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Sunny leone xxx sexsey storys
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Raising Peter, Chapter 13 (Share and share alike) This is a total work of fiction. The story includes incest bi-sexual, group sex, and water sports, among other things. If you are offended by any of these, this is not the story for you.

If you're reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice and your vote. Many things have taken place in my life in the past few months. I had often wondered what the future might hold for me, but one thing I was reasonable sure would never happen was a good Mother-son relationship and definitely no kind of sexual contact with my Mother.

Yet, here we were, my cock buried deep in her mouth and her hot. Her wet tongue doing a dance on the bottom of my throbbing shaft while I'm about to lick, sucking and finger her pussy and asshole. I was going to do all I could to bring her to another squirting orgasm as good as the one she just had.

Mom had her knees pulled up and her feed flat on the bed. I placed my arms between her legs and propped up on my elbows. I used my fingers to part her pussy lips then pushed my tongue as deep into the middle of her wet hole. First, I licked down the length of her pussy and on down across her puckered little asshole.

She jerked and let out a muffled moan when I pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight little hole. Next, I started at the bottom of her pussy and pulled my tongue up through her lips and across her hard, swollen clit.

This brought another muffled moan from her. Her pussy was so wet her juice had run down the crack of her ass. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and used my middle finger to spread her juice over her sphincter. I placed the tip of my finger against her hole then pushed the other three fingers into her tight pussy. As I moved my fingers slowly in and out of her pussy I licked and sucked her hard clit. Each time I pushed my fingers into her pussy I would let my middle finger slip a little deeper into her asshole.

Mom would moan a little louder each time I pushed in. When I had my middle finger pushed in her up to the knuckle, I pulled it almost all the way our, then shoved it back in to the knuckle again I could feel her anal passage and pussy clamp down on my fingers. At the same time she grabbed my hips and pulled me down until I could feel the head of my cock push into her throat. She gagged a couple of times before she pushed me back a little, took several deep breaths then pulled me back again.

I relaxed my hips and just let her have her way with my cock. I didn't go any deeper with my middle finger but I did increase the speed with my fingers and mouth. I could tell Mom was really having a great time and that she was really turned on. She was moving my hips up and down, pulling my cock in and out of her throat.

She was pushing her pussy and ass hard into my hand and mouth. She was constantly moaning and grunting. Suddenly and without warning, she pushed me off of her. She rolled over, raised up on her knees and leaned over, laying with the side of her face on the bed. She reached back and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled them wide apart. "Fuck my ass honey. Push your hard cock up Mommy's tight little asshole" she said as she wiggled her ass at me.

"Mom, are you sure that's what you want. As tight as you are it's probably going to hurt." "YES! I know" she laughed, "I want you to fuck me hard baby, I really need it and I'll make sure you enjoy it." I looked at my Mom there on the bed, ass in the air, cheeks spread as wide as she could get them and I realized the thing about my Mother that some people could detect but couldn't quite put their finger on.

My Mom was an undercover slut. She had suppressed it all these years, not she was out of the closet and in her element. I moved up behind my slut Mother, cock in hand, ready to jam it ball deep into her drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob asshole. With her ass cheeks pulled so far apart I could see her dripping wet cunt gaped open a little. I couldn't resist, I redirected my cock and in one quick move shoved it to the hilt in her honey hole.

"OOOHHHH YES, FUCK MY PUSSY REALLY HARD BABY" Mom screamed as I started slamming my cock in and out of her hot pussy. I continued banging her pussy for a few minutes, and then she started begging, "In my ass baby, please, in my asshole.

I want to feel it so bad.' I aligned my mouth and landed a big glob of spit right in the middle or her exposed rosebud. Then in one quick move, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved it in her ass. I had intended to go ball deep on the first attempt but her anal passage was so tight I could only make it about half way.

Mom let out an ear piercing scream. I was afraid I had gone too far and was about to pull out when I heard Mom, "Give me just a minute to relax a little Son, that's the biggest cock I've ever had in my ass and that was a long time ago." I started rubbing her back and hips to help her relax. It was only a few seconds before Mom started moving her hips out and then back in, going a little deeper each time.

When I felt my balls bumping against the bottom of her pussy, Mom stopped moving. "It's all yours Son, do anything you would like but please FUCK ME HARD." I started slow, with short strokes, making each stroke a little longer and harder.

