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Try anal fisting lesbo dildoing and ass fisting tube porn
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Fbailey story number 156 Crash Island I was on an unbelievably beautiful vacation that I had won in a contest.

I was going to island hop around the Caribbean for the entire winter. It would last a full six months from November first to April thirtieth. Getting out of New York was a wonderful thing once in a while. At my age of sixty this was also a dream vacation, one that I had actually dreamed of for most of my life.

When I won it I was speechless then I jumped for joy. When I told my boss that I needed six months off from work he simply said no, so I said goodbye and walked out.

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There was no way that I would pass this up. I was only three weeks into my vacation when we had engine trouble. The pilot had all he could do to keep us in the air long enough to find anything that even resembled an island.

The two other passengers threesome with samantha aka sunny jay and camilla krabbe panicking. They were both young schoolteachers. The power went out which meant that the pilot could not radio our position to anyone. We had also been flying below the radar so that the girls could see the sharks swimming in the water.

Believe me, at the time it actually made sense. No one would miss me for at least a week or so and the girls jumped on at the last minute so I didn't think anyone would bother to look for them here either.

It is amazing what will go through your head when your life flashes before you. Then the pilot spotted a small island off in the distance and tried his hardest to get us to it. He had me get in the back seat with the two girls and then he had us get down as low as possible. One of the terrified girls grabbed my head and crushed her big soft tits into my face so hard that I could hardly breathe.

Soon after that we hit something and incredible she cushioned my impact. Who would have thought? When I looked around we were just inside the jungle.

I managed to get the airplane door open and got the two girls and myself out. The pilot didn't make it however; he died in the crash. I just got us clear of the plane to see if it was going to blow up or anything. Then as I carefully walked around the plane at a distance I could see that both of the wings had been severed and were destroyed as we had slid between two coconut trees. The landing gear had been ripped off and the propeller had been mangled and twisted. We were screwed!

I took the girls back out to the beach and found them a place to sit and cry while I looked around some more. The island was not terrible big but it seemed to have everything that the other islands had like water and fruit trees, birds and animals, and plenty of sea food.

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That was a good thing. When I got back to the girls they had calmed down and were out in the water swimming in just their shorts. They were topless! They were not even worried about the sharks. When they saw me they called for me to come out into the water to join them. The girls were floating on their backs on the surface of the water and their nice tits were out of the water and soaking up the sun.

The girls informed me that their cell phones didn't work but that we had plenty of seafood to eat. I went back in to shore and gathered up some bananas and some coconuts for dinner. The girls were hungry. After their swim they just wore their shorts around me. Allison had C-cup breasts and a pretty good size ass. She wasn't fat by any means but she wasn't skinny either.

She was what I would call a full figure gal. Brooke on the other hand was sleek and trim. She was very muscular and she runs in those twenty-six mile marathons. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her body. Her B-cup breasts were just perfect and she had two of the cutest dimples in her lower back just above her waistline. That first night we slept out on the beach hoping to be rescued.

The next day we buried the pilot and slept inside the plane. After a few more days we started to fashion a lean-to to sleep under. After a full week on the island the girls were no longer thinking about rescue any more.

They were making some outrageous suggestions of things that we could do. Most of their suggestions were from the movie 'Swiss Family Robinson.' After all they were schoolteachers.

When they asked me for sex I was amazed. They actually explained to me that it was for our own health and that sex was just as much a requirement of life as were eating, sleeping, and breathing.

I always though so but I never heard of a girl thinking that way too. Not before these two girls that is! So I graciously let them divide me up. Allison Smith the twenty-five year old science teacher from Trenton, New Jersey wanted morning sex. Brooke George the thirty-year-old history teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio wanted evening sex.

Both girls were very intelligent, hard workers, and sexy as a lucky dude gets a nice erotic massage by his busty blonde stepmom too.

Fortunately they also had a thing for older men. So that evening Allison slept in the plane while Brooke and I made love in the lean-to on the edge of the jungle overlooking the beautiful sunset.

Once I removed her shorts I knew that Brooke would never put them back on again. Brooke was a fantastic girl and she was as sexy as they come. She was more my dream girl that Allison was. However in this island paradise apparently I could have them both.

