All internal eve is fucked by two dicks until she sore and worn out

All internal eve is fucked by two dicks until she sore and worn out
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Barn Banging By Jimmy Seay *** FROM THE AUTHOR - This is one of my very old stories - you can read my e-books by searching under the author name of Jimmy Seay at Amazon. I stopped at Kevin Hunter's place, and honked the horn. I watched the screen door fly open and Kevin stepped out on the porch. Even from the car, I could see Kevin was hot. He grinned at me as he walked down the steps; the grin caused a dimple to appear, making him even hotter looking.

His brown eyes had a sparkle, expecting some blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass perhaps. He was wearing a loose black t-shirt tucked into old and faded, slim cut wranglers. Kevin was 18 or 19; a grown man by country standards. But the t-shirt emphasized his slim, boyish build.

The wranglers waistband showed off his small, flat waist; and accented the rounding curves of his butt. Kevin climbed into my Chevy Nova for some Friday night fun. He didn't know he was going to be the fun. I let off the clutch and headed curly pussy slut in underware lingerie japanese. "There's some beer in the back seat," I said, "Pop us open a couple!" Kevin reached between the bucket seats, giving me another view of his wrangler covered butt.

I nursed my beer as he swallowed his down. This would be an easy one. In fact, Kevin had been real easy so far. He had just moved here; no car, no friends. As a good country neighbor, I had helped unload their furniture. I'd learned a lot helping them move in. Kevin was the only kid still at home; the rest of his brothers and sisters grown and married. It was easy to be-friend him, and two days later, he was in my car.

I told Kevin, "Get yourself another one, there's plenty." Kevin grinned and reached back for another beer, once again giving me a view of the backside of them wranglers. *** I headed towards the bowling alley. It was about the only place around to meet up at; no malls, no cinemas in the sticks. Josh and the others were already there. There were 6 of us, counting me. We'd hung out as kids. We had played; in a way we still played. Only now our toys were guys like Kevin Hunter.

All six of us were in the same age group, between 18 and 20. We'd pretty much had grown up together. Even back then, Josh had been the leader. I'd always played second fiddle to Josh. There was just something about him; something commanding and different.

During puberty, it was Josh that had started the circle jerks we used to have. We'd been skinny dipping one afternoon. There'd been the usual butt slapping, and horse playing. Somehow we all ended up in the old barn. Somehow we ended up beating off together.

Jacking off, in a group, became a frequent thing. The rules changed, we'd have contest to see who could shoot the furthest, maybe who could shoot the quickest. No matter what the contest was, Josh always seemed to win.

It was about a year later, when Josh introduced Denny Lane into our group. Josh changed the rules again; we learned what it felt like to force our dicks into some ones mouth that night. Oh, Denny, well, he learned what it was big tits tigerr benson anal masturbation p to be on the receiving end of 6 horny teen age country boys. The games got more intense, I learned what it was like to fuck an unwilling ass.

Denny was a lot of fun till he ran away a few months later. I still remember the look of shock when Josh popped his cherry. Denny never told no one, never did the others. I guess it was too embarrassing, something a guy just don't want known. *** I pulled into the bowling alley. Kevin chugged down beer number 4. His eyes were bright, he had a sly grin on his face. "Come on, Kevin," I said as I watched his tongue flick at some beer suds on his lower lip. His lips were thin, but sexy, his tongue looked promising.

He didn't stagger, but walked kind of stiff and slow. The beer had gotten to him some; he thrust his chest out, and walked into the bowling alley with a big grin.

Josh and the others were around a pool table. About 5 minutes later, Josh said "We're gonna cut out of here, and go party!" We whooped and hollered and hit the parking lot. As soon as Kevin got into my Nova, he was reaching for a beer. Kevin was going to be real easy. He didn't even seem to notice where we were heading. He was occupied with the beer. I was occupied too, wondering what Kevin Hunter's ass would feel like around my dick.

I looked over at him; he was grinning away, that dimple showing. I wanted to touch those sexy lips, but it wasn't time. Not yet, but soon. I pulled up to the old barn. We still used it. I grabbed the cooler; me and Kevin headed in.

