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Threesomes big dick from ass at the by roby bianchi
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Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 3 Chapter 3 "They stomped of to their bedroom and they through my stuff out of my bedroom.

John said, "Let's get this straight now, and come on Brad the rest of you stay here." Uncle John said, "Come up stairs." My stuff was thrown in the hall and my snow scene was broken one of the treasures from grandma.

I had tears coming down my cheek and John said, "Stiffen up they will be the ones with tears." Uncle John went in and grabbed Cindy pulled her dress off then her panties and her bra she was now naked. He put her over his knee. She had at least Double b tits and nice body but I was mad at what they done. Uncle John said, "You got a belt?" I said, "Yes," and picked it up from the floor and I passed it to him and he said, "No this is yours five lashes," and I started.

"Dad you can't let him, ouch," she screamed as I laid into her with the belt she was bawling, "Please stop All white girls amateurs dressed undressed pics part, I am sorry please stop." At the fifth whack she had number of welts and very red. Uncle John said, "Feel that and anything else while she is here." I felt her ass it was hot and firm I ran my hand over her pussy and Uncle john said, "Go ahead it will be yours one day anyway may as well get used to it," I stuck my finger into her wet pussy and said, "That feels nice Cindy." She was red face and crying as Bridget tried to escape and Uncle John grabbed her and said, "Cindy from now on you do as he says or you will be back here in this position again." "Cindy go stand by the window," as Uncle John did the same to Bridget.

Bridget said, "You're not going to let that little twerp spank me mom she screamed help me." Uncle John stripped her and he said, "Give her five," and I did she was whaling. "Please I will do anything, stop god it hurts." When I finished the five Uncle John said, "She insulted you, two more for that." I hauled off and give her two more then felt her ass and finger her tight pussy.

Uncle John said, "You are in charge of these two, if they give you an ounce of disrespect use the belt," He said to the girls, "You disrespected him, you will do whatever he says for the next week do you understand?" "Yes daddy." Uncle John left and they went to get their clothes.

I said, "Yes hang those up in the closet over there you don't need them." Cindy and Bridget said together, "But were naked." "Yes and for the week you will be that way." "You can't make us do that," said Bridget. I snapped the belt across the front of her legs just below her pussy and I said, "What was that?" "Nothing," she said.

Whack another slap with the belt and this hit her legs and pussy she screamed and I said, "That is nothing sir to you." She was on her knees and she said, "Yes sir," crying in pain. Meanwhile down stairs Melody wants to go up and John said, "I give the boy permission to be in charge for a week so these girls will learn respect, we got long lives ahead of us here and we need to get along." Back upstairs Brad says, "Am I going to have trouble with you to Cindy?" "No sir," and she picked up her clothes and hung them in the closet.

She helped Bridget and she mom mature mom tries some inter racial sex her clothes up and I said, "Good I see you know how to take them down and now know you don't need a lesson on how to hang them up so you can put back my room the way it was anything you're not sure of ask." They said nothing and I started to raise the belt and they said, "Yes sir right away sir." An hour later they had it back together.

And I said, "Looks great now what room do you girls want," and they looked at the vacant rooms. They said, "This one," and I slapped Cindy's ass with the belt "This one here sir," she said rubbing her still red ass.

"Ok now like you should of done to start with lets go ask Uncle John if that is satisfactory." "You want us to go downstairs naked sir?" "Certainly other than your sneaker that is all you wear this week and I snapped the belt is there a problem sisters." Down we went and dad mom just looked Aunt Melody had the same shocked look on her face and John said, "That certainly is taking charge Brad." "Yes uncle clothes are hard to come by dirt we can wash off, skin grows back but ripped clothes are done for.

Judy and I have been nude quite a bit even dad and mom when we swim at the lake, so it's nothing new." Uncle John said, "You have a point clothes Is the one thing we can't get maybe for years so we best look after what we have." "The girls have something to ask you Uncle John." "Mom you're not going to allow this child," whack on Cindy's ass I said, "Just because we are here you don't disrespect anyone." "No sir sorry sir," tears forming in her eyes.

"Now did you have something to ask Uncle John or you can take a blanket and curl up on the floor at the bottom of my bed sisters." "Yes sir we do," "Dad, may we have the bedroom at the top of the stairs to the left?" John said, "Let's skinny wench is up for some anal brunette cumshot and see," and we went up and John said, "If you two want to share a room yes otherwise if you want your own rooms you may have the next two they are single beds for one person." "Yes dad we well take the two rooms." "Fine then off you go and tell Brad what was agreed on." Dad said, "Speaking of that we are in the master bedroom.

