Slut masturbates her ass and twat banged by throbbing cock

Slut masturbates her ass and twat banged by throbbing cock
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Cantara is 31 never married from Egypt, went to the kitchen in the guest house where she is staying. She is 5' 4" small petite figure with long brown hair and dark eyes, small pert breasts and a small ass.

She was surprised to see me, I held out my hand. " Hold on. I want to talk to you." She is alone with me and very uncomfortable. Facing her, no more than two feet from her.

I grin, looking her up and down and she gulps nervously. Out of habit, she has clasped her hands behind her back, something she had been teen aidra fox in the easiest test growing up in Egypt. This had the effect of pulling her shoulders back, and thrusting her chest forward, placing a small strain on her dress.

Her nipples are pushing hard against the fabric. I look at her as she stood in front of me, frozen in fear. She swallows hard as I look at her. My eyes appear different to her this time. They are raw, carnal and what she thought might be a little bit of lust. I move close to her, I drop my hands to side of her face. Slowly dragging my calloused fingers over her cheek, over her silky lips, and down her satin neck stopping at the neck of her blouse. " You can by a new dress!" My words scared her.

My large hands parted fast and hard ripping her dress open, ripping the material from her body. She jumps in shock at what had happened, looking up at me, not sure what is going on.

I read the worry in her face, I'm quick to comment. " Today I will teach you, how to please me," I said. " Lessons on leaving the door open." She stares back at me, eyes wide and mouth open. She is too stunned to speak. " I like young women," I went on. " It makes me hard." I grab her hand pressing it to the growing bulge in the crotch of my pants. " When I see mini skirts with a small ass like yoursmakes my cock hard." I press her hand to my crotch harder.

She feels my cock strain on my pants more. " When I get very horny, I don't think, I act. I expect you to be available!" I said. She simply nodded as she pulled her hand away from my throbbing crotch. She tries to back away, but she isn't quick enough.

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She found my large hand tightly closed around her small wrist, as I unclasp her bra. She gasps loudly as tears begin to trickle down her face as I continue. " I love small firm breasts," as my hand firmly and roughly grab her naked breast. " I love to touch them, lick them, and bite them." I pull her to me and lean my head down to her full B cup breasts.

She begins to whimper and sob softly. " No John please, don't." " This lesson is not optional!" I snap back as I tug her arm sharply. " You will have to learn, I will show you!" I drop my head to her chest, licking her nipple then I suck harder than she thought was possible. " OWW! JOHN! THAT HURTS!" She screamed and swung her free hand towards my head before I caught it in my other hand and pinned them both together tightly behind her back in my one hand. " Good!" I snap back as my mouth moves from breast to breast, biting them, sucking and licking at them.

She stood there struggling under every sensation, tears streaming down her face as I have my way. " Please John, No!" She begs over and over, crying harder as I nibble at her tits and tug her nipples causing the pain shoot through her small body. sunny leone sex xxx vb sex storiespage3 Shut up and do as you're told!" I snap back as I push her down on the bed.

She tries to scramble away, but quickly found myself pinned against the mattress with my body laying on top of her. My hand slides down her ass and I push my thumb into her ass and my middle and ring fingers into her tight wet pussy.

I hold her this way for a few moments then I pull my hands free, my right hand grabs a fistful of her hair. I position myself so my crotch is in front of her face and lean over her.

" Unzip and suck" Feeling the pressure on her pussy, she complies. She reaches up and unzips my pants and let them drop to the floor. She then guides my semi hard cock towards her mouth. She struggles to take it all in and begin to suck it, working it with her tongue. I pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com to harden and it is increasingly more difficult to mouth my entire member. She starts to work it, sliding it in and out of her mouth as I grow to full size.

" Good girl, that's my princess." I say, as she feels oddly warmed by my words. I remove my hand from her pussy and take a two-hand grip on her head. Slowly I begin thrusting deep into her mouth and down her throat. Forcing myself in as I grip her hair tightly.

The pain is comforting and oddly re-assuring. I thrust faster and she gags with each thrust. " My princess likes to eat my cock, doesn't she?" I ask, but she is unable to answer, my cock thrusting deep in her throat. " Answer me you little bitch!" I continue. But she can't. " FUCKING ANSWER ME" I nearly shout as I ram myself all the way in and she nearly gags. She is desperate for air so she pushes against me, trying for a breathe. I pull out, " answer me now princess" I say in a whisper.

" Y-yes John, I like to suck your cock." She says, tears streaming down her face. " I knew it, you're a little little cum slut," " Yes Sir." " Now, I'm going to fuck you." I say, climbing onto the bed behind her, doggy style. In a single thrust, I force my hard cock into her tight pussy. She bites the pillow to keep from screaming from the excruciating pain as her cherry is torn.

I grip her hips, digging my fingers into her skin as I control her movement. My thrusts are hard and deep, girl plays with her ass and hairy pussy myself all the way into her over and over. I don't care about her, after ten minutes I empty my load inside her. I groan and say " there, I'm finished for now." I pull out of her and leave.

She lays there.motionless. She didn't cum, she wanted to her fingers take over where I had left off. She works yourself into an orgasm, cumming very strong. She slowly got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself. She realized her inner thighs were covered in semen and blood. An hour later I returned to her bedroom, " You're angry, and rightfully so," I murmured low, my eyes penetrating into hers.

She nodded, feeling desire building in her, it scared her. " You need to feel my cock filling you again.But you need something else too, don't you?" She swallows hard, wrestling with her desire, hormones raging.