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I'd driven slowly, giving the others a chance to get there first. The barn was already set-up. A clean sheet lay in the middle of some bales of hay. Clean towels were here and there for later. A couple of half used up jars of Vaseline were in place. I glanced at a wall. Kevin was too drunk to notice the ropes, and the leather strap hanging there. Josh and two of the others already had their shirts off.

There was second cooler of beer; plenty to do the job. I directed Kevin to a bale of hay and placed the cooler right in front of him as he sat down. We sipped and he guzzled. It was a warm night, soon all of us had stripped off our shirts except Kevin. *** I took in a deep breath, enjoying the scent.

I could smell the aroma of the beer, but it couldn't cover the other scents. I could smell the fresh scent of the shirtless male bodies of my friends. I could smell the scent of the sex that this barn had contained. I was hard as a rock, and could angelica heart and black angelika anal lesbians the stickiness of my leaking dick. I glanced around; the others were in pretty much the same shape as me. Josh stood out from hot stud enjoying both mom and daughter pussies threesome and hardcore rest of us; there was just something more masculine about him.

He wasn't handsome, but sex seemed to ooze from him. His smooth chest was tanned and hard slim muscle. His belly flat and hard as a board. His Levi covered legs were spread wide; no shame about the hard bulge that was obvious in his fly.

I'd seen Josh's dick tons of times over the years. He packed about 6 inches; nothing huge, nothing special in its size. But somehow, his dick stood out; like it had more power, more confidence. I thought of my own body. I was the only one of us with chest hair. I had a good build; and a rich covering of hair on my body. I'd started growing this hair at 15, and was kind of proud how it served to set me apart from my friends.

My dick was the only uncut one in the gang. I was proud of it's seven inch length. I was proud of my hairy nuts sack containing my egg shaped balls. I had the low hanging kind that flop as I move. The others? We all had similar rangy, country boy builds. Terry had the smallest dick, boned up, he hit only 5, but he sure like to use it.

The others were about all the same, 6 to 6 ½. Then I fell into place, with my uncut log. Then there was James. James was what is described as a 'grower', not a 'shower'. When you saw James on soft, you'd never guess how much he packed. He was hung, well hung. When he boned up, he had a for real 9 incher. A long, thick, and hard piece of man meat. Yet, it was Josh that could bring the loudest screams.

It was Josh's dick that seemed to make them tense up and struggle the most. It was Josh that could make their faces a screwed up mask of pain. There was just something different about Josh. *** The warm night and the beer had finally got to Kevin. He fumbled as he pulled the black t-shirt from his jeans. He didn't notice as he knocked over his beer. We all watched as he awkwardly attempted to pull off his shirt. A strip of his skin showed now. I watched as more of it came into view. I could see all his belly now; slim and tan, a light dusting of a treasure trail exposed.

As nice as I had anticipated. Kevin giggled; he had managed to get his t-shirt stuck covering his face. We all tensed, wondering if Josh would make his move now.

Like a team, we were all ready to pounce and strip Kevin Hunter. Josh gave a slight shake of his head, a definite no. He stood up and helped Kevin remove the shirt, laughing and joking about Kevin not being to hold his beer.

Kevin stood up, and staggered. He grabbed at his fly, "Gotta take a leak." We watched his naked back and wrangler covered ass head for the door of the barn. We could hear him, pissing.

He sighed in pleasure as he let the beer escape. He came back, zipper half up, button unfastened. He grabbed another beer, and fell back onto the hay. His eyes were glassy, his grin real big.

I was horny as hell, wondering, what Josh was waiting on. Josh moved closer to Kevin, their spread legs touching. Josh was changing the rules again. My dick twitched as Josh touched Kevin's lips. Kevin drew his head back drunkenly. Josh said, "You got some pretty lips, boy, you suck dick?" Slowly, the grin disappeared from Kevin's face. His voice slurred, "Not into that queer shit." Josh asked, "Is that right?" Joshes hand trailed down Kevin's face, again touching the lips. Kevin moved, falling off the hay, hitting the barn's old wooden floor with a thump.

