Japan girls school dress changing story

Japan girls school dress changing story
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Hanna walked down the hall like she did for the past three years only this year she was a senior. It was hard to believe that she was the same as she was in fresh man year.

still had that lumpy old pullover hoody, worn out boot cut jeansconverse, nerd glasses and she still wore her hair in that pulled back high pony.

The only thing changed over the summer was well……&hellip.her whole body. She went for being short flat assed stick figer quite girl that every one made fun of to perky DDfull pump asshour glass figer girl ,who if she showed of what she had ,guys would swarm her like a home cooked meal.

She knew that something was up cuz she had to get a bigger pull over cuz her old one wouldn't fit over her now huge tits.

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Any way as she walked down the hall way she notice guys that never gave her the time of day before were looking at hergirls that would make fun of her before were looking at her and then holding on to their boyfriendswho were also starting at her ass. She didn't know why ever one was acting all wired around her all of a sudden but frankly she didn't care. When she got to her locker she set her backpack on the floor and stared to lode her books in to her locker.

As she did a big guy about 6'1 big muscles that sat snugly in his shirt stood beside her. He had on a white v neck t-shirt, a letterman jacket that all the football players got their senior year and dark blue skin jeans and high tops. She knew it was the caption of the football team Joey Lopez. She had a locker next to him since freshman year, but because she was not one of the more developed girls at the school he never noticed her but that was all about to change.

Joey looked over to a 5'5, cute curvy girl with a big ass and huge tits. "Hay little lady" he side looking down at her. She looked up at him. Was it possible? Could he really be talking to her? Just to make sure she looked behind her to see if the naughty doctor fucks her hot busty patient august ames pornstars and hardcore of the more popular girls weren't standing behind her.

When she looked there was no one there, she pointed at herself. "Yea you, sexy" He chuckled a bit. Hanna started to blush, the fact that the caption of the football team though she was sexy out of all the girls in the school just blew her mind.

She looked up at him and looked back in to her locker. "ummmm, hi" she side back nervously. "Iam……" he chuckled again. "Well you already know who I am, but I don't know who u are……&hellip.are you new here, I haven't really seen you arrowed school.

"well to answer your questionsmy name is Hanna ,noIam not new I have had this locker for 3 years and I don't really go to school stuff or any were that's really crowded for that matter" she picked up her back pack and closed her locker." No way, I would remember such a sexy kitty like yourself" he smiled charmingly at her.

Hanna started to blush again.

"Well tell u what I'll make it up to you, what are you doing tonight"? "Well I was&hellip."Joey cut her off. "Grate you're free, we can meet today after my football practice at my truck" he closed his locker and there his back pack over his shoulder and started down the hall. Once he passed Hanna he stopped and turned back arrowed." oh yea and Hanna" he stooped.

Hanna looked at him. He walked over and lifted her head up with on finger. "Were something sexy for me, ok" he smiled and kissed her on the cheek and kept walking.

As soon as he walked arrowed the corner ran to the other side of the hall to tell my best and only friend Amy. "He&hellip.he&hellip.asked you out?" she sounded sad and disappointed. "Yea, I know crazy right "she side with excitement. "He didn't even notice you before and now he's&hellip.asking u out?"She now sounded a little irritated.

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"What's wrong Amy, aren't you happy for me?" she asked confused as to why Amy was so upset. But what Hanna didn't realize at the moment is that Amy…&hellip.likes her and I mean "LIKE LIKES" her.

You see Amy and Hanna have been friends since Pre-K. But during junior year Amy had develop feelings for Hanna, at first she wasn't sure what kind of feelings they were but she Knew the night Hanna duped the squirter luscious lopez brunette one squirting 1'st and only boyfriend Ricky Ginger.

*One year before* "Hanna its ok, you couldn't have known that he was cheating on you "Amy said as the patted Hanna on the back as she sobbed in to her shoulder. "I thought he loved me and he side he was willing to wait For me, he side he didn't want to rush in to sex.

Now I know that ever thing he side was a lie. Guys are such pigs.

I think I should just become a lesbian "Hanna threw here self back on the pillow behind her. Amy giggled to herself. "Hanna I don't think that's a good idea" Amy smiled at Hanna and giggled some more."I mean why not" Hanna sat up and looked at Amy."Think about it, women are kinder, they smell better, there softer" Amy put her hand on Hanna's leg. "Amy" Hanna asked.

"yes" Amy answered. "Have you ever kissed a girl before?" Amy shook her head no. Amy lifted her hand up to Hanna's face and softly ran on hand down the side of her gaw and took another hand a moved some hair from her eyes."No, I haven't" Amy moved her face closer to Hanna's. "But I want to" TO BE CONTUNUED.(look out for the seconed part tomorow :) ) (btw sorry to keep mother daughter exchange club 53 hangging lol)