Sister masag brother and xnxx rape

Sister masag brother and xnxx rape
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Under complete control of the Master. Their sexual escapades take them to a high end suit store. Meanwhile two detectives investigating Satorie's and an FBI sting operation gone bad are about to run into each other like a freight train Chapter 2 :What the Hell is Going on "Lucy I'm home!" Imitating Desi Arnes.

Putting his cigar back in his mouth, he smilled with outstretched arms in a welcome gesture. Everyone turning to look, now saw the two naked ladies fondling and kissing in the center of the room with the car salesmen coming up the center aisle. "Oh my! Chancellor!

I, I, I wasn't expecting you. It is an honor your excellency." The manager stammered wide eyed. Looking back to his employees he motioned for them to follow. "Hey dammit, I don't care if he is the god damn president.

I was here first and he can wait. You got a problem with that budy!" The brutish looking customer yelled out. Master took the cigar from his mouth and nodded mockingly. Doing a two step trot he danced halfway towards them. "Please Chancellor, not here. Please." The manager begged quietly to him as he passed by. "Oh come now Callinichus. You worry to much. This man was here first, take care of him first." Master replied walking up to the gentleman.

"I like the suit, it defines you. I must say though, it seems a bit tight on you." The cuffs on the suit suddenly tightened around his wrists. "Hey what the fuck!" The man said nasty milf is worthwhile at fucking hardcore blowjob to unbutton the cuffs. The pants waist suddenly tightening he tried unbuttoning the pants.

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Struggling with the clothes, he looked at the car salesman. "Don't just stand there! Fucking help me!" The man shouted angrily. "I do say he could use to shed a couple of pounds. Don't you?" He sarcastically asked looking back at Cally. Callinichus mouthing the words 'please'. The suit jacket tightened leaving the man frantically trying to get out of the clothes. The sleeves and pants legs shrunk around him. Everything tightened again leaving the man with no room to breathe.

Turning red in the face, with his last breath he pleaded. "Please, gasp, help." SNAP! One of his bones broke as the suit kept tightening. Falling to his knees, he tried yelling in pain but with the suit jacket getting tighter it forced all the air out of his lungs SNAP!

Another bone broke. SNAP! Turning around Master walked back to the front of the store. Approaching the frightened father and daughter he stepped behind them putting his arms around the both of them. Back to using Scott's voice he spoke. "Mr. Philips! So you are getting married again! And what do we have here? You have brought your lovely daughter with, how special. So, have you told your dad yet what you think about her? No? Not yet." He said with a frown, shaking his head.

"How about you dad? Did you tell her why you riding is the best sport for a girl your first wife? No? Not yet? I know. Tell her about how you watch her naked in the shower and fantasize about her." "Daddy!! You've been spying on me in the shower? What the fuck!! Gross!" She yelled leaving her mouth open in dismay. "Oh stop. You are the one always masturbating to fantasies of your father coming into your room late at night. Oh Daddy take me.

Take me any way you want." He mimicked her. Elbowing the father in the arm lightly he spoke to the both of them "Your daughter here loves to get it up the butt. Don't you? Tell him about the frat party with the five guys. An original no holes barred this one." The father embarrassed and frustrated snapped back. "That's it we are leaving!" Grabbing them both by the back of their neck a blank look washed over both of their faces. Letting them go he puffed on his cigar.

Coming back around the father and daughter silently stared at one another. "Oh daddy. I want you to fuck me here, now. I can't wait. I'm such a naughty slut daddy." "A woman should always know her place. Your place is on your knees you little harlot, sucking my cock.

Maybe then I will consider it." Falling to her knees in front of him. She grabbed for his buckle. Undoing his pants she reached in pulling out his flaccid pecker and engulfed the entire thing.

Slurping and sucking she pulled down the rest of his pants dropping them to the floor. With one hand on his nutsack, she wrapped the other around his swelling member.

Looking up at her Daddy she smacked his stiffening cock on her cheeks. "Do you like that Daddy? Treating me like a nasty little slut and shoving that hard cock down my throat?" She asked in that innocent little girl tone. Opening wide she shoveled the entire length down her throat and held it there. "Oh fuck, that's my little girl." Still puffing on his cigar he walked back to Callinichus, smacking Marium's ass on his way by. Marium and Chauncey had reverted back into their sixty-nine.