John said, "Actually you're not," and he opened a door I had nor anybody even noticed it blended in with the wall it was the duplicate to Steve's bedroom may be even a bit bigger.

Mom took two more birds out that dad shot the other day and I said, "Sisters let's bring your stuff in and they said, "Yes sir." Dad just smiled along with Uncle John. Judy you going to help sure thing little brother and Judy in her short tee shirt and shorts went out I said to Judy, "They got cute asses to but I still like yours." She reaches and pinches my ass, "Nice save little brother." We made a couple of party slut blowing hungry dick outdoor slutparty and hardcore and had all their stuff the girls were tired and I said, "Let's keep going until supper, and bring your parents stuff in," they sighed but said no more.

They both had enough of the belt. Melody and John thanked us and said, "Thanks Brad and you girls for bring our stuff in." Aunt Melody looked at the girls asses and there were a few welts but no broken skin and I said to Cindy, "Break off a piece of the aloe plant and bring it here," she did and I laid her over my lap and rubbed the aloe plant over her ass.

Man I liked feeling that ass and she got red faced as I applied it when I was done I give her clit a little rub and said, "OK next." Bridget hesitated and she said, "I will be fine sir." I said, "That was not a request get over here Bridget." She came over her face turning red as she laid across my lap with my hard cock pressing into her lower belly by her landing strip she looked at me and I said, "I am a guy and now enjoy the soothing aloe," as I rubbed her ass with it and felt the firmness as I went, then I finger fucked her pussy.

I said, "This is for not coming when I told you," as she moaned and couldn't help herself. She turned even redder, as the whole family watched. I took my fingers out they were glistening so I put them in my mouth and the taste was not bad so I made a production of it and said, "At least there is one thing you got that needs no improvement." Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 4 Chapter 4 Melody went to say something and John interceded.

Supper was done and dad moved from where he was sitting and John said, Stay where you are." Dad said, "No John my brother you are the head of this family this is the head of the table. I will sit at the other end with my family." Dad was saying how much he appreciated everything and saving his family's life. Uncle John said, "Don't be ridicules brother with both families together we are strong we can share the work load and prosper. Here we are far off the beaten path anybody back here is looking to die no questions asked." Melody said, "John you just can't shoot someone." Dad said, "We must, or risk one or all of us being killed or worse." "But that is murder," Britney said.

Dad said. "Your thinking old world this is a whole new world people fight to live they don't fight for wealth or money but for food and sex that's it. We have both here which makes us all targets and anyone this far back this road is not lost they are hunting us." Bridget said, "My God has it come to that." John said, "Yes and we all must learn to shoot and shoot to kill not only for food but for the event we are attacked." Cindy said, "I will never be able to do that." whack on the legs, "This is an adult conversation, neither you nor any of us children were invited into it.

They are setting down the rules, we listen not interject." Cindy with tears in her eyes said, "Sorry Brad sir." Melody spoke and said, "Our children were always allowed to voice their opinion." Brad said, "And we are to, but not in the middle of such an important conversation, that sets down the law for our whole family and how we all proceed from this point forward." "Please accept my apology for intruding." Dad said, "No apology needed you were responding to a question put to you which I believe speaks the truth.

This is an adult conversation of the utmost importance because if we can't get this resolved we could all die." Britney said, "It is hard to get my head around this but I see redhead milf layla redd gets her mature twat fucked point.

We must kill or be killed or turn over this place to the attackers and be there fuck toys and slaves for as long as they want us. Damn straight I will kill to stop that." Melody said, "Yes I can see that, and as much as it is against my nature I will learn to kill to protect this family." John said, Girls you all will be taught to shoot." Dad said, "Judy and Brad are already trained on guns they can handle." John said, "Ok after supper let's set some targets up and see." Brad said, "What do you know about rifles?" Cindy said, "You put bullets in it aim and fire." "Uncle John May I make a suggestion sir?" "How about we go over gun safety, loading, unloading, safety walking, obstructions, and cleaning tonight, and then do targets tomorrow." Uncle John with a reddish face matching his hair said, "Sounds like a good idea, let's go with that" Judy and I spent the evening going over the do's and don'ts with the guns they had the hardest time with cleaning the 9mm it had to come apart they were sitting Indian style on my double bed upstairs leavening our parents to chat every time they would drop a piece between their legs I would reach down brushing their pussy to get it.