Josh stood over him, placing a foot on Kevin's crotch. Josh applied pressure, Kevin moaned in pain. I stood up, stripping off my jeans, letting my hard cock free.

I heard the other's stripping around me. Josh kicked at Kevin's privates; his foot hit hard. Kevin curled into a ball, trying to protect his jewels. Josh reached down, and undid the half up zipper.

Kevin flounced around as Josh peeled his jeans down. The rest of us had formed a circle around them. I held my cock, staring as Kevin's briefs came into view. He moved around, trying to pull his jeans back up. They were trapped around his ankles now.

Josh reached down, and grabbed Kevin's briefs. A ripping sound echoed as the briefs wee ripped from Kevin's body. I moved closer, as close as I could. His butt was exposed, smooth, white globes, Kevin had more then the dimple on his face! I dropped down, yanking off his shoes, as Josh finish tearing his briefs off.

I grabbed one leg of the jeans, Josh the other. Phat ass ho dayna vendetta pounded hard by throbbing cock seconds, Kevin was naked. Kevin rolled over, facing us. His hands covered his privates. He looked bewildered, afraid. He gave a weak grin, the sexy lips making me even hornier.

"What's going on?" He looked at me, not at the others. I held my dick again, I stroked it. I stared at him, wondering what his hands were hiding.

Kevin bbw big boob big tits away, maybe he saw the hunger in my eyes, maybe he didn't need his question answered. Or maybe, he didn't really want the answer. Josh produced a funnel.

We had done this before, no explanation was needed. Kevin found his mouth being pried open, he gagged as the funnel penetrated his throat. I super sexy babe parties and sucks cock the top on a beer, and poured it into the funnel. Josh rubbed his throat, the beer flowed down Kevin. Another can was already opened and ready. I emptied three cans, bringing back Kevin's buzz. Kevin's high was back, he forgot his nudity, his hands clutched at his throat.

He squinted his eyes, staring at us. We all stood around him, jacking slowly, as we looked at him. With a nod from Josh, Kevin was lifted, and placed face down on the sheet.

He struggled; as he was forced down. I took the place at his head, holding his face down, rubbing my fingers across the sexy lips. My fingers were covered with the juices from my dick.

I coated his lips with my juice, marking him with my scent. I watched as Terry rubbed the strap against Kevin's butt. Terry forced the strap between the ass cheeks, Kevin struggled as it made contact with his hole.

Terry drew the strap back, I covered Kevin's mouth as the strap flew, striking a milk white butt globe. Kevin's muffled yell vibrated through my hand. A few more blows, and I felt Kevin's tears dripping down his face onto my hand.

I watched urgently foxy lesbians fill up their big arses with milk and blast it out spreading and anilingus Josh parted his ass cheeks. I knew Kevin would possess a virgin, unused hole. I knew this straight country boy hadn't been busted yet. But I wanted the proof, the knowledge that he was cherry. Josh wet a finger; I watched as Josh sucked his finger, preparing it for entry inside of Kevin. This was a ritual we had developed.

Josh would force a finger inside of our victim. He would announce if they hole was virgin. He would then remove the finger. No foreplay, no readying, nothing to prepare the guy for a first fucking. Josh would always be first; no one questioned that. We would watch as he coated his dick would Vaseline.

We would watch as he mounted. This was always my favorite part. To me, witnessing the first penetration, was even better then the sex. I was second fiddle, that was a sexy thing, too. Being inside the bitchy emo babe deepthroats and anal banged by big cock ass that Josh had just used, had just taken.

Fucking the hole that Josh had just nutted inside of, my dick surrounded by his cum, his seed. But watching Josh penetrate, witnessing the first time! My hand covering the mouth of the guy receiving Josh's dick! Holding the head of a guy feeling a dick inside his body for the first time! Feeling the struggle, hearing the muffled scream, seeing the body jerk in an attempt to escape! Something's are better then sex.

Seeing Josh cherry popping was one of those things! Back to Top Part 2 By Jimmy Josh had placed his index finger in his mouth. I watched as his lips tightened around it. I could picture his tongue moving, wetting his finger. I wondered what his spit tasted like, wondered what it would be like to have my finger in his mouth. Sometimes I wondered what it would feel like to have my dick inside Josh's mouth.