I raised up off my knees and squatting behind her, slamming full length into my Mother's asshole. She was letting out a loud grunt each time I shoved my cock in and inhale each time I pulled out. Mom let go of the cheeks of her ass and almost immediately I felt her fingers through her perineum as they rubbed against the underside of my cock.

Both of us were soaking wet with sweat and my legs were burning with pain but I couldn't stop. Mom's anal passage seem to open a little more when she pushed down. We were both grunting so loud I was sure the whole neighborhood could hear oyeloca big tits blonde latina teresa carvajal fucked. When my first shot of cum filled her asshole, Mom screamed and pushed down even more.

As the third line shot into her hole I felt something warm and thick forcing it's way past my mom ass xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play. I was a little confused but by the time I pulled out a little and pushed back in to let go another shot of cum, the odor hit me.

I think Mom detected it at about the same time, "OH FUCK HONEY, I'M SO SORRY, I didn't realize I was shitting on you." I didn't know what to do. My cock was still shooting my seed in her ass and my cock, balls and Mom's ass was covered with a combination of cum and shit. I kept my cock pushed in her as deep as I could get it, wondering what to do next. I couldn't believe it when I heard Mom andhra hairy puku sex storys, "I know I should have a good enamel before I do anal but this time I guess I got a cum enamel.

I started laughing with her. I was sure this was the first time I had ever my Mom laugh and it was such a pleasant sound. She started laughing again, "I guess you can tell Kay and Susan you fucked the shit of your Mama.

I heard what she had said about Kay and Susan. I wasn't sure what she knew or thought she knew but I was just let her do the talking and not admit to anything. I also noticed my Mom had a sense of humor that I had never noticed before.

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Here we were with our private parts covered in shit and cum and she was laughing and making jokes about it. We started discussing a plan of action to minis the shit mess we were in. I used one of the towels to clean up as much as I could, then we headed straight to the shower. Once we were all cleaned and tidy Mom checked my cock and ass with a little suck and lick and I did the same with her. We were gorgeous blonde pink dildo awesome cheerleader rubs e hd and talking the whole time and I realized, for the first time in my life, I was enjoying the time with my Mother.

When we were through in the bathroom we headed back to the bedroom. I told Mom I would strip the bed and take it directly to the washer while she put clean linen on the bed. I grabbed my shorts on my way out the door and as soon as I was out of the bedroom I used my cell phone to call Kay. I didn't even hear it ring on the other end, "Pete, are you okay, what the hell's been going on over there?" "Yes my dear sweet Kay, I'm fine and everything's going to be fine." I quickly filled her in on everything that had happened, including the cum enamel.

I was very nervous about telling her because I wasn't sure how all this would go over with her. She laughed about the messy enamel and called me a selfish shit because I hadn't called her to join us. I told her to talk to Alex and Susan and fill them in on everything I had told her and I would leave up to them to decide is they wanted to share the family secret with Mom.

I also told her what I would like for her to do but only if she, Alex sinful brunette chick tanya attacks pecker with mouth Susan agreed. Kay laughed, "I still think you're a big shit for not calling me to join you but hopefully, I'll have my fun later.

Love you and I'll see your tomorrow." Mom was just finishing with the bed when I walked back into the bedroom. Her face lit up with a big smile as I walked in. I could tell she had been crying, "I was afraid you wouldn't come back tonight." I walked around the bed, took her in my arms and pulled her warm naked body into mine and gently kissed her. "I'm gonna sleep with my Mother tonight if she don't mind." Mom laughed, "Trust me honey, I don't mind.

I just don't want us to get in trouble with Kay when she finds out about all this." "She already knows Mom, she knows that I'm here with my Mother tonight and she understands." Mom took me by the arm and pulled on the bed next to her. We lay on our sides just looking at each other. Mom smiled and her eyes water up a little, "What's tomorrow going to be like my dear Son?" "It's gonna be good Mom, different but good." Mom rolled over and spooned up to me.

She reached back, took my arm, pulled it over her body and cupped my hand over her right tit. I could feel her erect nipple pushing against the palm of my hand.

She pushed her ass back against my crotch. I tried to keep thinking with my big head but the soft breast, hard nipple and firm ass pushing against my crock put my little head in charge. Mom giggled as my cock started pushing against her ass. She raised her right leg in the air, reached back with her hand, wrapping her fingers around my now stiffen cock.

