Unusual lesbo idols are stretching and fist fucking ass holes

Unusual lesbo idols are stretching and fist fucking ass holes
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The Adventures of Maid Marion Part 4 Marion awoke lying beside her maid both of them covered by their thick riding cloaks Her skin was sticky from dry sweat and seminal fluids that caked her body from the ravishing they had recieved from the outlaws it was then she realised they were alone their horses tied nearby rousing her maid they gathered their cloaks around them and prepared their horses to leave as they rode from the forest Marion reflected upon the events that her maid and herself had just endured they finally left the forest the keep walls coming into view they rode around to rear stable entrance so as not to attract unwanted attention from her father and his guards.

Finally back in her chambers Marion sent servants to fetch hot water cute college sluts giving double blowjob on webcam fresh towels for her bath once it was prepared she cast off her soiled cloak and climbed into the steaming pool of water sighing as the tingling sensation of the hot water flowed over her aching body once settled she bid Anna to do the same as her recently deflowered maid disrobed from her sodden garment her small pert breasts stood to attention in the cool air goose pimples covered her fair skin a few dark bruises spotted her body from the previous days rough attentions from the bandits she moaned deeply as the hot water washed over her sensitive groin and nipples finally seated across from her mistress in the tub the young woman relaxed in the pleasurable warmth of the water.

As Marion relaxed in the haze of steam she stared dreamily at her young maid lustful thoughts crept into her head ideas of caressing and licking her taut nubile body in her most intimate parts.

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As if in a trance she moved towards her maid. Anna completely unaware her head lolling against the back of the tub her mind reliving the events of the previous day her first experience with a man had been at the hands of viscious outlaws her hand slipped between her thighs carressing her abused sex finding her clit she gently massaged the little button occasionally slipping a long slender finger into her steamy tunnel.

Her first inkling that her mistress had other intentions then bathing was when she felt her lips brush against her bruised nipples. Anna whimpered as her mistress licked and sucked passionately on her sore breasts sending waves of pleasure through to her sex that she was now more frantically attending to with her hand her thumb and finger tweaking her clitoris.

Marion raised her head from the breast of the young woman embracing her, their tongues meeting duelling slithering between their moist lips to entwine in a loving kiss Anna's other hand sliding down her mistresses back finally grasping a small handful of her firm buttock causing Marion to moan deeply into Anna's mouth.

Marion moved her hand southwards over the other woman's firm abdomen reaching the soft cleft of her groin replacing Anna's hand with her own she deftly moved her fingers through the velvet cleft of her sex causing her maid to shudder with pleasure.

Anna was reaching climax and it washed over her her body going weak as it sent shivers through her body. Marion let the maids orgasm subside reclining her against the edge of the pool standing she moved herself over the young maid so that the soaking lips of her sex were hovering above the the other ladies head.

Anna laid her head back raising her self just a little so her tongue could reach the honeyed folds of her mistresses tasty slit. Marion enjoyed the sensation of the tongue probing her sex gently delving deeper and occasionally grazing her clit to cause shuddering sensations up and down her spine.

Whilst the ladies were enjoying their bath Lord Richard was prowling the halls looking for his daughter she had missed their evening session last night nor had she been at dinner he was slightly concerned but also very horny turning a corner he came upon a young maid bent over busily cleaning.

Lord Richard eyed her round hips and bottom lustfully her bossom swelled against her bodice. The old Lord could take it no more he grabbed the young wench by the waist and dragged her to a nearby storeroom in the darkened gloom he could see some grain sacks piled up he threw the young woman face down upon them pulling her skirts up around her waist with one hand he dropped his pants with the other ignoring her cries he thrust roughly into her tearing through her hymen in one brutal thrust her cries for yorus d adventure hmv higher quality hentai Lord to stop fell upon deaf ears he tore at her bodice freeing her large breasts they swung pendulously until he grabbed one in each hand roughly kneeding them her cries continued pleading with him to stop but the old Lord was deaf to her cries all that mattered to him was releasing the tension built up in his groin.

The cries turned to moans as the old mans penis rubbed her delicate nub driving her closer to the precipice of orgasm. Back in the bath chamber Anna was rapidly dragging Marion closer to Orgasm her tongue and fingers deftly manipulating her Slit.

Marion's knees grew weak and her head lolled back as she felt the urge building in her loins. Unbeknownst to her on the other side of the castle her father was also about to reach his climax the young maid beneath him shook in continual orgasm her recently unvirgined pussy felt abraided and sore but the sensations from her clitoris countered and sent her further and further into orgasm. Simultaneously both Marion and Lord Richard both climaxed her letting her juices gush over the face of her young hand maid and new lover and Lord richard emptying his seed into the young maids waiting hungry pussy his potent seed flooding her fertile womb the maid gasped as the scalding fluid hit her sensitive walls and Anna gasped for breath as she tried to swallow the juices flowing for the pussy of her mistress.

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Marion fell back into the bath her lust sated meanwhile Lord Richard and the maid fell upon the sacks his large prick shrinking and slipping from the maids abused slit a large dollop of their juices sliding down the inside of her thigh. To Be Continued