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Sex xnxx bazaar nfull sex stories
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Author's Note: This story is not a romance, please go elsewhere if that is what you're seeking. Part 3 - The Third Hole After inundating her womb with a copious load of semen, I tied my sweet daughter face down on her bed, her arms and legs bound to the bed-posts. She wouldn't stop crying and shouting so I had to put more duct tape over her pouty lips to keep her quiet.

Her pert asscheeks jiggled from her useless struggles against the restraints. I stared at Elizabeth's petite, helpless body, transfixed by the puckered hole nestled between those supple, peach-fuzzed cheeks. My sperm was finally starting to leak out of her pussy -- I'd really deposited it deep up in her womb! I went out to the kitchen for a snack to regain my energy so I could come back and fuck her ass with some vengeance.

Her tiny pink rosebud of an asshole was all mine for the taking, just waiting for my big 9" cock! Her cunthole was tight enough, so I figured her rectum would probably choke my dick off! Or did the young whore take it up the ass with her little boyfriends, too? I wouldn't be surprised! Luke, my obedient German Shepherd, followed me from the kitchen back to the bedroom, sitting down next to the bed to watch his master add some sperm to Lizzy's third hole!

She immediately began bucking and squirming when she felt my weight on the bed. My muscular body straddled hers from behind, easily weighing her down. Her cries were muffled by the duct tape when she felt my prick humping up and down her asscrack.

She'd really jump and squirm when the head of my dick poked into her pussyhole or at her asshole. I closed my eyes, savoring the simple pleasure of rubbing my meat all along her slick gash and crack from behind. The cum dribbling out of her cunt added some lubrication to my cock. Not a lot, but it was all she would get. I wanted to savor the feeling of ripping her asshole open and then feeling every vein in my dick rubbing against the walls of her anus, my dickhead driving down into her rectum to flood her guts with sperm!

Finally, I stopped teasing her and pressed the head of my cock firmly against her asshole. Elizabeth went still beneath me, realizing this time I didn't want her pussy. Of course her asshole wasn't letting my prick in easy, though. I put my hands on her asscheeks, spreading them in an effort to penetrate her tight, puckered shithole with the giant mushroom head of my dick.

It was quite an effort -- I sunny leon porn fucking vedio myself grunting like an animal. She was screaming into the gag, her sphincter finally giving way after several intense minutes, the head of my prick stabbing it open.

Liz was resisting with as much force as she could muster, but it was fruitless. She was tied up tightly, and my body was crushing her down into the bed.

I kept my hands on her hips, thrusting at her ass, hammering my dick inside of her. She was incredibly tight, her muscles clenching my meat mercilessly. "That's right, baby, keep struggling, keep fighting!

It makes it more painful for you and feels good for Daddy's cock when you struggle and squeeze your muscles like that.

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Ohhh, yeahhh. Shhh, relax, maybe you'll like it and you'll let all your little fag boyfriends take turns fucking you up the ass in my barn! Or have you done that already? Fucking all your friends in the barn while I've been out breaking my back in the fields?" I growled into her ear. I continued bucking my hips at her, forcing her ass to swallow my prick meat, sweat forming on my brow from the overwhelming resistance of her tight rectum.

It was almost too much, but I persevered. I was determined to ejaculate my seed right into her bowels! Meanwhile I could feel the cum leaking out of her cunt, getting my balls all wet. My thighs were loudly slapping at her skin, making Luke's ears perk up with interest.

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I'm sure the intoxicating smell of sex was pervading his nostrils, as it was mine. I was grunting like an madman, most of my prick now buried in her rectum. My sweat dripped down onto the curve of her back in little beads. She was still crying and shouting into the gag, though it was utterly pointless. It only wasted what little energy she had remaining. My hips hammered into her backside, forcing her asshole to fully accept my cock for a hard, painful fucking.

Finally I was balls-deep inside of her, her rectum involuntarily squeezing and releasing my meat. It was driving me wild! My grunts were turning to gasps as my balls tightened. I didn't want to cum, I wanted to last so much longer! But there was no way I could hold back, it was all too much.

Her hot hole choked the cum out of me! With a loud gasp and groan, I went still over her back. She shrieked again into the duct tape, surely feeling my prick unloading yet another load of quickie offer for pretty beauteous girl hardcore and european inside of her body! My cock throbbed, sperm spurting right into Elizabeth's guts. I panted loudly, chest heaving, my exploding prickhead buried way up in her rectum.

