Shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry

Shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry
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"Mum! Mum!" I screamed, "I won!" I was jumping up and down in excitement as my mother stood there, hands on her hips, not understanding a word I was saying. "I won the competition!" I told her with much enthusiasm, "I'm going to All Time Low's concert, and I even get to meet them backstage!" All Time Low was my favourite band. I had posters of them all on my walls and I was in love with the lead singer, Alex Gaskarth.

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The concert was in two weeks, but that felt like a year. At that time, I was 16, finishing my last year of school. I was a brunette and not skinny like a model, nor did I have the well-defined hips of one, but I would say I was decent. My breasts were a little bigger than most girls my age and I felt like that made up for my lack of other curves.

The two weeks of school did not make patience an easy task. I sat in class, my body aching for time to move faster.

It was only until the final ten minutes of school on the night of the concert that I felt my heart beat out of my chest. I was so excited. I could not wait to finally meet my idols! I planned to have a picture of me kissing Alex's cheek by the end of the night.

I ran home as soon as the school bell rang, showered quickly and got to my mirror to start applying make-up. I didn't want to look too overdone, just enough to make my eyes pop and look sexy as hell when I met the band.

I wore a black lacy bra underneath and put on my All Time Low band T-shirt that I had cut to make it sit just about my belly button. It paired with a short skirt and some converse shoes just for that girly, but punk look that nearly reared its head towards a little slutty, but not quite yet. As I made my way to the concert, I walked towards the VIP entrance that would give me the best position for the concert: billie piper secret diary of a call girl at the front.

All Time Low came to the stage with Alex Gaskarth in the middle. I screamed along with all the other fan girls and sang passionately to all their songs. Coming towards the end, Jack Barakat, the lead guitarist, had made his famous collection of bras hanging from his microphone stand, And Zack Merrrick, the bassist, had taken off his shirt. It was a fantastic night and the band was amazing live.

As the concert came to the end of its final song, me and a couple of other backstage winners were gathered up to meet the band. I was positioned last of the group. We followed the security guards around to the back of the stage where we could hear the band say it's goodbyes and we were lined up ready to get things signed and to have photos taken.

The band came in a couple minutes later, sweating, but still amazingly sexy and my heart rate sprinted as Alex Gaskarth laid his eyes upon me and gave me a wink. I blushed and began staring at the floor. The four other winners, lined up in front of me got their merch signed and their photos taken, and before I knew it, it was my turn and all the other winners had left.

I nervously made my way down the table, saying hi to the members of the band as they signed my Cd's posters and my shirts. I got to the end of the table where the last chair was taken by the lead singer Alex Gaskarth. "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" Alex asked me. Hesitant, I managed to spill out the words, "I'm Alicia." Alex laughed and said, "Hi Alicia." With some new found confidence, I said, "I've loved you guys for ages, you've been my saving grace through all the bad times." Ryan Dawson, the drummer, gave out a playful 'Awww'.

"Well I'm glad we could be there for you through our music." Alex responded. The photographer positioned me and the band and as the camera was about the go off, I gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.

The flash went off and I reluctantly removed my lips from his face. "That's a nice set of lips you've got there Alicia," Alex said to me, "Would you like to kiss my mouth next time?" I nodded my head unable to speak as the photographer got our attention for the next photo. Alex Gaskarth held nothing back and kissed me. I was shocked, but in bliss at the same time as the flash went off.

He kissed me a little longer before drawing back. "Tell you what Alicia, how would you like to spend a little more time with. Us?" Alex asked. The time was already 10:30 at night and I know mum was expecting me home soon, but I wouldn't give up an opportunity like this for the world.

"Yes!!" I said a little too loudly as Jack Barakat began to laugh with the other band members. It was obvious I had no idea what I was in for. Alex put his arm around my shoulders and lead me out into his private guest room. The other band petite hot victoria gets wet tight pussy banged hard supposedly had their own. Alex gestured me towards a couch on which I sat down and he sat down beside me. He began kissing me straight away, leaving me no time to breathe.

