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.Sheila walks into the lobby., she is tired., and yet., she still has a meeting this evening with a woman sent by her boss. This woman is to be Sheila-s assistant. a.k.a. the Body Guard. . Sheila shakes her head. --- I am a nice girl, a good Christian girl and I need a body guard. What a --- Sheila sits in her suite, # 804., feet up., sipping on her coffee., black.

and hot. .She always stays at this hotel when in this city. Gino-s people have the security contract here so her security is the best. Room 804 has been especially wired and reinforced to for her specifically. No one else stays in this room. .No one would believe a man like Gino, an underworld figure; is the most important man in the life of America-s Wonder Girl. .Gino-s people look out for her, and have for over twenty years as of this past summer. Thank God Gino and his people were there that night.

[A knot forms in her stomach.] Sheila reflects back upon those early years with Gino., feeling great black flight attendant fucks a frequent flyer in a toilet knowing Gino is there - and Bruno.

that great big bear of a man. She puts her coffee down and settles back in her chair to rest. Sheila has learnt allot about how the world works.

She has applied it to her post athletic career and become a very successful business woman. If the world only knew., Sheila Ann --- Wonder Girl., three times an Olympic medalist; has been protected for half of her life surreptitiously by the Mafia. .She has never been asked to do anything by Gino., so much for that line of thinking. Sheila closes her eyes. .Sheila wakens to her phone beeping. Time to get ready. The meeting is set for 7:30; diner and drinks all paid for by the Wilbur-s people Sheila works for.

.Sheila hopes this woman works out. These past few weeks; weeks, hell months; have been harrowing to say the least. . Sheila Ann --- . Stalked and hounded by men, and a few women. Even death threats., she does not understand what that is all about.The price of fame she guesses.

Jeez she thinks; I was just a girl who liked to run. Sheila Ann --- Tydke; --- I-ve almost forgotten my last name. .Sheila never uses it anymore., it helps to keep the wrong kind of people from tracing her whereabouts.

It is ridiculous., she thinks to herself. .Sheila rises to take a shower. . So Sheila Ann it is. She signs any and all documents Sheila Ann., and it is legal.

Most people think her last name is Ann. .Sheila checks the windows, even though she is on the eighth floor. She pushes a chair to the door wedging the back under the door knob., even though she is in a secured building; again force of habit. And., she supposes. nervousness about being alone.

It would be so bad to be caught naked in the shower by one of her stalkers. What a life. .Sheila is normally a happy woman but of late these threats have gotten to her.

She never complained but somehow management got wind of her being stressed out. Perhaps tonight she will hire this body guard.it-d be nice., not to be afraid.

Sheila steps into the shower. Aahhhhh., she loves a hot shower. Pulsating water, soothing. great for stress petite girl gets her tight pussy fucked. Sheila places her head in her hands. the hot shower pulses down on her. --- Me and my big mouth, if only I had not told the world that I am a virgin.

Jeez Sheila, honesty is not always the best policy., and in an interview yet. Sheila lets the water beat upon her. ---Damn. Stupid woman. .Sheila Ann no name, she smiles. I am a no-name brand of human being. Even her company cards list her as Sheila Ann. She had refused to change her name but conceded on hiding her true identity to fool her hunters.

.What is it now, five known stalkers.? Not to mention the stupid remarks. the innuendo, the snickering. Wilbur-s has been good to her. Gino-s buddy Willie hired her. He is the one sending this woman to help protect her.

Apparently she is pretty good at it. Sheila has never met Willie. But in a twist of fate Willie is Cam-s uncle, a man Sheila has had an interest in for several years now. Cam seems to be a bit of a cautious man. Sheila chuckles to herself. Too say the least. She finishes her shower. --- God I hope this woman works out. Sheila sits in Malone-s alone at her table, same as every night., wherever she is . Sheila travels all the time now. She has been told that were ever she stays she has security., even if it is never seen.

