Exquisite idol is flashing her opened juicy slit in close up spreading fingering

Exquisite idol is flashing her opened juicy slit in close up spreading fingering
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It's Friday night, my friends are at parties, movies, or other places. And where am I? Rehearsal with An hour left. I just wanna go home! I've literally been sitting in the music classroom behind the stage for 2 hours. It's SO BORING! At least Sam is here. Sam. The boy I've had a MAJOR crush on since I laid eyes on him freshman year. Unfortunately, he's graduated now.

But I still see him sometimes. Like tonight, he came to help out with tech stuff (lighting, sound, etc). When I saw him, I gave him the biggest hug I could.

He still looked so beautiful. His hair was still its dark curly mess. Some of them in front of his eyes. His black square glasses framed his face perfectly. His skin the golden tan. His smile could make anyone happy. He was perfect. Sculpted from God's clay. And when I hugged him, I inhaled the wonderful scent of Russian sex sex stories porn i Spice.

I had major puppy love for this kid. I swear I got wet every time I just saw him.

But now I was sitting on the desk alone, listening to my iPod/reading. My scene had already gone on and I wasn't on again until the finale.

But suddenly I heard his voice.

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"Hey Aimee." he was leaning against the door frame. "Oh, Hi Sam. what's going on?" "Nothing, we're taking 15. Figured I'd see what you were up to." God, his voice sounded like that of angels. "oh nothing, just chilling." "That's cool." he entered the room and closed and locked the door behind him.

"Uh Sam.what are you doing?" "Oh, nothing. I just figured I could give us some alone time." He had this smirk full of desire.and pure lust. I was speechless. How many times had I been laying in bed at night when my thoughts drifted to him, while my hand drifted down my pants. This was my fantasy come true. He strode over and placed his hands on my hips. I was wearing a tank top that showed off my cleavage perfectly and fit tightly to my slightly curvy frame.

"Y'know, you really have lost weight. I mean, look at these curves." he started running his hands up and down my waist "They're beautiful." "Oh Sam" I moaned. God I could feel how wet I was. "Now, why don't we take a look at the rest of the body." He knelt down and removed the combat boots on my feet. "Mmmm. Y'know Aimee, I'm usually not a foot guy but damn." He then took one hand and moved it up the back of my calf and to my fantastic five busty blonde sucks down hot loads. "Now, let's get rid of those pants, shall we?" I was biting my lip.

It was finally happening. My fantasy coming true. He stood me up off the desk and untied the drawstring on my pants.

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They fell to floor at my ankles and I kicked them across the room. I was SO GLAD I had thought to worn my black boy short panties. They looked perfect on me. He pulled those down too, exposing my shaven pussy, dripping with anticipation. He drew in a deep breath. "Damn. Y'know, I've wanted to do this since we first met. I couldn't because I was a senior and you were a freshman, but now you're 16, old enough for consent." He then took me in his arms and kissed me deeply and passionately.

His tongue probed into my mouth and met mine. The taste of cigarette smoke and bourbon immediately filled my mouth. I usually hated it but on him, it was heavenly. He pulled away from me. "Oh Sam. I want you so badly." he gave me his signature smirk. "I know. Now sit on the desk." I immediately sat back on the desk. "Spread your legs." I spread them as far as I could. He knelt down in front of me and grabbed my thick thighs.

"Damn. I love a girl with a few extra curves." He hooked my knees over his shoulders. He inhaled deeply. "Damn your pussy smells simply delicious." He then moved his tongue in circles on my thigh, making me moan. "Tell me Aimee."he continued as he placed gentile kisses on my thighs and mound "Tell me you want me. Tell me where you want my tongue." "Oh Sam. I want you so bad. Please stick your tongue in my pussy and make me cum." I felt him smile.

"As you wish" and he dove right in. His tongue tracing a slow line up and down my slit. He stopped and blew a breath of hot air on my clit; making me moan even louder.

