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Ravishing japanese babe luna fucked deep in her gentle throath
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"This seems to be where I seemed to keep my car keys." I said, spying three keys. "We should go for a drive!" exclaimed Maria excitedly, "After all you've told me about cars." "The car is the defining machine of the twentieth century, its still important in the twenty first." I responding, not questioning Maria's excitement. "Which car, I seem to have three, a MINI like Fucking at outdoor country concert used to own, a Scion and a Porsche." "I have no idea what's what, which one do you want to try?" "I'd like to try the Porsche, I haven't often driven them, they tend to be nice, fast and expensive." "The Porsche it is then." Agreed Maria.

I grabbed the weird shaped 'key' with the Porsche crest on it.

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It looked more like a model of a Porsche than a key, and had four buttons on top along with the crest. We took the elevator down to the basement garage. We found the parking spot the car was lurking in the dim light. "That's not what I was expecting it to look like." Was Maria's first impression. "It hardly looks like a machine, more like a fish." "Porsches look like no other cars, they all look alike to me.

The shape helps it get through the air at high speed, like a fish has to get through the water." I pressed the button on the remote and the car sprung into life. The headlights came on with a bright blue white, HIDs I guess, indicators flashed, and the cabin lights came on as the locks clicked. Maria jumped, "Why did it do that?" "Sorry to startle you, I just unlocked it.

Here, see the button on the key here, it has an icon of an open lock on it. It sent a signal to the car to tell it to unlock." "Your world is going to take some getting used to." Was Maria's answer. "Here, you'd better get in the passenger side, driving will have to wait a while." I opened the door for Maria, I noticed there was no back seat. I didn't know Porsche made a two seat version. Maria went to step into the car, and then thought better of it.

"Is there an art to getting into this seat?" asked Maria. I could see what she meant it was a long way down. "I think this might work." I said, turning my back to the seat, then lowering my butt down. "This is something that was taught to young ladies, how to get into a car like this in a short skirt without revealing all your treasures to the world." Maria's skirt wasn't particularly short, but the principle was the same.

Maria tried that, and got her butt on the seat, then had some difficulty bringing her legs into the car, but finally managed it."This is going to take some practice, did you enjoy the view?" "I always enjoy the view.

You also need to fasten your seat belt, here, I'll show you." I got the belt and reached across to buckle it. "This is important, it'll save your life if things go wrong." "Do things often go wrong?" Maria sounded quite concerned.

"I don't want to worry you, but car crashes are the most common cause of death for young adults. Though slut harley jade loves anal poking from neighbor pornstars hardcore may be because there's not a lot else to kill them these days. I'm really keen not to crash, I've only ever done it once. If things do go wrong, the car will do its best to protect you, the front there ." I said pointing to the nose, "Will crush sacrificing itself to protect you, this passenger cell is rigid to protect you, and an airbag will pop out of here", pointing to the dash top where it said "airbag", "so you have something soft to land on." Maria still looked a bit dubious about all this.

I went around to the driver's seat and executed the same maneuver to enter. It was tight getting my feet in even if the seat moved back to allow me better access. "The danger really isn't that great, and you'll get used to the idea soon enough." I looked for somewhere to plug the key into, but nothing that looked like it would mate with the key. "I hope I don't have to read the manual to work out where the key hole is." "Is that it?" asked Maria, pointing to the glowing round thing on the LEFT of the steering column.

The key fit, "What's it doing over there?" I mused. I turned the key a click, the seat moved forward and the steering wheel moved down.

The seat and wheel seemed to end up in the perfect place for me, "the car seems to know me" I said. Hardly surprising really, this body had been driving it. I turned the key another click, and the engine roared into life. The engine it seemed was about 2 feet behind my right ear, I wasn't quite expecting that. Maria jumped again. "What?" "Sorry, I should have warned you, I just turned on the engine. In sports cars like this, the sound of the engine is something drivers like. In a different sort of car it might be more refined." The engine did sue diamond knows she is not about to make sweet marital love make a nice deep throaty roar.

"People like that noise?" asked Maria. "Some people are weird." "Well it may be men who like it." I suggested. "I like the sound." "We already know men are weird." agreed Maria. At that point the sound system decided to start up, a voice piped up: "Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, too ,I forget your name" I found what looked like the off button and the sound stopped. "What was that?" "That was the iPod playing, it was 'Song for Whoever' by 'The Beautiful South', I like that song, but its better for conversation if I turn off the sound." "Oh, that sounded different from any song I've ever heard." "I can play you a lot more later, but for now, lets get going." I looked for the gear lever, I was a little dismayed to see it was an automatic.

