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And i’m the tease tube porn
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"This party sucks, Kristoff." Anna of Arendelle normally loved social gatherings, but this one was a particularly dull affair. It was supposed to be a lively dinner party to celebrate her older sister Elsa's first year on the throne as Queen of Arendelle, but the 22-year-old queen was, so far, failing to make an appearance. Kristoff, a baby-faced young man, and Anna's boyfriend, merely shrugged his shoulders at the remark.

"I'd personally rather be back out harvesting the ice," he half-agreed, "but it's nice and warm in here." He beamed a smile at the lovely Anna, who was laying backwards across his lap, smiling back up at him. They were sitting near the middle of the high table, Anna sitting right next to the massive gold-inlaid chair that was reserved for Elsa. On the other side of the chair was Anna and Elsa's cousin, Rapunzel, and her husband Flynn. Anna lifted herself off Kristoff's lap, and whispered across to her cousin.

"Hey, Rae, where's Elsa?" Rapunzel, who had been talking with Flynn, looked around the room for a moment before turning back to her cousin with a look that read, "I don't know." Anna sighed heavily, and straightened herself back up in her chair.

Her red hair, which was usually in long pigtails, was dressed up in a bun with a single row braid across the crown of her head. The dressing gown she wore had a black torso with a pair of blossoming roses on the front, and was trimmed with gold, and had a thin blue skirt that draped to the floor. It was the same dress that she had worn last year at Elsa's coronation. However, her body had changed a bit in that year and the dress had to be altered to accommodate her wider hips and visibly larger chest.

Kristoff hadn't complained too much about the changes, but Anna was constantly complaining about how "fat" she was now, which actually couldn't have been further away from the truth, but being a princess allowed Anna to get away with such claims sometimes.

Rapunzel, on the other hand, was a bit larger, especially being four months pregnant with her and Flynn's first child. Once, she had blond hair that was three times the length of her body, but it had since been cut and dyed an auburn color as part of a disguise. However, Rae, as she had come to be called in shorthand, had grown to like her new locks and had kept them this way in the years since her and Flynn's, whose real name was Eugene Fitzherbert (though he preferred his chosen name Flynn Rider "because it sounded badass"), had first met each other, which itself was a doozy of a tale.

The dinner party had started a few hours ago. Anna had been up in Abi se masturba para mi tube porn room helping her get ready when the first guests had arrived.

Rae and Flynn had already been there for a few days, and had helped set everything up. Rae had originally wanted to help out in the kitchen, but an incident involving a live chicken, a flute, and a shoe had caused many of the kingdom's dignitaries to sign the so-called Safe Cooking Pact, the effect of which forbid Rae from ever busty czech babe tamara grace slammed for some money again.

When the guests arrived, Anna went down to greet them, leaving Elsa to finish getting ready on her own. This was a few hours ago, and Elsa still had not come down. It was long past time for a fashionably late entrance, and now she would just be considered late. "Do you think she fell asleep?" Anna asked. "Maybe you should go and check on her," Kristoff suggested. "But I can't just leave these people here," Anna said. "It's rude; if Elsa is absent, I'm the acting host of this party, and for the host-" "Hostess," Flynn corrected, though Anna ignored his comment.

"-leaves her guests unattended, it's considered rude!" Anna finished. "Look at them," Kristoff countered. He gestured to the assembled guests, who were mostly made up of villagers, feasting at the tables below them. "They laugh and chat amongst themselves with their plates full, their bellies nearly so, and their drinking glasses just the opposite.

Half of them are drunk off their wine and ales, and the rest are about to join them. I don't believe they'll notice you being gone for five or ten minutes while you go and check on your sister," Kristoff finished. Anna sighed heavily with a smile, and shook her head. "I guess you're right, Kristoff," she laughed. "I knew there was a reason I liked you." "You mean aside from my charming wit and devilish good looks?" He added as he took a swig of his ale.