To fuck my dick in his face, to use his mouth to dump a load in.

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Josh pulled his finger from his mouth. I saw a breath glimpse of his tongue. He held the finger up, letting us all see the glistening spit he had placed on it. Even as he lowered his finger, Kevin's butt cheeks were being parted, exposing the spot where the finger was going. Josh stared at the Kevin's hole, "Three hairs," Josh announced. "Three hairs around a nice little fuck hole." Kevin was drunk, but not so drunk he didn't feel his ass crack being exposed, not so drunk that he didn't hear the words.

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He squirmed, but didn't get away. Josh was a show-out, he slowly moved his finger towards Kevin's ass hole. I moved my hand from Kevin's mouth, wanting to hear him when Josh's finger went inside.

I didn't care if Kevin screamed bloody murder, there was no one to hear except us. I placed my hands over their mouths to more or less feel the screams, the vibrations of pain or fear. But sometimes, like now, I wanted to hear the sound. I knew exactly when Josh's finger touched Kevin's hole.

Kevin bucked, breaking almost free. He hissed, and his head tossed. I let my hold on his hold go for a second, and moved to the side. I wanted a better view. I saw the look in Josh's eyes, the look that made me sometimes wonder how sadistic he was. I saw the tip of Josh's finger penetrate, and Kevin yelled. It wasn't a word, it was a surprised sound of shock, more of an extremely loud gasp then anything else. I looked from Kevin's face to Josh's. Kevin wasn't registering pain, yet. He had a complete lack of expression, like he was trying to figure out what had just happened.

Josh, I'm not quite sure what I saw mom ass xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play his face, I've seen in there before.

The closest I can come to explaining what Josh looked like is warrior like. I would think of an warrior winning a battle, a victory when Josh had this look. Josh changed at times like this. At least he changed in my eyes. He would go from a confident, average looking guy to the most handsome, sexy guy in the world. At least, that's how I saw it.

The whole finger was inside Kevin now, sunk deep inside, hidden away, just for a brief second in time. The finger was pulled out, held up for all of us to see. Josh would show-out, into his performance again. Into the ritual we shared. He would stare at his finger for a minute, he would hold it close to his nose, and sniff. Then he would nod his head and say, "We got us a cherry." *** So many times I had seen this, somehow it always seemed fresh and new.

It always fascinated me; I think all of us. I wondered what would have happened if Josh ever said a hole wasn't virgin. I don't remember when this part started, but I would open the Vaseline and pass it to Josh.

He would reach into the jar and get a couple of fingers coated with the stuff. He did all of that now, passing me back the jar, just like always. *** He would hot story zoya afroz from flim the xpose in front of the victim, I would hold their head up, by the hair.

Josh would apply the Vaseline to his dick, and speak. As he slowly greased his cock, he would tell them, "I'm gonna stick this in you! I'm gonna fuck your ass with this!" He would cover his dick with the grease, it would become shiny.

Like I said, it wasn't a huge dick, nothing but normal. But to the victim, and even to me, it somehow appeared huge. It appeared menacing. Or maybe that's how Josh appeared. Some of them would beg, some cussed and threatened. Some of them stared thinking maybe it was just some kind of game.

Not Kevin, I saw something different as Kevin looked at Josh. I'm pretty sure I was the only one of us that saw the difference. Kevin didn't look at Josh's dick in fear, dread, or hatred. Kevin looked at it with something else. For a brief second, I saw something in Kevin. I recognized it, maybe because the same thing was in me. I put it out of my mind, out of my thoughts; buried it for now. *** None of us, Kevin included, moved or made a sound as Josh walked between Kevin's legs.

Josh nodded and we held Kevin tight, holding him down. I placed my hand back over his mouth, his lips were slightly parted. Josh held his greased up dick like it was the biggest dick in the world. He lowered himself, slowly, showing out like usual. Slowly, he sank to Kevin's back, slowly he placed his dick between Kevin's buns.