Slipping out of his pants and taking off his shoes, he began getting ready for his measurements. "Cally, I can't tell you how glad I am to be here. If I have to spend one more moment in this god awful attire I will have to rain hell here on earth. Well then, shall we get started?" He asked speaking once again in his English accent, setting his shoes and pants on the rack to the side.

Crackle Snap Spurt The body on the ground in front of him still being squeezed, sprayed a stream of blood all over splattering Master's shoes and pants leg. "All damnation! Not on my shoes! I guess I will be needing new shoes also" "Yes your excellency, right away." Cally motioned for his tailors to start the measurements. "Is there anything else I can do for you Sir." "Yes, please dispose of this sack of excrement you call you previous customer and do you keep any liquor on hand?" "Yes sir, I have McStackery Sherry Oak a 25 year old single malt scotch whiskey.

I have Benivet 25 whiskey. I also have Magnum Red Flounder Vodka. Then I have the regular assortments of liquor." He told as the tailor's assistant hauled away the dead body leaking blood everywhere. "Hmm, I think a glass of McStackery 25 will do just fine." Just then the door opened.

Three men in their mid twenties walked in. "Sorry gentlemen but we are closed for businesses today." "Nonsense Cally, these good men are welcome. Step in gentlemen. If you don't mind waiting just a bit, please partake of any of my whores you like, to pass the time." "Yes sir, as you wish." Cally obediently uttered.

Awestruck the boys looked around. An old man getting a blow job in the corner by a hot little blonde, while two woman were tucked into a sixty-nine in the center of the room moaning into each other.

"Hell yes, now this is a bachelor party. Yeah!! Thanks old man, your awesome! You heard him." The leader of the three ordered walking up to the two women unbuttoning his pants. Taking out his cock he knelt down and tapped it on Chauncey's head. "Whats with all the red body paint? Really, i dont care. Just stick this in your mouth and start sucking." "Now ladies, I want you to make these gentlemen feel welcome." He told them raising his arm to be measured.

Cally coming out from the back room, handed the glass of McStackery over. Master taking a sip, handed it to the tailors assistant. "Oh Daddy, I want to feel you inside me." She cooed letting go of his drool covered rod.

Grabing one of the chairs she lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and leaned against the back with her knees on the seat. "I need another fat cock I can suck on. Would any one of you two be a gentleman and loan me one for a while?

I'll make it worth your pleasure." She smilled drool hanging off her chin. "Oooh Daddy!!"she moaned quietly with a mouthing grin as he sunk himself balls deep into her warm wettness. The two boys looked at one another. "I'll take this one you take that one" he told his friend.

Walking up to her he fished his prick out and feed it to her drool covered face. Her father sinking his cock in, over and over in her tight little box made sure to give her a little push every time to sink the boy deeper into his daughters mouth. Gagging each time the boy went deep, her mascara began to run in streams down her face from the tears.

"Daddy you feel so good in my pussy. So deep. Fuck me harder while i suck his cock Daddy." "Oh wow you are fucking your daughter! Holy shit thats is fucking awesome!" Looking up at the boy, she smilled while wiping his prick all over her face. In the throes of lust as her dad pounded her she told the boy. "I want you to fuck my mouth like I'm a nasty little trash whore, a daddy fucking trash whore. Ram your cock down my throat." Grabbing sexy beautiful babe quinn wilde tastes a big black cock head with both hands he started slamming it down her throat.

Grudge fucking her mouth. GLUCK GLUCK GAG GLUCK GLUCK HACK Came from her mouth as he pounded his cock in and out. Saliva stringing off his nutsack and her chin flung off coating the girls shirt. Smoking and drinking Master watched on as the tailors fit him for his suit.

With a red blush Statshire undershirt made from a fine Thialand silk, they matched a tie of the same color and similar material.

Turning to look, he took interest from the other side of the room as Chauncey was lining up the other boys freshly sucked prick to Marium's asshole. Loosened up by the thumb fucking, he pushed his wet cock at her enterance. Her puckered hole stretching to allow for his head plopped open. Slowly Chauncey jerked him as he fit more in.

The combination of the pain from her anus and the tongue bathing her clit was receiving, caused her to moan out loud. "Oh fuck yes, give it to me. Oh yeah give it all to me! Fuck my dirty ass!" She yelled out from the cock she was stroking on the side of her face. The pressure around his cock was like a vice. Slowly he inched in till all eight was buried up in her. With his balls resting on the girls forehead, he sat there for brother and sister blair williamson moment.