He took my panties and crammed them in my mouth. "Can't have someone heating you moan and spoiling our fun, can we?" I grinned and shook my head "no".

"Good girl." He continued his assault on my cunt with his mouth. Placing gentile kisses on the outer lips before moving fully into my pussy. He pushed his tongue as far deep in as slim asian hottie rides a massive dong could and began moving it. "Oh damn Aimee. You taste so good." He flicked my clit with his tongue.

My hands gripped the edges of the desk even tighter. This was just pure bliss. He ran his tongue over my g-spot. My toes were curling. I would've given anything for this not to end but I knew I was going to cum soon. And so did he. "Yes that's it. Cum for me." at these words I completely let loose. I came completely in his mouth.

He lapped at the juices like a starving man, making sure to get every drop. He stood up and wiped my remaining juices from his lips. "Are you ready for me?" I nodded my ebony song xxx story sani leon. This was what I had dreaming about for so many years.

"Ditch the top." I practically ripped my tank top and bra off over my head. My perky b-cup size breasts fell perfectly.

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He cupped them and brushed his thumbs over the nipples, which hardedned instantly. He squeezed each breast gently and moved them around. He then moved his thumb and forefinger to the nipples and pulled, making me moan more. He smile and pulled back. He unzipped his sweatshirt, revealing, not only no other shirt, but the sculpted abs underneath.

They were perfectly chiseled. He undid his pants and pulled those as well as his boxers down, reavealing his cock. Oh. My. God. It was nearly 8 inches long, 2 inches in girth.

It was fully erect and ready. There was a few drops of pre-cum dripping from the head. "Tell me Aimee, are you a virgin?" I nodded. "Well, then i'll be honored to be your first time." He wrapped his hands around me and moved into me. I wrapped my legs around him. Me sitting on the desk was the perfect level for his cock. He kept pushing in. I may have had my panties in my mouth but that didn't stop me from moaning softly.

He kept pushing in until he met the tell-tale sign of my resistance. Without even asking first he completely thrust in, taking my virginity for his own. The tearing sensation was extremely painful. Tears started streaming down my face as Sam rubbed his hands up and down my back and he whispered in my ear "Shh. Shush. It's ok. Just relax for me baby." The pain soon subsided and I felt calmer.

He kissed my cheek. "good girl." He then began thrusting in and out. Slowly at first but gaining speed. I clutched tightly to his shoulders, caught in the heat of passion and lust. His dick was pounding me relentlessly. "Oh Aimee." he grunted "You're so god damn tight. I love it" he held me close to him as his dick pounded against my cervix.

He reached foxxy teen is down to fuck doggystyle and deepthroat hand in between the both of us and began rubbing my clit furiously, bringing me even closer to the point of climax. I felt so full, his cock was immense. Stretching me almost to the point of pain but not quite.

I was moaning into his neck where I had buried my face. This was so perfect. I wanted nothing else. "Oh Aimee. I'm cumming!!" And with that he pinched down roughly on my clit, making me cum. My juices coated his cock while his hot semen filled my womb. Even if I did get pregnant, I wouldn't care. Knowing it was his. He looked me, the lust in his eyes replaced by tenderness and caring.

He kissed me again fully and passionately. He pulled my panties from my mouth with his teeth. Giving me that devious smirk, he asked me "You don't mind if I keep these do you?" I giggled slightly and shook my head.

He could have whatever he wanted of me. "you better get cleaned up, little girl. Break's almost over." "Yes, Sam." He withdrew himself from me and pulled his underwear and jeans back on.

Then after he zipped his sweatshirt, he shoved my panties into his back pocket. I quickly pulled my clothes on. "Now give me your phone." I handed it over. He caroline pierce jack lawrence in neighbor affair typed something in and handed back. "My number is now in your phone.

Put yours in mine." I typed my number in his phone. "Good girl. I'll call you.

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Soon" and with that he gave me one final peck on the lips and left. I lay back on the desk and smiled "Better than I imagined." I muttered.