Josh performed; he wasn't going in yet, not Josh. He would move his dick around in the crack, I figure he did this to let them know what was about to happen. Kevin grunted, twisted around some. I clearly heard him say the word 'don't.' Josh heard the word, too. That's all Josh was waiting for, that's when Josh arched back a bit and placed his cock head against Kevin's hole.

All of us knew this part; the part when an asshole feels its first penetration. The part when the guy struggles the most. Josh had a way of prolonging this part, he really liked to put on a show! I let loose of Kevin's mouth, I rockstar gives groupie a hot anal creampie masturbation natural to hear what came out of it.

I saw every muscle in Josh's body contract and tense! I saw his eyes roll back, saw his tongue stick out of his mouth, saw the sexy look that only he could have! Kevin lurched, a shocked cry came from him, again not word, it was more of a very painful 'uuuuuuu' sound. Poor Kevin didn't even know the half of what Josh was about. We knew, it was the same routine every time, but Josh had away of making it different! It was the same, yet always different! Josh would force just the head of his dick inside!

Just the head! He would move slightly, moan some, and pull out! Before the victim could even react, Josh would plunge back inside! Again the head, but a fraction more! Just maybe a quarter inch more of his dick!

Each entry, he would move his body around slightly, but never more then that. His moans would fill my mind with needs; needs of sex. He would make it last and last; the first penetration would take him at least 15 minutes.

He'd always pull out, all the way out! He stab a bit more of his dick inside each time! He'd make them feel it! He would take his sweet time, making each of us want to be him! He would make this part last; slowly violating the hole, slowly opening it, molding it to take a dick! Most of the victims would cry and beg! All of them struggled against the repeated pain! Some of them tried to fight, some of billie piper secret diary of a call girl screamed so loud not even my hand could stop the screams.

Kevin was different; he reacted, he showed pain. Kevin struggled, but it was different! Between groans, I felt his tongue licking at my palm! I held him, the others held him, and he did try and break free, but I realized Kevin wasn't fighting hard enough! I knew when Josh had finally buried his dick all the way in Kevin!

I managed to break away from Kevin's face and look at Josh! I wwe mia khalifa fucking storys something different in Josh, this time! Josh's eyes were shut tight, his face had never looked like this! I looked at Josh's body, It was different then all the other times!

Every muscle was clenched, he was tight, he was powerful! Just for a second, I was mad, almost crazy mad! I wanted to jump up and hit Josh, kick him off Kevin! I wanted to hurt Josh, just for a second. I looked back at Josh's face; his eyes were open, he was looking right at me. I relaxed, and looked back into his eyes. The anger left me. Something else tattooed milf loves taking cock in all her holes me, I wasn't sure what.

I knew I didn't want Josh fucking Kevin, I guessed I was jealous, being the second in charge and not the leader. I stayed still, and watched the fuck began! Back to Top Part 3 By Jimmy Josh continued the show, I watched as he plunged inside of Kevin's ass; deep as he could go, a quick, hard ramming! Kevin let out a squeal of pain; I felt his face clench up underneath my hand.

Josh hesitated for a few seconds, balls deep up Kevin! Josh's mouth was partially open; he breathed hard, in and out, like he had been running! Kevin held his breath, he was motionless. Josh's body moved; he pulled most of his prick out, then with a weird twisting motion, he fucked back in! Kevin managed to raise his head, he looked me right in the eyes!

I could see a desperate pleading, almost like he was asking for my help. He made a groan, part of it pain, part of it I don't know what. I looked him right back, and said, "I'm gonna fuck you next!" Kevin lowered his face, he seemed to surrender, he seemed to accept his fate. I kind of ignored Kevin at that point; I had a show to watch! But I was watching it differently this time; I was studying Josh's fuck style.

I was determined to out fuck Josh this time! Yeah, he could put on his show, he could impress all of us! But my turn was coming up, so I had some quick learning to do from our fuck master! I watched the way Josh moved; I really paid attention to Josh.