I selected D and looked for the hand brake, there wasn't one. I let off the brake, nothing happened, I gave a little gas and there was a slight lurch and we inched forward. I drove out of the garage and headed for the freeway, I was gentle there was a gauge staring at me showing the oil was cold.

Still the performance was somewhat disappointing, the gears always seemed to want to change up to early, seeing the steering wheel had large paddles, I worked out how to put the gears first time squirting on bad dragon dildo manual and started using the paddles. This was much more fun. We stopped at a light, the freeway on ramp was directly across the way. The gauge was now indicating the engine was up to temperature, so I said "Brace yourself, I'm going to see what this can do." Maria looked a little dubious and stiffened.

The light changed, I let off the brake and stomped on the gas. The engine roared, and the car jumped forward up the on ramp, the roar became a wail, before I knew it the gear changed up of its own accord and the speedo was reading illegal speeds. I backed off a bit kagney lynn karter loves it hard pornstars big tits brought the speed to a reasonable, though still slightly illegal magnitude.

"That was fun!" I added. "I'm not sure 'fun' was the right word for it," said a plaintive voice from the passenger seat, "terrifying is more like it." "I'm sorry, once you get used to this, I hope you'll find it fun, but I supposed we're going faster than you ever have in your life right now.

That might take a little getting used to." Maria didn't respond immediately, but looked around and asked, "How do you have sex in one of these." That wasn't the reaction I was expecting. "Umm." "I mean, there's hardly any space in here, this, …" she said pointing to the centre console, "is going to get in the way of anything you try.

You'd mentioned that sex in cars is a favorite past time of teenagers, I just don't see how its possible. You yourself said you got your girlfriend pregnant in a car, how?" I saw what she meant. The contoured sports seat hugged me tightly, the centre console looked more impenetrable than the Berlin wall, there was indeed very little space to maneuver.

"Uhm. well. . this car is a little smaller on the inside than most cars most cars have a back seat, where there's nothing in the way to stop you stretching out. Also I've never had a car with this much in the way between the seats, but it doesn't stop me doing this." I reached over and caressed her leg, and moved my hand up her leg, it met no resistance until it found some very damp panties.

"You're turned on? I shouldn't be surprised." "I think the terror did it, and the tales you told of having sex in cars." "About that, if there were no console in the way here, you could lay backwards across both seats, and I stand outside the car and enter from there.

Most cars don't have quite so form hugging seats, to make that possible. Its also possible for the passenger to lean across and give the driver a blowjob." "Its not very well designed for that, I think I'd injure myself if I tried to give you a blowjob." "Damn Germans, they only care about driving, you'd think they never had sex. This car is definitely deficient in terms of sex." My crotch was now getting uncomfortable, now that someone had heard talk of blowjobs.

"Most cars the front seats can also recline backwards, so you smol boy and big gil xxxxom lie more or less flat.

MINI had a semi-official guide how to do that." I indicated the engine compartment behind the seats, there was no space back there for the seat, or to recline.

"Anyway, with a back seat you can lie sideways across it and I can join you there, or if the back seats fold down you can fold them down and that gives you a lot of flat space in the back to do whatever. It was one of those methods I used to get my girlfriend pregnant, I can't remember exactly which one." Maria had reached across and was investigating the strain on my crotch.

"Anyway, we really should park before we do anything unless you want to find out about those safety features I mentioned." Maria withdrew her hand, and I looked for an exit off the freeway.

I got off the freeway and found a quiet parking structure, and parked on a mostly empty deck. As I was parking Maria swung some very damp panties in front of my nose. I resumed my explorations under Maria's skirt. She sighed and squirmed in her seat, she was wet, wet, wet, I hoped it wasn't going to ruin the very expensive looking leather below her.

Soon enough she stiffened and flopped down in the seat. I smiled, not unusual at this point. When she came to her senses, she looked around and said "I want to see if I could give you a blowjob." "I'm not going to stop you." She wiggled around so she was kneeling on the front seat and leaned over the centre console. She reached down and hesitated. "Umm… This is a zip?" I must have mentioned them as a yet another marvel of the future. She examined it carefully, and carefully tugged on the thingy, whatever its called, after a little experimentation she managed to make it work, freed Will, then lowered her head towards him.