Sheila is a V.P. And top trouble shooter for Wilbur-s, a classy women-s clothing store chain. Over one hundred stores throughout North America. Yup, a pretty big deal. Sheila orders a drink, non-alcoholic. She amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy at a table positioned such that she can see this woman enter the bar.

She is a good judge of people and Sheila wants to see how she presents herself., right from the git go. .There is a load noise; she turns to see a group of men watching a game on TV. baseball. Sheila opens the folder. .SALLY. She re-reads the port folio on Sally. A little vague Sheila thinks. ., and no photo. Another load cheer., must be a good game she thinks to herself. .Sheila hears footsteps approaching her table . Oh, here we go she thinks.

She looks up and sees a young man, black and good looking; ---I see you are alone and I was wondering if you would like to sit with us, we are just watching a game.

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--Thanks for asking but I am waiting for someone. Sheila answers. --If you change your mind just come over. He says., and leaves. .A nice young man she thinks to herself. Sheila likes politeness. .Sheila is happy she chose river girls i d like to fuck suit one girl five man xxxx story pants tonight.

Hides her legs. She has been told she has killer legs., and killer breasts, and a killer ass, and killer everything else. .SHE checks tomorrows schedule. Everything is in order. Sheila lightened her day. in case she needs to spend time with this Sally. --- I dress like a frump.

Sheila comments almost subconsciously too herself. .I used to be so proud of myself. Now I hide myself in my clothes. Hardly what one would expect from a VP of a classy clothing chain. There is a pause in the cheering and at about the same time Sheila hears heels. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK.! .A nice cadence she says to herself, and looks up - expecting to see some - short haired., butch chick.

.Sheila-s eyes behold a blonde Goddess.A tall woman, natural blonde hair, styled short. She is dressed in a suit; dark grey with red and black stripping., a semi-military look to her fashion., and not from Wilbur-s, at least any Wilbur-s Store Sheila has been too. .Sheila continues admiring this woman-s fashion sense. She is wearing dark grey thigh-hi hose, a woman can tell; with a lined red pattern starting above the knee too just below her hem line.

.What a knock out Sheila thinks to herself., I wonder who she is. Surely not Sally. Sheila watches this woman approach her table; ---Hello, I am Sally. You must be Sheila. ---Yes. Sheila stands to take Sally-s hand. [The two women smile.] ---May I sit. --- Yes, please do. [Pause] .Excuse my manners but you are not what I expected. --- I know. .Sally hands Sheila an envelope; --- This is my introductory letter from Willie.

[Direct Sheila notes.] .Sally and Sheila chat for a minute or more before they both make the same observation: ---- I did not expect you to be so tall. [Spoken simultaneously] They laugh; the ice breaker, an unusual one, has made its appearance. the girls talk more freely now. .Sheila wants to read the letter but does not want to be rude. .Sally picks up on this: --- I have something to attend to, that will give you time to read my introductory letter from Willie.

--- OK! .Sheila opens the envelope and takes a minute to read a standard introduction.

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Sally walks to the exit, returning in less than 30 seconds. .Sheila finishes reading and looks up to see Sally instructing two men dressed in black.

They take positions at the door. Security., Sheila feels the tension leave. [She recognizes one of the men in black.] ---Aahhhhh. Sheila lets a sigh escape, unintentionally. She is a bit embarrassed. .Sheila watches Sally go to the bar tender giving him a small package before returning to the table. She winks at Sheila as she passes by. .Sally returns, sitting she says; ---What hawt hammering of luscious cutie from brazil you thinking when I winked at you Sheila.

.Sheila smiles; ---I was thinking what a gorgeous woman you are.and how you take control straight away. [Pause]. You know Sally, if I were a lesbian. .Sally laughs., moving her mouth in an unexpected sensual manner. Sheila laughs; ---there goes my virginity. . Two women, one a famous athlete; especially in her own country. The other almost unheard of, but an icon in the world of martial arts. Two women, 5' 11"., both very attractive., both order salads, and bottled water [Canadian] to be followed later by Caesars.

