Fervent kitten stretches juicy hole and gets deflowered virginity hardcore

Fervent kitten stretches juicy hole and gets deflowered virginity hardcore
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I decided to work from home today. There was no way i would be able to consentrate at the ofice. it was coming up on 3, so I decided to shower and clean up. The girls plan was to meet at the mall and be here around 6.

The hot water felt good and helped to create a lather for my cock and balls. My cock hardened thinking about tonight. My sexy daughter, and her two best friends were going to be mine. After a few strokes I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Drying off, I wrapped a towel around me and headed to the kitchen to grab a drink. Entering the kitchen, I got a big surprise. Carly was smiling up at me from the table. God she was beautiful. At 16, Carly was a free spirt, with a quick wt and a sexy body.

Her hair color changed regularly, this week being burgandy. She was 5' 6'', with 34b tits, 27''waist, tight ass, Angelina Jolie lips and dark brown eyes. "I was dropping of my stuff, and decided to grab a snack". Have whatever you like I said, turning towards the fridge, hiding my growing cock.

I grabbed a beer and turned around, my cock twitched and continued to harden. Carly was wearing her custom catholic school uniform, the skirt barely long enough to cover her pantiesand a white see through blouse at least a size to small, making her wondrful tits stick out and up.

Moving in front of me, Carly pulled off my towel and grabbed my cock. Instantly, it hardened and I let out quite moan. Carly stroked my dick, saying this is what I want. Dropping to her knees, she wrapped her sweet lips around the head flicking it with her tongue. Oh yeah, thats so good. Suck my cock. Putting my beer on the counter, I leaned back enjoying the sensation.

Looking down, I grabbed Carlys hair pulling it into a pony tail. Gently I tugged o her hair, as a muffled moan escaped from her lips and she increased her pace and tightened herr lips. OH YES!! Yeah, baby, thats so good. Suck me.

Grabbing her hair, I rocked my hips fucking her mouth. My cock slid deeper into her mouth. FUCK MY FACE, yeah thats it, like that fuck my mouth, she cried out, then swolled me down in one gulp. H er head bobbed up and down as she worked on my cock. I felt the twinge in my balls. OH yes Carly. Im going to cum soon. Oh yeah, yeah thats so good. Carly stopped and looked two amazing gals play with dildo masturbation smalltits at me, her hand pumping my dick.

"you going to cum for me, Fuck my face and blow your hot cum down my throat" My cock disappeared into her hot mouth, as her sucking quickened. Grabbing the ponytail I started thrusting my hot, hard prick down her throat.

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YEAH swallow me, thats it, fuck yeah SHIToh yeah, yeah I going to cum. FUCK YEAH, I shouted as my hot cum shot from my dick. Carly started moaning, as her tight body shook. She was cumming also .She held my cock in her mouth for a few minutes, gently working her tongue over my shaft. Carly slid up my body, pressing her teenage body against mine. My hands massaged her nipples, as she ground her pussy against my semi hard cock.

I let one hand work its way slowly down her body, resting it on her pussy. Slowly massaging her clit, her hips rocked with my pace as we engaged in a deep passoniate kiss. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as her breating quickened. Sticking one finger in her pussy, she gasped and moaned as I pumped her cunt. Her legs tightened on my hand as I worked her pussy. I pulled out my finger, scooped Carly up and carried her to the kitchen table. I gently placed her down, then dove between her legs, sucking on her clit, She lifted her hips and began to moan loader.

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My toungue licked her sweet young lips, ejoying the taste. I moved my mouth to her clit and began to suck on it. Carly wrapped her legs around my head and began fucking my tongue. OH Yea, Lick my cunt. Tongue fuck me, Yeah thats it, do me. I drove my tongue deep into her snatch.

She tasted good, Her face fucking increased and I knew she was going to cum again. I worked her pusy lips and let my tongue dance on her clit. Carly grabbed my hair, pulling my face tight angainst her pussyas he bucked widly. FUCK OH FUCKIM CUMMING, OH YEAH, Yeah. I contnued to lick and suck as her hold on me eased.

Sliding up I placed my mouth on her perky tit and sucked for a minute before sharing another deep passionate kiss. This time I moved between her legs, rubbing my cock up and down her cunt lips.

Her cunt bounced at each stroke. I slowly worked the head into place and ease my throbbing dick into her younghot, tight pussy. Slowly we began to move together, as our pace increased. You feel so fucking good, I said. Your pussy is so hot and tight, OH Yes AWh Yeah. "FUCK Me, fuck my cunt, faster, Yea, Like that yeah thats it.

Harder Yes Oh fuck I'm sooo close. Cum with me." I thrust in and out as fast and hard as I could. Oh yeah Carly, I am almost ther. He cunt muscle clammped onto my cock making her pussy tighter. FUCKOH YEAH, YEAH I'm there YESS. Carlys hips came up of the table, as her legs pulled me deepe rinto her. Meeting my every stroke, her head thrashed from side to side. YES YES YEAh Fuck, OH AH Yeah.

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My cum shot deep inside her pussy, her cunt lips milking my every drop. We stayed that way for a few minutes, then Carly got off the table and licked the remaining cum from my cock. I need t go meet Kelly and JJ at the mall.

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Carly put her arms around me as we shared another deep long passionate kiss. That was a preview of tonight. You rest beccause tonight you get all three of us. Back soon, she yelled out as she went out the door.

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I made my way back toards the shower, and then to lie down. End of chapter 1.2 to come soon