She placed the head up next to her wet pussy lips. She rubbed my head up and down her lips a couple of times, and then pushed her hips back toward my crock.

The head slipped just inside her warm, wet pussy. I pushed up as much as I could and managed to get about half of my shaft inside. Mom lowered her leg back down and let out a little sigh as she relaxed back against me. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts rushing through it and I was sure I would have trouble getting to sleep.

It seemed as though I had closed my eyes for just a couple of minutes. When I opened my eyes, I wonder who had turned the lights on. Then I realized it was the sun shinning through the bedroom window My arm was still lying over Mom and my hand was still in the breast. My cock was not quit as stiff as it was when I fell asleep but it was still resting in her warm, wet pussy. She was laying very still, her only movement was her beep, peaceful breathing.

Then Natasha malkova sex stories porn story heard her snicker as she started flexing her vaginal muscles, massaging my cock back to full length I pushed into her a little when she said, "Good morning my dear, sweet Son, how're you doing this morning?" "A little stiff in places but otherwise, I'm doing fine" I laughed.

"And how is my dear Mother doing this morning." "My pussy feels great, my asshole is a little tender but my head feels like it's about to explode. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table, 7; 05 AM, Kay should be on her way or may already be downstairs.

"Mom, cope dancing disrobe and oozing puss striptease hardcore you'll release my cock from your nice warm pussy, I'll go to the kitchen and get us something to drink and get you a couple of aspirins" I said as I pulled back a little. Mom relaxed and my cock popped out of her snug hole.

I rolled out of bed and headed down stairs. When I walked into the den I come face to face with Kay, setting on the couch wearing nothing but a big smile. As I walked over to the couch, she didn't stand up; she just wrapped her fingers around my rigid shaft and pulled it into her mouth.

As soon as she closed her lips and flicked her tongue around the head of my cock she started snickering. She pulled back a little and smiled up at me, "Peter Bishop, you've been a naughty boy, I can taste pussy on your cock." "Give me a second to get something to drink and some aspirins for Mom and we can go try to get you a taste of that pussy.

I grabbed some ginger ale from the fridge, aspirin from the cabinet and Kay picked up the bag of goodies I had asked her to bring with her. On our way to the bedroom Kay told me her Mom and Dad would be over in a couple of hours but they were going to stay in the kitchen until we came down, When we reached the bedroom door Kay stayed in the hall and I walked on in.

Mom was still lying on her side in the middle of the bed. Naughty melons teasing with a wild doll gave her the soda and aspirin then started massaging her tits and rolling her nipples around in my fingers. I started licking and sucking my way down to her pussy, I parted her lips and licked my tongue across her clit, through her pussy lips and across her puckered rosebud.

I raided my head and asked, "Don't you think it would be great to have Kay here to do a 69 with you while I take turns fucking the two of you," "Oh honey, that would be wonderful, maybe it will happen one day." Mother jumped when Kay spoke up, "How about right now Bev, you look delicious." Mother turned a very bright red in the face and attempted to pull the cover over her naked body. As Kay walked over to the edge of the bed, I held onto the cover to prevent Mom from hiding behind it. "Take it easy Mom; we're all here to have fun, just relax and enjoy yourself.

Mom looked at Kay, taking in her naked body. Then a smile lit up her face and she reaches out and pulled Kay to her and their lips met in a passionate kiss. I watched as their black ramrod looking for fuck striptease and hardcore pushed in and out of each others mouths. They were groping each others breast, pinching and pulling on each others nipples and from time to time would press their hands against each others monads. Kay sucked Mom's lower lip into her mouth and bit down a little.

Mom let a long low moan and I was sure she had orgasm. Kay fell down on the bed and pulled Mom over on top of her. They wasted no time burying their faced between each others legs. Watching the two hot women going at each other had my cock throbbing and oozing pre-cum.

When I moved around behind Mom I could see the dampness on her thighs and around her ass where Kay had already licked away Mom's hot pussy juice before she got to Mom's wet pussy. Kay had her two fingers firmly planted in Mom's pussy and two fingers rimming her little rosebud. Kay saw me moving up behind Mom with my cock in hand and aiming for her hot sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode hole; Kay pulled her fingers out of Mom's soaking wet pussy and held them up toward my mouth.

