Dad and son fucking fat mom

Dad and son fucking fat mom
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Springfield sex stories "I do feel real tired all of a sudden; I think I might just do that. Don't do anything stupid or I will beat you again boy!" Homer said as he walked upstairs.

Bart waited about 10 minutes before peeking into Homer's room. He saw his dad passed out on the bed, still in his clothes and everything. He walked over to the bed and began tapping Homer.

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"Homer, you awake? Homer?

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HOMER?!" Bart decided he needed to make sure his dad was asleep, so He looked at his father's huge beer belly and thought to himself "How can mom fuck this thing, he is disgusting," and continued on his way. Bart grabbed Homer's belt and slowly undid it.

He also reached for Homer's button and zipper, and undid them both, he used the scissors to cut off Homer's pants. He then reached for Homer's tighty-whitey's and slowly cut them off too. As Homer's monster cock became visible, Bart gasped, feeling his own penis harden and rise. It was about a foot long limp, about 3 inches around and had 2 huge hairy balls below it. Bart slowly reached out and began to caress his own father's cock.

Since it became clear to Bart that he was gay, he had never seen another man's cock, especially his own fathers, and now it was sitting in front of him for all his glory. He continued caressing it all over, he reached with his other hand and began to fondle the huge balls sitting below it.

He became more aroused as his dad's cock began to harden in his own hand. He was so tempted to lean over right there and take it into his mouth, but he couldn't, not yet. Homer began to move a little and Bart was startled. But he knew that he had to continue with his plan. "Hey, what the hell is going on here boy!" Homer yelled, "LET GO OF MY COCK!". "Now Homer, is that anyway to talk to me now that I am in charge? I have a secret I have been meaning to tell you, I am gay, and I know that you are a huge homophobe, so I am going to suck you off right here and now.

Can't be a homophobe if you have been sucked off by another guy, let alone your own son, right?". Bart leaned over and slowly took his father's cock into his mouth. Bart had fantasized about giving a blowjob all his life, and now it was lusty and wild oral spell pornstar hardcore with his own father.

Bart continued to suck on his father's dick as he reached down and began to fondle the donkey-size balls. "Bart! Stop! This isn't right! I…am…your&hellip.ugghhh& feels so good! Yes, keep going boy! Yes!" Bart was surprised that Homer was enjoying this so much, and he got more excited. He continued to bob his head up and down on Homer's huge rod for another 15 minutes, until "YES!

I am cumming Bart!" and his mouth was flooded by Homer's huge cumload. Bart swallowed as much as he could, but some managed to slip out. He took a few minutes to lick his dad's cock clean. Bart stood up triumphantly, and turned to leave. But he was so horny…Bart walked over to the door and locked it. He stripped off in front of Homer, who had been watching Bart lustily.

"I guess being gay isn't as bad an idea as you thought it was, is it Homer?" Homer remained silent, watching Bart's erect penis sway stiffly as he moved. Bart sat on top of Homer, grabbed Homer's cock and slowly pushed it up his anus. Bart gasped as the huge erect penis entered his ass, and he began moving up and down. Homer wasn't complaining any more, he moaned quietly, eyes closed, as Bart rode him.

As it went on, Bart got faster and faster, and began masturbating furiously as he jumped up and down on Homer. Then, Bart's penis exploded with cum as he had an orgasm. Homer followed up almost instantly, his second cumload filling Bart's ass. "Oh, boy. Now that's over, can you free me?" Homer asked. Bart shook his head, a playful smile on his face. He skipped out the room, leaving Homer chained to the bed. The next day, while Lisa and Bart where in the garden playing, Homer stripped off his pants and began wanking over a porn magazine he bought at the quick-e-mart last week.

He wanked quickly, ejaculation quickly pleasuring him. Then Homer busty office slut in stockings gives blowjob and having anal as both kids walked in, "Dad, what are you&hellip." Lisa said, but stopped as she saw Homer's huge erect penis.

Bart also saw Homer's penis, and his mind thought back to their sex session the previous night. Lisa looked down and could see Bart's erection trying to poke through his shorts.

Lisa began to feel the wetness spread through her underpants. Everyone stayed where they were, completely silent. Then Bart, who couldn't help himself, walked over to Homer, crouched, and began sucking Homer's rod. Lisa, who was also really horny, lay down under Bart so that his dick was above her face, and began licking and sucking his balls. Bart moaned, and his head moved up and down faster on Homer's cock, "Move, Bart," Homer said, pushing Bart away, "I want your pussy, Lisa." Lisa took off her dress, showing small but cupped breasts, and a tight little vagina.

She climbed up into Homer's lap, and slowly sat on his huge dick, feeling the giant throbbing pole penetrate her pussy. She gasped as she began moving up and down, slowly at first, but then it got faster and faster, until Lisa was practically screaming. Bart sat next to Homer, Masturbating over the pleasured expression on Lisa's face. Bart got up and forced his penis into Homer's mouth, as he fucked Lisa. Lisa was at the climax, and closed nasty sweetie is taken in anal hole madhouse for painful treatment eyes as she had an orgasm.

Homer felt Lisa's vagina tighten up, and quickly pulled her off his dick so that he could have an orgasm. Bart cummed inside Homer's mouth, watching a drop of it dribble down his chin.

Bart then completed Homer's orgasm by furiously jacking him off. All three of them sat there, naked, juices flowing out of their reproductive organs. Then they smiled at each other. TO BE CONTINUED.

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