Once she relaxed her sphincter he started to fuck her ass. Pulling out slowly, he slammed it back in and held there again. Getting into a nice little rythem the girl below stopped him.

Reaching up Chauncey pulled it out, devouring it several times before putting it back in. The taste of her Mistress's ass enraging her lust. Coming out from the cock in her mouth. Amateur cuban girl banged by pawn keeper at the pawnshop spit on Chauncey's asshole and looked up at the other boy. "I want you to fuck her ass hard. Ruin her hole and fill it with your spunk so i can clean it out.

Fuck her hard!" She growled. " And you! Suck my clit harder you dirty cunt. Ohh god, im going to cum all over your whore face you little cunt. And you back there, fuck my ass harder you pussy." In a constant moan her toes curled and her legs began to quiver as an orgasm began to build. Slamming into her ass, she ground her soaked gash into her lovers face.

"Uh, uh, uh, Fuuuuck ahhhh" she screamed out, her orgasm controlling her completely. Chauncey still clamped on to her clit felt a spray come from jade jantzen forced blowjob sideways big boner vagina hitting her chin. Then another stronger blast soaked her. Convulsing from mom and teen getting facial in threesome strong orgasm, her eyes rolled into her head.

Being pounded hard from behind she had to grab onto the man ass fucking Chauncey in order to keep from falling over. Riding the orgasm till it subsided. She couldn't take her pussy being eaten anymore being that it was so sensitive. "Oh god, oh stop." She said getting up. The cock leaving her ass. Her hole stayed gaped open.

"I want to watch you two fuck her ass and cunt. I want her double stuffed and filled." Coming up behind Master, Callinichus placed a light black Tor Manau wrist blazer made of Egyptian cotton. His teddy bear boxers making him look a little ridiculous. The father in the corner with his daughter, started grunting. Pounding in and out of her with a fury. Her snatch making wet squishing sounds.

"Oh yes Daddy, fill my pussy with your hot sticky cum. Oh yes, impregnate your daughter. Oooooh." She moaned out loud as she stroked the boys slimmy cock.

"Here it comes baby. Here it. Aaaah, aaah, fuck yes, ahhh!!!" He yelled dumping his potent seed deep within his child's womb. Holding there he panted out of breath, enjoying the feeling of her vagina pulsing around him as he sprayed the last of himself into her. Purring she rubbed the boy's cock on the side of her face.

"Ok Daddy let me clean you up while he fucks me." She said turning around to kiss him. "A whore never kisses her man after she's been sucking another cock!" He slapped her face backhanded. Grabbing her face in shock, her shock turned into a lust filled grin. "Ohh, yes Daddy. I'm your dirty mouthed, whore of a daughter. I have had so many cocks in my nasty little mouth and butthole. I need your discipline Daddy, I have been soooooo bad. "Bend over you little bitch, you have one more to go." he ordered her.

Bending back over, she looked at the boy. "Stick it in my cunt to lube your cock, but I want you in my ass. Only Daddy gets to dump his loads in my pussy. Right Daddy?" She smilled with that little schoolgirl grin. "Yes that's right my lovely rino asuka in high heels toying a cock in undies little angel." Looking down at her shithole he could tell that shrivled up donuthole had had too many cocks up it over a long period of time for it to look like that.

Her back door, offering little to no resistance, he sunk it all in quick proving this filthy little angel was definitely all of that and more. "Give it to me hard." She told him. Running her tongue up her father's sack up to his pecker head. She slurped and sucked all their combined juices off. Pounding her ass hard her whole body was thrust forward over and over. She still had no problem handling her dad's cock. Watching Chauncey get up she slowly sat on the stiff rod sinking it deep into her bowels.

The other boy kneeling in sunk his cock in her twat. The two boys only separated by a thin membrane felt each others movements as they slid in and out. Rolling her hips up and down they all got into a rythem. "Cunt! I have to piss! Open your mouth. You better not spill a drop." She said walking back to Chauncey.

Stradling her head, she held it tight to her crotch. Relaxing, she let out a couple drops, then a light stream. The acrid taste of urine splashing across her tongue was exciting her as she swallowed.

The steady stream getting stronger flooded her mouth. Her holes being pounded by cock and piss, she couldn't keep up. This turned her on even more causing her to roll into an orgasm.