I leaned down and sucked then clean. Kay was smiling up at me, her mouth and chin shining with the wetness of my Mothers pussy. She wrapped her fingers around my swollen, throbbing cock and pointed it at Mon's waiting hole. My cock head was just inside Mom's hungry pussy. I naughty japanese cutie gets smothered with cum a firm grip on her hips and at the very moment I slammed my cock ball deep into my Mothers love tunnel, Kay sucked her clit back into her mouth and lightly bit down.

Mom convulse and I felt her hot juice shoot out around my cock, part of it run down and dropped off my scrotum and part of it shoot into Kay's mouth. She went bonkers, reaching up and pulling down on Mom's hips.

I could hear her slurping up the juice from around the bottom of her pussy. Then I felt her tongue lick across the base of my cock, down my scrotum and sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

Mom was lying motionless on top of Kay and her only movement was from her breathing. I had slowed down quite a bit but I continued to steady fuck her. Kay moved back up and started sucking her clit again. After a couple minutes with both of us working, Mom started to slowly respond by rotating her hips a little.

I could tell from Kay's reaction that Mom was once again working over Kay's pussy. Kay and I both picked up our pace and it wasn't long before Mom was about to reach her peak again. Kay suddenly slapped Mom hard on her ass cheek, "Come for me you fucking hot bitch.

Fill my mouth with your hot cum. Ask and you shall receive. I felt Mom's pussy clamp down on my cock and I felt the flow of warm cum wetting my cock. She didn't squirt this time but she did have a very good and wet orgasm. I pulled my cock out and gave Kay full access the Mom's juicy hole. Kay managed to bring Mom to another climax before she took her by the hips and rolled her over, with Kay ending up on top.

I moved to the other end and started to shove my cock into Kay's waiting pussy. Mom reached up and redirected my cock to her mouth.

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She placed one hand behind my thigh and pulled me forward until I could feel my cock head slide into her throat. She moved it in and out a few times before she pulled it out of her mouth. I looked down at Mom to see a big smile of satisfaction on her face. She pointed my cock at Kay's hot hole, who was busy working over Moms well watch her bathe her amazing teen body in the pussy.

She let out a muffled moan as I shoved my aching cock into my lover's hot pussy. Kay was flexing her vaginal muscles and Mon was pushing her tongue inside the top of Kay's pussy and along the bottom of my shaft.

I knew I couldn't last long with all this going on. I grunted out, "OOOOOHHHH, AAAHHH YES, I'M CCCCUUUU." The words stuck in my throat as I let go with a constant flow of cum. Kay's pussy clamped down on my cock as she cried out, "AAHHH YES, FUCK ME, SUCK ME, HARD, BIT ME, BIT MY PUSSY." Kay dropped down on Mom, I leaned over on Kay's back and our sweaty bodies kind of malted together.

As soon as my breathing was almost back to normal, I rose up and looked down to see Mom watching as I slowly pulled my cock out of Kay's cum filled pussy. As the head of my cock slipped out of Kay's pussy a thin line of cum trailed along with it. As I mover further back the line of cum broke and fell across Mom's face, leaving a small line of cum from her chin, across her lips, nose, right eye and up into her hair.

She was smiling up at me as she licked the small amount of cum from her lips. I smiled back as I watched a large glob of cum slowly leaking out of Kay's pussy. Mom saw the same thing and put her lips over Kay's pussy and sucked the cum into her mouth. By the time Mom pulled her mouth away from Kay's pussy, I had moved around to the side to get a better look at the action. Mom looked at me, and then stuck her cum coated tongue out at me.

I think she wanted to show me she had sucked the cum out of Kay's pussy. Before she could pull her tongue back into her mouth, I quickly moved down and sucked her tongue into my mouth. She acted a little surprised riding is the best sport for a girl first, then she wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me tighter against her mouth.

She pushed her tongue deeper into twschool students fuck big black cock huge mouth and let out a loud moan. I was sure she had another orgasm. When we broke the tongue swapping kiss, she when we first met lexi belle we didnt think she had it in her to swallow jizz went back to sucking Kay's pussy. I heard Kay giggle a couple of times and I was fairly sure what was about to happen.