It was okay though, as loved every minute of it. His hands slid past my shoulders, making their way towards my lower back. Alex took hold of me, pushing my body into his.

His tongue made its way into my mouth. He tasted amazing. He pressed up against me, forcing me to lie back onto the couch. His hands came around holding my hips and then making its way up towards my breasts. As he fondled them, I felt his sex begin to harden and his jeans tighten. Pressed into to the couch, I decided to be a little adventurous myself and explore him with my hands.

As he kissed me, my fingers had made their way to the front of his jeans where there was a large bulge. My hands moved up and down, gently massaging it as Alex began to moan. This only made me want to kiss him harder, driving his moans deep into my mouth. Alex finally broke our kiss, sat up and lifted up my shirt.

I knew where this was leading and started unzipping his pants. He gave me a wicked smile and un clipped my bra, planting his mouth on one nipple while playing with the other. I strategically managed to pull down his tight jeans and boxer shorts to reveal his big, pulsating cock.

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I let out a moan as he sucked hard on the tip of my nipple. His shaft was in my hand as I began to work it up and down. I was so horny by then I gently pushed his head away from my breasts, gave him a suave kiss before getting up from the couch and positioning myself on the floor, my head between his legs. I grabbed hold of his cock and started licking the tip of his shaft.

I gradually made my oyeloca big tits blonde latina teresa carvajal fucked down until I was only sucking off the head. Alex was moaning in deep pleasure. "I had no idea you'd be this good." He managed to say between his moans. I just continued to play with his dick in my mouth, taking inch by inch slowly and playfully. I had nearly gotten the whole shaft in my mouth when Alex, unable to take it anymore, grabbed hold of my head and started to thrust himself in and out of my throat.

I was hairless pussy rammed actually hard hardcore and russian to breathe, but boy was I having the time of my life with Alex Gaskarth. He gathered up pace and power going in and out of my mouth rapidly. When he had reached top speed, his moans became more desperate and he shouted, "I'm gonna come!!" His cock tensed even harder and then his load of semen was delivered hard hitting against the back of my throat.

Alex tasted heavenly, and i tried my best swallow it all but quite a bit escaped my lips and dribbled down into a little puddle on the floor. My pussy was so wet and horny I needed a release. Alex picked me up into his arms, spun me around and lied me down on the couch. He lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties. His fingers played with my clit before engorging his mouth on my pussy.

His tongue was flicking my clit around while he inserted his middle finger into my hole. I began to pant, in awe of the sensations I was feeling. He was sucking my clit and driving his finger in harder, I was about to come. Alex could obviously tell I was as well. To my dislike, he removed his face and finger from my pussy and gave a quick whistle towards the door. I was surprised and had no idea what this meant.

"You wouldn't mind if the rest of the band joined us?" Alex asked with a cheeky grin. I was dumbfounded, but nodded my head. My favourite porn had always been gangbangs and I wouldn't mind trying it with my favourite people on earth. Within seconds the door opened and in came in Jack, Ryan and Zack all rubbing the large bulges in their pants. I was only 16, and I had only been with one guy at any one point in time. And even that was only once, with some idiot from school who didn't know what he was doing.

I gulped, not knowing how I would take them all at once, but knowing I was about to find out. Alex, now deliciously naked, lifted me up once again, positioning us so that Alex was lying on the couch with me on top of him. The three others began undressing themselves with their dicks in their hand.

Alex grabbed his own cock and gently started into insert it into my sopping wet pussy. I held my breath as I slowly sat down on it. Alex kissed me passionately once again as he began to get a rhythm going with his cock sliding in and out of me. I then felt my head being lifted my Jack Barakat, guiding my mouth towards his own dick. My butt cheeks were being spread apart and heavily lubricated, to my relief.

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I saw Zack standing to the side and so I put his dick into my hands and began to message it. All of a sudden, a long shaft is suddenly shoved into my ass. I nearly scream with the sensation. We then carry on as I have to dicks throbbing in and out of my pussy and ass, one dick in my mouth and another in my hand. The men start to get rhythm with each other and I start to moan at the sensation. They begin to build up speed; their shafts pulling out and then pushing right back into me at a great force.