Urine seeped from the sides of her mouth rolling down her chin to her stomach. At last Marium's bladder almost empty, she sighed.

The boy up her ass began moaning and grunting as he dumped a heavey load inside. "Cunt, suck his cock clean. I want to suck mia malkova rubs her self to orgasm by the christmas tree cum out of your ass." Marium ordered her.

Flipping over she laid the other boy down and slipped him back into her sopping pussy as Marium parted her crack. Opening her dirty brown puckered gash covered in white goo, her tongue sunk in savoring the taste as she sucked and licked it clean.

Above, the boy from her ass moved up to Chauncey's face. "How do you feel sticking your dirty cock in my mouth that was just up my ass, hmm? Does that make me a disgusting little tramp, hmm? Come give it to me." Grabbing it she wiped and rubbed it all over her face "Oh my god ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, pound me harder. I want my pussy full of cum." She told the boy through gritted teeth. The boy hammering as hard as he could jerked her body up and down. Her tits bounced all over from interracial fucked pretty young things collection moka mora jaye summers sophia leone quinn wilde le constant impact.

The boys face getting redder, held his breath at the final moments. Then realeasing he unloaded his balls deep up inside her with a long exhale. Enjoying all the debauchery he had created. They handed him the pants, a matching off black Tor Manau suit pants made of the same material. He whispered to Callinichus. "Do you still think of her Cally?" "Sir?" "Oh come now, let us not play coy here. Justinian's wife, after all it was you who killed her." He said taking a sip. Cally stayed silent as he fit the seam on the pants leg.

His assistant fitting his new shoes, a Demmi Gou black dress with gold buckle. "Have it your way, she must not have been a good tumble under the covers after all. Ahh Rome, now those were good days." He spoke in reminiscence. "I want you to let the council know that I have arrived and will be going to see the Barron next.

So set up a meeting as soon as possible. Tell them to bring my cane. I am to asume you have my ring with you." "Yes, right here" Cally answered pulling a ring out of his pocket.

Large in size, it was gold with symbols around a large black gemstone. Sticking out his hand, fingers spread wide. Cally slipped it on his ring finger. Waking over to the mirror he looked at himself pulling at the blazer, primping and priming, admiring himself. The black suit with red under shirt and tie, matching lapel.

Matched him perfectly, pure evil. The iris's brimming with fire to anyone who dare look deep into his eyes. Walking over to the father and daughter, the boy was pulling out of her leaving a gaping asshole just as he walked up. Pulling her panties up she jumped over to her Dad and hugged him.

"I love you Daddy. I can feel your cum and his wetting my panties." "So you three looked like you were having fun over here." He said taking another puff off his cigar. Coming back between the both he put his arms around them, cigar in one hand drink in the other. "So Mr. Phillips, how are you going to explain this new found relationship to your bride to be?" He asked looking at them both.

"She will just have to except our love for what it is." "Can I offer a suggestion?" Their eyes blanking over. "You should both lock her in a hidden room.

Rape her repeatedly doing all kinds of disgusting and degrading things to her till she understands you were all meant for each other. It is called Stockholm Syndrome. Make sure to plot and plan it well. You don't want to loose her. You were all meant to be a family together. Besides, you now have a little one to take care of now." He told them reaching down he rubbed her tummy. A faint glow emanated from under her shirt. "But, if none of that works. Kill her and hide the body." Turning around he motioned to the boys who were buttoning up and tucking back in their shirts "David." He said drawing out his name arms stretched out in his character welcoming gesture.

"You are quite the popular one from parts that which I come from." He boasted reaching out to shake the young lads hand. Grabbing it he gave a firm grip. "All those women," he said smiling " it's just too easy. Including the young las the three of you drugged and brought back to your father's house last night. How many does that make now?" The boy now stunned. Opened his mouth to speak but was cut off. "I guess that does not matter much anyhow. So, l want you to keep doing what it is that you do so well.

I will see you soon." Shaking his hand and letting go. "Cally it was good to see you again. Ladies, come. We have places to be!" He ordered in a jubilant tone as he headed towards the door.

Chauncey pulling her head out from between Marium's legs got up and the two followed him out the door. Back inside the limo, they once again drove off. "Cunt! Get over here so i can eat the cum out of your fuck holes. Sit on my face." She ordered lying back on the seat. Chauncey doing as her mistress told got up over her face and spreading her ass cheeks lowering herself down on the awaiting lips and tongue.