I was watching Mom with her mouth full of Kay's pussy and wondered what her reaction would be if Kay was about to do what I though she was going to do. Suddenly, Mom grunted and pulled her mouth away from Kay's pussy. She had a surprised look on her face but she didn't close her mouth. I could see the yellow stream coming out of Kay's pussy and into Mom's mouth until it overflowed and ran down her cheeks. I watched as the hard stream slowed to a slow dribble.

Mom once more covered Kay's pussy with her mouth and sucked for just a second. Kay them pulled her pussy away from Mom's mouth, turned around and covered Mom's mouth with hers. I could see the small dribbles of piss down their chins as they shared it between there mouths. When they broke their lip lock, Kay looked over at my semi-rigid cock and smiled, "Oh look what we have for dessert and it looks like there's enough to share" as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and pulled me toward my Mothers mouth.

Kay placed one hand behind Mom's head and the other on the cheek of my ass and pulled us together until I could feel, my now very hard cock, push into Mom's throat. She didn't even gag at all this time. Instead, she swallowed a couple of times, causing her throat muscles to massage the head of my very sensitive cock.

Kay pushed us apart, moved around until she was kneeling in front of me, with my cock only inches from her mouth. "Do me now Bev, make me swallow your Son's cock down my throat." Mom quickly rolled over, rose up on her knees, grabbed my ass cheek and the back of Kay's head and pushed hard.

"Eat that cock you fucking slut. Eat my Son's cock like the cock sucking slut you are." I thought, "Oh shit, Mom's gone over the edge, Kay's gonna be pissed." When I look over at Mom, her face and hair was still damp from Kay's piss. Her body was dripping wet with sweat, her face was flushed, her eyes had a wild, hungry look and she had a kind of twisted smile on her face.

Instead of pissing her off, Mom's words and action seemed to have turned Kay on. Mom was shoving Kay's mouth down hard onto my cock. She had a hand full of Kay's hair and she would shake her head from side to side a few times, and then pull her back to catch her breath.

Once, when Mom had pulled Kay's head back, I was looking down and our eyes met. I saw her make her best effort at a smile with her mouth full of hard cock. I knew she was getting of on this as much as Mom was and I was way too close to cumming to ever thinking about stopping it. Mom pulled in on my cheek and Kay's head and sent my cock head down into her throat. "Make him cum down your throat. Suck his big cock dry, show me what a cum sucking slut you are." It was almost as though my cock was listening to what Mom was saying, I felt the first shot of cum as it shot down Kay's throat.

Kay gowned and Mom pulled her head back and Kay started sucking on the head while she was pumping up and down on the shaft. She was doing just what Mom had told her to do, she was sucking my dry and I was loving it. Kay finally let my cock drop out of her mouth, raised up and gave me an open mouth kiss. She used her tongue to push my own cum into my mouth. Then she broke the kiss, reached over and grabbed a hand full of Mom's hair and pulled her face over to mine.

When I kissed Mom and pushed my cum into her mouth she sucked it in, then pushed tongue back into my mouth, searching all over the inside for more cum. Kay had moved around behind me, reached her arms around me and was pinching and pulling hard on Mom's nipples. Mom pushed her clit against the base of my flaccid cock and started rubbing against me. "Grind that pussy slut, rub your clit against my honey's soft cock and make yourself cum you fucking piss licker" Kay said as she continued to twist and pull on Mom's nipples.

She pushed harder and I could feel her wetness against the base of my cock. She started pushing and humping harder, let out a lout moan as her juice soaked my cock. She slumped against my body and the three of us fell over on the bed, still cuddled together.

We laid there for a while, just relaxing and catching our breath. I had almost fallen asleep when Kay voice brought me back to the present, "Okay everyone, it's time for the next step. We all need to go to the bathroom." We all rolled of the bed, Kay grabbed the bag she had brought with her and we headed for the bathroom.

Mom started to turn on the shower but I stopped her, telling her that would come later. I spread a couple of towels on the floor as Kay started taking things out of the bag. She told Mom what each item was and what it was used for. She had the two enamel tubes and one of the bag type for enamels or a douche and the tube for each. She took out the lube, disinfectant wipes to clean the equipment and the additives for the enamels and douches. The last things she removed from the bag were the three different sizes of butt plugs and a set of hair clippers and a small pair of scissors.

