and Cassy grabbed his cock and pulled it to her open legs.

He pushed and slid in with no barrier, his pubic hair solidly against her bare thirteen-year-old pussy. OH OH OH OH! And Cassy screamed her delight while mother's hand came around to help Daddy's cock drive into his daughter.

Cassy bounced on Mommy's lap as Daddy drove into her in rhythm with her moaning&hellip.YES&hellip.YES&hellip.YES, as she felt deliciously sandwiched between her naked parents. On the verge of exploding, Daddy was able to pull out and gasp, "Baby, not yet! I want to eat you. I want to play with you so much more! Please!" And despite her longing for his hot white cream inside her, Cassy wanted more, too.

She said, "Fuck Janice again, then put it in my mouth, Daddy, let me suck it," and he did while Mommy's fingers slid in her daughter's wet pussy, finger-fucking her.

Then with her mouth locked on her Daddy's pussy-juiced cock, Cassy's arms pulled his butt tighter to her. Daddy reached down to her naked butt and grabbed, pulled her upward to him and carried her to the bed, his mouth locked on hers.

"Oh Daddy, I love you so," she managed to gasp when she could take a breath. He laid his lovely young daughter's naked body gently on the bed and said, "Now it's Daddy's turn, honey.

Turn over on your hands and knees. Lay your head down on your arms and lift your butt up high because that's what I want for my birthday. That's a good girl. Spread your legs wide for Daddy, he wants to see everything, and then he's going to taste everything. Daddy wants this for his birthday." He motioned for mother to come over, and by actions he urged her to slide underneath Cassy so the women would be mouth-to-mouth, cunt-to-cunt.

He wanted to watch them make love, with his young nubile daughter on top of his wife. Cassy took over completely, fucking her hips into mother, kissing her hard and running her mouth over every inch of mother's face, mauling her mother's breasts while Janice's hands probed into her daughter's bottom. Daddy was beside himself with pleasure "Flip her over, Janice, sixty-nine our slut." Her mouth was at Cassy's pussy, and her daughter could have full access to her mother's cunt.

In moments, Mom and son was sex groaned with delight. Muffled sounds came from Mother as she sucked Cassy's clit, as she slid her tongue into Cassy's tight pussy. Daddy watched for a moment at the sixty-nine, "yes, yes, honey, do that for Mommy, do that for me," and then his hands pushed her butt apart and he began kissing her cheeks, moving his tongue closer and closer to the small, tight pink hole in the center.

As he moved his mouth there, his tongue poking, Cassy began her AH AH AHs, her stomach contracting rhythmically, and Daddy felt his tongue being squeezed in the same rhythm as he poked the tip inside her butt, and then the explosion occurred and mother was drenched in wet and Daddy's tongue was squeezed again and again in his daughter's asshole as she orgasmed.

Cassy had rolled off to escape the intensity after she came. Daddy was kissing Mommy and saying how much he loved the taste of Cassy's little pussy and juices on her mouth.

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Cassy was trying to get her normal breathing back. Daddy moved over to Cassy, kissing her lovely small butt since she laid on her belly. "I love looking at you when you're like this, Cassy honey," he said, and followed it up with kisses from her tight little butt to her shoulders, and then slowly and lovingly back down all the way to the bottom of her feet.

"OOH, that tickles, Daddy!" He said, "Then let me start back where it feels the best," and went to her left buttcheek, planting a dozen soft kisses, and then her right for the same, and then he spread her cheeks and planted a dozen more on the tight opening in the middle. "Ooooh, that feel so nice, Daddy, you can do that anytime!" Mother became more active now, slid closer and moved Cassy half-over so they pressed bodies together.

"Kiss me, honey, and lay on top of me. Daddy wants to fuck you." The young girl's arms went around her mother and lips met, wet lips moved together and Cassy was pulled on top of mother. Behind them, Daddy's hands were busy in mother's pussy, and then brutal dildo anal lexy bandera gets her pipes cleaned by a thick cock his daughter's.

He moved into place behind his daughter, wet his cock and moved it up and down her crack, opened her legs wider and then gently, so gently, slid his cock inside her pussy as Cassy said "Yes yes yes Daddy, fuck me there," and pushed back into him.

Mother kissed her daughter viciously, wanting to take everything she could from her, and Cassy held nothing back now, crying out for Daddy with no words but all her emotion and everything her body could give to him and Mommy both. In seconds, hot seed from Daddy shot into her dripping tunnel, with Mommy's mouth and tongue tight on her own, breasts melded together, her clit pressing and pushing against Mommy's, and it was the most wonderful lack of penis is dangerous girlfriend hardcore she'd ever experienced with Daddy's slippery long cock filling and stretching her pussy.

Happy thirty-fourth birthday, Daddy. They laid together, all three, with Daddy inside his daughter, who stayed on top of Mommy. A little later, when Daddy's penis softened and slid out of Cassy, he said, "Girls, stand up beside the bed.

I want to see both of my girls make love." "Yes, Daddy." Mother and daughter rose, stood together, hugged naked, body to body tight, breast to breast, hip joined securely to hip although Cassy's was a little lower and her head only came up to Mommy's neck. Daddy watched as his two most favorite women in the world licked each other's tongues, pressed their breasts together, pumped their hips into each other.

"Janice, you need to come, and I'm going to make you," as Cassy kneltkissing down her mother's breasts and stomach, moving her mouth onto mother's pussy. Her sucking was forceful, a woman's, not a young girl's, and Janice spread her legs and pulled Cassy's face harder into her as she gasped and panted, gasped and panted, and finally gave in to the wonderful feeling and arched her back and screamed and panted in the rhythm that Daddy and Cassy knew so well now.

Cassy smiled. "Happy birthday, Daddy."