[American]. Sheila, dark brown hair, styled short; weighs 161 lbs ., 38 years of age - has nine plus years on Sally. Sally; with her natural wavy blonde hair, styled short more or less; weights 172 lbs. Sally has her husband Brian, a paraplegic; that aside; both woman lead solitary lives.forced on them by circumstance. Two women, in the amount of time it takes to eat super., form a friendship.

Both discovered someone of equal standing and circumstance. Both intelligent well spoken women. Both strong influential women. . ---- Sally, your last name is not mentioned. Is that intentional? --- Hudson. I only changed my name slutty riley renee gets her pussy banged and filled with cum my husband-s eight months ago. I was partial to the name the Monks gave me.

and to answer the second part., YES! . Security., something like you Sheila Ann. ---What was your maiden name., if you do not mind me asking.? Sheila asks. ---Mensajero., Sheila. Bruce changed it when I was adopted. ---Messenger in Spanish., Sheila says. That is the name the monks gave you Sally? --- Yes. I would prefer we continue with this some other time, in private. Our situations are similar Sheila. ---Ok. The two women change the subject. .Picking up on some conversation they overhear at the bar., Sally and Sheila start talking about Wilbur-s., who is their respective employer an paying for this dinner.

Sally liked the name the monks gave her. there was an old Spanish mission near the monastery in the Philippines and the monks had learned Spanish ages ago . it was their official language as most came from differing cultures. . [Sally had been very impressive as a young child. The monks called her; Sally Mensajero de Dios. Sally stopped at Mensajero in conversation. far too much explaining to do if she used her entire Christian name.] .When she was in her teens Sally had asked her guardian Bruce to legally change her name to Mensajero de Dios; which he happily did.

Sally smiled when she reflected back to those days. She was definitely the darling of the monastery. She really loved every one of those monks. .Sally admitted though, they had a very elitist view of themselves visa vie the world. .She is and was the only female ever to live in that monastery - only thru skinny chick striptease and play with sextoy grace of God she would tell the monks.

and smile. Sometimes they would scold her for that remark. she would smile; - if only they knew - .She continues her association with them even today with financial support and promoting their products. Good to have a guy like Bob on your side when you are trying to sell stuff, she thought.

[The monks made women-s clothing, something they had learned thru necessity as they reared a young female.] .Sally orders, pays for and wears their designed fashions. [It is helpful to be beautiful.] In fact, Bob has opened a Boutique right next door to a Wilbur-s in Los Angeles. Explicitly for the monks clothing - Were they appreciative NO! They thought it their do. Sometimes., Sally thought. Sally tunes in Sheila again, who is asking her if she wants another drink.

Apparently some guys wanted to buy. ---Sure, free is good. She responds, coming back to the present. [Sheila had been reading a text message so she missed Sally-s day dreaming.] --- Say Sheila, let-s sit with those guys watching the game.should be lark. ---Sure, I could use some fun in my life. I was already asked before you came. ---Great, so no problem then. .The girls walk over to the table where the sports buffs are sitting.

True to their gender, they quickly found extra chairs for the girls. Introductions are made, no last names., and the chicanery begins. .Sheila started to take off her suit coat because she was hot. Nothing else intended. However, men being men. this move was noticed.

Let the good times roll, one fellow said, Carl was his name. .Sheila sat, but it was noted by all that she had nice breasts. No comments, just eye movements., and the humour started. .More drinks were ordered. Sheila sat on one side of the table; tables, Sally on the other.

Sally-s idea. divide the spoils is how she put it. .They had not been there but ten minutes when an adjacent table joined the group; bringing the total to nine, including the ladies.

Sheila noticed Sally raise a finger. . Several minutes later two more men in black were inside the bar. One went behind the bar itself, the other stood off to one side of their tables, near the wall. ---- Security, Sally stated matter of factly. .Only one fellow in this group even noticed, he looked at Sheila, gave her a nod of recognition., and continued badgering his fellow sports buffs. Sally was pleased as punch at how the night was progressing.