After a while I was sure they were dropping pieces on purpose so I said, "OK I will give you a distraction while you take it apart and put it together. Each had a gun and I said, "Start," as they did I fingered their pussies, they kept getting wet and Judy just looked at me ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar I smiled.

"One way to teach," and Bridget was moaning and I said, "Keep going, I got a belt if you stop." They moaned but finished and I took my fingers out of there pussies and licked my hands clean, "Very tasty indeed and I have you for the week to teach you I might have a lot of this," and they were panting but I didn't get them off but they were horny as hell. Ok girls were done for tonight let's get a cup of tea and go to bed." Frustrated they said, "Yes sir," and they went down stairs ahead of me and Judy put the kettle on our parents were necking on the coach and Judy said "Don't stop on our account." Uncle John said, "How are my girls behaving?" Very good Uncle John I had them strip and put together the 9 mm while I distracted them." Dad said, "How did you manage that?" Judy said, "Oh he fingered their pussies I think they were ready to climax when they finished, their faces were quite red against their blond here." "Dad, are you really letting him be in total charge all week?" "Yes whatever he does to make you learn is fine with me, looks like you learned how to handle guns and ammunition and how to clean them I would say he earned whatever reward he wanted, and I think he was satisfied the fact that you didn't get off shows it was his reward not yours." Melody couldn't believe what she was hearing.

When the tea was done Judy said, "Would you all like some. Melody and Britney said, "Yes, I wouldn't mind some tea." I said, "Cindy why not heat up a few rolls for everybody and Bridget get the butter." "Yes Brad sir," they said.

They were moving around the kitchen and I was enjoying their tits bounce there cute asses and said, "This is the life to myself." Uncle John asked the girls questions on gun handle they got them all right and he said, "You two are good teachers," I said, "This belt and these fingers are great motivational tools." Dad laughed and said, "You go son, I can't handle one," and Mom slaps his chest playfully. "Dad I am equal opportunity I will help if you like?" John laughs and says "Steve he got you there." After we finished and the girls cleaned the dishes it was off to bed.

Bridget and Cindy wanted to stay up It was only 8 pm. and they weren't tired they wanted to talk. I said, "Suit yourselves morning comes early." The next morning I went in said, "Girls wake up time." Bridget said, "Its barely light go way." I massage her breast she goes mmm and I pull on her nipple and said, "Up my sweat sister," and I went over to Cindy's room and said, "Let's go work time." "Go way come back later." I walk back to my room and then back to Cindy's room and snap my belt, that is all it took she was up at attention in a flash, I said, "Get your sneakers on work time." "No time for a shower?" Cindy said" "Nope you should have been up an hour ago for that." Went into to Bridget snapped the belt she was asleep again.

Whack on her hip she woke up screaming. "You were told to get up next time you will listen." Chapter 5 We walked down stairs here was Judy drying her hair and sipping her morning tea and I said, "Ready sis?" "Yes brother just one more sip of my tea and she laid her cup in the sink." Bridget put her sneakers on I gave her a 9mm to her, Cindy, Judy, and I also strapped one on put a shell in the chamber and put on safety.

That woke the girls up. This was real, a gun they have never fired, strapped out of the family xxx arts and sex crafts their waste loaded ready to fire. Out the door and we took the milk pails to the barn. Judy took one cow I took the other and I started to milk showing Bridget, and Judy showing Cindy Then Judy and I switched places letting Cindy and Bridget grab the cows utters and did what we were doing I had my hand over Bridget's until she got the hang of it and the girls milked there first cow the milk was poured into a stainless steel container and then locked the lid and placed outside the barn.

The cows were let out and walked to the field gate we looked around for critters like coyotes or wild dogs seeing none we let the cows go into the field. Back to the barn I give the girls the shovels clean out the cow pucks and they shoveled them to the manure pile. Next the Clydesdale's, and we showed them how to back them out of the stall and walk them to the pasture gate and let them go.

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Then back to the barn to clean the stalls up. After that was done we went the pig pen and put food in there trough. We went to the water pump cleaned our hands and our sneakers and put out water for the pigs. About that time the geese and a gander came walking up and I said, "I will feed them that gander can get saucy." I fed them, then backing up keeping a watchful eye on the gander, but he turned and went to the field.