"And the fact that you put your moose friend to shame," Anna added as she patted Kristoff on the thigh. He nearly spat his ale through teen aidra fox in the easiest test nose as he half laughed/half jumped in excitement.

By the time he had recovered, Anna had risen from the table and was walking down the length of the table, swaying her hips as she did so, knowing Kristoff would be watching her every step. Kristoff smiled and went back to his ale.

Flynn sat down next to him and aimed his eyes at Anna's backside as well. "Do she got da booty?" Flynn asked. "She-" Kristoff began to respond when Rae dipped her head in between him and Flynn and blurted out, "She do!" Ale came flying out Kristoff's nose as Rae and Flynn nearly collapsed to the floor in laughter.

*** Anna ascended the massive staircase that led to the second level of the castle, where the bedchambers were located. Below, she could still hear the riotous laughter of the feast in the main hall, and briefly wondered how Elsa could fall asleep and miss out on all the fun.

Maybe Elsa was still self-conscious over what she was after all. Anna reached the top of the spiral staircase and found herself in the hallway where the door to Elsa's room was located. Anna approached the door and leaned against it, pressing her ear to the wood paneling. "Elsa," Anna said. "Are you in there?" There wasn't a sound, except a low whistle that seemed to be the wind coming through the castle halls.

A chill came up Anna's spine, and cold air seemed to collect at her feet. Elsa was definitely here.

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"Elsa, open the damn door," Anna pleaded. "I know you're in there!" "I'lm not going," came Elsa's muffled reply. "Why not? You should have been out sarah vandella sarah and her man enjoy a nice hairless fuck hours ago!" "Anna, just go!

I don't feel like it!" Anna rolled her eyes; God, it was like they were children again, when Anna kept asking Elsa if she wanted to build a snowman.

"Okay, I'll go. But not unless you come with me! Everyone is downstairs waiting for you!" "Well let them wait," Elsa shouted. "Just tell them I'm sick and can't come down; they'll understand!" Anna put her hand on her face and shook her head. "Is this because you're afraid of how they'll react to what you are?" There was no response to that, so Anna continued. "They already know you're the Snow Queen, so why hide this from them?

They'll love you all the same, just like I do." There was still silence, which frustrated Anna. "Alright, that's it," she muttered. "I'm coming in, ready or not!" Anna pushed open the door and was suddenly hit by a massive chill.

The entire room was coated in ice and snow; icicles hung from the ceiling and on the balcony railing. A canopy bed with a sheer curtain was situated on the wall on the left side of the room. On it, Elsa lay naked, surrounded by ice and writhing as she massaged her thighs with one hand while rubbing her chest with the other. Wherever her fingers touched, that part of her body was briefly coated with ice, which dissipated just as quickly.

When Anna opened the door, Elsa had been thoroughly enjoying her masturbation session, but quickly stopped and sat up to cover herself when she realized Anna was in the room. "Jesus, don't you knock?" she shouted in surprise as she used her cryokinetic powers to draw moisture in the room to her body, which she then manipulated to cover herself in a fairly elegant ice-blue color, diamond-like dress. "And here I thought you were upset about not being able to find a husband.

Turns out, you're being antisocial for a whole other reason," Anna chuckled as she made her way to the bed. "You know, the astrologist called for clear skies tonight." Anna teased. Elsa chuckled at the jibe and quickly cleared the room of ice and snow. Elsa scooted back onto the bed to allow Anna a spot to sit. She then drew her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees.

"So you just found something better to do with your evening, I guess?" Anna laughed as she put her arm around her sister, who then let out a meek nod. "I'm just lonely," Elsa confessed. "Being what I am, kinda gorgeous hottie with a bangin body hardcore and massage this whole 'queen' thing a bit difficult." "They're not gonna care about that, believe me," Anna soothed.

"If they didn't have a problem with the fact that you have the ability to control ice, they won't give two damns about the fact that you're lesbian." Elsa smiled for a moment, but it quickly vanished.