She watched Sheila - she was enjoying herself. .It came up during conversation that Sheila worked for Wilbur-s. Several turned to Sheila and the conversation ranged from management issues to women-s fashion. Sheila was having a great time. Sally stayed involved but only as a side show to Sheila. .Late night shoppers came and went; employee-s of said stores also came and went. By 11:30pm there were a couple of dozen or so patrons left at Malone-s; including the original members of the tables were Sally and Sheila were seated.

.Things were winding down and Sally figured it was time to reward those left. .Sally was seated between Paul and Carl. Sheila had Jeff and Miles sitting by her. Mike, the security man was at the bar chatting with the barkeep. The second security man who had been stationed behind the bar had left.

There were still two men at the door, and more outside. Sally reached for a pickle. She placed the pickle in her mouth. drawing it in., sensuously. ---Ohh., salty. hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels made a face, twisting her mouth; sticking her tongue out. her eyes cross.

It is a comical face., a very sensual looking face. Sally goes thru a range of expressions as she eats the pickle. .The men laugh. [Sally stands.] .Oh look Paul, my shirt has come loose. Slim legal age teenager bounds on jock you fix it for me sweetie.

My hands are sticky with pickle juice. [Sally holds her hands up - up and away, giving Paul ample room to make the necessary adjustments to her shirt.] .Paul looked up at Sally.

.Sheila looked at the goings on; she caught the look in Paul-s eyes. If ever a man looked upon a women with total adoration in his eyes this would be that moment. .Carl, Miles and Jeff all gave a soft huh., recognizing a friend-s moment in life. to be this close to a woman like Sally, and touch her.

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If anything each was a little envious. .Paul is a heavy man, balding, in his early forties. He is short and wears glasses. But., Paul is a nice man., a lonely man perhaps; this Sheila could see Sally had picked up on.

.There is something very special about Sally, Sheila could not put her finger on it but she knew almost instantly that Sally has a special quality; as yet to be defined.

Sheila-s respect for Sally grew as she watched Sally treat Paul with respect while at the same time teasing him. Paul loved every second of it. . Sally smiles at Paul; ---Honey., you will have to press your fingers against my tummy and pull the waist and belt of my skirt up and out so you can push my shirt inside the skirt.

---Will you do that for me Paul? --- Uh huh! Paul felt her tummy. so flat., so hard. no fat. --- Ooh! . He moved her skirt as she had instructed. [Paul was trembling.] He felt her hand on his head. ---Take your time sweetie. She said .Dexterity gone, Paul did his best to slip Sally-s shirt into her skirt. He was having trouble smoothing out the shirt. It kept coming back out because his fingers were not doing as he wished they would. ---- Ungghh .

[Paul tried to say damn but his mouth was so very dry.] .Sally made a funny face, twisting her mouth: --- It tickles! . Paul looked up at Sally. She smiled at him. Not a teasing smile; a warm, compassionate, caring smile. Paul-s heart was singing.

.Paul was in love. he managed to get his fingers out of her skirt; moving his arm around Sally-s waist whilst looking straight into her beautiful eyes. . She never moved a muscle., but Paul knew it was ok to hug her. .Paul hugged this most beautiful of woman., resting his face against her ribs below her right breast. Paul never tried for a feel. His love for Sally was unbridled, pure and simple. .When Paul finished hugging Sally, which was at least one minute., Sally moved so she could kiss Paul.

Paul-s face disappeared behind a head of gorgeous blonde hair. When it emerged his buddies laughed. Paul was transfixed. his face glowed he was so in love. Sheila watched; . Normally she would have put a stop to it but she knew exactly what Sally was doing. Not one word was spoken by anyone as Paul assisted Sally; and hugged her. Once Sally was made presentable she sat closer to Paul than she had been. She took his hand and placed it on her leg, just above the knee.

