Tattoo stepsister wanks stepbrother off tube porn

Tattoo stepsister wanks stepbrother off tube porn
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Daughter of the Satyrs by TikiMan Mom and I sat in the anteroom just outside her and dad's bedroom. As usual, the door to their bedroom looked locked, just like it has been all my life. Never once have the let me in there and they wouldn't ever tell me why. "Lisa, I know you're confused about why we're here on your birthday." I just nodded. She sat beside me on the chaise lounge and put her arm over my shoulder. "Have you been feeling achy, down here?" Her other hand reached over to stroke my lower abdomen, just above my pubic region.

Again, I nodded. As she stroked, the ache began again, but this time it was different.

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It kinda felt good. Mom nuzzled the side of my neck. "Its almost time, I can smell it on you." She enigmatically said, her voice think and almost slurring.

"Mom, are you drunk?" I asked. She laughed. "No, well a little, but not like you think." She got to her feet and I was suddenly reluctant to let her go. The pleasure/pain in my abdomen that milf with big lovely titties hard fucked building started to fade again.

"There is something you need to know." She bit her lower lip. "Just listen and don't judge until we are through today, OK honey?" She stepped away from me and began to disrobe. The ache inside me started again. "The women of our family aren't human." She unhooked her bra and her d-cup breasts didn't have any sag at all, there were as high and perky as a sixteen year olds. "We are descended from satyrs of Greek myth.

We need human men to get us pregnant, but we are a different breed." She removed her silk pants and I could see her legs were covered with a thick coat of hair going all the way up to a treasure trail to her navel. She spun and as she stuck her hairy butt out a stubby tail twitched at the end of her spine. I sat there stunned. Mom looked over her shoulder at me. "If you think that's amazing, look at this…" Spinning she thrust her pelvis at me and from a bump of hair in her pubic region, something began to emerge, her penis.

Long, uncircumcised, it hung her and it lifted as it inflated with every beat of her heart. A musky, goaty smell came from her and I could feel myself getting wet just thinking of it.

She advanced on me. Stalked might be a better word. "Are you getting wet sweety?

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Does your little pussy want what mommy has?" I swallowed, mother id like to fuck lovely babe turns herself on throat dry and I nodded. She took my face in her hands and urged me to my feet. Her eyes were a glowing brown, like they had a light behind them. I couldn't take my eyes from hers and then she leaned in to kiss me.

Her lips were moist and supple, it was like no other kiss I had ever had before. She tasted of honey and wood smoke. I felt my clothes being removed and I moved to help but we never broke the kiss.

Then she lowered me naked to the chaise. My mom with my grandfather spread my legs as I felt her tongue began to touch me. I never felt so wet before. I had let boys touch me but they didn't know bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd they were doing. In less than a minute I began to arch my back as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss enveloped me.

I opened my eyes and looked into my mother's face as she raised it from my cunt. A fierce grin was on her lips and she looked… Animalistic. This only made me cum harder. In the last throws of cumming she climbed up on the chaise with me. Taking my ankles, she lifted them into the air and I could see her bloated penis only inches from me. It bobbed with her every heartbeat. "Mommy, no…" I whispered. My sex wanted her inside me, but I had never been more scared of anyone than I was of my own mother at that point.

She advanced towards my virgin pussy. I could feel my own heartbeat in my crotch, I was so swollen and wet. It was then I realized out hearts were beating in synch with each other. I could feel her foreskin make contact me and it began to slip inside me spreading me like it was made to do. Mom sucked air between her clenched teeth. "So tight." I squealed as she made it to my maidenhead. "This is it honey, the day you receive your birthright!" She yelled while stabbing forward, burying herself to the hilt inside me.

Inside my head, I felt the pain of hundreds of virgins and I knew they were my ancestors, then as their pain receded, came the ecstasy. I opened my eyes to see my mother staring down at me. "Did you feel them, our fore mothers?" I grunted and shifted my hips, wanting her to move. Her low chuckle caused vibrations that ran all the way down her cock. "An eager slut you are, aren't you?" Again, I nodded. She slid her cock almost all the way out and slammed it back in again.

A scream of joy came from me. I began to meet her powerful thrusts as the orgasm almost immediately began to build within me. It felt different than any I had experienced before.

It felt as if something were being pushed out of me. My mother's grunting became louder and the way her nose was flaring I knew it would be a matter of only moments before she filled me with her sperm. I reached up and pinched one of her nipples at the same time as I pinched one of mine.

She threw her head back and gave a very goat like bleat. I could feel her thrusting dick bloat even bigger and as she buried it as far inside me as she could, it began to jerk within me washing my womb with sperm. Then my own orgasm burst upon me, and I made a sound unlike any I had ever uttered. "mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh…" My eyes were clenched shut and my back was bowed.

Suddenly fluid began to rain down upon me. At first I thought mom had pulled out and was raining sperm down on me but I could still feel her pulsing inside me. As my orgasm faded, I opened my eyes to see the source of the sperm.

It was my own huge cock! Now beginning to deflate I watched as globs of sperm were still lazily pumping out of me and running down the sides of my huge dick. Still buried inside me, mom grabbed hold of me and jerked the last of the sperm out of my new dick. It covered her hand and she lifted it to her mouth and began to lick her hand clean.

She smiled with her semen filled mouth, "Happy birthday honey!" ******************* I have ideas for part two. Why is her parent's door brave young beauty screwed by old rod locked?

Postive comments will encourage me to make part two!