"It's still early in the day and if you felt up to it we may get lucky and have time for some more sexual fun and we would need to clean up inside and out so we will be ready for anything that might come up" Kay told Mom as she reached over and gave my soft cock a firm squeeze. Mom was looking everything over and seemed a little nervous. I asked her if there was a problem. "Not really I guess, it's just that I've in had an enamel in about fifteen years and I've never had a douche or enamel with anyone else in the room with me." Kay started laughing, "This is really going to be an experience for you.

First, I'm going to trim your bush. Then I'm going to give you the douche, and then you give me one. You're going to need two or three enamels to get really clean. I was hoping I could do one and Pete does one, then we could watch as you give yourself the last one.

Then you can give Pete and me a sweet sweetie opens up spread vagina and gets deflorated defloration virginity enamel so we'll all be nice and clean. Mom looked a little puzzled as she looked at me, at then Kay. "What's on your mind" I asked. "I was wondering why you would be getting an enamel. Before I could think of anything to tell her, Kay came to my rescue, "Because I like to finger fuck and tongue him in his asshole." Mom's mouth dropped open and it took her a moment to respond, "Does he like that?" "Yes, he dose and I love doing it to him." Mom looks at me, "Would you let me do that to you?

"Yes Mom, either or both if you would like too." "Damn, that's hot, what do we do first?" Kay and I laughed at Mom's reaction, then she prepared the douches and I got one of the enamels ready. It took about half an hour for all of us to get all cleaned up and then another ten minutes to talk Mom into keeping the a butt plug in her asshole the remainder of the day. On the way through the bedroom, we stripped the bed again, then the three of us headed down the hall, Mom was walking in front of Kay and me.

Just before we reached the top of the stairs Mom suddenly stopped. When she turned to look back at us I could see the fear in her eyes. "Mom, what's wrong, what the hell has frightened you so?" "There's someone in the kitchen, I can smell food cooking. It may be your Dad, what should we do Kay and I took Mom by the hand, "Calm down Mom, Dad couldn't even boil water and I think I recognize those smalls." We held Mom's hands as we crossed the den and entered the kitchen.

As soon as we walked through the door, Mom stopped and her only words were, "Oh holy shit!" Alex, wearing only a big smile, was busy setting plates on the table. Susan, wearing her long bib apron and a big grin, was over by the stove cooking one my favorites, stuffed French toast and bacon.

Mom was still standing with her mouth and eyes wide open. Kay and I released her hands and walked toward Alex.

He and Kay hugged then shared a hot, tongue swapping kiss. As soon as Kay moved toward her Mom, I stepped up and repeated the same with Alex. I knew this was a little more than our morning hug and kiss and I was sure we were all doing this little extra to see how Mom would react.

When I broke the kiss with Alex and started toward Susan, Kay was just pulling her tongue out of her Mom's mouth. I moved over to Susan and as we hugged she pushed her tits and pussy tight against my naked body.

I pushed my body against her, at the same time I plunged my tongue into her opened mouth. As soon as Susan and I pulled apart I looked around at Mom. Her mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. She was pointing her finger from me to Kay, then to Alex and then Susan.

"Mom, you have guest, aren't you going to greet them?" She looked at me and finally started getting words to come out. "He, ah, oh shit, you, um, I saw, I mean you stuck your tongue in Alex's mouth, the two of you kiss each porn tuhemovs hot story porn sex fairy tales free pron vidio on the lips, your tongues." "Yes Mom, he's my friend and I was happy to see him this morning." Mom gave me a nervous smile, "You, I mean you and Susan, ah, ah, Kay's Mother, you, your tongue in her mouth, oh shit." Susan walked over to where Mom was standing, placed her hands on Mom's cheeks and gently kissed her on the lips.

Then Susan dropped her right hand and placed it over Mom's breast, "It really turned you on didn't it Bev. Mom just nodded her head and licked her lips. Susan wrapped her arms around Mom, pulled her to her and pressed her lips against Mom's lips.

I could see Susan's tongue pushing against Mom's closed lips. Mom opened her mouth just enough for Susan to sip her tongue into Mom's mouth. That was all it took, Mom throw her arms around Susan and their tongues were dancing around sauna small anal porn amator turk liseli zorla anal each others mouths, biting each others bottom lips, drool was running down both their chins and they were grinding their tits and cunts against each other.

"Okay, Okay girls, put it on hold. We all need to eat breakfast, then we have a lot to talk about" Alex said and he slapped Mom and Susan playfully on the ass. When they separated Susan went back to the stove to finish up with the French toast and bacon. We all pitched in and we were soon setting at the table enjoying our meal.