My orgasm was intense, and the third one of the day thus far. I shuddered and closed my eyes, feeling her tight chute squeezing my pulsing meat. With my cock still balls-deep inside of her asshole, the last droplets of cum oozing from my prickhead, I let my body fall upon her back.

She grunted into the duct tape. My face was against her neck, hot breaths filling her ear. We both grew quiet after awhile and eventually fell asleep together on the girly pink bed with my cock still stuck up her ass. I'm not sure how long I dozed off for. Elizabeth was still asleep when I awoke, but her eyes popped wide bangbros this video is all about insane latin booty catalina amp rubi again when I abruptly pulled my prick out of her asshole and she resumed her muffled shouting and pulling against the restraints.

I chuckled and slapped her ass. Cum was encrusted all over her thighs. She really was a sight for sore eyes -- used now in every hole. I figured now I'd let my two sons, both of them in their twenties, have a go at her next. Certainly they'd love to get a piece of their young, tantalizing, slutty sister! They'd be in for work tomorrow morning; wait till I tell them what I caught their sixteen year old whore of a sister doing in the barn!

Part 4 - I'll Take a Double-Stuffed Teen Fuck Sandwich with Cucumber, Please The next morning, my sons Mack and John showed up for work early as usual. We worked the fields from dawn blow job games end with sexy fucking the scorching heat of the day until the sun was finally reddening in the western sky.

I couldn't wait for the workday to be over! We had a few other farmhands helping out, but I invited Mack and John to stay behind and shoot the shit with their old man after the other workers left.

My sons sat around the living room talking and drinking a couple of beers to unwind. They barely noticed me excuse myself and head down to the basement, where I'd tied their sister up to a hook hanging from a ceiling support beam with her arms outstretched above her head!

Walking up to her, I shook my head. Her sorrowful blue eyes were on mine. She'd made a mess, defecating all over herself. How pathetic Lizzy looked hanging there nude in the cobwebbed corner, her feet barely reaching the ground, her pale skin scratched and reddened, duct tape over her lips.

The collar and leash were still around her neck. She watched me walk up to her until I was standing before her, shaking my head in disgust. I took her off the hook and led her outside to the backyard on the leash. There I used more rope to hot brunette victoria show her nice tits and suck a huge dick her wrists to the top of a chain-link fence.

Then I positioned her legs wide open and tied her ankles to the chain-link fence so that she was helplessly hanging from it. Once she was bound and spread, I hosed her down. She kept her eyes shut tight the entire time, groaning. The cold water sprayed over her pale skin, her nipples hardening and her blond hair matting to her head. I forced the stream of water into her cunt and ass until Elizabeth's holes finally looked pristine again.

Her puffy cunt mound had a tiny patch of blond pubic hair on it, the droplets of water from the hose making it shimmer in the setting sun. I licked my lips, my cock twinging in my jeans. With my daughter hanging helplessly from the fence, I went back inside and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I joined my sons in the living room where they'd been playing an animated game of cards while throwing back a few beers.

We didn't make small talk for long before I began telling them what I'd stumbled upon yesterday in the barn. Their mouths dropped open and both laid their cards down. "Are you fuckin' serious, Pa?" said Mack, his eyebrows halfway to his forehead. Both sons were tall and muscular with dark hair and eyes, like me. Liz was the only one who took after her mother, petite with blond hair and blue eyes. "How many guys was she out there screwin'?" said John, incredulous. He got to his feet and began pacing the living room.

"At least half a dozen, I think more. They were crowded around her, giving it to her in turns, each fucking a japanese teenage minx pleasures two big cocks of cum into her doggystyle. Little slut was moaning and loving all the creampies and suckin' the ones who weren't fucking her! When I busted in on her she tried to say they were raping her!" "That little slut!" exclaimed Mack, rising to his feet to join his brother.

"So what the hell did you do, Pa? You punished her right? What a slut! Man, I had no idea! She's only what, like fifteen? Sixteen?" said John. I got to my feet and led them out back to the fence where their sister was suspended obscenely, her limbs spread so far apart. Luke, the German Shepherd, followed behind. Elizabeth started grunting and struggling when she saw her brothers and me walking towards her, rattling the fence loudly. My sons' eyes were on the ripe pussy spread open on display for them, their mouths hanging open in shock.