Normally, during these banging sessions, I watched the victim. Not this time, I was watching Josh, looking to learn something. Josh had been fucking Kevin about 10 minutes when I figured it out. I don't know why I hadn't seen it before! Josh fucked with his entire body; the rest of us fucked with our cocks. Josh used his dick as a weapon, and used his body to drive and power the weapon! The rest of us fucked for pleasure; Josh seemed to fuck to dominate, to inflict pain!

Josh never once used the same fuck stroke; each one slightly different!

It hit me that Kevin had no idea of what to anticipate. I watched as Josh's hands moved from Kevin's hip up to Kevin's shoulders. Again, Josh changed his fuck tactics; he fucked to the left, then the right, maybe dead center inside Kevin's fuck hole. Sometimes he drove his dick in hard, so hard you heard the sound of the two bodies thumping together. Sometimes, Josh fucked in slowly; gently! In this short time, I learned more about fucking then I had ever known.

I had figured out the fuck masters secrets! I looked around; we were all still holding Kevin down. Kevin, I don't know; maybe he was defeated. I did know we didn't have to hold him down anymore, somehow I knew that. His cries had stopped; he just was making little grunting noises as Josh fucked him. Part of the ritual died for me. I knew it would never be as special for me again as in the past.

But, I was gonna sure enjoy my turn at Kevin's ass! I grabbed the back of his hair, pulled his head up, and told him "I'm next, punk!" Even as I spoke to Kevin, I continued staring at Josh. The fuck had gone on over 30 minutes by now. I wondered how Josh managed to hold back his nuts so long!

I was determined to outdo him! Josh's face was damp with sweat. His eyes were closed tight!

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I watched him to learn how he held back! How could he fuck this long? There! He was about to cum! I could see he was gonna cum! I watched him drive in hard, I saw his balls slam into Kevin! That had to hurt! But Josh didn't cum; I had a frown on my face, trying to figure it out.

How was Josh doing this? How could you fuck a virgin ass and last and last? It finally came to me! Josh was slamming his own nuts each time he almost came!

Josh was using Kevin's body to rack himself up! Every time I could see the nut building in Josh; he would deliberately pound his own nuts into Kevin! Now, I felt confident; felt I could put our show off stud in place!

Even if I couldn't, I was about to learn what it felt like to really fuck!

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Not just to get off, but the really fuck! I kept watching, but was bound and determined to put on my own show now! I was gonna become the fuck master, the stud! I was gonna tear Kevin a new asshole! I felt calm, almost bored, hoping Josh would end this fuck, and let me began mine! Kevin didn't matter, becoming number one was all that mattered to me!

I saw Josh's eyes open, and heard him yell a cry; a cry that was a war whoop! Josh was cumming, filling Kevin's ass with his seed!

I could imagine all the sperm swimming around inside of Kevin! But, it was gonna be my dick up that ass next! I was gonna make Kevin scream and squirm! I was gonna fuck his brains out!

Back to Top Part 4 By Jimmy Yeah, it was my turn now! My turn to go inside Kevin's once used ass! It was a lot more then a turn to fuck; this was a chance to outdo Josh! A chance to show what I could do! Josh looked at me, "Get moving, man! You're holding up the show!" I stood up, pulling at my dick, drawing attention to it's size. The Vaseline was handed to me. I took a small amount, just a dab.

I slowly rubbed it on my cock, the shiny grease made my dick skin shine in the dim light. I walked towards Kevin's head. "Hold the punks head up," I demanded. Somehow my voice seemed strange to my own ears. Josh grabbed Kevin by the hair, and pulled his face up. I held my dick, straight up, and said calmly, "This is gonna go up your ass, I'm gonna screw your fucking shit hole, man!

I'm gonna dump my load in your guts!" Kevin looked at my dick, he looked at my face. He said, "No, no man, don't! Let me go, I ain't gonna tell no one!" I heard it in Kevin's voice, I wondered if the other's picked up on it. The 'no' wasn't all that convincing, the way he had looked at my boner, it was a bit off.

I walked behind Kevin, stepping hard, making my dick and balls bounce. My show had began, and I was determined to make it better. I lowered myself between his spread open legs. I rubbed my dick head against Kevin's butt curves, smearing some of the Vaseline from my cock on his soft ass skin. I rubbed as much of the grease as I could off my dick, I was gonna make this a pretty dry entry. Josh's cum was up inside Kevin's fuck hole, that should be more then enough lube. I just wanted a lot of friction when I stretched Kevin out!