Everyone was quite except for the usual noises of eating a meal. Finally Alex said, "Bev, we know a lot of things have changed for you in the past few hours. Some things have changed for us also and now may be a good time to clear the air, to better understand what's going on and where we all stand. In our family, we discuss everything in a very open and honest manner. We would like to do the same now and if you would, we would like to give you the chance to ask any question or share anything you would like to.

Please understand, it stays in the family." Mom was quite for several seconds, just looking down at her plate. When she did speak, I think we were all surprised at her first question. She looked at Kay, "Kay, of course I know you and my Son are having sex but I want to know, do you love him, I mean besides the sex?" "Yes Beverley, I love him and in just a few years he will be my husband and we'll be giving you grandchildren." Mom looked over at me and I nodded.

"Alex, you said I could ask any question I wanted too. I don't think I have to ask if Peter's has sex with Susan, I feel sure he is. What I want to know, do the two of you ever fuck each other?" Alex and I both nodded at the same time. "The next time you do it, can I watch?" Everyone but Mom started laughing.

Alex apologized for laughing, "Before I agree to that, there are some things we need to discuss. What do you think you'll do if Horace calls and wants to come back home." Mom took a moment to get her thoughts together, and then she started telling us about her life, starting with the time before she met Dad up to the time he packed his bags and left.

There were several times she couldn't hold back the tears but she managed to get through it. She summed it up by telling Alex, "When that asshole pulled out in front you and took off down the street, to you it was a two way street, for him, it was a one way street." Ales and Susan explained about the open family, not just the sex but the love and trust we all shared.

Alex told Mom they had contacted everyone involved in the family and explained the situation. Because Pete and Kay will be married in the future therefore making Mom part of the family, everyone agreed, if we were satisfied excepting her in the family now, they would agree to it also.

Mom laughed, "Would that mean I could eat Susan's and Kay's pussy and suck your cock any time I wanted too." "Yes, and suck James' cock while Pete fucks you in the ass or any other combination you would like." Mom started crying again, "Please, I have to tell you, these are part tears of joy and part tears of shame.

I hope you understand. I've treated Peter like a piece of shit all of his live. Yet, when the chips were down, he was the one who come to my rescue. I know I don't deserve him as a son or any of you as a friend but all of you have made me happier than I've been in years and I thank you and love you for it" Susan walked around the table, pulled Mom to her feet and wrapper her arms around her, "Go ahead and cry it out and get out of your system.

Then we will go get that butt plug out of your ass and play a little if you would like too." While Susan was still holding Mom, the phone rang. I went to the den and answered it, "Hello." "Hello is this ah, ah Peter." "Yes sir, it is" "Peter, this is Paul Harrington, the bank manager.

Is your Dad at home?" "No sir, he's not here." "Oh, well how about your Mom, is she home?' "Yes sir, hold on just a minute." I took the cordless phone to Mom and told her who it was. She took the phone and set back down at the table. She held her finger up to her lips, indicating we should be quite.

She turned on the speaker before she spoke. Mom: Hello Hr Harrington, this is Beverley Bishop, what can I do for you" Harrington: Mrs.

Bishop do you know where your husband is. Mom: No Mr. Herrington, I don't know where he is. He has packed his bags and left with one of your employees. Harrington: Ah yes, ah, ah, Well, Mrs. Bishop we have more problems than that. Our auditors have been here most of the night and so far we have found that your husband has embezzled at least a hundred thousand dollars from the bank and taken all the money in your joint bank account.

We need for you to come down to bank right away. Alex shook his head, held up three fingers and mouthed, be there at three O'clock. Mom: Mr. Harrington, it looks to me like you're the one with the real problem. I'll come to the bank but it will be about three o'clock and my Son and my finical advisers will be with me Harrington: Mrs.

Bishop, I don't think you understand the serious trouble we're in here. We need you here right now. Mom: Sir, you're the one that don't understand. I have other things that have to taken care of here.

I small tits lesbo pussy pumped with fat dildo be there about three o'clock or not at all. Harrington: Yes, Mrs. Bishop, we'll see about three. Mom hung up the phone, "I'm in agreement with everything we have talked about, so could we adjourn to the bed room, I have a lot of catching up on,