I stepped right up in between her legs and unzipped my pants, pulling my prick out and stroking it to maximum hardness in just a few seconds. Her eyes went from mine to her brothers'. With the base of my shaft in hand, I aimed my prickhead at her slit and plunged right in, making her groan into the duct tape covering her mouth.

The fence was soon jangling and shaking as I built up a rapid pace, savagely thrusting my thick 9" prick muscle deep inside my teen daughter's womb while my sons watched in awe. Tears fell down her face when I started pawing her C cup tits with my rough hands, squeezing her nipples into hard nubs. I kissed her neck and then moved my lips down to her chest, kissing her breasts and then lightly chewing her nipples, making her tears fall harder.

Mack and John stepped closer, their own bulges forming at the sight of their father penetrating their sister while she hung restrained to a chain-link fence. My hips slammed hard into hers, nailing her against the fence with each thrust. Elizabeth's brothers reached out and began touching her body, from her restrained legs up to her supple breasts and everywhere in between. The leash was still on her neck.

She grunted from my frantic pounding. My prickhead was buried in her womb, ready to explode! "You really gotta try her, boys! All of her holes are great.

You ever fuck a bitch up the ass? You'll love it, go for it!" I shouted while thrusting deep and hard into Elizabeth's teen cunt, ready to pump her full of my cum! I finally went still, grunting and gasping, my hands gripping her hips tightly. My cock throbbed and I threw my head back, howling like an animal, my prick unloading deep inside my daughter's pussy. I flooded her womb with sperm -- my first load of the day and it was a massive one.

John and Mack unzipped their pants and argued over who got to fuck her next. I pulled my cock from her cunthole, a sparkling string of cum clinging from her pussy lips to the head of my dick. Her breasts were heaving as she dangled there, cum dripping from her hole down to her thighs. Mack and John were shoving each other, each trying to take the next turn. The dog was watching them. "Boys, boys, why don't you compromise -- you can both fuck her at the same time!

One in her pussy, one in her ass!" I said, laughing. Elizabeth's eyes widened at my suggestion. Mack and John's did, too. "You mean, DP her, Dad?" asked John. His fat 8" prick was in hand, ready to go. "Yeah, son, exactly. I'll take her down off the fence for you -- now who wants to fuck her ass?" The boys argued about who got which hole while I untied Elizabeth from the fence and made her get down on her hands and knees on the ground.

I bound her wrists behind her back and held the handle of the leash. Mack finally won her pussy; as he was the oldest I gave him first choice since they couldn't decide amongst themselves. He got on his back on the ground, his thick 9" prick in hand. John and I helped Elizabeth sit on Mack's cock. Mack groaned as his prick sweet chick amy wants to fuck large massive hard dick smalltits and hardcore up into his sister's moist hole, her pussy first swallowing the big purple mushroom cockhead, then the veiny shaft, until finally his stiff muscle was balls-deep inside her.

His eyes closed and he thrust his hips up at her. I swear I could hear her moan from beyond the duct tape. John was pawing his sister's breasts and pulling on her nipples while she rode Mack's stiff prick. Her eyes were closed -- it almost looked like Elizabeth was enjoying fucking her brother's fat cock! While Mack bounced his sixteen year old sister up and down on his thick pole, I began rubbing her clit into a hard little pearl over her stuffed gash.

She kept her eyes closed tightly, and it sounded like she was whimpering. Mack powerfully thrust his prick up into her hole, forcing his meat as deep into his sister's cunt as possible. Elizabeth groaned with each hard and fast thrust of Mack's turgid cock. I kept my fingers on her clit, speeding up my pace to match Mack's rapid penetration. John kept rubbing her tits, his eyes transfixed by her big pink nipples. Then he got behind her and pushed her down so that her chest was pressed against Mack's.

John took the base of his shaft in hand and pressed his meat to Liz's puckered asshole, poking it around. She jumped, but John held her steady.

Mack slowed his pace to a stop, allowing John to force Elizabeth's asshole open. John shook his head, growing frustrated by the tightness of Lizzy's little hole.

I grabbed a cucumber off one of the fences nearby and rubbed it on my shirt, cleaning it off. Lesbian pledge pussy licking xxx lesbians going mischievous with their toys John and I began pressing it against Elizabeth's tight orifice while her pussy remained stuffed with Mack's cock.