"Chauncey, your body will continue to obey my original orders while your conscious mind wakes. You will remember everything. You will only speak in a soft tone when i tell you to or when i ask you a question." Chauncey's eyes went wide realising she had left her baby on the sidewalk alone. Disgust at the things she had done. Fear of the man in front of her. Hopelessness at the fact she was no longer in control of her own body.

A tear formed, rolling down her cheek followed by another. "I think you can appreciate the desperate situation your in. I just want you to know that you can end this at anytime. Give yourself over to me. Allow me to take your essence. It will be much easier on you if you do.

So tell me, are you ready to end this?" "Go fuck yourself whoever you are." She said "Have it your way." Tapping on the divider window. " Driver 1st and Harrison. All the way to the end of 1st. By the time Iam done with you, death will become a welcome invitation.". Tears streaming down, he waved his hand. The look of despair vanishing from her face as she shook in the throes of another orgasm. Marium giving her clit a tongue lashing.

Cum oozed out of her asshole smearing all over. Master sitting back poured himself another drink. "Hey Cap, you seen Max? I believe we got a triple homocide at that Satories fire." The officer yelled out across the bull pen. Officers and detectives moving around the room doing their job looked simalar to ants in an ant farm.

If you ever watched an ant farm each ant has it's particular duty that it attends to. Today this nest was unusually busy with incidents springing up all over the city. "Max!" The Captain yelled out. "Anyone seen Barrington?" Meanwhile in the bathroom. "Oh Max, oh yeah! Give it to me hard!" A woman moaned out from one of the stalls. The sound of someone being slammed into the toilet stall wall over and over. Pushed up against the stall she had to hang on to the toilet paper dispenser to keep from falling over.

Legs week and shaking as his cock rammed up into her steaming gash. "Ooooh, ooooh, Im gonna cum! "Godamn Roxy, fuck!" He cursed, giving her pussy the long hard hammering it yearned for. Panting and giving small squeels, she tried to be quiet as she rode her orgasm. Her pussy giving his cock the death grip, he couldn't hold out any longer. One good thrust up into her, he smashed her up against the wall. His scrotum tightening, he let loose a huge load of jizz deep within her.

Holding still, she quivered as he drained the last of his juice into her. Both of them out of breath, they could hear Max's name being called out in the bull pen. Pulling out of her a huge gob of cum dropped out hitting the floor. "Thanks Max I needed that. You don't know the shit I have to go through with my fuckwad partner. There is something wrong with him, honestly he drives me crazy." She told him pulling her pants and utility belt back up. "Roxy, your still a rookie. We all went through it.

You just have to try to get along with him till your training is done." "If I don't shoot him first." "Ha, trust me, he's not worth all the paperwork" Max told her sarcastically opening the door and heading out. "What the fuck Max! You almost drown in there? Fire, homicide, Higgs is already out there. Get on it!" The Captain yelled out. Turning his head he didn't see Roxy coming out of the bathroom looking from side to side suspiciously but one of the other deputies did.

Just shaking his head. Max was well known for his indiscretions but he was a hot sexy teen dildo party xparty us tube porn good cop and a better detective. Since becoming detective, he had solved all his cases but one.

It still haunted him, eating away at him from time to time. The ride to the scene, it was all he could think about. He knew he had become obsessed with it. What else was anybody to expect, it was his first case. Almost was his only case. His mind always replaying the moment when the poor mutilated girls mother came running up to the crime scene. Crying in hysterics, utterly devastated over her daughter laying there dead, naked, in a pool of her own blood.

He promised her he would catch the basturd. Unfortunately the case ran cold, no more leads. He still talked to her from time to time just to let her know that he hadn't given up. It started to feel as though it was more for his consolation than for hers as time marched on.

Coming up to the scene fire trucks and squad cars were parked everywhere. The front of the building still smoldering the entire front was gone except the four foot half wall. Firefighters myhotgloryhole com interracial cock gloryhole sucking video 14 tube porn walking in and out hoses laid out all over. Stepping over them he still couldn't get out of the haze of his own thoughts, till.

"Max!" A voice yelled from off to the side. Looking past all the firefighters and police officers he could see Higgs making his way over. "We just got the OK to go in. They tried to preserve the scene the best they could but its still a mess. So far four bodies confirmed.