In the year since her coronation, she and Anna had discovered that Elsa could not become physically aroused by men. At first, Elsa thought it was because something was physically wrong with her, but she soon found herself gazing at the chamber maidens in the same manner that she had caught Kristoff gazed at Anna from time to time.

It wasn't until Elsa finally slept with a woman spy his brother in the bathroom and then fucks the village (whom she had later sworn to secrecy about the encounter) that she had confirmed what Anna had suspected for a while: Elsa was gay.

"But what they think there's no point in having a queen who will never be with a king?" "Well then in that case, Flynn and Kristoff will have to go around and change some opinions," quipped Anna. Elsa laughed at the thought, but merely shook her head. "The fact that I'm gay also diminishes my chances of finding that one person I'm supposed to be with," Elsa mourned.

"You need to stop being so negative," Anna chided her sister. "Look outside the balcony." Anna placed a hand on her sister's cheek and turned it towards the balcony. "Out there, somewhere, is someone just like you, who will love you for you, warts and all-" "I don't have warts," Elsa stated, but her complaint fell on deaf ears.

"-and they won't care that you're a lesbian, or cryokinetic, either." Anna turned her sister to face her. A tear was welling in the corner of Elsa's eye as Anna continued. "They will love you unconditionally, almost as much as I love you." The tear dropped down Elsa's cheek and she bowed her head. She placed her hand on Anna's, and small ice crystals formed on the back of Anna's hand.

But she didn't pull them away; this had become Elsa's way of signaling to someone that she wanted them to stay close to her. Anna put her hand around the back of her sister's head and pulled her in. Elsa rested her head on Anna's chest and traced a hand around the back of her neck, leaving small ice trails, and Anna shivered violently as Elsa did so.

"Ooh, I hate it when you do that," Anna shook the ice off her back and fell back to the bed as Elsa laughed. Elsa lay back besides her sister and draped herself across her sister's body. "Why? Do you get all hot and bothered?" Elsa chuckled sinisterly as she traced a frozen finger across Anna's collarbone. Anna gasped as the cold spread across her neckline, chilling her all the way down to her bones.

But it was a relaxing chill, as though all her stress was almost literally being frozen. It was fantastic! "Maybe," Anna laughed in response, her teeth chattering. "Well what about this?" Elsa placed her whole hand on Anna's chest and Anna felt the cold begin to creep throughout her entire torso, from her breasts down to her waist and thighs. She began breathing raggedly as she felt the ice travel through her vagina; she rubbed her legs together in an attempt to scratch her itch, and a moan escaped her throat.

"Oh God yes," Anna panted. "Oh." The icy sensation crept back into her chest and she could feel the ice tickle spots of her heart. A worried thought crossed Anna's mind as she remembered that, last year, Elsa had accidentally struck Anna's heart with her powers and it had nearly killed her. But Elsa had learned so much about controlling her powers since then that Anna wasn't worried about it, and she trusted that Elsa knew how far she could go. In truth, Elsa wasn't actually freezing any part of Anna's insides; that could zrazzers milf office full storys her if she wasn't careful.

Instead, she was merely manipulating her internal temperature. Not by more than a few degrees, but for the human body, ten degrees meant the difference between your body feeling like a Popsicle and feeling like it could melt into a hot puddle any second. So even so, Elsa still had to be careful. However, she and her sister both had confidence in her abilities "You're a real." Anna struggled for breath as Elsa brought the icy sensation to Anna's lungs.

".bitch." Anna breathed heavily and began running her hands over her chest, clasping one over Elsa's own hand. Anna's hand became encased in a thin layer of ice, and she used her free hand to grab Elsa by the head. She pulled her sister in closer and closed her eyes. Elsa did the same, and their lips met. Elsa's lips were cold and warm at the police gangbang oil and blonde blue eyes milf xxx milf cops time, and Anna attempted to catch her breath, but Elsa was playfully nibbling on Anna's lip, causing it to briefly freeze whenever she did.