She was crying as the vegetable finally forced her asshole open. John grinned, using one of his hands to fuck his sister's ass with the cucumber and the other hand to jack his raging dick.

Mack thrust every so often, waiting patiently for his brother to impale Liz's shitter so that she could be double stuffed. When we were able to get a couple inches curves guarantee sex for a playgirl hardcore blowjob the cucumber inside Elizabeth's asshole, John pulled it out and replaced it with the head of his prick. She grunted as John pinned her down against Mack, all of his weight pressing against her back.

John's prick sunk into her bowels inch by inch. She was becoming a double-stuffed teen fuck sandwich! The boys groaned and slowly began sawing their pricks in and out of their sister's holes until a steady rhythm was established.

It was a hot sight to see her pussy and ass simultaneously stuffed. My prick was coming back to life, ready for more! Elizabeth's holes were overflowing with cocks right there on the lawn! Now that her asshole was stretched a little, John was pounding Elizabeth's shitter wildly. Mack was trying to match his brother's pace as he hammered his own prick deep into Liz's womb. Both boys were grunting and grasping at her helpless body, filling her holes with meat.

It was the lewdest sight I'd ever seen, even more obscene than seeing all those teen boys lined up to take turns fucking my daughter's cunt. I jacked my gorgeous hottie with a bangin body hardcore and massage at the incredible scene playing out before me. Tears were falling down Elizabeth's face, her eyes shut tight, and she muqheeth fb indian tube porn making animalistic grunting noises into the duct namitha sex images with out dress in. What a hot little fuck doll!

Mack couldn't hold his load any longer and finally went still underneath Liz's petite body. He grunted and I knew he was shooting his cum into his sister's womb.

John was still fucking her ass as Mack spermed in her cunt, though he slowed his pace down a little. When Mack was finished spurting his load, John pulled out of Elizabeth's asshole and had her stay down on her hands and knees so he could fuck her pussy doggystyle.

He wanted to deposit his load into the girl's cervix, too! John pushed her body down against the grass, forcing his prick into her juicy pussyhole from behind. Elizabeth groaned into the gag. John slammed his hips hard at the girl, forcing his meat completely inside her womb. He hammered her hard for a few minutes and finally gasped, letting his cockhead erupt, inseminating the blond teen vixen with an overflowing load of cum. My balls ached to shoot my own load inside my daughter's womb again, my cock hard from watching the raunchy sibling sex.

I dove right in as soon as John pulled out. Elizabeth kept groaning into the duct tape, her face pressed into the grass. I thrust manically in and out of her cum-filled pussy, my hands gripping her hips until my knuckles were white.

Her juicy pussy made loud, lewd sucking sounds around my meat. My nuts tightened, explosion imminent, every vein and vessel in my cock over-engorged with virility. Another load of sperm was pumping through my cock, ready to shoot out into her womb once more! Any second now, I knew my cock would burst.

I thrust into her deep and hard a couple more times and then closed my eyes, my jaw hanging, grunts escaping my throat. I went still, my breath catching in my throat. Elizabeth whimpered into the grass. Another load of my sperm flooded her hole, smaller than the last but still intense for me. I gasped from my climax, hands gripping her ass tightly, my cock still pulsing inside her cunt. I pulled out after a minute, a drop of cum dripping off the head of my cock. Elizabeth's pussyhole gaped, though we'd all shot our load so deep inside her that the cum was hardly leaking out yet.

Mack picked up a roll of duct tape sitting nearby and ripped off a piece a few inches long. John and I watched as he then walked over and put the duct tape over Liz's pussy slit! She squealed and bucked her hips, but the tape was affixed firmly to her mostly bald pussy mound. Mack chuckled and gave her ass a slap.

He'd duct taped all our loads of cum inside her! We tied the handle of the leash up to the chain-link fence and stood back, admiring the teen's taut nude body, her wrists still bound behind her back. The swatch of duct tape was right in the middle of her pussy mound, sealing our cum within her depths. Luke, my dog, had watched the entire spectacle. I turned my attention to him and his tail began wagging. My eyes moved back to Liz's ass and duct taped cunt and then back to the dog.

And that's when I had another brilliant, disgusting idea. To be continued