As I lay Brooke down on the sand she watched the beautiful sunset while I watched her. I could not remember back far enough, to remember having a twenty-five year old woman like Brooke in bed with me. Who was I kidding? I never had a woman like Brooke in bed with me before. Ever! Her eyes seemed to glow in the sunset, her B-cup breasts rose and fell as she breathed, and the warm breeze fluttered her fine silky pubic hair. Her blonde pubic hair was several shades darker than the hair on her head was but I knew that soon everything would match.

Her nipples were taunt, her areolas were crinkled, and her tummy had ripples in it. Not only did petite hot victoria gets wet tight pussy banged hard have muscles in her tummy but in her legs too.

After all she was a runner. When the sun finally sat below the watery horizon it got very dark until our eyes focused in the partial moonlight. Then Brooke tilted her head so that I could kiss her. As I did I cupped one of her breasts. It was just as firm as I had expected it to be.

Then I leaned down further and took a nipple in my mouth, I also cupped her racy and wild bawdy cleft drilling pornstar hardcore. Brooke opened her legs up slightly to let my hand in.

It had been a long time since I had felt a pussy in the palm of my hand. I worked my finger into her lips and touched her clit. She stifled a moan. Then she smiled up at me and let it out. As she neared her first orgasm she got louder and louder until she finally cum.

Brooke let out a groan so loud that it sent several birds flying from the trees. I felt like some sort of a hero for giving her that much sexual pleasure.

When she recovered she asked for another one. She was so polite about it that I couldn't imagine turning her request down. I built her up close to another orgasm then I went down on her. I had always enjoyed giving and receiving oral sex. I liked getting close to the center of my pleasure and their pleasure.

As I latched onto her engorged clit with my lips she held my head tight and let out another loud groan. That time, even the frogs stopped chirping. As I crawled up her body I kissed her belly and her nipples. As I slipped my cock into her pussy I kissed her on her lips.

She grabbed me around my back and pulled me into her breasts. As I kissed her I fucked her. It had been a few years since I had had the privilege of making love to a woman. A privilege it was too. I was hard, I was excited, and I was in a woman's vagina where I belonged.

This was the best vacation ever. When I did cum Brooke shouted out, "Here it comes" at the top of her lungs. Then she had yet one more orgasm for the night. Being as old as I was I knew that it was time to cuddle and dose off for the evening. In the morning Brooke kissed me until I woke up and then she thanked me for the previous night.

She said that I was much better than any of her other lovers had been and that I didn't try to sneak out in the middle of the night either.

Who in their right mind would sneak out on a beautiful woman like this? Then Allison came up to us and said, "Brooke you sure enjoyed yourself last night…three times from what I heard." Brooke replied, "I sure did. Now he is all yours so don't break him. I have him tuned properly and I want to play with him again tonight." Then Brooke took off for a run around the island.

As Brooke ran off naked I watched her tight little buns jiggle. Allison removed her shorts and tossed them in a pile with Brooke's shorts. Her pussy was shaved bare but I knew that I would be watching it grow back in.

Allison got down in the sand with me. She sat on top of my legs and started xnxx mom son 1980 movie massage my chest. I watched as her C-cup breasts swayed back and forth in the air. They were bigger than Brooke's breasts but the were also a lot softer and flabby. As I sucked on a nipple my cock rose up enough for Allison to sit on it. Then I got to suck harder on her nipple as she bounced up and down on my cock.

I rubbed her back all the way from her shoulders to the bottom of her ass. That was just as flabby as her tits gripping step for lovely virgin hardcore and blowjob. She was more like the older women that I had been making love too over the last twenty years. She was energetic but it didn't help me much. She was wet and her pussy was spread open so far that there was hardly any feeling at all for me.

When she cum I just held her in my arms to see if she was going for another round. Apparently not! She must have been satisfied and I could save myself for Brooke.

Those two women were nothing alike, especially in bed.

Brooke was still my dream girl and I was really glad that I would get to fall asleep with her every night and wake up with her every morning.

When Brooke returned from her run around the island she ran toward me along the beach and I just watched her as she moved. She was so beautiful and graceful that I didn't care if we were ever rescued.

In the outside world I would never get to make love to a woman like her.

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The End Crash Island 156