Elsa stuck her tongue in Anna's mouth and their saliva became like snow. Anna didn't want the kiss to end, but she pulled back, eyes still closed and lay back down on the bed.

When she opened her eyes, Elsa was kneeling on the bed, head back and eyes shut, arms outstretched in the middle of changing clothes.

Instead of the ice diamond dress she had assembled when Anna walked into the room, Elsa was now wearing snow white lingerie; her stockings were barely-there snowflake patterns that revealed lots of leg skin; her garter belt was made in the same style, and a thin white thong "covered" her lady parts.

On her torso, Elsa had crafted a fairly intricate corset, big enough (barely) to hold her well-rounded breasts, ending just above her belly button. Anna watched as Elsa gathered more ice and snow and crafted little white bows on several parts of her new lingerie. "Show off," Anna playfully huffed as she finally caught her breath.

"I ought to melt those clothes right off you." "Too bad you're not pyrokinetic," Elsa jabbed right back. "Looks like you're gonna have to use other means to melt these clothes." Elsa punctuated her sentence by tracing her fingers across Anna's neck. Anna gasped loudly. "You're really gonna have to stop that." Anna sad in a breathy voice.

She said it, but she didn't really mean it. She took her hand and placed it on Elsa's waist, pulling her down on top of her.

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The two kissed again, and Anna rubbed her hand over Elsa's side. Elsa kissed on Sunny 2 xxx full sex storiessunny leone full sex stories xxx neck, and the cold sensation began again.

Elsa's fingers danced underneath Anna's skirt and up her soft leg, creating more ice trails as her fingers glided towards Anna's womanhood.

Anna let out a gasp as the chill of Elsa's hands overwhelmed her, the cold that crept through the inside of her body reached her vagina again, and she began to twitch. "Don't. stop." Anna gasped, but Elsa quickly removed her hand from Anna's thighs and placed it on her belly, tracing around her belly button and waistline. Anna suddenly wrapped her bare legs around Elsa, her high-heel clad feet sticking high into the air.

As Elsa continued to touch Anna's body, Anna felt herself growing impatient with Elsa's teasing. "Stop it." she breathed heavily. "Stop teasing me." "No," Elsa said simply, a devilish grin on her face. "Please, I'm begging you-OOH!" Something cold ran its way through Anna's slit; it wasn't Elsa's finger; both of her hands were on Anna's stomach. It might have been Elsa's tongue, but Anna couldn't say for sure.

Anna wrestled her way out from underneath Elsa and quickly scrambled around behind her sister. Elsa reached behind in an attempt to grab Anna, but Anna was too quick; she grabbed Elsa by the shoulders and pushed her face down into the bed. "Mmmm." Elsa sighed. "When did little Anna become so aggressive? Anna chuckled and used her free hand to smack Elsa's tiny rear. "Ooh, again!" Elsa demanded. "Harder!" Anna smacked Elsa's ass again, and Elsa jumped in delight. Anna grabbed Elsa's cheeks and squeezed them, pulling them apart so her tight asshole was exposed.

She parted her ass cheeks further, and Elsa's pussy opened up with them. Blond pubes lined her thighs, and Anna bent down and began licking. "Oh, damn." Elsa groaned in delight. Anna's tongue flicked every part of Elsa's crotch, which was cold to the touch from the thin, frost thong. The heat from Anna's tongue, however, quickly melted it. Elsa's eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she placed a hand over her breasts, rubbing them, squeezing.

She dipped her hand into the corset and pulled her breasts out so she could tweak her nipples until they were diamond-stiff. Anna's hands were still on Elsa's ass, groping and squeezing the soft flesh as her tongue probed deeper into Elsa's wet pussy.

Elsa moaned softly and began bucking back onto Anna's face; Anna responded by burying her face deeper and deeper into Elsa's rear.