"Cover his mouth" I said when I was in position. "He's gonna really scream!" I placed my arms on either side of Kevin's back.

I stabbed my dick between his butt cheeks, moving slowly, in search of his fuck tunnel. He squirmed when I found the spot. "Scream, man!" I said and shoved all the way in, balls deep, with one shove! Kevin screamed, struggled, and screamed some more. I head the sounds as I began ramming in and out of his tight, hot, chute!

Oh, man, was he tight! Even with the warm load of cum Josh had left inside, this guy was tight! Just a wonderful, warm, place to stick a cock in! It felt like second skin around my rod, deep, flexible, skin!

And his beefy ass! Each time I plunged in him, I kind of bounced back up off his ass! The guy had a butt, and fuck hole from Hell! I fucked his ass hard, and I made sure to use my dick like I had seen Josh do. Only my dick was bigger, longer, thicker! I hit the walls of Kevin's ass as hard as I could; making him scream, and attempt to get away from my dick! My balls slammed against his ass, also bouncing off, I felt some ball pain, but it was like good pain!

I could feel sweat forming on me; I could smell it. Kevin's ass still clutched and it just seemed to get warmer inside. I'd been fucking a good 15 minutes; and I lost it! But even as I felt the cum leaving my balls and flowing through my cock, I kept pounding Kevin's ass! As my balls fired, I just kept fucking as hard and rough as I could! I think Kevin felt me cum; I think he thought it was over.

It wasn't over, I wasn't gonna just nut and let Josh outdo me. No way, no fucking way! That's when I pictured Josh. Sexy, hot Josh! I began to pretend I was up inside Josh's ass! Kevin became Josh during this fuck! In my mind, I had my dick inside Josh! I don't know how, but I started fucking harder! I was hitting Kevin's back so hard, with so much force, that it sounded like I was hitting him with my fists!

It was Kevin under me, it was Kevin I was fucking! It was Kevin's voice yelling! But, I pretended it was Josh!

Another 15, maybe 20 minutes passed. I was tired, worn out from fucking Kevin. I felt my nut build, it was time again, time to let it flow! As redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse cum released, I looked up at Josh.

I looked into his face, and I knew he knew! He knew what I had been thinking the whole time! He gave me a little smirk, a sexy little smirk that made him look even more sexual.

The show wasn't over, when I came this time, I let my voice be heard! I yelled and talked dirty, I said words like cumming, nutting, any word that made my show better. I sent another load up Kevin's ass, buried it deep in his guts, let it mingle with Josh's load. I kept the show up, and pulled out fast; hearing air escape from Kevin's abused fuck chute. I shook my still hard cock, and laughed, "Next!" Josh high fived me, nodding, "Way to go, stud!" he said.

I sat beside him, my dick stayed hard as I stole peeks at him; at him and his sexiness. Barn Banging Part 5 By Jimmy I sat next to Josh, watching the others take their turns. Kevin didn't resist much anymore, he just nasty beauteous hottie loves to enjoy sex to lay there, and take his fuckings.

It was Josh that spoke first. "You tried to outdo me, huh?" " I did more then try, Josh." I answered. I heard Josh chuckle, a teacher pussy worship behind student chuckle that made my dick start growing. Damn, I wanted this dude! Josh said, "You fucked the fight out of him." He said it to compliment me, but we both knew Kevin didn't resist very much.

I answered in a low voice, "Wasn't much fight to fuck out. We morning coffee and sex cunnilingus and doggystyle know he wants it." Josh's hand rested on my shoulder as he said, "We both know a lot of things, man." I could feel the heat from his hand, I could feel it's strength and power. I got goose bumps, just from his touch. My dick was on full bone now. Josh rubbed my skin with just a slight touch of his fingertips, just brushed it, and I tried to remember how to breath.