Placing her hand on top of his. --- I hope that is not the hand you hold your drink with Paul, Sally said. Paul tried to say but the words just did not seem to want to come out. .Sally took Paul-s hand off her leg: --- There you go sweetie, I do not want to cause a drinking mishap. .Suddenly finding his voice; --- I know your just teasing me., but., this is the best day of my life.

I love you! No one said a word. The nearest tables had all old british granny and teen webcam so no one noticed when his associate returned with in on Sally-s antics., and they were quiet. .This over-weight middle aged man, less than average in looks. had just poured is heart out in a bar and not one person commented. or poked fun.or made a snide remark.

--- I love you too Paul. --- Nah! Your just kidding me. but I will have this memory for a long time. thank you. --- If you let me Paul, I will give you a kiss that will last for an eternity. --- OK! Paul tipped his head back and puckered his lips. --- Not like that silly. Sally ran one hand cover Paul-s face erasing his pucker. Placing her hands on either side of his face, Sally leaned in, her blonde hair moving forward meeting her hands, covering Paul-s face; completely.

The Kiss: .At first it seemed like Paul did not know where to place his hands. When Sally kissed him his hands seemed to jump just a little. then they seemed to float. as if they suddenly had become weightless.

The kiss lasted perhaps ten seconds. When Sally pulled back Paul-s face literally glowed. .Paul went to say something but Sally quickly placed a finger on his lips: --- Your not the kind to kiss and tell are you Paul? .Paul shook his head no. And with that the night quickly wound down.

Sheila arranged for the Limo to drive the four men home. a much appreciated gesture. .It took a few minutes but soon Miles, Carl, and Jeff were teasing Paul. the four men resumed their normal funning. Paul was definitely the man of the bruno y maria follando virginia alberto y raquel vaya trio. and he seemed to have changed since the kiss.

. .Sheila had watched with some amusement and lots of interest. Sally sure could work a room, she thought. Paul had been the least of the four friends when they initially sat with them.

After Sally he was their equal. and them some Sheila surmised. .What was it Paul said as they were making their way out. I kissed an angel -- --- Ain-t that the truth, one of is bud-s replied. .Sheila sat watching Sally approach from wherever she had gone .

Sheila smiled at this woman whom she had just met a few hours back. ----Your smiling. ---Just thinking over that past half hour or so. Paul thinks you are an angel. ---So is he is the kind to kiss and tell, Sally smiles and winks.

The limos-s took Paul and his buddy-s home. saving them a trip on the public transportation system at his time of night., or expensive cab fare. Those with wives had made that all important call. Sheila and Sally; plus 2 of the men futurama porn fry and leela having sex black; aka body guards; walked across the road to the hotel.

To Sheila-s surprise she had been moved to a different room; a redecorated room with state of the art security. Her new room; Number 221. She was impressed by the security she was now under. .and she had a room mate. .from now on Sally would be with her 24/7. .Her new room was actually four rooms; on three different levels, renovated into one convoluted room.

the second floor room was for two body guards; those men in black. This room-s door was Rm. 221. .Sheila was to learn that the Security would be in what used to be room 221.

What was room 223 . would be for integrating entertainment and business. What had been room 323 was reinforced and Sheila and Sally would sleep there. .Appearances from the hall would be the same as the rest of the Hotel.

that is that no renovation had occurred. .All access would be through door # 221. . A safe room had been constructed on the first floor. room 121. Access to 121 was via a shielded spiral stairwell nacho vidal fucks carol vega chanel preston natalia zeta susi gala 323 . thru 221 . into 121. There was secondary access to this stairwell thru a door behind securities desk in room 221.

A locked heavy fire door. .Sheila and Sally were both acquainted with the systems in this suite. They met a new employee, their personnel security force head; Vic.

Vic is ex Special Forces and a personnel friend of Sally-s husband.

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---- It ain-t what ya know. Sheila commented. everyone laughed. . They had left Malone-s just after midnight. The tour of their new digs took another hour. .Vic left about 2am. Greg and Marlowe locked up.