But again she nodded, as my hand reached up to caress her cheek, sliding up into her hair and gripping it firmly. She gasps at her body's reaction, at the instinctual desire to surrender to me.

I smile knowingly, I climb onto the bed and lean over the top of her. I lean down in a searing kiss. She melted into me, her body on fire, her cunt dripping wet. She hungered for my touch and instinctively knew that my sexual prowess needed to be satisified.

Despite her body's craving, she pulls back. " Wait!" " No." I kiss her neck as I begin to unzip her dress. She protests weakly, " But so soon." " Yes." My eyes met hers and they glowed with unrestrained passion.

" I can, and Now casting desperate amateurs squirting first time nervous full figure mom wife will." I took her hand and placed it on my bulge. She feels it through my pants, every straining inch of it, and exhales sharply. It is huge and hard as steel. " No, I can't," She whispers. My hand slides up her inner thighs where wetness greeted me before I reach her pussy.

" Your cunt says otherwise." My fingers slides through her juices before plunging inside her. She nearly came that instant, then whimpers when I withdrew them. I brought my wet fingers up to her face, proof of her arousal. The scent is intoxicating, rich in pheromones, a blatant advertisement of her fertility and she tentatively stuck out her tongue to taste her own pussy. " That's right," I murmur as she sucks my fingers.

" I know what your body needs." My other hand quickly finished unzipping her dress and it slides from her body and I toss it on the floor. Now naked again, she feels a sudden apprehension. She tenses, coming to her senses for a moment. " Please don't. I'm not myself." " You need this," I said firmly, backing her onto the bed and climbing over her again. " Deny it if you want, but I know better." " No, I-I have a." She sighs as my mouth closed over her sensitive nipple.

My teeth bite gently down, sending bolts of pleasure through her body and she arched from the bed with a sharp cry. I kiss my way down her stomach. " You have never been with a man that can satisfy you like I can. Look at you. You would come if I just breathed on your clit." I rose up on my knees, looking her directly in the eyes, challenging her.

She feels my authority, in my posture and presence. She became acutely aware of the disparity of our positions. Her on her back, naked, legs spread, pussy exposed and glistening wet before a fully clothed and virile man with the intense gaze of an alpha male. I was right. She had never felt such a reaction to any man. She shyly looks up at me through lowered lashes, I had my answer. I begin to undress, not hurriedly, but with purpose. I rose to remove my pants and she held her breath until I stood before her in my nudity.

My erection stood large like a ramrod, her pussy throbbing to be filled with it again. She begins to squirm, her surrender inevitable. Her hormonal and emotional state left her beyond words.

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She pleaded with her eyes and I obliged her, climbing over her with the grace of a tiger. My scent intoxicating to her, the scent of man, of testosterone, of virility. I nudge her thighs apart with my knees and gripped her hair for a deep kiss as I slowly entered her. She broke the kiss to breathe through the pain of being stretched by teen anya krey gets her wet pussy banged by chris big cock huge cock.

She feels painfully split apart again, yet her body arched against me to take me deeper. She came almost instantly, her pussy rhythmically clenching around me. She cries out as her body achieved a level of orgasmic satisfaction, she never knew existed. When the throbbing begins to ebb, her eyes open to see me looking at her with amusement. Confused, she frowns. " What?" I smirked. " I'm not even all the way in you yet." Her eyes widened in surprise as I press in the last few inches, triggering another wave of pleasure.

She gasps for breath as I begin to thrust into her, each thrust bringing pain then pleasure and then only pleasure.

" Cantara," I breathed in her ear. " Your pussy is so grips my cock like a vise." She is lost somewhere outside of rational thought. She clung to me as I rocked against her, surrounding her and filling her. I play her body like a violin virtuoso and her body crescendoed and vibrated in a near-perpetual orgasmic state.

My breath quickened along with my thrusts and she knew my orgasm was near. At that moment, a semblance of thought returned to her and she pulled back. " Wait, don't cum in me again!" She begged. " You want me to cum in you again," I stated raggedly, never breaking my rhythm. I was right, but." But.ovulating," She gasps between thrusts. I thrust harder. I grip her hair, forcing her to look in my eyes. " That's right, look at me. You'll have my baby.

Your pussy belongs to me now. Take my cum and have my baby," I growled, my eyes never leaving hers. " Yes," She breathed, her surrender complete, " Give me a baby." With a hoarse growl, I mated her, thrusting hard, pressing against her cervix.

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She feels the heavy throbbing of my cock as it pulsed my seed deep in her womb, on and on for what seems an eternity. The intensity of my orgasm triggers hers and her pussy clenched around me, milking me for every last drop of my semen. In a surge of ecstatic pleasure, our cries fill the room and we collapsed together in a sweaty pile. Long moments passed, trying to regain our breath. I'm still semi-hard inside her. She shifted slightly, but my hands stopped her.

" No, keep my seed inside you as long as you can." My hand brushed the hair from her forehead, then skimmed down to rest on her tummy. " I can't wait to see your belly all big perv old mister fucking his next door young girl round with my baby." A million thoughts whirled through her head.

She just had the most satisfying sex. Her brain, hopped up on endorphins and hormones painted a picture of her future: a belly full of baby healthy baby and a dominant male to care for them both. Glowing happily from the deeply satisfying sex and the prospect that she may be carrying a precious baby already, she drifted off to sleep with me still inside her.