Josh continued to brush his fingers into my skin. I wanted to speak but couldn't. I felt strange, horny, hot and strange. I tried to speak but just a gargle came out; I was speechless, I was under Josh's power. I stared, Kevin was getting the biggest dick now. His didn't move, he just seem to accept it. I tried to think, I tried to talk. I couldn't. I felt Josh taking a hold of my hand.

He pulled me up, and I let him led me away from the group. I let him guide me. I felt his hand stunning centerfold pops out big booty and gets anus penetrated my ass. "I've wanted some of your hairy ass for a long time, man, a long time," Josh said in a low, husky voice. My thoughts started working my mind screamed 'No'! I wanted some of Josh's ass. I didn't want to get fucked!

My thoughts worked, my mouth didn't. Josh lead me, he controlled me. I couldn't stop myself, I couldn't do anything but let him guide me away. The further away we got from the group, the more stress I felt. I don't know how we got there, but we were outside, away from the others.

One of Josh's hands was around my own; guiding me. His other hand was on my ass; his fingertips once again doing their magic. I fought my body for control, but Josh was somehow controlling me! He had me far away from the others. I watched him spitting on his fingers. I watched him rub his own spit on his dick. I looked at his dick in the moonlight! I saw it shine, I saw it's power. Josh said, "I don't need to check for your cherry man, I know it's there." I felt my head nodding in agreement.

I felt Josh's hands pushing me down, down on the dew dampened grass. I felt the coolness of the ground on my chest, the front of my legs, the sticky thick dew drops. I felt Josh's hands on my back, on my ass, and inside my crack. I was so overpowered by him, I just laid still! Josh spread my ass cheeks apart and spit between them. I felt the spit land on my hole! Suddenly, I knew there was no way I was getting fucked! My body started to work again, my voice started to work!

"It ain't gonna be this way, Josh!" I said. Josh looked at me, and I looked back into his sexy eyes. I was bigger and stronger. I jumped up and grabbed him! We were face to face, when I looked into his eyes, I almost wished I had stayed on the ground! I almost wished I didn't want his ass so bad. But my dick needed a planting in his ass! Josh struggled for a second, then he spoke, "You don't wanna do this man, you don't!" I answered, "I have to." "I don't want this," Josh yelled.

Once again, I told him, "I have to." Josh fought me as I tried to wet my dick, I gave up, deciding bigass ebony babes fucked in black threesome dry fuck him. He was a fighter all the way!

When I pressed my dick head against his ass hole, Josh got all his fight back. He tried to get away from me, he did his best! I stuck my dry dick in his hole, just the head of it, just the beginning of it!

Josh fought at me, he cussed me, he yelled for help. Minutes before this, he was gonna take my ass! I stuck an inch or so more into him…………&hellip. I started to cum………I sent my cum into Joshes ass………&hellip. I cummed harder then I had ever done it, it just kept shooting, and shooting……… My dick stayed hard, and Josh fought as I forced more of me into him! As he fought against me, I made him take my dick, and I fought against losing control!

I listened to his yells as I forced all of my piece inside his ass! All of it, I rode him, held him, and he cussed the whole time! Hr cussed me most of all, but he kept telling me how bad it was hurting.

It felt so good to me, I had never been in anything like ,Joshes ass! My own cum was lubing my dick as I power fucked Josh! I felt his sex xxx story foran com sex stories play story open, I reached underneath him, and found his soft dick!

At first I was thinking about jacking it, but I started fucking him spy his brother in the bathroom and then fucks, and twisting his dick! I squeezed it, twisted it, and fucked! He fought me the way he could, and it was my chuckle that was heard when I began nutting deep in his ass, my dick deep!

He wasn't no better then Kevin, his ass was tight, and felt good, but the same. But it was Josh I had just nutted inside of! Josh! I pulled my cock out of him. I got off of him.

He tried to punch me, and I caught his fist in my hand. My dick was on soft, it was shiny sucking an extremely huge penis hardcore and blowjob ass juices. I grabbed one of his hands and made him touch it. I saw his leg kicking out to me, he was aiming for my nuts! I caught his leg and threw him back down on the ground.

I spit on his face and left him there. I walked back towards the barn. My dick was getting hard again. The End