Sheila and Sally were safe and secure. Both women commented on what a relief it was to feel safe. .This surprised Sheila. she and Sally talked. the conversation between the two went on most of the night. One revelation after another as their friendship became more and more open. . Sheila had cleared her day of appointments prior to her intro meeting with Sally.

Fortunate in hind sight. . Sally and Sheila went out for an early breakfast. they returned to the Fortress as they jokingly called it. to find Vic pissed at them. They had broken covenant. He lit into them both as they walked thru the door. His bosses or not. .As he put it; --- Follow the fucking rules or get some other monkey to look after your asses.

.Sheila apologized right away as she understood the lengths that were being taken to keep her safe. .Sally was less accommodating. Sally and Vic went toe to toe for a minute. ---- I told ya Sal-- you do as I say or I am not working for ya. got it Blondie. .Sally eventually apologized for putting Vic in a bad position. --- Now get upstairs and get some rest. we-ve got us another shindig this evening. I plumper blonde babe jeniffer nylon tights bang not want you babes falling asleep in my arms.

I will cop a feel. honest. .Vic looks at Sheila; --- Virgin or not. Are you really a virgin? . I mean a woman your age for Christ sake. wtf. ---Yes, Sheila answers matter of factly. [Sheila does not know Vic; his brash attitude has pissed her off.] .Sheila begins to climb the stairs when she stops to catch act two of the Sally Hudson show. .Sally sticks her tongue out at Vic, and then turning Sally wiggles that shapely bottom of hers in Vic-s direction.

---- Don-t aim that ass in my direction. I will spank that cute little ass of yours, Brian-s wife or not. ---Oooooh. Red cheeks., sounds healthy. --- Christ. I do not know how Brian puts up with you Sal— --- I am an Angel, haven-t you heard. --- If you are an Angel Sal--- God must be desperate. --- Ya., our father is a little preoccupied. .Vic shakes his head. He knows he never win.

.The ladies head to their sleeping quarters. Stopping at the top of the stairs. Sally and Sheila enter their bedroom hearing the laughter of men. .Sheila was not happy with Vic and expressed her disapproval.

Sally explained Vic to her; including his rules and not taking shit from herself. Sheila eventually decided she would just have to get use to this gruff man. . It was nearly 10am when Sally and Beautiful babe knows how to fuck properly ended another in depth conversation.

Sheila stood and started to undress; ---Oh, you ok with this Sally. ---Yeah, I-m fine. I think I will join you. .Both women undressed. [The stems on the complimentary flowers straighten.] Straight as they were, both women looked at the other - then looked each other in the eye., and broke out laughing.

---- How did you manage to stay a virgin with a body like that Sheila. --- Gino. Sheila answered. .they walked into the shower together. twin shower heads, gym showers. in a hotel yet. .Sheila leans back looking at Sally-s butt. --- It looks healthy to me, even when it is not red. .Both women laugh. the showers are turned on. A synchronous . ---Aaah! SCREAM . Sheila rolls off her bed. hiding from a shadow lurking in the room. . Sitting up Sheila looks toward Sally.

--- Oh No ., Blood. Oh My GOD . VIC ! SCREAM . ---- VIC ! . --- Sally is hurt. . Sheila yells. ---- VIC ! . . Aaggghhhh. Sheila is sitting up in her bed awake. [The security system, sound sensitive, is in full operation.] .Sheila hears footsteps running up the stairs. She looks to Sally-s bed. OMG, she is not there. ---- VIC., SALLY IS GONE.!

[Sheila is gasping, her breath catching as her heart races.] Sheila yells. while trying to catch her breath. --- VIC ! . [ She screams.] Sheila see-s Vic bursting into the room, gun in hand, yelling instructions to Greg, the man in the lower level. At about the same time phoenix marie is hungry for cock in her big ass 06 tube porn peripheral vision picks up a blur in flowery pyjama-s with a light coloured top coming at her from the area were the bathroom is.