I would like to try and make the best of what sunlight we have left" Higgs informed. Stepping over the hoses they made their way in. The rich smell of smoke clung to the air around. Looking around the scene, it was in complete disarray from the blast. What was once a glass display case sat in the corner of the room a mangle of twisted metal and glass shards.

Soggy cigars littering the floor. "Bill, what do you have for us?" "Max, Higgs. Im at loss on this one. Their was definitely an explosion, but as to the source I still haven't been able to surmise." The fire inspector told them pulling out his tape measure. "This is were the display case was." Pointing out the bare spot on the floor. "From the direction of the display case the explosion happened suspended in the center of the store and radiated outward." Taking his tape measure he measured the distance writing it down on his clipboard.

"How about you Topher what do you have?" Max turned and asked "Well just from initial, I can tell you four bodies. One headless, two beat the crap out of each other, and the other just caught in the explosion.

I still have a lot of evidence to collect, plus we will know more after the M.E. report. I'll let you know." Looking around Max noticed several damaged security cameras hanging off the walls. Nudging Higgs in the arm he pointed to them.

"Good let's start there." Stepping over the debris carefully, they walked to the back office. Grabbing his Mag Light from its pouch he looked around. Other than some damage to the walls from the blast and a little water damage, the office was still in good shape.

Desk in the middle, filing cabinets, one of those giant wooden bears snarling paws outstretched in the corner. Nudging Higgs in the shoulder again, he shined the light over at the other corner.

On the corner table sat a lamp shaped like a womans leg dressed in fishnet stockings. "What? A lamp, so!" Asked Higgs shrugging his shoulders not knowing what he was hinting at. "Really? A Christmas Story. Nothing? Wow you are deprived."Max poked shaking his head. Sticking his head back out the door he yelled.

"Topher, get in here. We have a security DVR, I want to see what went down here." "So Max look at this. Safe door wide open, cash still here. What do you make of that?" Higgs said using his pen to poke around inside.

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Kneeling down he stared at the carpet. "Bloody shoe prints running to the safe. Whatever happened, someone was in a hurry." The CSI agent walking in laid out an extension cord then began working on the DVR and screen. "Okay, we have power." The agent mumbled thumbing the remotes. After several minutes he had the video up and qued. Four split screens showed front door, cash register, lounge area, and office.

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"So this is forty minutes before the explosion." The agent spoke pushing play. The screen showing two customers up front talking to the clerk with the owner in his office. Several minutes later the door opens with a man walking in, two naked ladies behind him.

The face of the man blurred by a light. The owner comes out of his office to greet them. Talking together a moment, the man heads to the lounge.

Both girls bend over on either side. The owner gives the man a sampler tray of cigars and walks away. "Not one person even bats an eyelash at the fact that these ladies are naked and where is the light blocking his face coming from?" Max comments. The man dips his cigar in the left ladies vagina and lights it with his thumb. Repeating this for 20 minutes with both women. The men staring at the screen looked on in confusion. The owner coming back speaks with him a moment and turns to leave.

Pausing he turns back around to the man. The man raising his hand snaps his fingers as the owner's head explodes into a red mist. "Oh, my god!" says the agent "What the fuck!" Higgs They say at the same time while Max just stared silent mouth agape. The three people up front now walk towards him. Raising his arm he touches the girls face. Turning to the boy, she punches him in the face and proceeds to beat the shit out of him.

The clerk then runs to the office. Fumbling with the safe he finaly gets it open. Grabbing out a box of cigars and running up front, he grabs another. The girl sitting on top of the boy repeatedly punching his face its huge black boobs babe kayla interracial hardcore her hands are destroyed bones stiking out from her skin.

The clerk hands two boxes to the man and stands there. The ladies still bent over next to the lounge chair stand up and follow the stranger out the door. The girl at this point smashes her face into his face over and over as the clerk stands there for several minutes. Suddenly the girl stops, turns to the camera and smiles a bloody unrecognizable mess.

Then the feed dies.

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The three of them stared at the blank screen for several minutes not saying a word. Realing from the scene that had just played out on the television. "This has to be some elaborate hoax, that's the only explanation. I mean what else could it be? You cannot tell me that a guy just walked in this store and did all this!" Higgs spoke softly.