My moans become more and more deliberate until I scream out into a massive orgasm right into Jack's cock. My body is shaking from my climax running throughout my whole body. I'm given no time to recover. All the cocks except from Alex's deep inside my pussy remove itself from its hole. All of a sudden I'm fronted with Ryan Dawson's large cock straight from my ass. He plunges himself deep inside my throat letting me taste my own bodily fluids. Jack's cock is in my hand which leaves Zack's delivered straight inside my gaping butt hole.

Rhythm is found once again until all cocks pushing deep inside me. In and out. Alex passionately makes love to my pussy. My breasts sit on his face while I suck off Ryan's dick. Alex makes best to get one nipple in his mouth while his large, hard penis thrusts deep within me. Each cock fucks me with no mercy, digging deeper and deeper inside. It takes longer for me to reach orgasm. The boys beat me to it. Ryan shouts out, "Oh fuck, I'm going to come." Zack starts to grunt putting himself hard into my ass.

I pull on Jack's shaft within my hands to position his splatter to land all over my face. He is also moaning really loudly. Ryan is first to let his load go as he grabs hold of my head taking his whole cock inside my throat as he gushes out. Zack lets out his last grunt as he lets loose all his semen into my asshole. "Oh fuck, I going to come too." Alex says as his balls contract and his hot semen flood into my cervix.

With his come filling my pussy, I let out a scream as I roll into massive orgasm. As I scream, cum spits onto my face. I collapse onto Alex, exhausted. I feel his member shrinking within me as I do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wake up to busty vienna black trades her pussy for a free ride the next morning to find I'm still in the same position as last night. Jack, Ryan and Zack have left and I'm still lying on top of Alex as he sleeps.

I raise my head and watch him with his eyes closed. I brush the hair off his face and smile. I had gotten more than I could ask for. Not only did I kiss Alex Gaskarth on the cheek, but I also sucked his dick and fucked all the other band members. It sounds sick, but is so precious to someone who has been with their living idols. My heart jumped at the thought. I shifted a little bit to find Alex had a hard on. I leaped at the chance! I got up and bent down just to suck his cock a little.

Xxx story mota land lmba land 3gb it all moistened up, I straddled him, plunging down with one swift move. With that, Alex fully awakened to find me on top of him. He gave me one of his cheeky smiles that just made me melt and then grabbed my hips and pushed me up and down onto his dick. I shuddered with every move.

I hadn't known sex could be this good until last night. His rate continued to accelerate until I was going up and down fast enough for my boobs to by jiggling around like crazy.

You could hear our hips slap together whenever I was pulled down to take the full length of his cock. I moaned loudly as Alex pounded my pussy.

The sensation was fantastic and I wished it would never end. It wasn't too long until I came to a heart stopping orgasm. I couldn't breathe. Through his heavy breaths Alex said, "I know I should've asked you before, but is it okay if I come inside you?

I've got some morning after pills if you'd like." I smiled at him through the hardcore sex. "Alex, if I could, I would have your children." I said. Alex gave me a puzzled look and then gave in. "Well, Alicia, you can have my children." And with that, Alex Gaskarth shot a massive load straight down my pussy. I nearly came again with all the warm liquid inside of me. "Hey, next time we're here, you give us a call." Alex wrote down his number on a piece of paper.

I smile as they dropped me back home before heading to their next tourist destination. "It was such an honour to meet you guys." I said to them. "No, it was honour to meet you, and that pretty little ass of yours." Jack responded dirtily. I laughed as I began to make my way out of the tour van.

Alex grabbed my hand and spun me round for one last kiss. "I'm looking forward to see you again, Alicia." Alex said. "As am I, Alexander." I replied flirtatiously, "Perhaps next time there will be children." "And then I can marry you sweet little ass and make love to you for the rest of my life." I was shocked at his response, but overjoyed.

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It honestly had to be the best night of my life.