We then went in to feed the chickens took some seed tossing it in the pen and the chickens came a running out we went in the coop gathered 3 dozen eggs and headed back to the house it was just coming on 7 am. Mom and dad were dressed in shorts and mom had the thin halter top off as my two naked girls game in and hung up our guns and I said, "Let's go girls' master bath for a shower." We went in and they said, "Where you going?" I said, "I need a shower to." well you can wait you're not getting in with us." I ignored them and stepped in.

"Get out," they said. "No problem I will be back with the belt and we will talk." No don't Brad sir stay please," "Fine now wash me," and they did they played with my cock and balls had me hard in no time while I played with their tits and pussy we rinsed stepped out and they dried me off and I put back on my shorts and when they dried they come back to the kitchen.

Melody was in a house coat and John was in shorts. Mom and dad were up and I smelled bacon. The girls came out went to sit down and I said, "Your part of the family can you think of anything you could help with," and I was playing with my belt.

They jumped up and said, "Yes sir," and started setting the table I got up slapped the 9mm back on and went out to get wood. I came back in about ten minutes later and Dad said, "Took you long enough," Judy with a big smirk on her face said, "Were you at it again brother," I said, "No, I thought we might all want to go swimming after our work is done so I set the sticks." "Good thinking son." Uncle John said, "You guys are going to have to bring me up to speed here." I said, "Uncle John, I set tiny sticks on all the outbuildings that way when we come back if any are gone we got some two legged animals to take care of." "I saw the girls walking around with 9 mm on their side outside.

Yep indian girl fucked by a big black cock one goes out even for fire wood without a gun or someone supervising them with a gun." But Uncle John your head of our family if you wish to change anything we will do as you say." "No absolutely not I am a student here you are doing things I wouldn't even thought of." Please uncle I am not trying to usurp your authority." "No Brad and I don't take it that way but where did you come up with all this?" Steve said, "It is all part of the sleep learning the girls learned all about making clothes from skins and farming." "We all learned medical and some exceptional ones like Brad here were taught safety for survival and farming techniques, conservation, cute babe slowly sucking on his tiny dick snaring, and all kinds of stuff we don't know yet." John said, "So much stuff, in such a young man." The girls were just listening with their mouths hanging open this might be what looks like a kid but he is more mature and knowledgeable than a lot of adults.

We were eating breakfast and I said, "After breakfast we need to do gun practice.

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Do you want to teach them Uncle John or do I?" "Brad these girls are yours for the week remember you have done more in a day than I have done in years. However I would like to watch I may learn something." I said, "Melody can you shoot?" She said, "I can hold it and have fired a few rounds at coons but never hit them." "OK join our group, Mom how about you?" She said, "I am good but I will take your lesson maybe I am missing something." "Ok we are starting off with a 22 cal bolt action these guns can hold up to 15 shots but we are going to use them as a single shot so no one gets hurt namely me." We worked all morning on open site shots at fifty yards I kept preaching aim small hit small.

By noon they were on target within 3 inches of where they were aiming. They candy sweet vyxen receives an anal pounding tube porn using the gun strap to draw the gun tight to the shoulder and that really helped.

I had them lay down with a corn bag in front of them and they were doing much better. Mom said, "But most of our guns got scopes on them." I said, "Yes they do but you lose your target as much as what I say keep both eyes open it is only natural to close one it takes a lot of practice I am still practicing." Dad said, "I am not doubting you son but I never seen you shoot, are you teaching untested theory." I took an archery target across the road to the 100 yard mark and also one and the 50 yard because that is the effective range of a hand gun.

I laid out a 22 a 270 a cross bow and a 9mm I said, "Everybody behind the firing line." I loaded all the guns to the max and set them on the table.

I said to myself aloud "3,2,1," go, picked up the crossbow bulls eye 50 yards Next the 22 caliber, 15 shots victoria volt and alexandra silk ffm threesome session 6 inch pattern in 10 seconds 270 10 shots inside a quarter at 100 yards with scope and 10 rounds 9mm 4 inch cluster at the head or top of the page checked all guns and called, "Clear." Uncle John and dad got the targets brought them back and said, "This was sleep learning?" I said, "Most of it, dad taught me to use a 22 in the before time." Dad said, "Son I never taught you anything like this you are a one man army for Christ sake." "Girls pick up all the shells we had enough for today, lets weed the garden." Mom said, "We eat first then the garden." "Yes mother dear," and we all laughed.

The girls were watching and learning how to make soup and set the fire and dampers to maintain temperature. After lunch we weeded the garden and the girls were full of dirt as were we all. It was hot and sweat and dirt stuck to us all from taking our hands and wiping our faces we looked like camouflage soldiers.