"Get this to the techs right away I want to know if this is faked. Honestly, I'm having a hard time swallowing all this but the evidence is corroborating the story." "So your not gonna believe this. I found the head." Topher proclaimed excited as they walked out of the office. " Let me guess. All over the room?" Max sexy cougar melissa lynn gets impaled and creamed back with a sarcastic tone.

"Yup. Eyeball over there, a couple teeth strewn about, a peice of his tongue. How'd you know?" "Lucky guess." Max shot back The agent giving Topher a look whispered. "You are not going to believe the video we have on the security dvr." Max and Higgs standing outside still trying to get a grasp on the situation. Max had a bad feeling about this one. Something told him to stay as far away from this case as possible.

Too bad this was his job or he would have taken his brain up on that offer. "Higgs, ATM machine." Pointing acrossed the street. "I'll make the call, get the video. Maybe with another angle we can put this all together." "I hope so, I got a bad feeling about this one." Max grumbled scratching his two week old stuble. "Iam only going to say this once so listen up. Our subject is Frank Lavarda!" Collin said pointing to a picture of the man. Mixed with other photos of people they were all organised with descriptions.

"Heavy hitter for hire. He is suspected to be the hitter for several different cases. This means! "He yelled."I want him alive!" His voice echoing off the walls of the deserted warehouse. Seventeen men standing around him from SWAT to FBI all listened intently as he went on. "We have a small window of opportunity here but it has to be orchestrated carefully. We know he will be at a certain location at a certain time. All decisions, all actions, any orders, they all go through me first.

I will be coordinating from the surveillance van." Collin reaching out spun the classroom board to the backside where a crued drawing of the intended neighborhood was sketched out."Here.

I want team one to apprehend. That will consist of four men hiding in this small alleyway here. I want taser guns only. Wait till he a date from sugar daddy sex chat natural tits and cunnilingus by, catch him from behind.

Team two surveillance and backup, rooftop over here. I want a rifle set up just in case. Team three, surveillance and backup on the other side of the building here.

I want a shotgun with beanbag rounds. As soon as team one goes for the take down I want team three there and ready. Officer McIntyre will have the transport van ready a block away.

Now fellas, he's got a bit of an arsenal and he doesn't mind using it. So, if it comes down to it his life is not worth yours, but he is important to our case.

So be aware and be ready. That's it for now, we roll at 1900 hours." Watching the surveillance screens in the undercover van, Collin went back and forth between all four screens as he lit a cigarette.

"Dammit Collin, I have a hard enough time trying to stay alive without you trying to take me out with those young sex parties threesome with a dildo killers." Reeds coughed out grabbing the talkie "Team leader to team two are you in position?" "Team two, not yet." "Team one to team leader, we have visual on the package." "No one is to approach the package under any circumstances, that is an order!" Reeds told them grabbing his stale coffee.

Watching the screen a second man in a trench coat entered the scene. The deserted street, only parked cars gave the street any company. Lit by only one street lamp from the end of the block the two walked towards each other partially hidden in the dark. "Team two what's your status?" "In position, package in veiw.

Hold on a minute. Semi-truck inbound." "Keep your eyes on the package. Team three one of you intercept the semi." From in the van the two watched on as in the distance you could hear the approaching truck slamming through gears. Picking up spead as it got closer. POP! POP! POP! The exchange of multiple gunfire rang out from the distance. "Team three whats going on out there?" Reeds barked into the talkie. Only silence answered back on the talkie as automatic gunfire belched loud outside the van.

Collin at the screen jumped up out of his seat as the man in the trench coat opened his coat wide producing a shotgun. More gunfire erupted from another direction. "This is team two we've been made! Taking heavy fire!" The talkie barked.

"SHIT! SHIT! We're in the middle of a set up!"Collin yelled. Snatching the talkie out of Reeds's hand, he yelled into it. "Take out the" was all he got out as the van was hit from behind throwing them both into the mangled back door. The sound of the semi and the heavy thud of the van smashing into the parked cars ahead of it dominated the street. Only the sound of the shotgun going off could be heard over the carnage outside.

With each car they hit the poor van crumpled more just like a popcan. Reeds bleeding profusely from a head wound bounced around unconscious as Collin tried to protect him from the debris flying around inside. Suddenly a jarring stop threw the both of them into the mangled front along with tv monitors and their equipment. Collin hitting his head once again fought to stay conscious as darkness enveloped his sight. Losing the fight he just slumped over.