Dyke milf makayla cox enjoys lesbian duo with teen izzy bell

Dyke milf makayla cox enjoys lesbian duo with teen izzy bell
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My step aunt Jah Jah was sexy, hot and all the above. She had the ass of a goddess and I'm pretty sure she knew just how to fuck as if she were a porn star. She stood at about 5'9 weighing about 150 and had a look about her that you knew she could handle a dick. While on the other hand I'm a 5'9 160 football player with a pretty nice body.

I had thought about fucking her ever since the first time I seen her, but never could get the courage that she would accept my offer. It was on the 4th of July, which was a party going on at my house followed by fireworks. Since I'm 17 I had to sneak my drinks and make sure no one caught me in the act.

I stood outside watching the fireworks explode in an organized manner I noticed that my aunt was drinking meaning we both had cloudy judgment and now was the time to ask her what I have wanted to ask her for years.

With my drink in my hand that made me feel like I was invincible. "OMG these fireworks in my pocket are going to be wasted because I'm not going to use them" I said. "Well give them to me I'll do a lil something something with them" she said laughing As I withdrew the blackcats and roman candles from my pockets I jokingly said "here's your birthday gift" and she replied "Happy Birthday" laughingly walking away Quickly I ask "What about birthday sex" and she laughed but knowing I was asking with honesty.

I walked back to the sidewalk watching the fireworks with my cock at full erection. I repeatedly kept switching my view from the Lighten sky to her and back. I meet eye contact at least 10 times so I know she was looking at me as well. Half way through the home show of fireworks I noticed she had moved from her spot and disappeared.

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Not paying any attention I focused on the sky then I heard a whisper in my ear. "Meet me in the bathroom on the second floor Now" She secretly said to me. I turned around and I could tell that the grey goose and soda had gotten to her.

This is my chance I thought to myself so I Turned towards the tree story house and made my way up the stairs towards my bathroom. When I got there I knocked. 'Knock Knock Knock.

She opened the door and pulled me in kissing me and letting her hands roam on my body and more. As we kissed it only last for about 30 seconds and she 69hahafunny porn videos search watch and download 69hahafunny free sex "How bad do you want this pussy?" I responded "Badly". She quickly flung down my Basketball shorts with the briefs I had on under them.

My cock stood at a Complete 90 degree angle from my legs and was pumping with more blood by the second. She slowly headed towards my cock while grasping it tightly.

As she was on her knees she teased me by blowing softly and slightly licking my dick. Making me beg and want her even more. After what it seemed forever of torture she finally shoved my full cock in her mouth.

I heard gagging from the sheer size of my Manhood in her throat. Back and Forth, Back and forth her mouth went around my cock at an amazing speed. I felt my balls tighten and about to explode and cum. she keep going faster and faster at each rotation of my dick in her mouth. Feeling so good I hadn't noticed that my balance was completely let go as I was leaning on the wall staring at myself in the mirror while looking at the back of her head at the same time.

My balls erupted and cum shoot out in warm heavy loads.

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But she didn't stop; the feeling was so intense I lifted on to my tippy toes as she keeps the constant gradual increase of speed on my cock. She finally stopped abruptly and looked at me in my eyes kissed the head of my penis with a mouth full of cum and swallowed.

Saying "now it's time to fuck this Dick" Afterwards. She lifted herself from her knees and bent over on the sink. She slowly pulled down her designer jeans and wiggled her ass while doing so, she had on a RED WHITE AND BLUE thong and it made her ass seem PERFECT. I reached for the thong but she slapped my hand away and she pulled it down seeming like it took an eternity.

I stared at her ass and glanced at her pussy; it was so wet and moistens. I walked over towards the counter and violently shoved my full cock in to her pussy slowly savoring the moment and beginning to tease her as she said "Come on Fuck Me Fuck Me" I pulled her by her hair to where her torso was at contact with mines and I whispered "How bad you want this dick" taming males demanding knob hardcore and blowjob she moaned and shouted "I want it I want it Bad!".

I pushed her violently over the sink bending her over making her pussy expose more to my eye and I began my assault on her vaginal opening. As I fucked her from the back she looked at me in the mirror and eye to eye contact we fucked viscously and violently.

I was sweating from the speed and effort that I had put into fucking my milf aunt. As I felt she was Cumming on my dick I didn't care to stop the feeling was tremendous and great I fucked her so long I had forgotten what time it was but I didn't care for anything else but her pussy.

She tightened up with the final few pumps and she seemed mom caught me doing laundry lesbian love if she came a gallons worth on me. My legs were dripping her sweet love juices. I wiped some of her cum off my leg and licked it to taste. It had a sweet taste to it and I wanted more pussy. She managed to lift her leg over my head while rotating on my dick without letting my dick leave her vaginal opening and she twisted to where she was now laying on the sink starring me in my eyes.

"Come on Baby FUCK ME FUCK ME". Continued to fuck at the rapid speed of the previous position and did not let up. I quickly withdrew my dick knowing I would cum and I shot it onto her exposed stomach and started again feeling I did not do enough. I began slowly making sure I Shoved every centimeter of cock in her. Then as I noticed she had gotten louder and louder I made it faster and faster and faster.

Then I heard someone walking up the steps so I maneuvered us in to the shower and pull the shower Curtin closed, while at the same time attacking on her pussy. Forgetting to lock the door a guest from the party opened the door and walked in to use the restroom. It was her daughter; I had had previous sexual encounters with before in the same very place we were now. But since her daughter had a BABY it scared me, I never really ask if it was mines or not. She walked in slowly hesitated and then when to tinkle on the toilet just inches away from the shower.

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We quietly kept fucking while her daughter pissed on the toilet. It seemed that we could get away perfectly till She walked out slowly and my step aunt let out a little moan. She turned quickly around and opened the shower curtains with a shocked expression on her face; we all just stood there staring at each other. To be continued