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It wasn't until she felt Elsa's sopping wet hole tighten around her tongue that Anna finally pulled her face back. Elsa was dripping, both with melted ice and her own wetness. Anna drew a hand across Elsa's spine, down through her ass crack until it found Elsa's open teacher pussy worship behind student. Anna wiggled one finger inside, then two.

She began moving them around inside Elsa, who was moaning quietly into the bed. "Oh God, keep going," Elsa panted. "Oh yes! Right there." She stifled a weeping cry, grabbing a nearby pillow and clutching it to her breast.

Anna became a bit more aggressive in her motions, thrusting her fingers in and out until Elsa was gasping for air. "I can't breathe." she wheezed into the pillow. Elsa's arousal intensified, the temperature of her body in free-fall as she began losing control of her powers. The pillow she clutched became encased in a massive ice cube, and snow had begun to fall from the ceiling. Ice was radiating out from Elsa's body and covering the bedsheets, and Anna's hand was growing numb from Elsa's cold pussy, but she still pressed on.

Elsa reached one hand back behind her and groped around for Anna's thigh, finally found it and released some excess energy into Anna's leg.

Anna scooted herself closer and Elsa's hand found Anna's own dripping snatch. The touch of Elsa's hand caused Anna's entire body to shiver in chills. Elsa began sliding her fingers back and forth through Anna's cunt, love hero full hd dj slow motion finding her clitoris and giving it a light pinch. Anna squealed with delight and collapsed into Elsa, bringing her free hand around to grope on her cold breasts. Elsa was pulled back to her knees, and the pair fell backwards onto the bed.

Elsa attempted to catch her breath, but Anna quickly wrapped both hands around her torso and soon had one hand back on Elsa's breasts and the other deep in her snatch.

"Oh my God," Elsa whispered. She weaseled herself out of Anna's grip before she could finish, and turned around to face her sister. "Not yet, sissy," Elsa said. She grabbed Anna's shoulder and pulled down the top of her dress, letting Anna's own breasts fall free from their confinement. Anna stood off the bed and pulled the dress down around her feet and stepped out of it.

Elsa grabbed her sister's hands, sending the icy cold up Anna's arms. Elsa pulled her into her cold, loving embrace. She brought her hand to Anna's head and brushed her pretty red hair out of her face, causing snow crystals to form on Anna's mop. Anna could only smile as Elsa rested for a moment.

"I love you," Elsa whispered into Anna's ear. "I love you too," Anna replied with no hesitation. The pair smiled at each other, and Anna soon had her face buried between Elsa's breasts. Her tongue licked both nipples, which were still cold and stiff, and playfully nibbled on them as well as the rest of Elsa's chest.

They rolled over so Elsa was on top now, placing tiny kisses on Anna's chest and belly, licking around her belly button and waist.

Ice formed wherever she licked, moving down towards Anna's fire-crotch. Anna found Elsa's hands and grabbed hold of them, interlocking her fingers with Elsa's as she moved further south. Elsa's tongue slipped into Anna's crack and immediately found her clit. The cold was almost too much for her, and she nearly came right then and there, but Elsa was too skilled with her tongue to let that happen. She began licking up taxi diver fucks teen anal in public down Anna's thighs, nursing on her legs and outer lips before going back in.

She began sucking Anna's clit, and threw her tongue down Anna's tight hole. Anna closed her eyes, ran her hands through Elsa's blond hair and pressed herself into Elsa's face. "Ooh, right there," Anna breathed with a massive smile. Everywhere Elsa's tongue and fingers went, a thin layer of ice formed and quickly melted from Anna's body heat, leaving nearly her entire body soaking wet. "What did I tell you about teasing me?" Anna laughed as she sat up, pulling Elsa up with her.

"Keep doing it until you cum?" Elsa asked rhetorically. Anna laughed with her sister before placing her hands on Elsa's head and brought it close to her's, placing yet another kiss on Elsa's lips, moaning passionately the entire time.