.She looks at the blur: ---- Sally. .Sheila has no time to say any more as she feels herself moving. in a split second Sheila is on the floor beside the bed. She feels a foot step on her lower back pushing her pelvis tight to the floor. [ THE ROOM IS QUIET.] .What happened she hears Sally ask Vic.? ---Fuck if I know Sal--- I heard her scream and here I am. . Five minutes later, emergency over, Sheila found herself apologizing for screaming.

--- I had a night-mare I guess. --- You were hurt and bleeding Sally. [Sheila was still finding her breath.] ----- You scared to Sal--- you pee-d yourself. ---- Caught in mid stream Vic. [Sally winks at him.] --- That will teach me. I need Depends. .Vic laughs. Sheila smiles but she is still too upset for a chuckle.

.Vic and Greg give the suite a thorough once over. ---- We know awesome teen getting her tight sweet cum hole homemade hardcore system works Sheila. Vic gave her a reassuring smile as he left. ---- I have got to clean-up Sheila; give me a few minutes. .Sheila nods. [ Damn., I have not had one of those dreams for years.] .She hears the shower running.

Sheila lies back on her bed. By the time Sally returns to the bedroom Sheila-s breathing has returned to normal. .Sally see-s Sheila sitting on her bed; ----What-s up Sheila? ---- You were bleeding. It was so real Sally. [ Sheila rubs her hand across Sally-s sheets. apparently reassuring herself that the dream was just that.] --- I will put something on., let-s have a drink with the boys.

they did good tonight Sheila. --- OK. --- Two good looking broads in their night duds. we will give them a reward for good behaviour.

Sally donned a large T shirt and panties. Her panties extended about one inch down each thigh. and were very decorative. flounces and frills.

Sheila put her robe on over her nightie. and with that the girls went down the stairs. Legs. Legs. Legs. Sally, Sheila, Vic and Greg sat and talked for nearly an hour. NO drinking., Vic-s rules.

[ The show of shapely female legs did nothing to hurt moral.] Sheila, always the lady. A conservative Christian girl with enough bad experiences in her past to impress upon her the need to be lady like. Sally., it seems, had need to el tio se coge a su sobrina empinada her legs from time to time, ostensibly to iron out a kink .

in what were very sensual extensions of those beautiful legs. .Vic finally had enough: --- Christ Sal-- you keep that up and I am going to rape ya. ---First you want to spank me, know you want to rape me.

you really do like me, don-t you. you beast of a man. ---Why the hell did I ever take this job? Vic say-s in frustration. There are no windows in the sleeping quarters so darkness is not a problem. Vic said he would return at 8pm to wake them for tonight; ----Surely a couple of good looking women like you two can make yourselves presentable in an hour.

Marlowe came in and relieved Greg. . And so ended the first 24hours of Sheila and Sally-s friendship. Un-eventful, no. A good time was had by all. Sheila asked Sally if they could sleep in the same bed. she was still up-set from her nightmare. ---- I just don-t want a recurrence. If you are beside me I will know you are safe.

Sally smiled and winked; ---- Sure, no problem a virgin, eh! Sheila laughed., and wiggled her ass, something she was not wont to do. must be Sally-s influence she was to think later. .Sally takes up a Vic like posture: --- Christ Sheila, if you keep that up I am going to spank you. .Throwing her hands in the air; ---- Why did I ever take this job. [Again a simulation of Vic] .Sheila looks at Sally for a few seconds and bursts out laughing.

joined immediately by Sally. . Sheila lay in bed for a bit thinking over her day. Other than the nightmare it had been a great evening and night. Sally turned out to be heaven sent. What a babe. funny as all get out. . Yet, focused. she kept the body guards under control all night. . Gorgeous too. ----That will take away some of the unwanted attention I have been getting. --- I have my own security detail. She mouthed to herself. Sheila let her mind focus on her body. she felt her chest ease.

the tension was leaving.

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Sheila closed her eyes. --- Safe at last.