She withdrew and said, "there's too much of you there, and that gets in the way." Indicating my midriff and the steering wheel. "Damn, again, in a normal car I'd recline the seat, and you'd have all the room you need. Let me see if I can adjust it." I fiddled with the buttons on the side hot threesome with horny lesbian babes dakota skye and adriana lynn the seat, the seat couldn't recline much more.

I tried moving the seat forward to give it more recline, and I moved the steering wheel as much a it could go. Still no luck. I lifted my bum off the seat and Maria finally managed to get her mouth around Will, however this put a strain on my back, and I soon relaxed slipping out of Maria's mouth.

"Sorry, I don't think this is going to work, but let me help you with that," and I reached under her blouse and unhooked her bra. "That feels good." she said, "I hadn't noticed I was wearing that, this body's obviously used to it, but it feels good to get it off.

I smiled and said, "For my next trick .", and reach into to her armhole and managed to disentangle her and extract the bra. "Best use of knot theory ever." "You're going to have to explain that later, but now why don't we try you other ideas, come over here." was Maria's suggestion, ever helpful was Maria.

I opened the door and the seat moved back a bit to let me out.

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That helped as it was not and easy job. I walked around to Maria's side and opened her door. She discovered Will was now at just about mouth level, so I found myself getting a blow job. I wasn't small school girl first tim xxx, however she soon stopped, then I complained, "Aww, I was enjoying that". "When have you not enjoyed a blowjobs?" queried Maria, I wracked my brains and couldn't think of an answer to that, but she continued, "anyway, you said I lay across the seats, lets try that." and she rearranged herself, she couldn't lay with the centre console in the way, she found a position which looked slightly comfortable, but her legs weren't open much.

"That bit's getting in the way." She indicated the deep side bolster of the seat. In her position with her butt deep in the sculpted seat, her right leg was jammed against the bolster and she couldn't open her legs very wide to let me in. I tried to get down to enter her, her legs were just wide enough, so I could get between them, but getting low enough was difficult.

I almost had to kneel on the door sill, which was not comfortable. Maria was propped up against the centre console, with little supporting her, so I couldn't put my weight on her. She looked back, "This isn't going to work, how about back there?" She indicated the rear where the engine compartment was, the top of the engine looked to be carpeted and relatively comfortable.I offered her my hand and helped her out of of the seat.

I took out the key and looked at the icons, one naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi like the back hatch, so I pressed that and the back popped. I opened up the hatch, I noticed it said "Cayman" in script letters along with "PORSCHE" in block capitals, must be a new model, I never heard of one.

I looked in, the top of the engine was indeed carpeted, and it felt soft and comfortable, there didn't look much room in there though it was also surprisingly warm. In fact, the whole back end of the car was radiating heat. There was also a very hot smell, I was assuming from the rear brakes. "Its warm in there, and I don't think there's enough space." Maria looked in, "I'd like to try it. Give me a hand." I offered her my hand and she started to climb in.

"Don't put your weight on that bit, I think its a little fragile." I flawless attractive babe likes to ride pecker indicating the rear wing, which was currently tucked away in the body.

I felt around the bodywork at the back, lots of bits felt like you shouldn't put your weight on them. With a little effort, Maria managed to get into the boot and sit on the carpeted engine.

She looked around. "You're right there's not a lot of space here." She tried laying down, but gave up. "If I did lay here, there no space for you.

What's the fun in that." "I'm sure I could think of something." I suggested, "We could try a classic pose and splay you over the bonnet, the front." I pointed to the front of the car. "Though I'd be worried about denting the hood if we did that. You'd also have to take off all your clothes, or you buttons and things might scratch the paint." I offered Maria my hand and helped her out.

"You just want to get me naked don't you." "I wouldn't object." We examined the front. "I could bend you over the wing here, and fuck you from behind. Hardly sex 'in' a car though. Or we could go back to my place and I fuck you in the bed.

Boring, but practical, well sex with you is never boring" Maria looked torn and thoughtful, she caressed the wing. "Its cold. I'd freeze my tits off." Without an engine up front, that made sense. "I'd like you to fuck me here and there, but I think the bed is the better idea. Can we find a better car for next time?" I helped Maria in the passenger seat, and took my place in the driver's seat. "Next time, you're always thinking about next time. I'm going to have to research which cars are best for this." I slid my hand up her leg again and invaded her sex.

"Keep yourself warm, I'll find the fastest way home."