Anna then put her right leg around Elsa's waist, and the other underneath Elsa's right leg, pushing their pussies closer until they touched. Anna grabbed Elsa's waist and began moving her hips about, rubbing their vulvas together. Elsa reached down and placed her thumb on Anna's clit, making her entire pussy extremely cold. "God, I love it when you do that, Elsa," Anna breathed heavily as she continued moving her hips. "What about this?" Elsa asked as she yanked Anna's body towards her and grabbed her by the tits, making small ice crystals form on Anna's nipples and the rest of her chest.

Elsa started rubbing her body against Anna's torso against hers, both of their hard nipples coming into contact with the others, and Anna was sent into a fit. "I'm almost there," she whispered into Elsa's ear. "Me too," Elsa replied. Elsa threw her arms around Anna and pressed herself tight against her sister, their bodies twitching in hot anticipation of their climaxes.

Despite the snow and ice in the room, both of them were sweating profusely as they neared orgasm, Elsa's ice-lingerie long since melted away, sexy passenger anal banged by big cock in the backseat little slutty cougars licking snatch and giving bj droplets glistening over her's and Anna's bodies. Anna gave one last pelvic thrust and her clit met Elsa's; the friction of that final thrust sent both of them over the edge.

Anna tightened so hard, it felt like her pussy was no bigger than a crochet needle. She loosened just a bit, and her cum juices came dripping out like a sieve. She was dry heaving as she came, making a sound that was somewhere between a scream and an exhausted wheeze. Elsa's clit throbbed painfully as she quickly put her hand down there and rubbed herself quickly to alleviate the pain, giving her no less than three more rapid-fire orgasms in the span of only a few seconds before she was finally finished.

Sweat dripped from their bodies as Elsa collapsed on top of Anna, both of them exhausted and breathless. Their bodies stuck together from the sweat of their exertions, and they lay silently for a minute as Elsa used her powers to cool them both off. "I love you, Anna," Elsa said in between breaths.

"I love you, Elsa," Anna replied, equally breathless. Anna my mom with my grandfather Elsa again, who suddenly broke into tears. She rested her head on Anna's chest and wept. "I love you, more than anything else in the world," Elsa cried. "You're my sister, and more than that, and I don't ever want to lose you." Tears rolled off Elsa's cheek as she sobbed into Anna's breasts.

Anna was somewhat shocked; she had never seen Elsa break down like this before. "And I'll always be here for you," Anna replied. Elsa looked up and smiled through her tears. "You're all I have left in the world," Elsa continued. "I don't know what I'd do without you." Anna didn't say another word; she didn't have to. She grabbed Elsa's head and pulled her close, both of them laying in silence as they regained their energy. It was a solid ten minutes of silence before Anna piped up, "So, ready to go downstairs, Elsa?" Elsa chuckled as she lifted her head.

"I would be, but I'm really exhausted, now," she said with a laugh. "Just an hour or so," Anna promised. "Then, we can come back here, and get back to what's really important." "And that would be.?" Elsa asked, a look of true confusion on her face.

Anna leaned forward and whispered into her sister's ear. The confusion disappeared and was replaced by a look that was a mix of excitement and anticipation. "Ooh, I don't think I've ever done that before," Elsa laughed as Anna leaned back. "But what about Kristoff?" "What about him?" Anna asked with a devilish smile.

They pair burst into riotous laughter. "You're a terrible girlfriend, you know that?" Elsa said with a hearty giggle. "Well, we're only doing that on one condition," Elsa added. "And you know what that condition is." "Do you really think I can do it?" Elsa asked. "I know you can," Anna replied. Elsa smiled and stood off the bed. She reformed her ice-dress as Anna rushed to pull her own dress back on and walked to the bedroom door.

"Well then," Elsa said. "Time for the people of Arendelle to learn the truth about their beloved Snow Queen." Without another word, Elsa took Anna's hand, fingers laced, and they walked downstairs together.